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Bradford De Long, J.
Bradford De Long, James
Bradford DeLong
Bradford DeLong, J.
De Long, Bradford
De Long, J.
De Long, J. B.
De Long (J. Bradford)
De Long, James B.
De Long, James Bradford
DeLong, Brad
DeLong, Bradford
DeLong, J.
DeLong, J. B.
Delong, J. Bradford
DeLong, James
DeLong, James Bradford
J. Bradford DeLong (American economist)
J. Bradford DeLong (Amerikaans econoom)
J. Bradford DeLong (amerikansk ekonom)
J. Bradford DeLong (amerikansk økonom)
J. Bradford DeLong (economista statunitense)
J. Bradford DeLong (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
James Bradford DeLong
Long, J. Bradford De
Long, James Bradford De
برادفورد ديلونغ
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Barsky, Robert B
Barsky, Robert B.
Becht, Marco
Canada. Industrie Canada
Cohen, Stephen S.
De Long, J Bradford
De Long, J Bradford et al
De Long, J. Bradford
De Long, J.B.
De Long, James Bradford
DeLong, Brad
DeLong, J Bradford
DeLong, J. Bradford
Edlin, Aaron S.
Eichengreen, B.
Eichengreen, Barry
Ferguson, Rob
Gittins, Ross
Grossman, Richard
Harvard University
Krueger, Alan B.
Lang, Kevin
Levine, David
Long, J. Bradford De
Magin, Konstantin
Michelis, Leo
Olney, Martha L.
Programme des publications de recherche d'Industrie Canada
Ramirez, Carlos D
Shleifer, Andrei
Stiglitz, Joseph E. (1943- ))
Summers, Lawrence H
Summers, Lawrence H.
Szymanski, Stefan
Taylor, Timothy
University of California-Berkeley / Department of Economics
Waldmann, Robert
Waldmann, Robert J.
Waldmann, Robert James
`Excess Volatility' in the German Stock Market, 1876-1990
`Liquidation' Cycles: Old-Fashioned Real Business Cycle Theory and the Great Depression
`Protestant Ethic' Revisited: A Twentieth-Century Look, The
¿7FLiqidation" cycles : old-fashioned real business cycle theory and the Great Depression
America's historical experience with low inflation
America's Only Peacetime Inflation: The 1970s
Are All Economic Hypotheses False?
Are Business Cycles Symmetric?
Between meltdown and moral hazard : the international monetary and financial policies of the Clinton administration
Bubble of 1929: Evidence from Closed-End Funds, The
bubble of 1929, The : evidence from closed-end funds
budget deficit, The
Bull and bear markets in the twentieth century
changing cyclical variability of ... 1984, The
Changing Cyclical Variability of Economic Activity in the United States, The
classical economists perceive the industrial revolution, The
Concrete economics : the Hamilton approach to economic growth and policy
Cornucopia: The Pace of Economic Growth in the Twentieth Century
Cross-country variations in national economic growth rates: the role of "technology"
Did J.P. Morgan's men add value? ; a historical perspective on financial capitalism
Did J. P. Morgan's Men Add Value?: An Economist's Perspective on Financial Capitalism
economic consequences of noise traders, The
economists' voice 2.0, The : the financial crisis, health care reform, and more
economists' voice, The : top economists take on today's problems
end of influence, The : what happens when other countries have the money
Equipment Investment and Economic Growth: How Robust Is the Nexus?
Equipment Investment and Economic Growth: Reply.
"Excess Volatility" and the German Stock Market, 1870-1990
"Excess volatility" and the German stock market, 1876-1990
Excess Volatility on the London Stock Market, 1870-1990
Facets of interwar unemployment : A review essay
Financial innovations, idiosyncratic risk, and the joint evolution of real and financial volatilities - comments
Forecasting Pre-World War I Inflation: The Fisher Effect and the Gold Standard.
Forecasting Pre-World War I Inflation: The Fisher Effect Revisited
Global trends, 1980-2015 and beyond
Has the business cycle changed? : evidence and explanations : commentary
Have Productivity Levels Converged? Productivity Growth, Convergence, and Welfare in the Very Long Run
How Does Macroeconomic Policy Matter?
How fast is modern economic growth?
How Strongly Do Developing Countries Benefit from Equipment Investment?
How strongly do developing economies benefit from equipment investment?
In Defense of Henry Simons' Credentials as a Classical Liberal
Industry Canada Research Publications Program
Interpreting Procyclical Productivity Movements: Evidence from a Cross-Nation Cross-Industry Panel
Introduction to the Symposium on Business Cycles
Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing? Reply.
J. P. Morgan and His Money Trust
Keynesianism, Pennsylvania-Avenue Style: Some Economic Consequences of the 1946 Employment Act
Keynesianism, Pennsylvania Avenue Style : Some Economic Consequences of the Employment Act of 1946
Late Nineteenth-Century Tariffs and American Economic Growth
"Liquidation" Cycles: Old-Fashioned Real Business Cycle Theory and the Great Depression
Low Marx: Eric Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes
Machinery Investment as a Key to American Economic Growth
Macroeconomic policy and long-run growth
Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities in the Twenty-First Century Economy: A Preliminary Taxonomy.
Marshall Plan as a Structural Adjustment Programme, The
Marshall Plan as a Structure Adjustment Program., The
Marshall Plan: History's Most Successful Structural Adjustment Program, The
Marshall Plan: History's Most Successful Structural Adjustment Programme, The
Marshall plan, The : history's most successful structural adjustment program
'new economy', The : background, historical perspective, questions, and speculations
Noise Trader Risk in Financial Markets.
Not a Capital Idea
On the Existence and Interpretation of a `Unit Root' in U.S. Real GDP
On the Existence and Interpretation of the "Unit Root" in U.S. GNP
Positive feedback investment strategies and destabilizing rational speculation
Positive Program for Better Economic Growth, A
Princes and merchants : European city growth before the industrial revolution
Productivity growth and machinery investment: a long-run look, 1870-1980
Productivity Growth, Convergence, and Welfare: Comment.
Prospects for the Australian Economy in the First Decade of the New Century
Reflections on Economics at the Turn of the Millennium
Review of Skidelsky's John Maynard Keynes: Fighting for Britain
Seeing One's Intellectual Roots: A Review Essay.
shadow of the Great Depression and the inflation of the 1970s, The
shape of twentieth century economic history. -, The
short note on the size of the dot-com bubble, A
size and incidence of the losses from noise trading, The
Slouching toward utopia: what is the history of the twentieth century?
stock market and capital accumulation, comments, The
Stock Market Bubble of 1929: Evidence from Closed-End Funds, The
Survival of Noise Traders in Financial Markets., The
survival of noise traders in fionancial markets, The
Symposium on the North American Economy, A
Tendances mondiales : 1980-2015 et au delà
Trade Policy and America's Standard of Living: An Historical Perspective
Triumph of Monetarism?, The
Understanding America's Hesitant Steps toward Financial Capitalism: Politics, the Depression, and the Separation of Commercial and Investment Banking.
Up for the Cup
Very Long-Run Economic Growth, ca. 1870-1990
What Went Right in the 1990s? Sources of American and Prospects for World Economic Growth
Why does the stock market fluctuate?
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Thesis (A.B., Honors)--Harvard University, 1982