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Fonagy, P.
Fonagy, Peter
Fónagy Péter (brit pszichológus)
Peter Fonagy (British psychoanalyst & psychologist)
Peter Fonagy (englischer Psychoanalytiker)
Peter Fonagy (Hongaars psycholoog)
Peter Fonagy (psicologo e psicoanalista ungherese)
Peter Fonagy (Psychanalyste et psychologue britannique)
Питър Фонаги
פיטר פונגי
بيتر فوناجي
フォナギー, P.
フォナギー, ピーター
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Allen, Jon G. (1944-...)
Bateman, Anthony
Bateman, Anthony (1966-)
Bateman, Anthony W. (1966-)
ebrary, Inc
International Psycho-Analytical Association
Person, Ethel Spector
Roth, Anthony
Sandler, Joseph (1927-1998)
Sharp, Carla
Target, Mary
University College London
Uniwersytet Jagielloński. Wydawnictwo
狩野, 力八郎 (1945-)
8-year follow-up of patients treated for borderline personality disorder: mentalization-based treatment versus treatment as usual.
Adaptive probit estimation and body size: the evaluation of a new psychophysical technique.
Adolescents Murderers: Abuse and Adversity in Childhood
Adult Attachment Predicts Maternal Brain and Oxytocin Response to Infant Cues
Adult attachment: what are the underlying dimensions?
Affect Regulation, Mentalization and the Development of the Self
Affektregulering, mentalisering og selvets udvikling
Aggression and intentionality in narrative responses to conflict and distress story stems: an investigation of boys with disruptive behaviour problems.
Assessing adolescents who threaten homicide in schools.
Associations among attachment classifications of mothers, fathers, and their infants.
attachement, L' : approche théorique : du bébé à la personne âgée
Attachment and borderline personality disorder. A theory and some evidence.
Attachment and reflective function: their role in self-organization.
Attachment theory and psychoanalysis
attachment theory approach to treatment of the difficult patient., An
Autonomic arousal in eating disorders: further evidence for the clinical subdivision of anorexia nervosa.
Behavioural techniques in the management of aerophagia in patients with hiatus hernia.
Being mindful of minds: a homage to the contributions of a child-analytic genius.
Bridging the transmission gap: an end to an important mystery of attachment research?
Brief dynamic interpersonal therapy : a clinician's guide
Cassel personality disorder study: methodology and treatment effects
Changing ideas in a changing world the revolution in psychoanalysis : essays in honour of Arnold Cooper
Children's play narrative responses to hypothetical dilemmas and their awareness of moral emotions
Clinical implications of attachment and mentalization: efforts to preserve the mind in contemporary treatment. Epilogue.
Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of Child-Focused Psychiatric Consultation and a School Systems-Focused Intervention to Reduce Aggression, A
Communication with Pretend Actions in Language, Literature and Psychoanalysis
Community-based psychodynamic treatment program for severe personality disorders: clinical description and naturalistic evaluation.
[Comorbid antisocial and borderline personality disorders: mentalization-based treatment].
Contemporary psychoanalysis in America leading analysts present their work
controlled study of psychoanalytic treatment of brittle diabetes., A
Creating a peaceful school learning environment: a controlled study of an elementary school intervention to reduce violence.
Creating a peaceful school learning environment: the impact of an antibullying program on educational attainment in elementary schools.
Dedicated community-based services for adults with personality disorder: Delphi study
development of an attachment-based treatment program for borderline personality disorder., The
developmental approach to mentalizing communities: I. A model for social change, A
developmental approach to mentalizing communities: II. The Peaceful Schools experiment, A
developmental, mentalization-based approach to the understanding and treatment of borderline personality disorder, A
Developmental science and psychoanalysis integration and innovation
Dichter und das Phantasieren
Disorganised attachment behaviour among infants born subsequent to stillbirth.
Early-life trauma and the psychogenesis and prevention of violence.
ecology of attachment in the family, The
effect of emotional arousal on spontaneous swallowing rates., The
Effectiveness of partial hospitalization in the treatment of borderline personality disorder: A randomized controlled trial
Effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment of personality disorder.
Effects of participation in a martial arts-based antibullying program in elementary schools
effects of the benzodiazepine antagonist Ro 15-1788 on psychophysiological performance and subjective measures in normal subjects., The
efficacy of psychoanalysis for children: prediction of outcome in a developmental context., The
efficacy of psychoanalysis for children with disruptive disorders., The
Efficacy of psychoanalysis for children with emotional disorders.
Embodying the Mind: Movement as a Container for Destructive Aggression
Emmanuel Miller memorial lecture 1992: the theory and practice of resilience, The
Endocrine changes and clinical profiles in depression: I. The dexamethasone suppression test.
Endocrine changes and clinical profiles in depression: II. The thyrotropin-releasing hormone test.
Engagement and retention in specialist services for people with personality disorder
Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions in child psychiatry.
Factors associated with the unresolved classification of the Adult Attachment Interview in women who have suffered stillbirth
Factors that predict infant disorganization in mothers classified as U in pregnancy.
Feeling Safe in School
follow-up study of patients treated for benzodiazepine dependence., A
Frequency of swallowing in duodenal ulceration and hiatus hernia.
Freud's "On narcissism, an introduction"
From the therapeutic community to the community: a preliminary evaluation of a psychosocial outpatient service for severe personality disorders
General and relationship-specific models of social cognition: explaining the overlap and discrepancies
genuinely developmental theory of sexual enjoyment and its implications for psychoanalytic technique., A
Handbook of mentalization-based treatment
Handbook of mentalizing in mental health practice
Handbook of psychodynamic approaches to psychopathology
Has Freudian psychoanalysis been killed by pills?
Health service use costs by personality disorder following specialist and nonspecialist treatment: a comparative study.
Health service utilization costs for borderline personality disorder patients treated with psychoanalytically oriented partial hospitalization versus general psychiatric care
history and current status of outcome research at the Anna Freud Centre., The
Homeless Near a THousand Homes: Outcomes of Homeless Youth in a Crisis Shelter
human genome and the representational world: the role of early mother-infant interaction in creating an interpersonal interpretive mechanism., The
human genome and the representational world, The : The role of early mother-infant interaction in creating an interpersonal interpretive mechanism
Identity, gender, and sexuality 150 years after Freud
Imagining your child's mind: Psychosocial adjustment and mothers' ability to predict their children's attributional response styles
importance of shared environment in mother-infant attachment security: a behavioral genetic study, The
In-depth mental health evaluation of a community sample of nonreferred infants with feeding difficulties
In praise of simplicity: commentary on Ablon and Jones.
In Search of Shared and Nonshared Environmental Factors in Security of Attachment: A Behavior-Genetic Study of the Association between Sensitivity and Attachment Security
investigation into the possible overlap between PTSD and unresolved responses following stillbirth: an absence of linkage with only unresolved status predicting infant disorganization., An
Is Psychopathology the Key to Understanding Why Some Children Become Aggressive When They Are Exposed to Violent Television Programming?
Is there an answer to the outcome research question? '-waiting for Godot'
Life events, depression and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function.
Lives through time: an ideographic approach to the study of resilience.
Maternal representations of attachment during pregnancy predict the organization of infant-mother attachment at one year of age.
Measuring the ghost in the nursery: an empirical study of the relation between parents' mental representations of childhood experiences and their infants' security of attachment.
Mechanisms of change in mentalization-based treatment of BPD
Memory in dispute
Mentalisation et trouble de la personnalité limite guide pratique
Mentaliser : de la théorie à la pratique clinique
Mentaliseren bij de borderline persoonlijkheidsstoornis : praktische gids voor hulpverleners in de ggz
Mentalisering i klinisk praksis
Mentaliseringsbaseret behandling af borderline-personlighedsforstyrrelse
Mentalization-based Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder a Practical Guide
Mentalization-Based Treatment for BPD
Mentalization-based treatment for patients with borderline personality disorder: an overview.
Mentalizing and borderline personality disorder
Mentalizowanie w praktyce klinicznej
Mentaraijingu no riron to rinsho : Seishin bunseki aichaku riron hattatsu seishin byorigaku no togo.
Mentaraizeshon handobukku : MBT no kiso to rinsho.
Mentaraizeshon to kyokai pasonariti shogai : MBT ga hiraku seishin bunsekiteki seishin ryoho no aratana tenkai.
model for brief assessment of attachment and its application to women in inpatient treatment for trauma-related psychiatric disorders., A
natural history of tolerance to the benzodiazepines, The
Negative Affect in Victimized Children: The Roles of Social Withdrawal, Peer Rejection, and Attitudes Toward Bullying
note on statistical inference in meta-analysis., A
Offending and Attachment: The Relationship between Interpersonal Awareness and Offending in a Prison Population with Psychiatric Disorder
On Freud's "Creative writers and day-dreaming"
On Freud's Observations on transference-love
open door review of outcome studies in psychoanalysis
Outcome and outcome trajectories of personality disordered patients during and after a psychoanalytic hospitalization-based treatment.
Overview of Joseph Sandler's Key Contributions to Theoretical and Clinical Psychoanalysis, An
parent-infant dyad and the construction of the subjective self, The
Parent's Capacity to Treat the Child as a Psychological Agent: Constructs, Measures and Implications for Developmental Psychopathology, The
Peer Victimization Trajectories and Their Association with Children's Affect in Late Elementary School
Personality Disorders in DSM-5
Personality theory and clinical practice. -
place of psychoanalytic treatments within psychiatry, The
place of psychodynamic theory in developmental psychopathology., The
Playing with reality: I. Theory of mind and the normal development of psychic reality.
Playing with reality: II. The development of psychic reality from a theoretical perspective.
Playing with reality: III. The persistence of dual psychic reality in borderline patients.
Playing with reality: IV. A theory of external reality rooted in intersubjectivity.
Prediction of Medium-Term Outcome in Cluster B Personality Disorder following Residential and Outpatient Psychosocial Treatment
Predictors of outcome in child psychoanalysis: a retrospective study of 763 cases at the Anna Freud Centre.
Premeditated mass shootings in schools: Threat assessment
Prevalence of Teachers Who Bully Students in Schools With Differing Levels of Behavioral Problems, The
Process and outcome in mental health care delivery: a model approach to treatment evaluation.
Programmatic research at a specialty psychiatric inpatient clinic: Opportunities, challenges, and future directions
Progress in the treatment of borderline personality disorder.
prolonged benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome: anxiety or hysteria?, The
Psychiatria psychodynamiczna w praktyce klinicznej
Psychiatric morbidity and treatment pathway outcomes of patients presenting to specialist NHS psychodynamic psychotherapy services: results from a multi-centre study.
Psychiatric symptom patterns of chronic epileptics attending a neurological clinic: a controlled investigation.
Psychoanalysis and diabetic control: a single-case study.
Psychoanalysis on the move the work of Joseph Sandler
Psychoanalytic and empirical approaches to developmental psychopathology: can they be usefully integrated?
Psychoanalytic monographs monograph series of the psychoanalysis unit of University College London and the Anna Freud Centre
Psychoanalytic research and the IPA: history, present status and future potential.
Psychoanalytic theories : perspectives from developmental psychopathology
Psychoanalytické teorie : perspektivy z pohledu vývojové psychopatologie
Psychodynamic psychoterapy for personality disorders : a clinical handbook
Psychodynamic psychotherapies: evidence-based practice and clinical wisdom.
Psychosocial treatment for severe personality disorder. 36-month follow-up.
Psychoterapia psychodynamiczna zaburzeń osobowości : podręcznik kliniczny
Psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder: mentalization based therapy and cognitive analytic therapy compared.
Psychotherapy in borderline and narcissistic personality disorder.
Psychotherapy meets neuroscience: a more focused future for psychotherapy research
Psychotherapy research : do we know what works for whom?
Punishment vs negative reinforcement in the aversive conditioning of auditory hallucinations.
Randomized Controlled Trial of Outpatient Mentalization-Based Treatment Versus Structured Clinical Management for Borderline Personality Disorder
Reaching the hard to reach evidence-based funding priorities for intervention and research
Recovered memories of abuse true or false ?
relation of attachment status, psychiatric classification, and response to psychotherapy., The
Relation of theory and practice in psychodynamic therapy.
relationship between belief-desire reasoning and a projective measure of attachment security (SAT), The
Relationship Between Parenting Dimensions and Adult Achievement: Evidence From the Whitehall II Study, The
Relationships to Bad Objects: Repetition or Current Self-Disorganization? Commentary on Paper by Jody Messler Davies
research agenda, The : the vital need for empirical research in child psychotherapy
research agenda: the vital need for empirical research in child psychotherapy, The
Research on psychoanalytic psychotherapy with adults
Residential versus community treatment of personality disorder: A comparative study of three treatment programs
Residential versus community treatment of personality disorders: a comparative study of three treatment programs.
Rethinking adult attachment: a study of expert consensus.
role of the bystander in the social architecture of bullying and violence in schools and communities., The
roles of mental representations and mental processes in therapeutic action., The
rooting of the mind in the body: new links between attachment theory and psychoanalytic thought., The
roots of social understanding in the attachment relationship: An elaboration on the constructionist theory, The
Rupture and Repair of Cooperation in Borderline Personality Disorder, The
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in childhood depression: systematic review of published versus unpublished data.
Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118): Development, Factor Structure, Reliability, and Validity
Sexualité infantile et attachement
significance of dreams bridging clinical and extraclinical research in psychoanalysis, The
significance of the development of metacognitive control over mental representations in parenting and infant development, The
Social cognition and developmental psychopathology
Social position, early deprivation and the development of attachment.
Some complexities in the relationship of psychoanalytic theory to technique.
Studies on the efficacy of child psychoanalysis.
Target Symptom Rating: a brief clinical measure of acute psychiatric symptoms in children and adolescents., The
Teacher Adherence and Its Relation to Teacher Attitudes and Student Outcomes in an Elementary School-Based Violence Prevention Program
Teachers Who Bully Students: A Hidden Trauma
Thinking about thinking: some clinical and theoretical considerations in the treatment of a borderline patient.
Tilknytningsteori og psykoanalyse
Towards a developmental understanding of violence.
transgenerational transmission of holocaust trauma. Lessons learned from the analysis of an adolescent with obsessive-compulsive disorder., The
transgenerational transmission of holocaust trauma, The : Lessons learned from the analysis of an adolescent with obsessive-compulsive disorder
Treatment of borderline personality disorder with psychoanalyically orientated partial hospitalization: An 18-month follow-up
Treatment of borderline personality disorder with psychoanalytically oriented partial hospitalization: an 18-month follow-up.
Understanding psychic change in child psychoanalysis.
Understanding the violent patient: the use of the body and the role of the father.
What do adult attachment scales measure?
What Evidence for Evidence-Based Prevention?
What's in a Smile? Maternal Brain Responses to Infant Facial Cues
What works for whom ? a critical review of psychotherapy research
When less is more: An exploration of psychoanalytically oriented hospital-based treatment for severe personality disorder.
Zur Einführung des Narzissmus
メンタライジングの理論と臨床 : 精神分析・愛着理論・発達精神病理学の統合
メンタライゼーション・ハンドブック : MBTの基礎と臨床
メンタライゼーションと境界パーソナリティ障害 : MBTが拓く精神分析的精神療法の新たな展開
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