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BMO (Vsemirnoj meteorologičeskoj organizacii)
Internationella meteorologiska organisationen
Maailman ilmatieteellinen järjestö
Maailman ilmatieteen järjestö (Not for Profit Organization)
Meteorologische Weltorganisation
OMM (Organisation météorologique mondiale)
Organisation météorologique internationale
Organisation Météorologique Mondiale
Organização Meteorológica Mundial
Organización Meteorológica Mundial
Organization métèorologique mondiale
Shih chieh chʻi hsiang tsu chih
Světová meteorologická organizace
Światowa Organizacja Meteorologiczna
United Nations Organisation Météorologique Mondiale
United nations Organización Meteorológica Mundial
United Nations Vsemirnaja Meteorologičeskaja Organizacija
United Nations Weltorganisation für Meteorologie
United Nations World Meteorological Organisation
United Nations World Meteorological Organization
Vsemirnaâ Meteorologičeskaâ Organizaciâ
Vsemirnai︠a︡ meteorologicheskai︠a︡ organizat︠s︡ii︠a︡
Vsemirnaja Meteorologičeskaja Organizacija
Vsemirnaja meteorologičeskaja organizacja
Weltorganisation für Meteorologie
WMO (World Meteorological Organization)
World Meteorological Organisation
World Meteorological Organization
Всемирная Метеорологическая Организация
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International Meteorogical Organization (see also from)
International Meteorological Organization (see also from)
Mezinárodní meteorologická organizace (see also from)
United Nations (see also from)
Abridged final report with resolutions and recommendations
Accords et arrangements de travail avec d'autres organisations internationales
Aerodrome reports and forecasts : a users' handbook to the codes
Agreements and working arrangements with other international organizations
Annual report ...
Assistance météorologique à la navigation aérienne internationale
Atlas international des nuages
Basic documents
Basic synoptic networks of observing stations
Changing atmosphere, The : implications for global security, Toronto, Canada, 27-30 June 1988 : conference proceedings : implications pour la sécurité du globe, Toronto, Canada, 27-30 juin 1988 : actes de la conférence.
Climate and water in Europe : some recent issues
Climate and water in Europe : water quality and aquatic ecosystems
Compendium of meteorological training facilities.
Composition de l'OMM
Composition of the WMO
Conference on Climate and Water, Helsinki, Finland, 11-15 September 1989, convened by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
Evaluation of atmospheric moisture transport for hydrological purposes
FFHC basic study.
Fourth WMO long-term plan 1996-2005.
Guide du système mondial d'observation
Guide du système mondial de traitement des données
Guide on the automation of data-processing centres
Guide on the global data-processing system.
Guide to agricultural meteorological practices.
Guide to hydrological practices
Guide to hydrometeorological practices.
Guide to marine meteorological services.
Guide to meteorological instrument and observing practices.
Guide to meteorological instruments and methods of observation.
Guide to public weather services practices.
Guide to wave analysis and forecasting
Guidelines for the education and training of personnel in meteorology and operational hydrology
Ilmastonmuutos : tieteellinen arviointi
Informe final abreviado con resoluciones y recomendaciones
Informe final abreviado y resoluciones
Informes meteorológicos.
Informes y pronósticos de aeródromo : manual para la utilización de las claves
Institute of Tropical Meteorology and the International Meteorological Centre, India, The
Instrument development inquiry.
Interactions of desertification and climate
International cloud atlas.
Internationell molnatlas
Jäätalvet 1981-1985 Suomen merialueilla
long-term plan, ...
Manual for estimation of probable maximum precipitation.
Manual on codes.
Manual on meteorological observing in transport aircraft.
Manual on the Global Data-processing System.
Manual on the Global Observing System
Manual on the Global Telecommunication System
Manuel des codes
Manuel du système mondial de télécommunications
Messages et prévisions d'aérodromes : guide d'utilisation des codes
Messages mé́té́orologiques.
Meteo world
Meteorological service for international air navigation
Meteorologičeskoe obsluživanie meždunarodnoj aėronavigacii
Monthly climatic data for the world
Nastavlenie po kodam.
Operational hydrology report
Plan d'opérations concernant les cyclones tropicaux dans le Sud-Ouest de l'océan Indien
Procès verbaux
Quarterly newsletter
Quatrième plan à long terme de l'OMM 1996-2005.
Rapport final abrégé et résolutions
Rapport final abrégé, résolutions et recommandations
Renseignements pour la navigation maritime
role of snow and ice in hydrology; proceedings of the Banff Symposia, September 1972. Le rôle de la neige et de la glace en hydrologie; actes des colloques de Banff, Septembre 1972., The
role of snow and ice in hydrology, The : proceedings of the Banff symposia, September 1972 : a contribution to the International Hydrological Decade : actes des colloques de Banff, septembre 1972 : une contribution à la Décennie hydrologique internationale.
Scientific assessment of ozone depletion, 1994.
Sea-ice information services in the world
Servicio meteorológico para la navegación aérea internacional
session of the Executive Council, ...
Soglašenija i rabočie soglašenija s drugimi meždunarodnymi organizacijami
Sokraščennyj okončatel'nyj otčet s rezoljucijami i rekomendacijami
Studies and models for evaluating the impact of climate variability and change on water resources within WMO Regional Association VI (Europe)
Svodki i prognozy po aėrodromu : posobie dlja pol'zobanija kodami
Technical regulations.
Urban climates; proceedings of the Symposium on Urban Climates and Building Climatology
Utilización en metereología del radar en tierra : Traducción de la nota técnica de la O.M.M. nº 78
Vocabulaire météorologique international
Vocabulario meteorológico internacional
Weather and water
Weather reporting.
WMO bulletin.
WMO long-term plan
WMO operations manual for sampling and analysis techniques for chemical constituents in air and precipitation.
WMO statement on the status of the global climate in ...
World climate news.
World climate programme
World Meteorological Organization bulletin
World weather watch.
zmiany klimatu