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Kaplan, Sol
Kaplan, Solomon
Krandel, Sol
Sol Kaplan
Sol Kaplan (American composer)
Sol Kaplan (Amerikaans componist (1919-1990))
Sol Kaplan (amerikansk komponist)
Sol Kaplan (amerikansk kompositör)
Sol Kaplan (compositor estadounidense)
Sol Kaplan (US-amerikanischer Pianist und Filmkomponist)
سول کاپلان (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Biberman, Herbert (co-author)
Brackett, Charles (1892-1969))
Breen, Richard L. (1918-1967)
Bunin, Lou (co-author)
Cotten, Joseph (1905-1994))
Courage, Alexander (co-author)
Duvivier, Julien (co-author)
Fox vidéo
Hathaway, Henry (1898-1985)
Hathaway, Henry (co-author)
Kaplan, Jonathan (co-author)
Litto, George
Mann, Anthony (co-author)
Milestone, Lewis (co-author)
Monroe, Marilyn (1926-1962)
Monroe, Marilyn (co-performer)
Naxos Digital Services
Negulesco, Jean (co-author)
Newman, Joseph M. (co-author)
Peters, Jean (1926-2000)
PFC Vidéo
Reisch, Walter (1903-1983)
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Ritt, Martin (co-author)
Sekely, Steve (co-author)
711 Ocean drive
After the Shot / Return to Kibbutz
Aftermath, The
Album, The
Alice au pays des merveilles
Am Captain Kirk, I
And So We Leave Gobi (stereo)
Anti Kirk Assimilates, The
Anti Kirk Attacks Rand
Anti Kirk on the Run
Anti Kirk's Amusement
Approach of the Enterprise / Distress Signal / The Ship Search / The Constellation
attaque de la malle-poste
Aunt Sophie
Beam Up, The
Bells, The
Big Lions Go Hunting; Little Lions Get Lost
Big Problem, A
Body, The
British Leave / The Nursery
Brook, The
Cabin, The
Captain's Log, Supplemental
Caress and the Kill, The
Cell Door #1, The
Cell Door #2, The
Chinese Wedding Parade
Cold Comfort
Compound, The
Constellation, The
Crew That Was, The
Dead Ship / Going Aboard, The
Decker's Foil
Decker Takes Over
Delivery (stereo)
Desert, The
Destination Gobi
Diary, The
Distress Signal
Doomsday Machine: Approach of Enterprise / The Constellation, The
Doomsday Machine: Commader Matt Decker / The Crew That Was, The
Doomsday Machine: Commander Matt Decker / The Crew That Was, The
Doomsday Machine”: Condolences / Power Drain (M53/M61), “The
Doomsday Machine”: End Title (soprano version, enhanced stereo; arr. / cond. Courage), “The
Doomsday Machine”: Gaining Speed / The Strange Beam (M24/M25–30), “The
Doomsday Machine: Going Aboard, The
Doomsday Machine: Goodbye M. Decker / Kirk Does it Again, The
Doomsday Machine”: Goodbye M. Decker (M52/M52A), “The
Doomsday Machine: Goodbye Mr. Decker, The
Doomsday Machine”: Kirk Does It Again (M62), “The
Doomsday Machine”: Light Beams / Tractor Beam (M34–40/M41), “The
Doomsday Machine”: One’s Enough (M63), “The
Doomsday Machine”: Spock Takes Command / Decker’s Foil / The Sneaky Commodore (M43/M51/M51A), “The
Doomsday Machine: Strange Boom / Decker Takes Over, The
Doomsday Machine: The New Commander / Light Beams / Tractor Beam, The
Doomsday Machine”: The New Commander / The Approaching Killer (M33/M33A), “The
Doomsday Machine”: Violent Shakes (M42+M42A), “The
Doomsday Machine”: What Is a Doomsday Machine / The Planet Killer (M22/M23), “The
Early Morning
Elevator, The
End of the Spy (alternate)
Enemy Within”: Brandy (M16), “The
Enemy Within”: Bruised Knuckles (M22) / An Impostor (M23), “The
Enemy Within”: Confrontation (M33), “The
Enemy Within”: Evil Triumphs (M54–61), “The
Enemy Within”: The Lascivious Captain (M17–21), “The
Enemy Within: The Rock Slide / The Tired Captain / Bruised Knuckles / An Impostor / Undecisive / Alter Ego / Another Brandy / Double Dog Death / Help Me / Thank You, Yeoman, The
Enticement, Frustration and Hope
Epidemic, The
Escape From Sickbay
espion qui venait du froid
Fear of the Past
Film festival [SR] 1969:
Finale (Unused Original Version, Includes "Kiss")
First Meeting, The
French Woman, The
Full Autopsy, A
Gobi, Part 1 (stereo)
Going Aboard
Gong / Japanese Garden
Goodbye Mr. Decker
Groom, The
He's Dead Jim
Hollow triumph the scar
Hollywood ten, anglais, The
Houligans la loi de la rue
House on Telegraph Hill, The
Hunt, The
Illegal Landing
In Orbit
Innocent Girl, The
Interesting Qualities
It Wasn't Me
Jean Paul
Jean Pierre
Joy's Theme
JUDITH – Main Title Music
Judith’s Breakdown #1
Judith’s Breakdown #2
Judith’s Breakdown #3
Judith’s Discovery #1
Karin and Marc
Karl Is Alive / The Information
Kengtu’s March
Kibbutz Hora / Illegal Landing
Kirk Does It Again
Kirk vs. Kirk
L'attaque de la malle-poste
L'espion qui venait du froid
La collection Marilyn de Télérama
Labour Exchange/Walk in the Rain
Le livre noir
Le sel de la terre
Leamas and Fiedler
Lies My Father Told Me
Life and Death in the Bush (Part 1)
Life and Death in the Bush (Part 2)
Light Beams
Living Fee (End Title)
Living Fee (Main Title)
Living Free Theme: Jespah, Gopa and Little Elsa
livre noir
Magda's Theme
Main Theme (alternate #1)
Main Theme (alternate #2)
Main Title
Major Lawton’s Waltz #2 / Judith’s Discovery #2
Major Lawton’s Waltz #3 / I Will Pay for It
March of the Victors -- End Title
Marilyn Monroe 50 ans édition spéciale 50ème anniversaire
Marilyn Monroe the diamond collection
Martín el gautxo
Matt Decker
Mensonges que mon père me contait, Les
Mister 880
Mongolian Cavalry (stereo)
Mongolian Funeral Chant (alternate)
Mongols, The
Montezuma (film)
Murderer, The
My Special Dream
Nés pour être libres
New Commander, The
Newsphoto, The
No Casualties / Decker Takes Over
No Options
No Other Man
Nocturnal Exercise
Nursery, The
Off Limits
Olive Grove, The
One's Enough
Other Men, The
Over the edge music from the original motion picture soundtrack.
Overture, The
Paramount Insignia
Photograph, The
Piano Prelude
Pick Up, The
Planet Killer, The
Playhouse, The
Playtime for Cubs
Poppies and Work
Port Nowego Jorku
porto di New York, Il
Power Drain
Pussy Willow Club, The
Pussy Willow Girl
Questions / Karin’s Wild Ride
Red Skies of Montana
Reign of terror
Rose And Patrick
Ruins, The
Ruse, The
Said Give Me the Brandy, I
Salt of the earth
Salz der Erde, Das
Samurajové útočí
Schiller’s End
Schiller’s Warning
Second Call, The
Second Season Library Music: Approach of the Enterprise (from “The Doomsday Machine” M11A / M11S)
Second Season Library Music: One’s Enough (from “The Doomsday Machine” M63A / M63)
Secret of Convict Lake, The
sel de la terre
Sfida a Silver City
Ship Search, The
Signora Maria
Skirmish / Poppies
Sneaky Commodore
Somebody Make the Decision
spia che venne dal freddo, La
Spion, der aus der Kälte kam, Der
Spionen som kom in från kylan (film)
Spock Takes Command
Spy Comes In, The
spy who came in from the cold, The
Star Trek (main Title)
Star trek newly recorded music from selected episodes of the Paramount TV series
Star Trek (Royal Philharmonic, Steiner)
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 35: The Doomsday Machine
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 5: The Enemy Within
Stay Awake
Strange Boom / Decker Takes Over
Strip #1 / The Strip #2, The
Sulu's Update
Sweet Talk and Death Fight
Tales of Manhattan
Telephone Call, The
Temple, The
Tent, The
Theme for Judith #2 (alternate)
Theme for Judith (special arrangement for album)
Theme from The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
Tonight in Samarkand.
Toy, The
Tractor Beam
Transporter Fried
Treasure, The
Trek Begins, The
Trek to the Serengeti
Trust Me
USN Camels / Sabatello
USN Camels (stereo)
Vendeur pour dames
Victors: My Special Dream, The
Victors - Original Soundtrack Recording, The
Vigil and Victory
Violent Shakes
Voices (stereo)
Waiting for Aaron
Waiting for Fiedler
Walk, The
Waltz for a Spy
Way of a Gaucho Le gaucho
Weary Captain
What Is a Doomsday Machine
Whole Again
Wolf Pack, The
Бессмысленный триумф
Дом на Телеграфном холме
Соль земли
Через край (фильм, 1979)
יהודית (סרט)
מלח הארץ
تایتانیک (فیلم ۱۹۵۳)
خانه‌ای در تلگراف هیل
داستان‌های منهتن
نمک زمین
泰坦尼克号 (1953年电影)
Contributed to or performed: 
Best of Star Trek: Music from Original TV-series and Motion Picture
Big Gamble / Treasure Of The Golden Condor, The
Cabin, The
Conscience of the King”: Ship Play-On (M53) / Woodwind Fanfare (M54) / Reilly Gone (M55), “The
Conscience of the King”: Spaceship (M24) / 5 Sex and a 1 (M25) / 2 Play-Off #2 (M26), “The
Conscience of the King”: Spaceship Play-On (M27) / Toast and Corridor (M31) / Lenore’s Kiss (M32) / Short Bridge (M33), “The
Conscience of the King”: Spaceship Titles (M13) / Dr. Leighton’s Face (M14) / Bridge #1 (M15), “The
Dangerous Crossing / Pickup on South Street
Devil at 4 O'Clock / The Victors, The
Doctor, The
Enemy Within”: Alter Ego (M14), “The
Enemy Within”: Another Brandy (M45) / The Evil Grin (M46) / Double Dog Death (M51), “The
Enemy Within”: Kirk’s Log (M24) / Indecisive (M31) / Evil Fury (M32), “The
Enemy Within”: One Captain Kirk (M63) / Thank You, Yeoman (M64), “The
Enemy Within”: Spock Takes Over (M52) / Help Me (M53), “The
Enemy Within”: The Prone Body (M34–41) / Shivering Sulu (M42) / No Repair ( M43), “The
Enemy Within”: The Rock Slide (M11) / Beam Up (M12) / The Evil Kirk (M13), “The
Enemy Within”: The Tired Captain (M15), “The
Enemy Within”: Two Into One (M62), “The
Enemy Within”: What to Do (M44), “The
Fog, The
House On Telegraph Hill / 10 North Frederick, The
Kirk Does It Again
March of the Victors - End Title
Night Terror
One's Enough
Original Star Trek Box, The
River of No Return / Niagara
Seven Wonders of the World
Ship at Sea
Star Trek, Volume One: Charlie X / The Corbomite Maneuver / Mudd's Women / The Doomsday Machine
Star Trek: Original Television Soundtrack, Volume Two
Star Trek: Symphonic Suites, Volume 2
Star Trek: The Original Series 4: Enemy Within / Conscience of the King / Shore Leave
Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection
Vulcan Fanfare / Prying
World of Star Trek, The