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Desy (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)
DESY Research Center
DESY Research Center Hamburg
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Center)
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Hamburg)
Deutsches Elektronensynchrotron
Elektronen-Synchrotron (Deutschland)
Elektronen-Synchrotron Hamburg
Forschungszentrum DESY.
Forschungszentrum DESY Hamburg
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
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Germany Hamburg Hamburg
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Language material
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Ali, A.
Ali, Ahmed
Buchmüller, Wilfried
Capitani, Stefano
Ch'oe, Sŏng-yŏl
Comité européen pour les futurs accélérateurs
European Organization for Nuclear Research
Göckeler, Meinulf
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren (see also from)
Körner, Jürgen G.
Montvay, I.
Schierholz, G.
Weisz, Peter
ARGUS electron-photon calorimeter, The
Atomkernenergie-Dokumentation beim Gmelin-Institut
Calculation of the glueball mass spectrum of Su(2) and SU(3) non-abelian lattice gauge theories
Classical models of confinement
Continuum limit and improved action in lattice theories
Description of the accelerator
DESY (1993).
DESY HERA : [Hadron-Elektron-Ring-Anlage]
DESY : highlights from the DESY research center.
DESY keyword thesaurus, 1972., The
Erforschung kondensierter Materie und Atomphysik : Förderung der Grundlagenforschung durch den Bundesminister für Forschung und Technologie : Ergebnisberichte 1986-1989
Erforschung kondensierter Materie und Atomphysik im Verbund mit Grossgeräten : Physik, Chemie, Biologie : Förderung der Grundlagenforschung durch den Bundesminister für Forschung und Technologie : Ergebnisberichte, 1989-1992
First observation of γγK*_347K*_347 [KK]
[gamma gamma] total cross-section in the dipole picture of BFKL dynamics, γ*γ*
HERAs Herausforderung : Teilchenforschung als Vorreiter der technologischen Entwicklung
Jahresbericht der Gruppen im F-, M- und Z-Bereich am Deutschen Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg
measurement of the _t63-lifetime [tau-lifetime], A
Meson and baryon masses for light Kogut-Susskind quarks on a large lattice
Multiple Bremsstrahlung in gauge theories at high energies
Photonics applications in astronomy, communications, industry, and high-energy physics experiments II : 21-25 May, 2003, Wilga, Poland
Photonics applications in astronomy, communications, industry, and high-energy physics experiments III : 26-30 May, 2004, Wilga, Poland
Phys Math Central physics.
Physik, Chemie, Biologie
PhysMath Central physics.
PMC physics.
Proceedings of the Seminar on e-p and e-e Storage Rings, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg, October 8-12, 1973
Proceedings of the study of an ep facility for Europe : DESY, Hamburg, April 2 and 3, 1979
Qtransverse momentum dependence of jet production in photon-photon interactions, The
Renormalization of the minimal supersymmetric standard model
Split supersymmetry at colliders
TASSO vertex detector, The
Test of a high resolution drift chamber prototype
Test results on the silicon pixel detector for the TTF-FEL beam trajectory monitor
Tests of the standard model with lepton pair production in e- reactions
Theory of spin-orbit motion in electron-positron storage rings summary of results
time-of-flight technique for the HERMES experiment, The
Top quark pair production and decay at hadron colliders
topological charge in SU(2) [SU] lattice gauge theory, The
topologicel charge in SU 2[two] Lattice gauge theory, The
Topology of hadronic e- annihilation events at 22 and 34 GeV CM energy
total cross section amma Gamma] → hadrons, The
totale hadronische Wirkungsquerschnitt in der e-Annihilation im Energiebereich von 3,0 GeV bis 5,0 GeV, Der
Transverse beam cavity interaction
two-loop Euler-Heisenberg lagrangian in dimensional renormalization, The
Two-particle inclusive distributions from first-order QCD
Two-photon interactions
two photon radiative widths of light mesons as a test of gauge theories with integrally charged quarks, The
U(1)_1tnL_384U(1)_1tnR symmetric Yukawa model in the phase with spontaneously broken symmetry, A
U(1)_1tnL_384U(1)_1tnR symmetric Yukawa model in the symmetric phase, A
Ultraviolet finite quantum field theory on quantum spacetime [dedicated to Rudolf Haag on the occasion of his 80_1hnt_1hnh birthday]
Unexpected behavior of an order parameter for lattice gauge theories with matter fields
Unterrichtsmaterialien zum TESLA-Projekt ein 33 km langer Elektron-Positron-Linearbeschleuniger mit integrierten Röntgenlasern
Untersuchung der Endzustände n+n- und eam Elektron-Positron-Speicherring DORIS bei Schwerpunktenergien zwischen 3.0 und 5.2 GeV
Untersuchung der myonischen Zerfälle des schweren Leptons m Doppelarmspektrometer DASP
Untersuchung der Photoerzeugung von zwei und drei Pionen in einer Streamerkammer mit energiemarkierten Photonen zwischen 4 [vier] und 6 [sechs] GeV, Eine
Untersuchung der W Qngigkeit von Hadronmultiplizitäten in der tiefenelastischen Myon-Proton Streuung
Untersuchungen zur Baryon-Produktion in hadronischen Ereignissen der e-Vernichtung mit dem TASSO-Detektor
update of B ̊-B̄ ̊ mixings, An
Updating fermions with the Lanczos method
Upon the determination of heavy quark fragmentation functions in e- annihilation
Upper limit for the decay _t63→_j63π_n63
Upper limit for the decay3by CELLO Collaboration. Dt. Elektronen-Synchrotron
upper limit for two-jet production in direct cays, An
upper limit for two jet production in direct _T63(1S) [S] decays, An
upper limit on D_347-D_347 [DD] mixing, An
Use of 4[four]-dimensional spin methods in the calculation of radiative QCD corrections
Vacuum polarisation and the muon g - 2 in lattice QCD
variable axion model, A
Variational determination of the stringtension and the glueball mass in (2+1) dimensional U(1) lattice gauge theory for all values of the coupling constant
Vector meson production in the final state K_1hn+K_1hn-π_1hn+π_1hn326 [KK] photon photon collisions TASSO collab.
vectorized code for the computation of the topological charge in SU(2) lattice gauge theory, A
Vertical dispersion generated by correlated closed orbit deviations
verzeichnis der veroffentlichungen der am hamburger synchrotronstrahlungslabor hasylab mit 1984
VLQ calorimeter of H1 at HERA a highly compact device for measurements of electrons and photons under very small scattering angles, The
Volume dependence of the energy spectrum in massive quantum field theories
VUV lithography based on SiC reflective optical systems and SASE FEL coherent light sources as a natural extension to shorter wavelengths of present-day optical lithography technology
Weak correction to polarization and charge asymetries in e- → E- around the Z ̊
Weak decays: theoretical summary
weak electroweak phase transition, The
Weak neutral current effects in e- annihilation
Wide-band multi bunch feedback systems for PETRA
Wissenschaftlicher Jahresbericht des Forschungszentrums DESY
Working group report on the structure of the proton
Y(9.46) decays do test QCD
Zweig-forbidden radiative orthoquarkonium decays in perturbative QCD