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Gold, Murray
Gold, Murray Jonathan
Murray Gold
Murray Gold (British composer)
Murray Gold (Brits componist)
Murray Gold (britský hudební skladatel)
Murray Gold (compositeur de musique de films)
Murray Gold (englischer Filmmusik-Komponist, Bühnenautor und Hörspielautor)
Murrey Gold
Мюррей Голд
머레이 골드
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bremner, Ewen (1972-)
Craig, Dean (1974-....))
Curtis, Oliver
Dinklage, Peter (1969-)
Foster, Ben (19..-....; musicien))
Hoover, Tom (1974-)
Kimmel, Sidney
MacFadyen, Matthew (1974-....))
Orlicz, Tomasz (1950- ))
Oz, Frank (1944-....))
Weisz, Rachel (1971-..)
Welland, James (1961-)
100 Years Ago
2.47 Billion
2008-07-27: Prom 13: Doctor Who Prom: Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK
3 Perfectly Ordinary Roof People
36 Years
5:02 PM
Abide With Me
Abigail's Song (Silence is All You Know)
Account Closed
Adrift in the TARDIS
After the Chase
Älä kerro äidille
Aliens of London Opening Recap
All for One
All in the Balance
All in the Mind
All The Firewalls In The Galaxy
All the Strange, Strange Creatures
Almost the End
Alone in the Desert
Altering Lives
Always With the Rory
Always You, Never a Replacement
Am a Ghost, I
Am Ashildr, I
Am Information, I
Am the Doctor in Utah, I
Am You, I
Amazing Granny Puckett, The
America beyond the color line
Amy and Rory Together
Amy in the Tardis
Amy's Starless Life
Amy's Theme
Another Funny Thing
Another Ghost Has Appeared
Another Perfect Prison
Apollo 11
Architect, The
Are You Going To Shoot Me?
Aristotle, We Have Been Hit
Armchair Waltz
Artefact, The
Arvoituksia arkussa
As the Bee
Away on Horseback
Back Home
Back to Christmas
Back to "Normal" (unedited)
Bad Wolf
Bah Bah Biker
Battle in the Sky
Beast Below, The
Beautiful creatures
Bedroom Talk
Bedtime for George
Beginning of the End
Believe In Santa
Beneath Stonehenge
Big Colour
Big Day, The
Bit of a Drag, A
Blink (suite)
Blush of Love, The
Bons baisers de Bruges. F538665 (EDV 1607)
Boom Town Suite
Bootstrap Paradox, The
Brass Confer, The
Break Free
Brian's Log
Brigadier Lethbridge - Stewart
British Are Coming, The
By Water Borne
Cab for Amy Pond
Call Myself Me, I
Calling the Doctor
Can I Come With You?
Can't Save Her, I
Can't Win
Capturing a Tocaflane (Sphere)
Caretaker, The
Carol Singers Will Be Criticised
Carrionites Swarm, The
Cassandra’s Waltz
Cat Burglar, The
Change Of Clothes, A
Chaotic Escape, A
Chasing the Doctor
Chemical Castle, The
Chicken Casanova
Christmas Dinner
Clara In the Tardis
Clara Lives
Clara’s Diner
Clara's Dream Christmas
Clara Who?
Clockwork TARDIS
Clouds Pass, The
Cold War
Colpo d'occhio
Coma Patients
Come Along Pond
Coming Soon
Companions, The
Concert Prologue
Conference Call
Corridors and Fire Escapes
Council of the Time Lords, The
Course of My Life, The
Crack, The
Crimes maquillés [Images animées]
Crimson Horror
Cumbria 1207
Curse of the Black Spot, The
Cyber Army
Cyber Shard
Cyberleader Runs Amok (from “The Next Doctor”), The
Cybermen, The
Czerwony Kapturek 2. Pogromca zła
Dalek Parliament
Daleks and Davros, The
Dance of the Naked Doctor, The
Dark and Endless Dalek Night, The
Dastardly Growth Spurt, A
Davros Approaches
Davros Remembers
Day of the Moon
Dazzling End, A
Deadly Siren
Dealing with the Menace
Death at a funeral
Death Is Locked In
Death of the Master (unedited), The
Deciding the Fate of the Master (unedited)
Deep Cover
Defending The Earth
Definitely Going
Departure of Martha (unedited), The
Devil's Whore, The
Digging A Grave
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship / Pterodactyls
Directions From The Ghosts
Disturbance in the Night, A
Ditched At Sea
Do You Really Believe In Santa?
Doctor Forever (from “The Runaway Bride”), The
Doctor Gastronomy
Doctor's Daughter, The
Doctor's Dream Christmas, The
Doctor's Theme Series Four, The
Doctor's Theme / Song of Freedom, The
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol: The Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who Closing Theme, The
Doctor Who: Last of the Time Lords
Doctor Who: Main Theme: Season 8
Doctor Who: Main Title: Season 5
Doctor Who Opening Theme
Doctor Who: Season 5, Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour
Doctor Who: Season 8 Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 3 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Doctor Who: Series 4: Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 4: The Specials: Original TV Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 5: The Original TV Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 6: The Original TV Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 7: Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 8: Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Series 9
Doctor Who Series Four Closing Credits
Doctor Who Series Four Opening Credits
Doctor Who: Series One (Selections From the Original Scores)
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor / The Time of the Doctor
Doctor Who: The Snowmen / The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe
Doctor Who Theme (Series 8)
Doctor Who XI
Doin' It - Nathan's Theme
Don’t Stop Me Now (instrumental)
Donna / Girl in the Fireplace / Astrid
Donna's Theme
Double Doctor
Down to Earth
Dr. Who Theme (2005)
Dream of a Normal Death, The
Dream of Catastrophe, A
Dream of Cyberia, The
Dreams Within Dreams
Dressed In a Hurry
Drink First, A
Drowning Dry
Duty Of Care, A
Dying Husband, A
Earth Prepares to Go to War, The
Electricity, 2004:
Emotions Get the Better Of Him (from “Victory of the Daleks”)
Emperor's Wife, The
End Draws Near, The
End of Time: The Master Suite, The
Engines Phasing
England 1562
Enigma of River Song, The
Every Christmas Is Last Christmas
Everything Has to End Some Time
Everything's Going to Be Fine
Evolution of the Daleks
Eye in the Sky
Face of Boe, The
Face The Raven
Farewell Jack (unedited)
Fate of Little Adelaide, The
Father’s Day
Fear Enough
Fez and the Portal, The
Fight the Fight, Fighters
Final Chapter of Amelia Pond, The
Final Days
Final Room, The
Finding Jackie
Finding The Doctor
Finding The Fisher King
Finest Surgeon In The Galaxy, The
First There Were Daleks
Fish Custard
Five Minutes
Fleeing Henrick's
Fleet Foot of the Elephant, The
Fly On A Painting, A
Flying Home for Christmas
Footprints in the Sand
Forceful Intelligence, A
Four Knocks
Friends and Neighbours
Frosty Ood, A
Funeral de muerte, Un
Funeral Party
Futurekind, The
General’s Regeneration, The
Ghost of Christmas Future
Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghosts, The
Gigantic Problem, A
Girl in the Fireplace, The
Girl With No Name, The
Glasgow (from “The Name of the Doctor”)
Go Red!
God of Akhaten
Going to Dinner
Golden Arrow, The
Good Man, An Incredible Liar, A
Good Man? (Twelve's Theme), A
Goodbye Master
Goodbye Pond
Goodnight Abigail
Governess Clara
Greatest Story Never Told, The
Greats of Past Time, The
Greystark Hall
Gridlocked Cassinis
Growing Up Fast
Halálos temetés
Halassi Androvar, The
Halfway Out of the Dark
Hanging on the Tablaphone
Happily Ever Before
Harmony And Redemption
Harriet Finds the Emergency Protocols
Harriet Jones, Prime Minister
Hasty Exit, A
He Comes Every Christmas
He Was There
Head of an Enemy, The
Hedgewick's World
Hello Hello
Hello Mates
Hello Twelve
Help Is on Its Way
Hidden in the Closet
Hidden Treasures
Hide the Damage
Holding Hands
Honey I'm Home
Hoodwinked Hop
Hoodwinked Logo
Hoodwinked Too! (Hood vs. Evil)
Hotel Prison, The
How It All Started
Humans From Utopia (unedited)
Husbands Of River Song, The
Hydroflax In The Tardis
I’m Coming to Get You
I.M. Foreman
I'm the Doctor
I've Got Mail
Ice Cream Van
Impossible Astronaut, The
Impossible Choice (from “Amy’s Choice”)
Impossible Girl (Clara's Theme), The
Impossible Planet, The
In A Way, She’s A Hybrid
In the Deep Deep Drunken Night
In the Morgue
In the Sea of Memory
In The Woods
In Training
Infinite Potential
Inside of a Tocaflane, The
Insurrection at 3 O'Clock
Insurrection Fails, The
Into the Museum
Into the Present
It's Him (The Majestic Tale)
It's Still Him
J & B
Joyeuses funérailles
Just a Little One
Just Come Inside
Just Scarecrows to War
Kafka the musical
Kazran Sardick 12 1/2
King, The
Kiss of life
Kiss the Girl
Know, I
Last in Doctor Who...
Last Thing We Need, The
Launch Day in 24 Hours!
Lazy and Hazy
Leaf, The
Legend of Martha Jones, The
Legend of Robin Hood, The
Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Letter to Clara, A
Letter to Earth
Life Among the Distant Stars
Life and Death of Amy Pond, The
Life on Earth
Little Amy: The Apple
Little Angels
Locked On
Lone Dalek, The
Lonely Decision, A
Long Song, The
Long Standing Feud, A
Longing to Leave, A
Looking for the Last Component
Lost in the Wrong Stream
Lot of Life Behind Us, A
Lot of Time Off, A
Love Between the Saxes
Love Don’t Roam
Lovers Walk, The
Loving Isn't Knowing (The Almost People Suite)
Machine that Makes Machines, A
Mad Man With a Box, A
Mad Man With a Box, The
Madam Mayor
Madame de Pompadour
Madge’s Theme
Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box), The
Majestic Tale of) An Idiot With a Box, (The
Make Peace
Malevolent Estate, A
Man and Wife
March of the Cybermen, The
Market Day
Martha and the Other Doctor
Martha Jones
Martha Returns Home
Martha & Rose
Martha's Message
Martha's Quest
Martha’s Theme
Martha Surrenders
Martha Triumphant
Martha Unnoticeable...
Martha vs. The Master
Master Finds Martha, The
Master's Plans (unedited), The
Master Suite, The
Master Tape, The
Master Vainglorious, The
Mechanical Maze, A
Meeting In The Square
Meeting Professor Docherty
Meeting Upstairs
Melody Malone
Melody Pond
Merry Gejelh
Message From Missy, A
Message, The
Message to Martha Jones (unedited)
Might Change My Mind, I
Minnie Hooper
Mischief Night
Miss Crawley’s Retinue
Miss Joan Redfern
Mission, The
Missy And Her Boys
Missy's Gift
Missy's Theme - Extended
Moment Has Come, The
Monking About
Monster Bossa
Morpheus Song, The
Mr. Smith and Joan
Music of the Spheres
muskétások, A
Musketeers (seriál), The
My Angel Put The Devil In Me (originally from “Daleks in Manhattan”)
My Husband's Home
My Silence
My Time Is Running Out
Name of The Doctor, The
Need To Know, I
Never Alone At Christmas
Never Tell Me the Rules
Never Too Old to Shoot and Fly (from “The End of Time”)
Never Wake
New Adventures
New Doctor, The
New Memories
New Mouth New Rules
New Time Lord Empire, The
New York New York
Nice Horse
Nicht blinzeln
Night Terrors
No More
Noble Girl About Town, A
Not Knowing
Not the Doctor
Ode to the Universe
Offer You My Daughter, I
Old Fashioned Hero
Older and Older and Older
On the Trail of Evil
Once Upon a Time a Doctor (unedited)
One Confession Away
One In A Thousand, The
One Word
Only Martha Knows
Open Up
Operation Free the Children
Oswin Oswald
Other Good News
Other Half's Inside the Shark, The
Our Little Town's Prosecutor
Out of Reach
Out West
Over Your Shoulder
Pain Everlasting
Painful Exchange, A
Pandorica, The
Papal Mainframe
Paradox Machine (unedited), The
Past Events at Number 10
Patient Centurion, The
Pay Attention Grown Ups
Perfect Prison, The
Perfect Reflection
Pitiful Fight, A
Plan of Martha Jones (unedited), The
Plastic Attraction
Police Box
Pray for a Miracle
Pressing Need to Save the World, A
Prisoner Zero
Probe in the Snow, A
Protect the Paradox Machine
Psychotic Potato Dwarf
Pudding Brains
Queen, The
Queer as Folk Theme
Quite a Tree
Randall & Hopkirk
Red Down
Remember Me
Remember the Worm
Remember You, I
Rescue the Doctor
Restaurant With A View, A
Reunion, A
Revanche du Petit Chaperon rouge, La
Revesal of Time
Rhapsody of War
Rings of Akhaten, The
Rio de Cwmtaff
Rita Praises
River of Tears, A
River Runs Through It
River's Path
River's Waltz
Rob The Bank
Robert, Earl of Loxley
Robin of Sherwood
Roman Paradox
Room of Your Dreams
Rose Defeats the Daleks
Rose Gets the Message / The Daleks Advance
Rose in Peril
Rose Phones Home / Sabotage
Rose’s Theme
Rotkäppchen-Ultimatum, Das
Rueful Fate of Donna Noble, The
Ruined Childhood, The
Ruined Gaol, A
Run, Sexy
Runaway Bride, The
Running From The Raven
Rupert Pink
Sad Man With a Box, The
Safe Landing
Salvation of Kahler Jex, The
Same Old Day
Same Sonic, The
Sarcophagus Opens, The
Save Us
Savez-Vous / Vanity Square
Saving Rigsy
Saving the World / Slitheen Attack
Scanning Me
Scary Crack
Schematics of an Sphere
Scissors Sisters
Second Coming (TV), The
Second Shadow, A
Secret He Will Take to His Grave, A
See You Silence, I
Seeking the Doctor
Shape of Things, The
Shark Ride
Shepherd’s Boy, The
Sherlock Who?
Siege Mode
Signora Rosanna Calvierri
Silence in the Library
Silurians, The
Singing Towers, The
Sir Pitt
Sister Hoods
Sleigh Ride
Slitheen Heading North
Smith's Choice
Sneaking in the Compound
Sniffing Out the Hostiles / Cornered
Snow Over Trenzalore (Song for Four)
snowmen, The
Some Kind Of Submarine
Some Wednesday
Something Awesome
Something In The Spacesuit
Something It Ate
Somewhere to Hide
Song for Fifty
Song for Four / Home
Song For Ten (from “The Christmas Invasion”)
Song for Ten (reprise)
Song of Danny and Clara, The
Song of Freedom
Song of Kirk, The
Song of Song, The
Songs of Captivity and Freedom
Sonic Fishing
Soundtrack nation : interviews with today's top professionals in film, videogame and television scoring
Source, The
Special Sort of Bus, A
Speeder, The
Speeding to Earth
Start The Clock
Sterben für Anfänger
Still Cooking
Stirring in the Sands
Stop That Nurse
Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
Study Our Own Demise
Sun's Gone Wibbly, The
Swaggering Through the City
Sybilline Sisterhood, The
Sycorax Encounter
Take a Ride on Tricey
Talk About Girls
Tardis Can’t Take Off, The
Targowisko próżności
Tasha Lem
Tell Me, Am I A Good Man?
Tell Me the Truth
Tell Me Who You Are
Tell No Lies
Terrible Truth, The
Terror of the Reich
Thank You Craig
That Is The Moon
There is No Clara Oswald
There's That Smile
They Are Everywhere
They Need Us
They Walk Among Us
Thinking About It
This Is Galifrey
This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home
This is Gallifrey - Out Childhood, Our Home
This Is How It Ends
This Is My Spoon
This Is Not A War
This is the Dream
This is Where it Gets Complicated
This Planet Is Ours
This Time There's Three of Us (The Majestic Tale)
Thomas Thomas
Three Doctors
Three Pigs
Throw Away The Key
Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
Tick Tock Round the Clock
Tick Tock (vocal track)
Tied Up
Time Is Moving
Time Lords' Last Stand, The
Time of Angels, The
time of the doctor original television soundtrack, The
Time To Do It Properly
To Save the Doctor
To the Mini
Together or Not at All – The Song of Amy and Rory
Tooth and Claw
Torchwood - Main Theme
Towards the Asylum
Trångt i kistan
Trenzalore / The Long Song / I Am Information (reprise)
Troubled Man, A
Trust Me
Truth About The Daleks, The
Turbulent Flight, A
Turn Left
Twenty Minutes
Two Days On A Longboat
Two Doctors
Two Events In Life
Tyrannical Menace, A
Unicorn and the Wasp, The
UNIT Rocks
Unsealing The Infirmary
Unstoppable Hoods, The
Until Next Time
Unwelcome Disturbance, An
Up the Shard
Upgrade in Progress
Useful Striker, A
Vale Decem
Vampires of Venice, The
Vanity Fair: Music from the BBC TV series
Vanity faire
Veil, The
Veronika beschließt zu sterben
Veronika décide de mourir
Veronika Ölmek İstiyor (film)
Very Unusual Melody, A
Victorian Christmas, A
Victory of the Daleks
Voice In the Snow, A
voyage de la vie
Voyage of the Damned (Suite)
Waiting For The Veil
Waltz in Becky Sharp (End)
Waltz in Becky Sharp (reprise)
Waltzing for Beginners
War Between the Saxes
War Room, The
We Are the Doctors
We Don't Know What's Real
We Don't Need to Land
We Need To Get Back To The Tardis
We're Still Going To Kill You
We Shall Fare Well
We Weren't Asleep That Long
Wedded Bliss
Wedding of River Song, The
Welcome to Mercy
Weronika postanawia umrzeć
Westminster Bridge
What a Brain
What Difference A Good Dalek?
What Have You Done
What Is His Name?
What's Left to Be Scared Of?
What’s Wrong With Silly
What Seems To Be The Problem?
When a River Forms
When I Say Run
Which One Is the Flesh?
While We Waited
Whisper Men (from “The Name of the Doctor”)
Who Are You
Who Da Man
Who Else is Coming
Who Is the Doctor
Whole Again At Last
Whose Enigma
Wild About Harry
Wilf's Wiggle
Will There Be Cocktails?
With Love, Vincent
Woman He Loves, The
Woman Who Lived, The
Wonder of Balloons, The
Words Win Wars
World Waits, The
YANA (excerpt)
You and Me, Amy
You Didn't Hit the Boy
You Must Like It Here
You're a Dead Man
You’re Fired
You Saved It
Your Orders Come from Me
Zgon na pogrzebie
Zygon in the Painting
Близкие друзья
Вероника решает умереть
Вскрытие пришельца
Женщина, которая выжила
Красная Шапка против зла
Не моргай
Смерть на похоронах
ורוניקה מחליטה למות
כיפה אדומה סוגרת חשבון
تفنگدارها (مجموعه تلویزیونی)
شنل قرمزی ۲
مرگ در مراسم تحریم (فیلم ۲۰۰۷)
میراندا (فیلم ۲۰۰۲)
ورونیکا تصمیم می‌گیرد بمیرد (فیلم)
베로니카, 죽기로 결심하다
퀴어 애즈 포크
Contributed to or performed: 
2008-07-27: BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
Age Remembered - A Steampunk / Neo-Victorian Old World Mix, An
Another Day, Another Death
Believe in Him, I
Boy Called Jonah, A
Captain Jack's Theme
Chase, The
Classic FM: As Heard on TV
Death of Dr Owen Harper, The
Death of Toshiko
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection (Original Television Soundtrack)
Doctor Who at the BBC: Lost Treasures
Doctor Who Theme (TV Version)
Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Season 5 - Main Title
Doctor Who: Series 1 & 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection
End Is Where We Start From, The
Everything Changes
Flat Holm Island
Gray's Theme
Gwen & Rhys
Into the Hub
Jack Joins Torchwood
Jack's Love Theme
King of the Weevils
Look Right Then Leave
Memories of Gray
Mission, The
Out of Time
Owen Fights Death
Owen's Theme
Pearl & the Ghostmaker
Plot, The
Queer as Folk
Queer as Folk: The Essential Collection
Queer as Folk: The Whole Love Thing. Sorted.
Science Fiction's Finest - Volume One
Sleepers, Awake!
Torchwood Theme
Toshiko & Tommy
Toshiko Sato - Betrayal & Redemption
Welcome to Planet Earth
Woman on the Roof, The