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Đuro V, kralj Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva
Džordžs (V; karalis)
Džordžs V Vindzors
Georg 5
Georg 5. af Storbritannien
Georg V av Storbritannia
Georg V av Storbritannien
Georg V (britischer König (1910–1936))
Georg (V; König von England)
Georg (V; König von Grossbritannien)
Georg (V; kung av Storbritannien och Nordirland)
George 5ma di Unionita Rejio
George (5sei; Igirisu Kokuo)
George (5セイ; イギリス コクオウ)
George (5世; イギリス国王)
George al V-lea al Regatului Unit
George (prince de Galles)
George V của Anh
George V dari Britania Raya
George V dari United Kingdom
George V du Rouoyaume Unni
George V du Royaume-Uni
George (V; karalis)
George (V; King of Great Britain)
George (V.; king of Great Britain and Ireland, emperor of India)
George V (King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India)
George (V; König von Grossbritannien)
George (V; koning van Engeland)
George V, kralj Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva
George V ng Nagkakaisang Kaharian
George V of the United Kingdom
George (V; re di Gran Bretagna)
George (V; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
George V van die Verenigde Koninkryk
George V van het Verenigd Koninkrijk
George V. von Großbritannien
George (король английский; 1865-1936)
George (король английский; V)
Georges (V)
Georges (V; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
Georgius V
Georgo la 5-a
Giorgio V (re del Regno Unito)
Jerzy V
Jiří V
Jiří (V.; britský král a indický císař)
Jordi V del Regne Unit
Jòrdi V del Reialme Unit
Jorge V del Reino Unido
Jorge V do Reino Unido
Jori V
Juraj V
Jurgi V.a Erresuma Batukoa
Jurgis V
Jurij V. Britanski
Khiâu-chhṳ Ńg-sṳ
Seoirse V na Ríochta Aontaithe
Seòras V
Siaosi V
Siôr V, brenin y Deyrnas Unedig
V. George
V Georq
V. György brit király
V Георг
Xurxo V do Reino Unido
Yrjö V
Γεώργιος Ε΄ του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου
Георг V
Георг (император Индии; 1865-1936)
Георг (король английский; 1865-1936)
Георг (король английский; V)
Джордж V
Джорджи (1865-1936)
Џорџ V
Џорџ V (крал на Обединетото Кралство)
ჯორჯ V
ג'ורג' (5; מלך בריטניה הגדולה)
ג׳ורג׳ (V; מלך בריטניה)
ג'ורג' החמישי (מלך אנגליה)
ג'ורג' (החמישי; מלך בריטניה)
ג'ורג' החמישי (מלך הממלכה המאוחדת)
געארג דער פינפטער (מלך פונעם פאראייניגטן קעניגרייך)
جارج پنجم
جرج پنجم
جرج پنجم پادشاهی متحده
جورج الخامس ملك المملكة المتحدة
جورج الخامس ملك المملكه المتحده
जार्ज ५
जॉर्ज पंचम
पाचवा जॉर्ज, युनायटेड किंग्डम
ஐக்கிய இராச்சியத்தின் ஐந்தாம் ஜோர்ஜ்
สมเด็จพระเจ้าจอร์จที่ 5 แห่งสหราชอาณาจักร
조지 5세
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Manuscript language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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Albert Victor (duc de Clarence et Avondale; co-author)
Band of the Coldstream Guards (Grande-Bretagne)
Dalton, John Neale (co-author)
Edward VII, King of Great Britain (1841-1910)
Grande-Bretagne Monarque (1910-1936 : George V) (see also from)
Great Britain Sovereign (1910-1936 : George V) (see also from)
Manning, Mae (editor.)
Mary (reine de Grande-Bretagne; co-author)
Mary reine de Grande-Bretagne (1867-1953)
Peter Jackson Ltd
Roosevelt Memorial Association. Film Library
Rose K. Kenneth
Stephenson, John
Stephenson, John Frederick Eustace
Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (Library of Congress)
Vanderbilt, Cornelius (1873-1942)
William II, German Emperor (1859-1941)
Николай император российский II (1868-1918)
By the King. A proclamation : George R.I whereas by subsection (7) of section one of the Defence of the Realm (Amendment) Act, 1915, it is enacted that in the event of invasion ot other special military emergency...[dated] 26 April 1916
Cruise of Her Majesty's ship "Bacchante" 1879-1882. Compiled from the private journals, letters and note-books of Prince Albert-Victor and Prince George of Wales, with additions, by John N. Dalton..., The
Discours de S.M. le roi d'Angleterre pour l'ouverture de la Conférence navale, le 21 janvier 1930
Empire day messages to the boys and girls of the British Empire from
Enc. of world history, 5th ed.:
First World War, The : the essential guide to sources in the UK National Archives
Gentlemen! The King! : a pictorial biography in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee celebrating 25 years of the reign of H.M. King George V
Georges V et la royauté anglaise numéro spécial 112 pages dont 16 pages en héliogravure
H. M. the King's speech at the opening of the five-power naval conference in January 21st, 1930
Hail and farewell : the passing of King George V, 1865-1936.
His excellency's piano
His Majesty's speeches; the record of the silver jubilee of His Most Gracious Majesty King George the Fifth, 1935.
imperial jamboree 1924, The
[Invitation] Coronation of their Majesties King George the Fifth and Queen Mary : by command of the king the Earl Marshall is directed to invite the honourable Donough O'Brien...
[Items connected with the order of St. Patrick.]
King George V in his own words
King's pictures ... from Buckingham palace, Windsor castle and Hampton court, The
Letter from Frank P. Walsh to King George V enclosing a copy of a document entitled 'Report on Conditions in Ireland with Demand for Investigation by the Peace Conference' together with copies addressed to David Lloyd George
Letter of July 31, 1914, from the President of the French Republic to the King respecting the European crisis, and His Majesty's reply of August 1, 1914 ...
life and times of George V, The
Message de la Majesté le Roi Georges V aux soldats aveugles dans les armées des alliés., Un
Message from His Majesty George V to the blind soldiers in the armies of the allies.
Message issued by King George V to the army on their departure to the front
Message of George V, king of Great Britain
message to the Empire broadcast on Christmas day 1933, A
message to the Empire broadcast on Christmas Day, 1934, A
Official report.
Proclamation!, A
Public warning : the public are advised to familiarise themselves with the appearance of British and German airships and aeroplanes.
royal correspondence; letters of King Edward VII and King George V to Admiral Sir Henry F. Stephenson., A
Royal philatelic collection, The
Saturday 8th July. [Typed list of Guests joining royal party at functions during George V's visit to Ireland.]
[Scenes of the British royal family]
Silver jubilee message to the Empire broadcast on May 6th, 1935
Speech at the opening of the Indian round-table conference on November 12th 1930
Speech at the opening of the World monetary and economic conference, London june 12 th 1933
Speech in Westminster Hall on May 9th, 1935
speech of His Majesty King George V at the opening ceremony of the Tyne Bridge, The
[Speeches from the London Naval Arms Conference]
Supplementary convention between His Majesty, in respect of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and the Union of South Africa and the acting president of Ecuador to the Treaty of September 20, 1880, regarding extradition
TR's return from Africa, 1910 [1].
Treaty of alliance between His Majesty in respect of the United Kingdom and His Majesty the king of 'Iraq, with an exchange of notes... [Ratifications exchanged at Bagdad, 26 th January 1931]
Typescript copy of the Royal Ordinance issued by King George V degrading and removing Sir Roger Casement from the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; and Notice of Final Appeal in the case of Rex. v. Roger Casement, H.M. Prison, with related letter from George Gavan Duffy to Sir Frederick Edwin Smith, Royal Courts of Justice, regarding the dismissal of the appeal
Un Message de Sa Majesté le Roi Georges V aux soldats aveugles dans les armées des alliés
Visit to Ireland of their most gracious majesties King George V and Queen Mary. 8th to 12th July 1911. Programme of the royal progress.
Voyage de leurs altesses royales le duc et la duchesse de Cornwall et d'York au Canada en 1901
Король, кайзер, царь три монарших кузена, которые привели мир к войне [Георг V, Вильгельм II, Николай II]