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Armachanus, Jacobus
Armachanus, Jacobus (pseudonym)
Iacobus Ussher
J. U
Jacobus (Armachanus)
James (Archbishop of Armagh)
James (Arzobispo de Armagh)
James (of Meath)
James Ussher (Archbishop of Armagh)
James Ussher (archevêque d'Armagh, un des fondateurs de Trinity College, Dublin)
James Ussher (arcivescovo anglicano irlandese)
James Ussher (irischer anglikanischer Theologe)
James Ussher (irlandzki duchowny anglikański, uczony)
James Ussher (priester uit Ierland (1581-1656))
Midensis, Jacobus
Midensis, Jacobus (pseudonym)
U, J.
Userius, Jacobus
Usher, Archbishop
Usher, De textvs hebraici Veteris Testamenti certitvdine et avthentia,contra Lvdovici Capelli criticam,epistola Arnoldi Bootii,ad reverendissimvm Iacobvm Vsserivm archiepiscopvm Armachanvm Parisiis,typis viduæ Theod
Usher, Jacobus
Usher, Jago
Usher, James
Usher, James (archevêque d'Armagh)
Usher, James (Bishop)
Usherius, Jacques
Usherius, Jaques
Usherus, Jacobus
Usserius, Iacobus
Usserius, Iacobus (arciv. di Armagh)
Usserius, Jacobus
Usserius, Jacobus (archevêque d'Armagh)
Ussher, Jacob
Ussher, James
Ussher, James (Abp. of Armagh)
Ussher, James (Archbishop of Armagh)
Ussher, James (archevêque d'Armagh)
Ussher, James (arciv. di Armagh)
Джеймс Ашшер
Џејмс Ашер
ג'יימס אשר
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Barlow, Thomas (vesc. di Lincoln, 1607-1691)
Downame, John (d. 1652.)
Ignace saint (00..-01.)
Lubin, Augustin (1624-1695)
Pearson, John (1613-1686)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Ranew, Nathaniel
S.n. (S.l.)
Sanderson, Robert évêque de Lincoln
Smith, Thomas (1638-1710)
Tooke, Benjamin (I, Londen)
Tournes et fils
Tyrrell, James (1642-1718)
Versteegh, Henrick (Utrecht)
Wharton, Henry (1664-1695)
Annales. English [from old catalog]
Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti
Annales Veteris Testamenti. Pars posterior
annals of the world. -, The
anno civili veterum Judæorum, De
Answer to a challenge made by a Jesuite in Ireland. Selections
antiqua Ecclesiae britannicae libertate et privilegiis, De
Appendix Ignatiana
Articles of religion, agreed upon by the archbishops and bishops and the rest of the clergie of Ireland in the Convocation holden at Dublin in... 1615 for the avoyding of diversities of opinions and the establishing of concent touching true religion
Body of divinity
brief declaration of the universality of the church of Christ; and the unity of the catholick faith professed therein. Delivered in a sermon before the King's Majesty the 20th of June, 1624. at Wansted., A
Britannicarum ecclesiarum antiquitates, quibus inserta est pestiferae adversus Dei gratiam a Pelagio Britanno in Ecclesiam inductae haereseos historia.
Chronologia sacra
Clio, or, a discourse on taste
discourse of the religion anciently professed by the Irish and Brittish., A
Eight sermons on the necessity of repentance
episcoporum et metropolitanorum origine, De
Faults on all sides The case of religion consider'd: shewing the substance of true godliness; wherein are also particulariz'd, sundry errors, maxims and corruptions of men and sects of this present age, with suitable observations and reflections thereon. With some conclusive reasons to perswade to unity, moderation and charity. Presented to the inhabitants (especially) of the colony of Rhode Island; and all others who make profession of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In six sections. To which is added, the prophecies and predictions of the learned James Usher, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Lord Primate of Ireland, relating to the great persecution that is yet to break out in England, Scotland and Ireland. [Five lines of Scripture text]
genuine and remarkable prophecies of Archbishop Usher Containing Not only those which have been already verified according to his Predictions, but likewise those which are yet to come, To which is added, An Appendix, giving an Account of divers other Prophecies and Predictions, no less remarkable and surprizing, The
geographical and historical disquisition, touching the Asia properly so called, the Lydian Asia (which is the Asia so often mentioned in the New Testament) the Proconsular Asia, and the Asian Diocese, A
Gotteschalci, et prædestinatianæ controversiæ ab eo motæ, historia: unà cum duplice ejusdem confessione, nunc primum in lucem editâ
Graeca 70 interpretum versione syntagma, De
Graeca Septuaginta, De
Gravissimae quaestionis de christianarum ecclesiarum in Occidentis praesertim partibus, ab apostolicis temporibus ad nostram usque aetatem, continua successione et statu, historica explicatio, authore Jacobo Usserio,...
Historia dogmatica
Immanuel: or, The mystery of the incarnation of the son of God.
iudgement of Doctor Rainoldes touching the originall of episcopacy., The : More largely confirmed out of antiquity by James Archbishop of Armagh.
Jacobi Usserii Annales.
Jacobi Vsserii Armachani De Graecâ Septuaginta, interpretum versione syntagma : cum libri Estherae editione Origenicâ, & vetere Graecâ alterâ, ex Arundelliana Bibliotheca nunc primùm in lucem productâ : accesserunt, ob argumenti cognationem, de Cainane, in Vulgatâ LXX editione superaddito, ex ejusdem chronologiâ sacrâ nondum editâ, dissertatio, unâ cum ejusdem editâ ad Ludovicum Cappellum, de variantibus textûs Hebraici lectionibus, anno 1652 et alterâ à Gulielmo Eyrio ad eundem Jacobum anno 1607 datâ, epistolâ.
James Ussher's classic survey of world history
korte verklaaring van de algemeenheidt der kerke Christi, ende de eenigheidt van het Katholyke geloof. Voor-gestelt in een predikatie over Ephes. 4. v. 13. ..., Een
Macedonum et Asianorum anno solari dissertatio, De
Opuscula duo
power communicated by God to the prince, and the obedience required of the subject., The : Briefly laid down, and confirmed out of the Holy Scriptures, the testimony of the primitive church, the dictates of right reason, and the opinion of the wisest among heathen writers. By the most Reverend Father in God, James late Lord Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland. Faithfully published out of the original copy, (written with his own hand) by the Reverend Father in God, Robert Saunderson L. Bishop of Lincoln, with his Lordships preface thereunto.
Principles of Christian religion, with a brief method of the doctrine thereof... by... James Usher,...
Protestant tutor, 1726:, The
Reduction of episcopacie
reduction of episcopacy unto the form of synodical government, The : Recived in the antient Church, proposed in the year 1641. as an expedient for the prevention of those troubles, which afterwards did arise about the matter of Church Government, episcopal and presbyierial Government conjoyned. Proposed now again, anno 1703. for removing the differences in the Church of Scotland, By the Author of the Essay for promoving national love and unity. This may be altered according to the different circumtances of the National Church of Scotland.
reductione episcopatus, ad formam regiminis synodici, in antiqua ecclesia recepti, De : cum notis Johannis Hoornbeek, s. theologiae professoris, in Acad. Lugduno-Batava
Romanæ Ecclesiæ Symbolo Apostolico vetere, De
Sermons. Selections
speech delivered in the Castle-Chamber at Dublin, the XXII. of November, anno 1622, at the censuring of certaine officers, who refused to take the oath of supremacie ..., A
Ss. patrum, qui temporibus apostolicis floruerunt, Barnabae, Clementis, Hermae, Ignatii, Polycarpi opera, vera, et suppositicia; unà cum Clementis, Ignatii, Polycarpi actis atque martyriis.
Strange and remarkable prophesies and predictions of the holy, learned, and excellent James Usher, late L. Arch-Bishop of Armagh ... giving an account of his foretelling I. the rebellion in Ireland ..., II. the confusions and miseries of England in church and state, III. the death of King Charles the First, IV. his own poverty and want, V. the divisions in England in matters of religion
Substance of that which was delivered in a sermon before the Commons House of Parliament, in St. Margarets Church at Westminster, the 18. of February, 1620
Summe and substance of Christian religion
Symbole de saint Athanase
textvs hebraici Veteris Testamenti certitvdine et avthentia, contra Lvdovici Capelli criticam, epistola Arnoldi Bootii, ad reverendissimvm Iacobvm Vsserivm archiepiscopvm Armachanvm, 1650:, De
validity of the ordination of the ministers of the Reformed Churches beyond the seas, maintained against the Romanists
Veteris Ecclesiae gubernatio patriarchalis
Veterum epistolarum hibernicarum sylloge, quae, partim ab Hibernis, partim ad Hibernos, partim de Hibernis vel rebus hibernicis sunt conscriptae...
Vreemde en aanmerkelyke voorzeggingen van de heylige, geleerde en uytstekende Jacobus Usher, eertijts aartsbisschop van Armag, en primaat van Yrland. Zijnde een verhaal dat hy voorsegt heeft: 1. De rebellie van Yrlandt veertig jaren eerse gebeurde: 2. De verwarringen en elenden van Engelandt in kerk en politie: 3. De doodt van koning Karel de eerste: 4. Sijn eyge armoede en gebrek: 5. De verdeeltheden in Engeland in saken des godsdiensts: En ten laatsten een grote en schriklyke vervolging welke de gereformeerde kerk soude overkomen van de papisten, waar in de paus die 'erals dan zyn sal, ten hoogsten soude geraakt zyn.
Works. Selections.
Yllwgbraidd- fodd byrr o gristianogawl grefydd gyd agadroddiad hynodob ... 1658: