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Smith, William Henry
Smyth, Guglielmo E.
Smyth, W. H.
Smyth, William H.
Smyth, William Henry
William Henry Smyth (astronomo e ammiraglio britannico)
William Henry Smyth (Brits astronoom (1788-1865))
William Henry Smyth (englischer Astronom)
William Henry Smyth (English naval officer and hydrographer)
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Arago, F. (1786-1853)
Arago, François (1786-1853)
Beechey, Frederick William (1796-1856)
Belcher, Edward Sir, 1799-1877
Bellue, Pierre (co-author)
Benzoni, Girolamo (b. 1519.)
Benzoni, Girolamo (b. 1519)
Benzoni, Girolamo (co-author)
Chambers, George Frederick (co-author)
Fairbairn, William Sir, 1789-1874
Grant, Robert (1814-1892)
Graves, Thomas (co-author)
Great Britain. Hydrographic Office
Lowe, Frédérik (co-author)
Philibert (ex-secrétaire du roi Murat; co-author)
Powell, Baden (1796-1860)
Röttger, C. (co-author)
Slater (co-author)
Tardieu, Ambroise (1788-1841))
Walker, J. (graveur; co-author)
Aedes Hartwellianae", or Notices of the manor and mansion of Hartwell, by captain W. H. Smyth,..., "
Bedford catalogue, 1986:, The
Biographies of distinguished scientific men.
Carta economica della Tripolitania e Cirenaica dedicata a S.A.R. il Duca di Genova
Carte de la côte nord d'Afrique comprise entre Ras Heilal et Alexandrie
Carte des côtes d'Italie depuis Civitta Vecchia jusqu'au golfe de Naples
Carte des côtes de la Morée depuis le Cap Klarenza jusqu'au Cap St. Ange avec les îles contigües, par le Capitaine Smyth de la Marine Royale d'Angleterre et MM. Slater et Elson
Carte des côtes de Sicile et de la régence de Tunis, comprenant la partie sud de la Sardaigne et l'île de Malte
Carte des Cotes de Tunis Depuis le Cap africa jusqu'aux Frères, par le Capitaine Smythe secondé par MM. Slater & Elson
Carte des phares et fanaux des côtes de France depuis le cap de Creux jusqu'à Toulon
Cartografia generale della città di Palermo e antiche carte della Sicilia
Chart of the north coast of Africa : from Mesurata to Marsa Soussa
Cycle of celestial objects, for the use of naval, military and private astronomers, observed, reduced and discussed by captain William Henry Smyth,..., A
Cycle of celestial objects, observed, reduced and discussed by admiral William Henry Smyth,... Revised, condensed and greatly enlarged by George F. Chambers,... 2d edition, A
Das Mittelmeer, eine Darstellung seiner physischer Geographie, nebst andern geographischen, historischen und nautischen Untersuchungen, mit Benützung von Rear Admiral Smyth's "Mediterranean", von Dr. E. Böttger,...
Descriptive catalogue of a cabinet of Roman imperial large-brass medals, by captain William Henry Smyth,...
Gulf of Spezia
Historia del mondo nuovo.
History of the Cabinet of the United States of America from President *. -
History of the New World, by Girolamo Benzoni,... shewing his travels in America, from A. D. 1541 to 1546, with some particulars of the island of Canary, now first translated and edited by rear-admiral W. H. Smyth,...
Hydrography of Sicily, Malta and the adjacent islands, surveyed in 1814, 1815 and 1816... by capt. William Henry Smyth,...
Io escape and ionization of atmospheric gases : annual report April 15, 1981, April 14, 1982
Letters on certain passages in the life of Admiral Sir John Hawkins (temp. Elizabeth,)
life and services of Captain Philip Beaver, late of His Majesty's ship Nisus., The
Mediterranean, a memoir physical, historical and nautical, by rear-admiral William Henry Smyth,..., The
Mediterranean, The : a memoir physical, historical and nautical
Memoir descriptive of the resources, inhabitants and hydrography of si*. -
Memoir descriptive of the resources, inhabitants and hydrography of Sicily and its islands... by captain William Henry Smyth,...
Nautical observations on the port and maritime vicinity of Cardiff, with occasional strictures on the ninth report of the Taff Vale railway directors; and some general remarks on the commerce of Glamorganshire.
Plan du golfe de Palerme et des environs
Plan of the bay & environs of Taormina
Plan of the city and harbour of Augusta
Plan of the city, bay and promontory of Milazzo
Plan of the Harbour of Lampedusa by W. H. Smyth
Plan of the port of Pantellaria
Plan of the rivers Ucayali and Amazons
political history of slavery, A
Popular astronomy:
Ports on the coast of Genoa
Sailor's lexicon
Sailor's word-book
Sidereal chromatics; being a re-print, with additions from the "Bedford cycle of celestial objects," and its "Hartwell continuation," on the colours of multiple stars.
Sketch of the present state of the island of Sardinia, by captain William Henry Smyth,...
Synopsis of the published and privately-printed works by Admiral W.H. Smyth, 1864
Venetico to Cape Malea with the island of Cerigo