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Gulielmus Wilberforce
Vilberfirss, Viljams
Viljams Vilberforss
Wilberforce, Guillermo
Wilberforce, W.
Wilberforce, William
Wilberforce, Wm
William Wilberforce (britischer Parlamentarier und Anführer im Kampf gegen den Sklavenhandel)
William Wilberforce (britisk politikar)
William Wilberforce (britisk politiker)
William Wilberforce (Brits politicus)
William Wilberforce (brittisk politiker)
William Wilberforce (English politician)
William Wilberforce (politicien britannique)
William Wilberforce (politico inglese)
Вилијам Вилберфорс
Уилберфорс, Уильям
Уилям Уилбърфорс
Уільям Уілберфорс
Ўільям Ўілбэрфорс
ויליאם וילברפורס
ولبرفورس، وليم،
وليم ولبرفورس،
ويليام ويلبرفورس
ویلیام ویلبرفورس (سیاست‌مدار بریتانیایی)
윌리엄 윌버포스
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Baalen, Jacob van (Rotterdam)
Barbauld (1743-1825; Mrs) (Anna Letitia))
Country gentleman
Fitzpatrick, Richard (co-author)
Frossard, Benjamin-Sigismond (co-author)
Houston, J. M. (1922-)
Houston, James Macintosh (1922-)
Knox, William (1732-1810))
Laroche, Benjamin (co-author)
Muñoz de Sotomayor, José
Stephen, James (1758-1832)
Thorpe, Robert
Toorenenbergen, J.J. van (1822-1903)
Toorenenbergen, Johan Justus (1822-1903)
Wilberforce, A.M.
Wilberforce, Anna Maria (co-author)
Wilberforce, Anna Maria Mrs
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac (co-author)
An Appeal to the religion, justice and humanity of the inhabitants of the British Empire in behalf of the negro slaves in the West Indies, by Wm Wilberforce,...
appeal to the candour of both Houses of Parliament with a recapitulation of facts respecting the abolition of the slave trade, An : in a letter to William Wilberforce
appeal to the religion, justice, and humanity of the inhabitants of the British Empire in behalf of the negro slaves in the West Indies, An
Christianisme des gens du monde, mis en opposition avec le véritable Christianisme, Le
correspondence of William Wilberforce, The
country gentleman's reasons for voting against Mr. Wilberforce's motion for a bill to prohibit the importation of African Negroes into the colonies, A
defence of the bill for the registration of slaves, A
Emancipation of the Negro slaves in the West India colonies considered with reference to its impolicy and injustice, in answer to Mr. Wilberforce's appeal
enquiry into the state of the public mind amongst the lower classes, and on the means of turning it to the welfare of the state in a letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P, An
Greatest works
Irish Women Writers of the Romantic Era: Papers of Mary Tighe (1772-1810) and Lady Sydney Morgan (1776-1859) from the National Library of Ireland
Journey to the Lake District from Cambridge, 1779 : a diary
Layman's lettres to W. Wilberforce Esq. on the doctrine of hereditary depravity, The
Le Christianisme des gens du monde mis en opposition avec le véritable christianisme, par William Wilberforce,... Traduit de l'anglais sur la 11e édition par M. Frossard,...
letter from Lord J. Russell to Mr. Wilberforce, on the proceedings against the Queen with the petition to His Majesty, assigning powerful reasons for suspending all those proceedings., A
Letter on the abolition of the slave trade, addressed to the freeholders and other inhabitants of Yorkshire, by W. Wilberforce,..., A
letter on the abolition of the slave trade adressed to the freeholders and other inhabitants of Yorksire, A
Letter to His Excellency the Prince of Talleyrand Perigord... on the subject of the slave trade, by William Wilberforce,..., A
letter to the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders of Yorkshire, A : occasioned by the late election for that county
letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. pointing out some of the erroneous statements contained in a pamphlet by Joseph Marryat ..., A
letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. relative to the second bill introduced by him to the House of Commons and ordered to be printed on 19th February, 1810, for registering charitable donations, &c, A
letter to William Wilberforce ... on a fundamental measure for a Parliamentary reform, on the glaring impolicy of the Dissenter's Bill, and on the folly and fatality of abolishing the slave trade, A
letter to Wm. Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. on the subject of impressment calling on him and the philanthropists of this country to prove those feelings of sensibility they expressed in the cause of humanity on Negro slavery by acting with the same ardour and zeal in the cause of British seamen., A
Lettre à l'Empereur Alexandre sur la traite des noirs
Lettre à Son Excellence Monseigneur le Prince de Talleyrand Périgord,... au sujet de la traite des nègres, par W. Wilberforce,... Traduite de l'anglais
Life of William Wilberforce, by his sons Robert Isaac Wilberforce,... and Samuel Wilberforce,..., The
Motion faite le 16 décembre 1796 dans la Chambre des communes du parlement de la Grande-Bretagne en faveur du général Lafayette et de ses compagnons d'infortune
Perspectiva real del cristianismo práctico ó sistema del cristianismo de los mundanos, en las clases alta y mediana paragonado y contrapuesto al verdadero cristianismo
Practical view of the prevailing religious system of professed Christians in the higher and middle classes in this country contrasted with real christianity, by William Wilberforce,... The 4th edition, A
Practical view of the prevailing religious system of professed Christians, in the higher and middle classes in this country, contrasted with real Christianity. Selections
Praktische Ansicht des herrschenden Religionssystems vorgebl. Chris*. -
Private papers of William Wilberforce, collected and edited with a preface by A. M. Wilberforce...
Real Christianity : discerning true faith from false beliefs
Résumé du discours prononcé par M. Wilberforce dans la Chambre des communes, le 27 juin 1822, sur l'état actuel de la traite des nègres
speech of William Wilberforce, Esq., representative for the county of York, on Wednesday the 13th of May, 1789, on the question of the abolition of the slave trade, The : to which are added, the resolutions then moved, and a short sketch of the speeches of the other members.
Speeches of Mr. Wilberforce, Lord Penrhyn, Mr. Burke, Sir W. Young, Alderman Newnham... etc. etc. on a motion for the abolition of the slave trade in the House of Commons, May the 12th 1789, to which are added Mr. Wilberforce's twelve propositions, The
Substance of a speech intended to have been made on Mr. Wilberforce's motion for the abolition of the slave trade, on ... April 3, 1792 but the unwillingness of the committee to hear any thing farther on the subject, after Mr. Pitt had spoken, prevented the member from being heard.
Substance of the proceedings in the House of Commons on Thursday, July 25, 1822 on the occasion of two addresses to His Majesty, one moved by Mr. Wilberforce, for preventing the extension of slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, and the other by Mr. Wilmot, for sending commissioners of inquiry to certain British colonies.
To the independent freemen of Coventry ...
Varoņu dzīve :ievērojamu misiones darbinieku dzīves apraksti, 1928:
view of the present increase of the slave trade, the cause of that increase, and suggesting a mode for effecting its total annihilation with observations on the African Institution and Edinburgh Review, and on the speeches of Messrs. Wilberforce and Brougham, delivered in the House of Commons, 7th July, 1817, A
ware christendom vergeleken met de heerschende denkwijze van deszelfs belijders bijzonder in de hoogere en middelstanden, Het
Wilberforce on Christianity
Works. Selections.