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Axel Hugo Theodor Theorell (biochimico svedese)
Hugo Theorell
Hugo Theorell (Biochemist)
Hugo Theorell (schwedischer Biochemiker)
Hugo Theorell (Zweeds biochemicus (1903-1982))
Theorell, Alex Hugo Theodor
Theorell, Axel Hugo Theodor
Theorell, Axel Hugo Theodor (Vollstaendiger Name)
Theorell, Hugo
Аксель Хуга Тэадор Тэарэль
Гуґо Теорель
Теорелль, Аксель Хуго Теодор
هوغو تيورل
هیوگو ثیورل
ہوگو تھیورل
ہیوگو تھیورل
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Language material
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°Akeson, °A.
°Akeson, °Ake
Agner, Kjell
Bergström, Sane
Bergström, Sune (1916-2004)
Davide, Hans
Paul, Z. G.
Stockholm, Med. Diss
Westman, Axel
Apparatus for the micro-determination of magnetic susceptibility
Dissociation Constants and their relations to the activity in peroxidases
Hemin-Protein Linkage in hemoglobin and in horse radish peroxidase An attempt at a structural explanation of the basis of differential titration and earlier experiments
Highly purified Milk Peroxidase
Magnetic and other Properties of crystalline horse-liver catalase and some of its derivatives
molecular Weigth of crystalline horse-radish peroxidase
Nitrogen Distribution and basic amino-acids in horse-radish peroxidase and horse-liver catalase, determined by a new micro-method
On a metabolic Product of Ps.pyocyanea, pyolipic acid, active against nycobact. tuberculosis
On the Combination of the peroxidase protein with various hemins
On the Inactivation of estradiol by the phenol oxidase from potato
On the Lipoxidase enzymes in soy bean
Papers dedicated to Hugo Theorell on his 60th birthday 1967 63
Ragnar Granitin Nobel-ura : tutkimus tieteen palkinnoista ja palkintojen tieteestä
Reversible Spaltung einer Peroxydase
Studien über die Plasmalipoide des Blutes ; (Aus d. physiol.-chem. Abt. d. Karolinischen Inst. zu Stockholm)
Zur Chemie, Physiologie und Pathologie des Eiweisses. -
Aus: Biochem. Zeitschrift. 1930
Zugl.: Stockholm, Med. Diss