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Killing Joke
Killing Joke Musical group (Musical group or band)
Killing Joke (Musical group or band)
began 1979
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Atkins, Martin (hasMember)
Coleman, Jaz (hasMember)
Coleman, Jazz (1962-)
Ferguson, Paul (hasMember)
Lohner, Danny (hasMember)
Raven, Paul (hasMember)
SUN Project
Tovey, Frank (1956-2002)
Udhin, Reza (hasMember)
Van Halen
Video Kids
Walker, Geordie (1958 -)
Walker, Geordie (hasMember)
Wall of Voodoo (Musical group)
Wild Men of Wonga (Musical group)
Wilde, Kim
Youth (hasMember)
13th Street - the sound of mystery
1979-10-17: Peel Session
1980-03-17: Peel Session
1981-04-27: Peel Session
1981-12-16: Peel Session
1983-07-12: Peel Session
2003-08-14: The Underworld, London, UK
4 Stations of the Sun (Hallucinogen mix)
Absent Friends
Absolute dissent
Adorations (instrumental mix)
Adorations (Supernatural mix)
Adorations (the extended mix)
Age of Greed (live)
Alchemy the remixes
All Hallows Eve
All Play Rebel (Kid Jensen session 17/4/84)
Almost Red
Am the Virus, I
America (dub)
America (extended mix)
America (extended version)
Animal (live 1980)
Another Bloody Election
Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello mix)
Are You Receiving? (Capital radio Session)
Are You Receiving? (live)
Are You Recieving? (live 1980)
Are Your Receiving? (demo version)
Autonomous Zone
BBC in Concert
Beautiful Dead (flexi‐disc version), The
Beautiful Dead (live), The
Big Buzz
Birds of a feather
Black Moon (California Sunshine remix)
Blood on Your Hands
Blood Sport (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Bloodsport (live)
Bloodsport (Malicious demo 2)
Bloodsport (Rough mix)
Blue Feather (dub)
Blue Feather (extended mix)
Blue Feather (Joke mix)
Blue Feather (Kid Jensen session 17/4/84)
Blue Feather (version)
Bootleg Vinyl Archive, Volume 1
Bootleg Vinyl Archive, Volume 2
Brighter than a thousand suns
Butcher (Peel session)
Calling, The
Chakra ...
Change (Capital radio Session)
Change (demo version)
Change (dub)
Change (instrumental mix)
Change (live 1980)
Change (Malicious demo)
Change (original 1980 mix)
Change (Peel Session)
Change (Re-Evolution 23 mix)
Change (Spiral Trance mix)
Change (Spiral Tribe Mixes)
Change (Spiral Tribe remix)
Change: The Youth Mixes
Chaos for Breakfast
Chapter III
Chop Chop (Peel Session)
Clutch Cargos, Pontiac, Michigan, USA 7.8.82
Colony Collapse
Communion (live)
Complications (Capital radio Session)
Complications (demo version)
Complications (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Complications (Malicious demo)
Complications (Peel Session)
Corporate Elect (President’s “Mustard in the Chalice” Manifesto dub mix)
Courtauld Talks, The
Dance Day
Dark Forces
Darkness Before Dawn (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Dawn of the Hive
Death and Resurrection Show, The
Death & Resurrection Show (Youth Rmx), The
Democracy (album mix)
Democracy (album version)
Democracy (Bi Partisan mix)
Democracy (Conspiracy Theory Averted mix)
Democracy (Hallucinogen mix)
Democracy (House of Commons mix)
Democracy (Mainstream Economics mix)
Democracy (NIN Remix)
Democracy (Nine Inch Nails mix)
Democracy (Nine Inch Nails remix)
Democracy (Right Wing Militia mix)
Democracy (Rooster mix)
Democracy (The Russian Tundra mix)
Democracy (United Nations mix)
Depth Charge (Pathfinder dub)
Dominator (extended)
Dominator (John Peel session 12/7/83)
Dominator (version)
Down by the River
Drug (Black Sun mix)
Duende: The Spanish Sessions
Ecstacy (The extended mix)
Ecstasy (the extended mix)
Eighties (Kid Jensen session 17/4/84)
Eighties (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Eighties (Serious dance mix)
Eighties (The Coming mix)
Eighties (Voodoo dub mix)
Empire Song (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Empire Song (Peel Session)
End Game
European Super State (edit)
European Super State (Justin Broadrick remix)
European Super State (Lizard dub (Emerging From the Ayahuasca Cave) remix)
European Super State (NYC Soundclash dub) (Piripiri vs. Youth vs. Banda)
European Super State (The Orb vs. Youth remix) (Church of the Open Sky & Holy Fool dub)
European Superstate
Exit (live)
Exorcism (A Germanic Interpretation - Unification Catastrophe Mandra Gora Remix edit)
Exorcism (full)
Exorcism (Mandragora edit)
Exorcism (The Bretonic Revenge mix) (Total Eclipse remix edit)
Exorcism (The Bretonic Revenge) (Total Eclipse mix)
Exorcism (Vatican Ambient dub)
extremities dirt and various repressed emotions sr p
Extremities (live)
Fall of Because (live), The
Fall of Because (Peel session), The
Fanatic (demo), The
Fanatic (live), The
Feast of Blaze
Feast of Fools (rough mix)
Fema Camp
Fire Dances / Night Time
Flock the B Side
Follow the Leader (Follow The dub)
Follow the Leader (live)
Follow the Leaders (demo version)
Follow the Leaders (dub)
Follow the Leaders (live)
Follow the Leaders (original lyrics)
Follow the Leaders (original mix)
For Beginners
Formel Eins Frühjahr '85
Four Stations of the Sun (Hallucinogen mix)
Four Stations of the Sun (Hallucinogen remix)
Frenzy (John Peel session 12/7/83)
Frenzy (live)
Fresh Fever From the Skies
Fun and Games
Future Shock
Gathering 2008, The
Gathering (original Alt version), The
Ghost of Ladbroke Grove (dub)
Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (dub edit)
Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Portobello dub)
Good Samaritan (Live Lorely 17.08.85), The
Goodbye to the Village
Goth the ultimate collection
Great Cull, The
Great Gathering, The
Gulf War Dance
"Ha" Killing Joke live
Harlequin (John Peel session 12/7/83)
Harlequin (single version)
Have a Nice Day
Here Comes the Singularity
Hollywood Babylon (longer intro mix)
Honour the Fire
Hosannas From the Basements of Hell (radio edit)
House That Pain Built, The
Hum (Live Lorely 17.08.85), The
Hum (Peel Session), The
In Cythera (album version)
In Cythera (Banda remix)
In Cythera (edit)
In Cytheria (The Bloody Beetroots mix)
In Dub
In Excelsis
Inside Extremities, Mixes, Rehearsals and Live
Inside the Termite Mound (Chainsaw mix)
Intellect (Johan remix)
Intellect (Mandra Gora remix)
Interview with Jaz Coleman
Into the Unknown
Intravenous (1)
Intravenous (2)
Intro... (live)
Invocation (edit)
Irrational Auld Court Jester Talks, An
It rocks die besten Rock-Hymnen
Jana (Dragonfly mix)
Jana (Hallucinogenic)
Jana – Live EP
Jana (Youth mix)
Jihad (Beyrouth edit)
Jubilation (The Beautiful Dead - demo)
Judas Goat
Kali Yuga
Killer Dub (A.K.A. Bread & Jam)
Killer Dub (Aka Bread & Jam)
Killing Joke - extended & remixed
Killing Joke for beginners
Killing Joke - the Peel sessions 1979 - 1981 the first four John Peel sessions plus bonus Richard Skinner session
Kings and queens (a right royal mix)
Kings and Queens (edit)
Kings and Queens (Geordie's dub mix)
Kings and Queens (live)
Kings & Queens (II)
Kings & Queens (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Labyrinth Dub (Dynamics of Geometry dub)
Labyrinth (live)
Land of Milk and Honey
Laugh? I nearly bought one!
Let’s All Go (to the Fire Dances)
Lightbringer (edit), The
Live at the Forum, Part 1: 03-10-08
Live at the Forum, Part 2: 04-10-08
Live at the Hammersmith Apollo 16.10.2010
Live in Europe 2012 Gent.Belgium 03.05.12
llb86 (remix)
Loose Cannon (Full version)
Love Like Blood (12" version)
Love Like Blood ('86 mix)
Love Like Blood (Deedrah remix)
Love Like Blood (extended 12 Inch mix)
Love Like Blood (extended version)
Love Like Blood (Gestalt mix)
Love Like Blood (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Love Like Blood (live version)
Love Like Blood (The '86 remix)
Love Like Blood (Your Heart is a Weapon dub)
Love of the Masses
Lust Almighty
Madding Crowd, The
Madness (dub)
Madness (Malicious demo)
Malicious Boogie (live 1980)
Malicious Boogie (Peel Session)
Mass (Campaign Collection mix)
Mathematics of Chaos (Aotearoa mix)
Mathematics of Chaos (Aoteroa mix)
Mathematics of Chaos (live)
May Day
Me or You?
Medicine Wheel
metallic era, The
Millenium (Aotearoa mix)
Millenium (Juno Reactor mix)
Millennium (23 Minutes to Midnight mix)
Millennium (Aotearoa edit)
Millennium (Aotearoa mix)
Millennium (Back to Orion mix)
Millennium (Cybersank edit)
Millennium (Cybersank Extended remix)
Millennium (Dissolving Particles Reaction mix)
Millennium (live)
MINOG (video edit)
Money is Not Our God (Babylon dub)
Money Is Not Our God (Hideous mix)
Money Is Not Our God (Hideous remix)
Money Is Not Our God (instrumental)
Money Is Not Our God (radio edit)
My Love of This Land (early version)
Nebent.: Rmxd.
Nervous System (live 1980)
Nervous System (Malicious single)
New Cold War
New Culture (Kid Jensen session 17/4/84)
New Day (12on7), A
New Day (dub mix), A
New Jerusalem
New Uprising
Night Time (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Nighttime (live)
...No Way Out but Forward Go
North of the Border
Nuclear Boy (live 1980)
Nuclear Boy (Peel Session)
Obsession (early version)
On All Hallow’s Eve
Original Unperverted Pantomime, The
Our Last Goodbye
Outside the gate
Pandemonium (A Thread of Steel in the Suspension Bridge of Time & Space mix)
Pandemonium (Aotearoa edit)
Pandemonium (Aotearoa mix)
Pandemonium (Cybersank edit)
Pandemonium (Cybersank extended remix)
Pandemonium in Dub
Pandemonium (Man With No Name remix)
Pandemonium (Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres mix)
Pandemonium (original mix)
Pandemonium Single, The
Pandemonium (The Dragonfly mix)
Pandemonium (Waxworth Industries mix)
Pandys Are Coming / Empire Song, The
Pandys Are Coming (live), The
Party (demo), The
Peel Sessions 79 - 81, The
Penny Drops
Pleasures of the Flesh
Pole Shift (Perpetual Motion “I’ve Seen Things You People Would Never Believe” dub)
Primitive (live)
Primitive (Rough mix)
Primobile (Lifer, Kilimanjaro dub)
Prozac People
Pssyche (demo version)
Pssyche (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Pssyche (Malicious single)
Psyche (7" version)
Psychedelic demons
Raven King (Never Grow Old, Forever Now dub), The
Rehearsals and Soundcheck Footage
Requiem (12" version)
Requiem (a cappella)
Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Sea dub mix)
Requiem (Full Moon instrumental mix)
Requiem (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Requiem (Malicious Damage mix)
Requiem (Malicious demo 2)
Requiem (single version)
Requiem (Third Party dub) (The Ultra Rare Last Laugh mix)
S.O. 36
Sanity ; Eighties
Sanity (Insane mix)
Sanity (instrumental mix)
Sanity (the roman mix)
Savage Freedom (UX remix)
Seeing Red (edit)
Seeing Red (full version)
Seeing Red (Jagz Kooner Instrumental)
Seeing Red (Jagz Kooner remix)
Silent Rage
singles collection 1979-2012, The
Singles & Rarities
Sixth Sun (Prophecy Fulfilled dub), A
Sixth Sun (rough mix)
Slipstream (intro)
Snakedance (Youth ‘Rattlesnake dub’ remix)
Solitude (demo)
Song and Dance
Southern Sky, A
Star Spangled
Stay One Jump Ahead (dub)
Stay One Jump Ahead (extended mix)
Struggle (instrumental)
Struggle (vocal 1)
Struggle (vocal 2)
Struggle (vocal 3)
Subwave the alternative wave-sampler
Sun Goes Down (live)
Tabazan (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Take Take Take
taste of dragonfly, A
Tension (live)
Tension (Peel session)
Termite Mound Chainsaw
Terror an industrial metal compilation
This Tribal Antidote (edit)
This World Hell (Alive and Kicking dub) (Youth remix)
This World Hell (Cult of Youth Ambient Samara dub mix)
Timewave (demo)
Tom's World
Tomorrow’s World (live)
Tomorrow's World (Peel Session)
Tomorrow’s World (Urban Primitive dub)
Tomorrows World (demo version)
Total Invasion
Turn to Red EP
Turn to Red (live)
Twilight of the Mortal
Twilight of the Mortals
Universe B
Unperverted Pantomime? Live!, The
Unspeakable (live)
Unto the Ends of the Earth (instrumental)
Victory (single mix)
Wait (Basing Street demo), The
Wait (demo version)
Wait (Live Lorely 17.08.85), The
Wait (Malicious demo), The
Walking With Gods (album version)
War Dance
War on Freedom
Wardance (7" version)
Wardance (live 1980)
Wardance (Live Lorely 17.08.85)
Wardance (Malicious demo)
Wardance (Malicious single)
Wardance Naval
Wardance / Pssyche
Wardance (The RAF mix)
Wardance the remixes
Wardance (The Ultimate version)
We Have Joy (alternate mix)
We Have Joy (live)
We Have Joy (Peel Session)
Weird science music from the motion picture soundtrack.
What’s the Matter? (live)
What's THIS for--
White Out (Johan remix)
Whiteout (live)
Whiteout (The Intellect Is Ugly remix) (Full Length Mandra Gora)
Who Told You How?
Wild dub dread meets punk rocker
Wilful Days (John Peel session 12/7/83)
Wintergardens (unreleased mix)
XXV Gathering!
You'll Never Get to Me
You're Being Followed (live 1980)
Your Worst Fears Confirmed: Selected Singles 1979–2012
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Hits New Wave
100 Hits: 80s Chartbusters
100 Hits: Alternative
100 Hits: Driving Rock
100 Hits: Punk & New Wave
100 One Hit Wonders
100% New Wave
100% Punk
100% Punk Vol.2
100% Rock
100x New Wave
110 Below, Volume 1: Journey in Dub
12″/80s Alternative
13th Street: The Sound of Mystery
20 Years of DJ Madness: “Timeless Classics”
80's History: The Session 2
80’s Generation
80s Alternative: The Darker Side of the Decade
80s Extended
About New Beat: Past & Present
Absolute Respect: A Tribute to Killing Joke
Absolution: Rock the Alternative Way
Addicted to Rock
Adventures In & Beyond Dub
Afrekening, Volume 8, De
All Lined Up: The Kult of the Eighties
All New Wave
Alle 40 Goed: New Wave Classics
Alternative Classics
Another Fine Mess
Another Fine Mess: Fila Brazillia
Apocalypse Now
Art of Darkness, The
Art of Pop: Pulp Culture, The
Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty
Bairro Alto: 80-86 Memórias
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 7
Best Alternative Album ...Ever!, The
Best Long Versions... Ever! Volume 2, The
Best of Driving Rock
Best of Indie Pop, The
Best of New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 1, The
Best of Punk & New Wave, The
Best of the Eighties
Best Punk Album in the World… Ever!, The
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 3
Blank Generation: The History of Punk, Volume 2
Blast From the Past
Brief History of Ambient, Volume 1, A
Britpack: 80s UK Innovators of Pop, The
Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk
Bustin' Out: New Wave to New Beat: The Post Punk Era 1979-1981
Buy, I
Car Classics 2.0
Cash From Chaos
CD-Side 17
Chakra Red - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol. 1
Classic Alternatives, Volume 3
Classic Rock #109: 100% Live
Classic Rock #143: With a Little Help from Their Friends
Classic Rock #172: The Spirit of Radio!
Classic Rock #200: The Soundtrack of Our Life
Classic Rock #218: The Best of the Year 2015
Classic Rock: Les classiques de Marc Ysaye
Clock Machine Turns You On, Volume 2, The
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 116: September 2003
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 13: September 1994
Compil Rock Hard 53
Compilation Rock Hard 25
Covenant, The
Dance Classics: Pop Edition, Vol. 10
Dark Pleasures: The Gothic Rock Collection
Dark Side of the 80s
Dark Side, The
Darkness: Best of Wave & Independent
DarkWave 80
Decadance, Volume 3: Coming Up
Delicatessen 7
Destination Hits 1985
Devolution: Alternative Rock Classics 1975-1985
Dr. Alex Paterson's Voyage Into Paradise
Dragonfly Classix II
Dream Creation: The Sound of Freedom
Dressed in Black, Volume 2
Dressed in Black, Volume 3
E-Beat: Phase Two
E.G. Records: The 20th Anniversary Album
Echoes of Darkness, Volume 2
Electric Ballroom Presents Full Tilt
Elegy Sampler 29
Essential 80's: New Wave
Essential New & Electro Wave
Essential Rock: 54 Electrifying Guitar Greats
Eternity, Volume 1
Excellent 80’s
First Edition
For Ever New Wave
Formel Eins: Maxi Hit Collection
Free the West Memphis 3
Full Metal Garage: The Songs That Drove Metallica
Generation Underground
Global Underground Afterhours 3
Global Underground: Afterhours 3
Goa Räume, Volume 2: A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance
Goa Spirit 3: Hard Psychedelic Trance
Goa-Head, Volume 6
Goa-Head, Volume 7
Going Underground: 20 New Wave Classics
Gothic Club Classics, Volume 1
Gothic Compilation Part XXXII
Gothic Compilation, Part XXXI
Gothic Sanctuary
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto IV: Electro-Choc
Greatest Ever! Alternative 80s
Greatest Hits of Punk & New Wave
Greatest Hits of Rock
Greatest Rock
Guitar Club Classics
Guitars & Machines, Volume 4
Hang All DJ’s, Volume 2
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 60
Hard to Find Classics: Alternative 80's
History of Goa Trance, The
Hits Post Modern Syndrome: #22 Dork Side of the Moon
HMV Playlist SDR16A
Icons of The Orb
Idea Musical: Generation 101
In Memory of "Kurdt Kobain"
In to the Mix II: The 2nd Coming
Industrial Revolution: 3rd Edition
Introducing, Volume 4
John Peel. Right Time, Wrong Speed 1977 - 1987
Kerrang! Best of 2003
Kneipen Hits, die Zweite
Lars Ricken's Hot Shots
Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80s Underground
letzte Bulle, Volume 3, Der
Liaisons Dangereuses
Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box, A
Lion Rocks Again, The
Livin’ in the ’80s
Love Action 80's: 54 Classic Love Songs
M'Era Luna Festival 2003
Maxi Pop, Volume II
Maxi Pop, Volume III
Maximum 80’s
Maximum Metal, Volume 102
Maximum New Wave 12"
Media Markt Collection: New Pop Wave
Metal Hammer #213: Razor
Metal Hammer: July 2003
Metal Hammer: June 2006
Metallic-Era, The
Metallurgy, Volume 2: Reasons to Be Fearful
Money Is Not Our God (Hideous remix) / Special (live)
Moonraker, Volume 3
More Cool Britannia: Britain’s Best from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
More Greatest Hits of the 80's
More Greatest Hits of the 80's (bonus disc)
Mortal Kombat: More Kombat
Movement: BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977–1979
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 15
Need for Speed Underground 2
Need For Speed: Underground 2 Original Soundtrack
New Industries
New Wave
New Wave Classics
New Wave Classics: The Biggest New Wave Hits
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 09
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No. 1 All Time Rock Album, The
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Once in a Lifetime
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Other Side of the 80s Edition, The
Our Definition of Eighties
Out Now!
Pearls of the 80s - Maxis Vol. 5
Play It!: Vol. 3
Plus de bruit
Pop & Wave, Volume 8: The Sound of the Fantastic 80s
Pop Rock Station by Zegut
Post Punk Trilogy
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Postpunk Chronicles: Scared to Dance
Pulse 7: The 7th Stage
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Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 040
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Rok ďábla
Sampler 158 Rock Hard
Sanctuary: 26 Gothic Anthems
Sanctuary: 28 Gothic Anthems
SATURN Party Edition: Die geilsten Rock Hits
Schattenreich, Volume 1
Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi, Volume 1
Sedated in the Eighties - No.6
so80s 3
Som da Frente: 1982–1986
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 129
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Suicide Girls: Black Heart Retrospective, The
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Tantrance 2: A Trip to Psychedelic Trance
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Taste of Dragonfly, Volume 3, A
Taste of Dragonfly, Volume 4, A
Terror: An Industrial Metal Compilation
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 27
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Titans of Industrial
To the Outside of Everything ~ A Story of UK Post-Punk 1977–1981
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