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A-Tʻae Kyŏngje Hyŏmnyŏkchʻe
APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Council
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Organization)
Asijsko-tichomořská hospodářská spolupráce (organizace)
Aziatsko-Tichookeanskoe Ėkonomičeskoe Sotrudničestvo
Aziatsko-tikhookeanskoe ėkonomicheskoe sotrudnichestvo (Organization)
Cooperación Económica en Asia Pacífico (Organization)
Coopération Économique Asie-Pacifique
Coopération économique Asie-Pacifique (Organisation)
Diẽ̂n đàn hợp tác kinh té̂ châu Á--Thái Bình Dương
Forum de coopération économique Asie-Pacifique
Forum de coopération économique de Asie-Pacifique
Mecanismo de Cooperación Económica Asia Pacífico
Organisation de coopération économique Asie-Pacifique
Ya-Tʻai ching ho tsu chih
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Association des nations de l'Asie du Sud-Est (see also from)
Coopération dans le Pacifique (see also from)
Pacifique --Intégration économique (see also from)
APEC China 2001
APEC energy statistical analysis tool
APEC : opening doors for Canadian business
APEC : ouvrir des portes aux entreprises canadiennes
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) : Canada's Individual Action Plan (IAP) : an important business tool
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) : connecting Canada and the Asia-Pacific region
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation opening doors for Canadian business
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation : [report]
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation : Thailand, 2003.
aziatsko tikhookeanskii region
Buku panduan hak kekayaan intelektual, 2003.
Canadian Collection at APEC '97, The
Capital flows in the APEC region
capital inflows in the apec region
case study of the canadian experience with the tourism satellite account, a
che 5 cha a tae kyongje hyomnyokche
Collection canadienne APEC 1997
Competition law for developing economies
Contemporary diplomacy of China
Coopération économique de la zone Asie-Pacifique (APEC) : le Plan d'action individuel (PAI) du Canada : un outil d'affaires important.
Coopération économique de la zone Asie-Pacifique (APEC) : un lien entre le Canada et la région de l'Asie-Pacifique.
Eco-efficiency in small and medium enterprises : a best practice manual.
Enhance capacity of small and medium enterprises in agricultural sector of APEC economies : proceedings of workshop, Ha Noi, 16-18 October 2007
etude de cas sur lexperience du canada concernant le compte satellite du tourisme
future of APEC megacities, The : a foresight approach : review of studies by the APEC Center for Technology Foresight, 1998-2000
Glossary of terms
Hak kekayaan intelektual, 2003
In-depth evaluation of APEC's WTO capacity-building programmes : rethinking APEC's capacity-building efforts
kai fang ching cheng yu fa chan
Key APEC documents.
Labour mobility in the Asia-Pacific region : dynamics, issues and a new APEC agenda : a survey and analyses of governance challenges on labour migration for APEC economies
martinez legorreta o japon y la regionalizacion de asia pacifico la creacion del apec
Osaka action plan, The : roadmap to realising the APEC vision : report of the Pacific Business Forum, 1995.
Paperless business transactions-matching benefits of public and private sectors : APEC project : final report.
Reliving APEC 1996 : select documents & speeches.
Report of the Pacific Business Forum : a business blueprint for APEC : strategies for growth and common prosperity.
Selected APEC documents.
Successful practices in human resources development in the workplace : contributions from labour, management and government.
Survey of impediments to trade and investment in the APEC region : a report
Symposium on the Information Infrastructure, Building the Foundation for the 21st Century : symposium
Taxing international business : emerging trends in APEC and OECD economies
Trading arrangements in the Pacific Rim : ASEAN and APEC
Training for sustainable development in the tourism industry : APEC TWG 04/2001T
u s cong house comm on international relations subcom on international economic policy and trade the future of the asia pacific economic cooperation forum apec joint hearing
u s cong house comm on ways and means asia pacific economic cooperation organization
Update of activities within APEC
viet nam apec tang cuong hop tac cung phat trien
What's in a job? : equity in human resource development in Asia-Pacific economies
Zhongguo dui wai jing ji mao yi