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A.J.C.(American Jewish Committee)
AJC (American Jewish Committee)
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Committee Publications Service
Comite Judaico Americano
Comité Judío Americano
Comité juif américain
Jacob Blaustein Institute
Jewish Committee United States
Va`ad ha-Yehudi ha-Amerikani
Vaad ha-Yehudi ha-Amerikani
Ṿaʻad ha-Yehudi ha-Ameriḳani
וועד היהודי האמריקני
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United States New York New York
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Cartographic material
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Manuscript language material
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Adler, Cyrus
Alliance israélite universelle
American Jewish Relief Committee for Sufferers from the War (see also from)
Anglo-Jewish Association
Berger, Deidre
Groiss, Arnon
Institute of Jewish Affairs
Kiernan, Sergio
Kohler, Max J.
Kohler, Max James
Waad ha-bendati be-Yisrael
All quiet on the relgious front? : Jewish unity, denominationalism and postdenominationalism in the United States
Am. Jew. year b.
American Jewish Committee : a brief statement of its organization, aims and work.
American Jewish year book
American Jewish yearbook
Annual survey of American Jewish opinion.
Antisemitism world report
art of coalition building, The : a guide for community leaders
Attitudes toward Jews and the Holocaust in Austria : a public-opinion survey conducted for the American Jewish Committee : March 1-April 17, 2001
brief record of thirty years activity., A
Bulletin (American Jewish Committee)
Capital alert : policy issues of concern to the Jewish community.
Church, State, and the public schools : a citizen's handbook
Comment. (New York)
Commentary (New York, N.Y. : Online)
Common quest
CommonQuest : the magazine of Black/Jewish relations.
CommonQuest (Wash. D.C.)
Contemporary Jewish record
Core American values curriculum
Difficult questions in Polish-Jewish dialogue : how Poles and Jews see each other : a dialogue on key issues in Polish-Jewish relations
Facing Jedwabne
focus on the american jewish family
For your information (Institute of Human Relations (American Jewish Committee))
Foreign scene.
Hands Across the Campus : core American values curriculum.
Human rights in the peace treaties; proposals of the American Jewish Committee.
Human rights provisions in the contractual arrangements with Germany : recommendations
ideological foundations of the boycott campaign against Israel, The
IJA reports
In peace and dignity; testimony of the American Jewish Committee for the rehabilitation of Jews in Europe and the Palestine question
Information bulletin (American Jewish Committee)
Institute of Jewish Affairs reports.
Intergroup relations in a diverse America : data from the 2000 General social survey
International perspectives
Jerusalem Colloquium on Religion, Peoplehood, Nation, and Land, Jerusalem, October 30-November 8, 1970, The : proceedings
Jewish communities in the Muslim countries of the Middle East : a survey
Jewish disabilities in the Balkan states; American contributions toward their removal, with particular reference to the Congress of Berlin
Jewish rights at the congresses of Vienna (1814-1815) and Aix-la-Chapelle (1818)
jewish situation in germany, the
Jews, Christians, war and peace in Egyptian school textbooks
Jews in American life
Jews in Nazi Germany, The : a handbook of facts regarding their present situation.
Jews in Nazi Germany; the factual record of their persecution by the National socialists., The
Jews in the Eastern war zone., The
Jews in the mind of America
Jews in World War I, a brief historical sketch.
Knowledge and remembrance of the Holocaust in Brazil : a public-opinion survey conducted for the American Jewish Committee, São Paulo, March 22-25, 2001
Knowledge and remembrance of the Holocaust in Sweden : a public-opinion survey
life-changing experience - 30_1hnt_1hnh anniversary of KAS, AJC program, A
Louis Marshall, a biographical sketch
[Mimeographed bulletins]
Neo-Nazi strength and strategy in West Germany : Forces attacking democracy in West Germany, an up-to-date account.
New towns : why-- and for whom?
News from the Center for American Jewish History.
News from William E. Wiener Oral History Library.
people take the lead; a record of progress in civil rights, 1954 to 1964, The
Pictorial map of Jerusalem
Planning effective programs for Christian visitors : conference proceedings, January 21, 1970, Argentina House, Jerusalem
Planning for the future of European Jewry : an International Policy Research Conference, Prague, 3-5 July 1995.
political activity of the religious right in the 1990's, The : a critical analysis
Present tense (N.Y.N.Y.)
Present tense (New York, N.Y.)
Quarterly report on recent litigation in which AJC participated
Rebuilding Jewish peoplehood : where do we go from here? : a symposium in the wake of the Rabin assassination.
Recent growth of Neo-Nazism in Europe, The
Religion in public education; a statement of views.
Religious liberty in the 1990s : the religion clauses under the Rehnquist court : a consultation
Remarks upon the fifth anniversary of Jordan-Israel peace : 1 November 1999
Report on recent litigation in which AJC participated
Review of the Yiddish press
Russian Jewish elites and anti-semitism
Russian Jewish immigrants in New York City : status, identity, and integration
Social studies series publication
Status of religious pluralism in Israel., The
Television's changing image of American Jews
This is our home.
To bigotry no sanction; a documented analysis of anti-Semitic propaganda
Toward peace and equity : recommendations of the American Jewish Committee.
voice of religion; the views of Christian religious leaders on the persecution of the Jews in Germany by the National Socialists., The
West, Christians, and Jews in Saudi Arabian schoolbooks, The : abridged version
What being Jewish means to me : the American Jewish Committee's first annual undergraduate essay contest, May 1994
With firmness in the right; American diplomatic action affecting Jews, 1840-1945
Zero population growth--for whom? : Differential fertility and minority group survival
Zsidóság a magyar tankönyvekben