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Ceyms Tobin
Džeimss Tobins
Iacobus Tobin
James Tobin (American economist)
James Tobin (Amerikaans econoom (1918-2002))
James Tobin (economista statunitense)
James Tobin (économiste américain)
James Tobin (ekonomista amerykański, noblista)
James Tobin (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Tobin, J.
Tobin, James,
Tobin, James (econoom)
Τζέιμς Τόμπιν
Джеймс Тобін
Джеймс Тоубин
Джэймс Тобін
Тобин, Джеймс
Џејмс Тобин
Ջեյմս Թոբին
جيمس توبن
جیمز توبین
جیمز ٹوبن
জেমস টোবিন
제임스 토빈
トービン, ジェームス
トービン, ジェイムス
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Backus, David
Baily, Martin Neil
Barber, William Joseph (1925-...)
Barry Eichengreen, James Tobin and Charles Wyplosz
Baumol, William J
Bićanić, Ivo
Brainard, William C
Brainard, William C.
Buiter, Willem H.
Dimand, Robert W.
Dolde, Walter
Eichengreen, Barry
Fisher, Irving (1867-1947)
Fontanel, Jacques
Foster, Kevin
Golub, Stephen S.
Guthrie, Harold W.
Haliassos, Michael
Harvard University
Hester, Donald D.
Hester, Donald Denison
Klein, Lawrence
Macedo, Jorge B. de
Mussa, Michael L.
Nordhaus, William D.
Okun, Arthur M.
Olson, Mancur
Perry, George L. (1934-)
Ross, Leonard
Samuelson, Paul
Smith, Gary
Snowdon, Brian
Solow, Robert M.
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. Center for the Study of Canada
Swan, Craig
TOBİN, James
Vane, Howard R.
Vogel, Sebastian (1955- ))
Volcker, Paul A.
Ward, Michael D.
Watts, Harold W.
Weisazacker, C.C. Von
Wyplosz, Charles
藪下, 史郎 (1943-)
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Fiscal Policy: Its Macroeconomics in Perspective
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granello di sabbia, Il : i pro e i contro della Tobin tax
Growth and Distribution: A Neoclassical Kaldor-Robinson Exercise.
Growth and Distribution: A Reply.
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Grundsätze der Geld- und Staatsschuldenpolitik
Hansen and Public Policy.
Hard Look at the Costs of Peace, A
Health Care Reform as Seen by a General Economist
How can monetary policy be improved?
How Dead is Keynes?
Inflation and unemployment in the share economy
Informe al gobernador del... (Informe Tobin) 11 de dic. de 1975. c
Infure to shitsugyo no sentaku.
intellectual revolution in U.S. economic policy-making: the second Noel Buxton lecture of the University of Essex, 18 January 1966., The
Inter-Generation Transfers of Wealth and the Theory of Saving
International Currency Regimes, Capital Mobility, and Macroeconomic Policy
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International monetary cooperation essays in honor of Henry C. Wallich
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interview with the Nobel prize-winner James Tobin, An
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Macroeconomics, prices, and quantities : essays in memory of Arthur M. Okun
Macroeconomics Under Debate
Major Issues in the Regulation of Financial Institutions: Comment
making of index numbers
Makuro keizaigaku no saikentō
Mandatory Retirement Saving and Capital Formation
Mean-Variance Approach to Fundamental Valuations, A
Memories of Doug Purvis.
Model of Fixed Capital without Substitution, A
Model of U.S. Financial and Nonfinancial Economic Behavior, A
Monetarist Counter-Revolution Today-An Appraisal., The
monetary and fiscal policy mix, The
monetary and structural causes and cures, The
Monetary-Fiscal Mix: Long-run Implications., The
Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix in the United States, W. A. Mackintosh Lecture, The
Monetary policies and the economy : the transmission mechanism
Monetary policies in the 1980s and beyond
Monetary Policy in 1974 and Beyond
Monetary Policy: Recent Theory and Practice
Monetary Policy: Rules, Targets, and Shocks.
Money and Finance in the Macro-Economic Process
Money and Finance in the Macroeconomic Process.
Money and Income: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc?: Rejoinder.
Money and Permanent Income: Some Empirical Tests.
Money, credit, and capital
Money (for New Palgrave Money and Finance)
money illusion and related writings
Money wages and employment
More on Inflation: Reply.
National economic policy; essays
Natural Rate as New Classical Macroeconomics -- For Rod Cross, The Natural Rate Hypothesis 25 Years On, The
Neoclassical Theory in America: J. B. Clark and Fisher.
New economics one decade older, The
Notas sobre a Expansão Monetária Ótima
Notes on Optimal Monetary Growth
Notes on the economic theory of expulsion and expropriation
Old Keynesian Counterattacks, An
On Consequences and Criticisms of Monetary Targeting, or Monetary Targeting: Dead at Last? Comment.
On Limiting the Domain of Inequality.
On Minsky's Agenda for Reform
On the Internationalization of Portfolios.
On the Predictive Value of Consumer Intentions and Attitudes
On the Theory of Macroeconomic Policy
On the Welfare Macroeconomics of Government Financial Policy.
Optimal Cash Balance Proposition: Maurice Allais' Priority., The
Overview of the General Theory, An
Pitfalls in Financial Model-Building
Policies for prosperity : essays in a Keynesian mode
Poverty in Relation to Macroeconomic Trends, Cycles, and Policies
Preface to Eduard Marz, Schumpeter, English Translation, Yale University Press
Price Flexibility and Output Stability: An Old Keynesian View
Price stability and public policy (overview)
Proposal for International Monetary Reform, A
purchasing power of money
Re-examining the CPI
Reagan economic plan--supply-side, budget and inflation, The
Remin1nscences of Dudley Dillard
Retour sur la taxe Tobin
Risk aversion and portfolio choice
Short-Run Macroeconomics of Floating Exchange Rates: An Exposition, The
Social security
Speculators' tax: International policy coorcdination and national monetary autonomy‐why both are needed and how a trasaction tax would help
Stabilization Policy Ten Years After
Stabilizing the dollar
Studies of portfolio behavior
Summary Comment
Supply Constraints on Employment and Output: NAIRU Versus Natural Rate
Technological development and employment
theory of interest
Tōbin kin'yū ron
Tobin on Hall
Tobin tax, The : effects on volatility, trade and monetary policy autonomy
Two Cases for Sand in the Wheels of International Finance.
Two revolutions in economic policy : the first economic reports of Presidents Kennedy and Reagan
Vademecum zu einem Klassiker der amerikanischen Nationalökonomie
Vermögensakkumulation und wirtschaftliche Aktivität : Bemerkungen zur zeitgenössischen makroökonomischen Theorie
Wealth, Liquidity, and Consumption
Wealth, Liquidity, and the Propensity to Consume
Welfare programs: an economic appraisal
What Is Permanent Endowment Income?
William John Fellner, 1905-1983
works of Irving Fisher the early professional works
World economy and financial markets
World finance and economic stability : selected essays of James Tobin
インフレと失業の選択 : ニュー・エコノミストの反証と提言
マクロ経済学の再検討 : 国債累積と合理的期待
国際マクロ経済学 : 国際的不均衡下の経済政策
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Thesis (A.B., Honors)--Harvard University, 1939