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Jim O’Rourke
Jim O'Rourke (American musician)
Jim O'Rourke (Amerikaans gitarist)
Jim O'Rourke (amerikansk gitarist)
Jim O'Rourke (amerikansk gitarrist)
Jim O'Rourke (amerikansk guitarist)
Jim O'Rourke (chanteur et musicien de musique rock)
Jim O'Rourke (musicista e produttore discografico statunitense)
Jim O’Rourke (US-amerikanischer Experimentalmusiker, Musikproduzent, Kurzfilm-Regisseur, Filmkomponist)
Jim Orourke
Jimu Orūku
O'Rourke, James Bernard
O’Rourke, Jim
O'Rourke, Jim (American filmmaker and composer, born 1969)
Orūku, Jimu
Джим О'Рурк
짐 오루크
オルーク, ジム
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bonjintan (isMemberOf)
Brise-Glace (isMemberOf)
Delivery Health (isMemberOf)
di Domenico, Giovanni (co-performer)
Diskaholics Anonymous Trio (isMemberOf)
Diskaholics anonymous trio (see also from)
Fenn O’Berg (isMemberOf)
Fennesz (co-performer)
Foljahn, Tim (co-performer)
Gastr del Sol (isMemberOf)
Gastr del sol (see also from)
Gordon, Kim (co-performer)
Gray, Darin (co-performer)
Grubbs, David (co-performer)
Gustafsson, Mats (1964-)
Gustafsson, Mats (co-performer)
Hat Hut Records Ltd
Heemann, Christoph (co-performer)
Hessels, Terrie (co-performer)
Ishibashi, Eiko (co-performer)
Jones, Thymme (co-performer)
Ka-Spel, Edward (co-performer)
Kafka’s Ibiki (isMemberOf)
Kaiser, Henry
Kotche, Glenn (co-performer)
Loose Fur (isMemberOf)
Male Slut (isMemberOf)
Martin, Andreas (co-performer)
McEntire, John (co-performer)
Mimir (isMemberOf)
Moore, Thurston (co-performer)
Muller, Günter
Nilssen-Love, Paal (co-performer)
Null, KK (co-performer)
O'Rourke, Jim
ONJT + (isMemberOf)
Original Silence (isMemberOf)
Otomo, Yoshihide (co-performer)
Posa, Dylan (co-performer)
Pupillo, Massimo (co-performer)
Ranaldo, Lee (co-performer)
Rehberg, Peter (co-performer)
Shelley, Steve (co-performer)
Silverman, The (co-performer)
Sonic Youth (isMemberOf)
Sonic Youth (Musical group) (see also from)
Tweedy, Jeff (co-performer)
Virgin France
Werliin, Andreas
Yamamoto, Tatsuhiko (co-performer)
Yamamoto, Tatsuhisa (co-performer)
Yona-Kit (isMemberOf)
3 Oszillators/2 Accovdiaus
407 Seconds Over
48 the hard way
6 Oscillators ’87 / Guitar ’88
6 Strings
94 the Long Way
All Downhill From Here
All That's Cold Is New Again, Part 1
All That's Cold Is New Again, Part 2
All That's Cold Is New Again, Part 3
All That's Cold Is New Again, Part 4
All your love (6 min 21 s)
And a 1, 2, 3, 4
And I'm Singing
And Then West
and winter
Anonymous Phone Call
Another Slow Night
Answers to Your Questions
As In
Ascend Through Unspoken Shadow
Bad timing
Belfast 1
Belfast 2
Between Midnight and One
Booming Bass
Bound Up With Memory: In the Waiting Place
Call Up on Your Sisters
Can't, My Mouth Is Already Full, I
Chicago 2018 ... it's gonna change the real sources of the advanced Chicago sound
Chicago One
Chicago Two
Chvistmas Mix
Corona for Pianist(s): Tokyo Realization 1
Corona for Pianist(s): Tokyo Realization 2
Creeping Garden Soundtrack, The
Desert moon ; Jim O'Rourke, comp. ; Hiroshi Mikami, Maho Toyota, Yukiko Ikari... [et al.], act.. Eureka ; Isao Yamada, Aoyama Shinji, comp. ; Koji Yakusho, Aoi Miyazaki, Masaru Miyazaki... [et al.], act., 2006
Desert Moon (película de 2001)
Despite the Water Supply, Part 1
Despite the Water Supply, Part 2
Detain the Man to Whom
Disconnection Notice
Ecumenical Matter, An
Elegant Transaction
Empty Page, The
End of the road (5 min 33 s)
Estimate for the Damages
Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Spring Breaks and Back to Winter)
Falling Wall
Far Along a Vacany Sea
Firmware Generation
Flat Without a Back
Four Corners
Four Views of a Secret 1
Four Views of a Secret 2
Four Views of a Secret 3
Four Views of a Secret 4
Friends with benefits (5 min 24 s)
From Here to There
Fuzzy Sun
Get a Room
Getting the Vapors
Ghost ship in a storm
Good Times
Great Indoors, The
Ground Below Above Our Heads, Part 1, The
Ground Below Above Our Heads, Part 2, The
Half a Dog Can't Even Take a Shit
Half life crisis (4 min 41 s)
Halfway to a threeway
Happy Days
Happy Holidays
Happy holydays
Happy Trails
He Felt the Patient Memory of a Reluctant Sea
He Who Laughs
Heaven Is No Longer Paved in Gold
Hey Chicken
Hold These Goddamn Chickens
Hotel blue (3 min 20 s)
House of Kaya
I'm Happy, and I'm Singing, and a 1, 2, 3, 4
If Not Ecstatic, We Replay
Improper Release
In Bern
In memoriam Gilles Deleuze
in no time
In Regards
It's Not His Room Anymore
It's Not What It Used to Be
It’s the Story All Night
It Takes Time to Do Nothing
Kaminari One
Karen Revisited
Kenneth Anger (intro)
Kid to Break
Last year (5 min 47 s)
law & order 3 am est
Less Than This
Less Than You Think
Let's Take It Again From the Top
Life Goes Off
Like Urine Loves Cold Slate
Little Island Walking
Live in Tokyo 1
Live in Tokyo 2
Long Night, Part 1
Long Night, Part 2
Long Night Part Four
Long Night Part One
Long Night Part Three
Long Night Part Two
Love Liza
Low Bow
Man Who Wanted to Hang, The
May '00
Memory Lame
Mere, Part 1
Mere, Part 2
Mere, Part 3
Merzbow unparalleled noise aesthetic
Michel Piccoli
Milena Dravic
Mizu no Nai Umi (live version)
Mizu no Nai Umi (original version)
Mother and Who
Move on the Way Down (edit)
Movie on the way down
Muni / Michel Piccoli
Musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst 98
Musique's action 2
My Man
NAMM Weekend Pass Mix
Natural Bonbon Killers
Never Again
Not Sport, Martial Art
Not Yet
Nothing But Obstacles Dreaming
Old News #5
Old News #6
Old News #7
Old News, Volume 1
Old News, Volume 2
On Generation and Corruption
Oscillators and Guitars Pt 1
Oscillators and Guitars Pt 2
Oscillators and Guitars Pt 3
Other Left, The
Out With the Old
Part One
Part Two
Pedal & Pedal
Picture of light
Plastic Sun
Please Note Our Failure
Please patronize our sponsors
Prelude to 110 or 220 / Women of the World
Prelude to one hundred ten or two hundred and twenty - Women of the world
Pretty Sparks
Previous Wall
Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
Rain on Tin
Remove the Need
Rules of reduction
Ruling Class, The
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
Seasons, The
Secure on the Loose Rim
Seven Stars
Shinjuku Growl
Silent Night
Simple songs
Sinking Lights in Lambeth
Six Strings 87
Sketches of Kaitan City
Slapping Pythagoras, p1995:
Sleep Like It’s Winter
So Long
Solving Problems Until They All Disappear
Some Kind of Pagan
Something big
Sometimes It Takes Knowing
Spirits Never Forgive
Stayed a While Then Went Away
Steamroom 0
Steamroom 1
Steamroom 10
Steamroom 11
Steamroom 12
Steamroom 13
Steamroom 14
Steamroom 15
Steamroom 16
Steamroom 17
Steamroom 18
Steamroom 19
Steamroom 2
Steamroom 20
Steamroom 21
Steamroom 22
Steamroom 23
Steamroom 24
Steamroom 25
Steamroom 26
Steamroom 27
Steamroom 28
Steamroom 29
Steamroom 3
Steamroom 30
Steamroom 31
Steamroom 32
Steamroom 33
Steamroom 34
Steamroom 35
Steamroom 36
Steamroom 37
Steamroom 38
Steamroom 39
Steamroom 4
Steamroom 40
Steamroom 41
Steamroom 42
Steamroom 43
Steamroom 44
Steamroom 45
Steamroom 5
Steamroom 6
Steamroom 7
Steamroom 8
Steamroom 9
Still in Cosmos
Strictly Yours
String Quartet and Oscillators 1
String Quartet and Oscillators 2
Stupid as the Sun
Surrealist Dream No. 2, The
Sympathy for the Strawberry
Table chair and hatstand
Tacere Fas
Terminal pharmacy
That weekend (3 min 14 s)
Then Left
There As
There's Hell in Hello, But More in Goodbye
Therefore, I Am
These hands (3 min 13 s)
This Is Kickass!
This Story of Yours
Thou Shalt Wilt
Through the night softly
Time Off
Tokyo Pt. 4
Tokyo Pt. 5
Tokyo Pt. 6
Tokyo Pt. 7
Tokyo Pt. 8
Tomorrow knows where you live
Trains and Boats and Planes
Two More Organs
United red army
Unmade Bed
Venus in Furs
visitor, The
Viva Forever
Voice crack remixes
Welcome to the Django, Part One
Welcome to the Django, Part Two
When I First Saw Phauss...
Winter and Winter and Winter
Woman of the World
Women of the World
Workplace, The
World, The
X - X section
Young Person's Guide to Drowning, Part 1, A
Young Person's Guide to Drowning, Part 2, A
Young Person’s Guide to Drowning Pt 1
Young Person’s Guide to Drowning Pt 2
Zurich One
Zurich Two
Мой мужчина
С любовью, Лайза
実録・連合赤軍 あさま山荘への道程
Contributed to or performed: 
...Please, I Am Released
'SuperDeluxe', Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan, 2012-01-30
“ ”
「またたくまに すべてが ひとつに なる だから 主語は いらない」
2 of 2
2000-05-08: Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, USA
2005-11-17: Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York, NY, USA
25 Views of Florence
3-Part In(ter)ventions
840 Seconds Over
Acute Sensitivity Is Not Simply a “Madness” an Acute Sensitivity to the Resonance of “I Love You” Teaches Us Just a Little Something It’s Not That We Can’t Do Something It’s Just That We Haven’t Done It Yet an Acute Sensitivity “Truly, I’ve Got to Do Something” This Is What Is Desired Your Speed Is Something I Want Your Speed Shifts Something Just a Little This Crazed Something Does It Truly Feel Comfortable in the Middle?, An
After Drinking Once Again Consider the Brutality of Prayer
Air Texture Volume III
All Aboard for Futuresville!
All at Once Once for All / 同時に全てがなされ、終わった
All Kinds of People ~love Burt Bacharach~
All Tomorrow’s Parties 3.0
Alpha Lemur Echo Two
Ambient 4: Isolationism
And That’s the Story of Jazz…
Angry Eelectric Finger 1: Tape Monkey Mooch
Angry Eelectric Finger: Spitch’cock One
Another Country: Songs of Dignity & Redemption From the Other Side of the Tracks
AnotherLateNight: Zero 7
Arbitrary Nature of Meaning, The
Are They Going to Stop?
Are You Both Still Unreleased?
Atlantean Returned Knows the Value of the Stars, An
BacheLor of Divinity
Basement Recordings – Live at Cicero’s, The
Be Careful of This Word “New” With It's Glittering Trap
Behind Out
Behold A
Behold B
Black Book, The
Black Truffle at 10
Blonde on Blonde Revisited
Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington, Indiana... Autumn
Blues for Putting a Fuzz Beforehand
Born on Snowshoes
Breathing Earth
By Whom and Why Am I Previously Unreleased?
Calling Patti
Can't, My Mouth Is Already Full, I
Certainly Those Older and Released...
Changez Retravaillé
Charhizma 002
Chicago 2018... It's Gonna Change
China Is Near
Chiral 11
Cloud Nine
Coal Cooker
Dancing sea lions
Delivery Health
Domino: On the Wire
Don't Make Me Over
Don't Want to Drink Tea so Tasteless That Even the Intent to Kill Will Not Come to Mind While Drinking, I
Drunken Little Mass
Dust Devil
Early Graduation / 早い卒業
Ebb's Folly
Eddy Bear
Electric Dress
Electronic Music
End of the Fear of God, The
End of the Landscape
Endless Corridor of Roasted Babies
Escape From Hamburg
Even That Still Here and Unwanted Can You and I Love It? Just Like Us It Was Born Here Too
Event - September 12, 1998, Minneapolis
Extended Duos
Eyes Stay The Same
Eyes the Mouth, The
Faster Silence, A
Faxing Stina
Fear No Fall
Fear of Fear (of Fear)
Fenn O' Berg Theme
Films of Kenneth Anger, The
Flying Basket
Flying Basket, Part 1
Flying Basket, Part 2
Flying Basket, Part 3
Flying Basket, Part 4
For Jojo/Freebasing Styrofoam
Four6 (excerpt)
Friends of the Bumblebee
From the Earth to the Spheres, Volume 4
Frontières ?
Frozen / 凍土
Fruit Pants
Fury Breath Flying At Half Mast
Give Me Head 'Til You're Dead
Guilt by Association
Guitar Organism
Guitar Series, Volume 1
Gürtel Eins
Gürtel Zwei
Hagyou~Hukuwa-Uchi~Hamabe no uta
Hair Toaster
Half a Dog Can't Even Take a Shit
Happy Ending Borrowing Yours
Headlight Like the Sun / 太陽のような前照灯
Heathen Blood
Hence One
Hence Two
Horst Und Snail Mit Markus
Hungara Vivo
If Not Ecstatic, We Replay
In a Flash Everything Comes Together as One There Is No Need for a Subject
In Bern
In Besides Between
In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze
In Over Besides
In, Demons, In!
In, Demons, In! (All the Way In)
In, Demons, In! (Halfway In)
Indeed A
Indeed B
Inrockuptibles : L'Année cinéma 2005 : La BO, Les
Invited in Practically Drawn in by Something Facing the Exit of This Hiding Place Who Is It? That Went in Coming Around Again the Same as Before Who Is It?
Invito al Ĉielo
It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry
Jabr, Al-
Japanese Room at La Pagode / May, The
Junkyard Language
Just as a Wall of Quiet Flowing Stands Near
Just Want You to Stay, I
Kim’s Bedroom
KREV X: The Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland, 1992-2002
Last of the Few
Least Shred Of
Let's Make it a Bit Thicker & Drink it as Never Give Up
Live at Lounge Axe, Part 1
Live at Lounge Axe, Part 2
Long Lain in the Stream
Long Life Is a Slow Death, A
Longings Of Underdevelopment
Love Guitar Wolf ... Very Much, I
Love Liza
Love Robots, The
Mad Shinjuku / 惑う新宿
Maelstrom And Tear
Magic Sound of Fenn O’Berg, The
Maybe Paris
Mean Fiddle, A
Melbourne Direct
Miracle of Levitation, The
Modulation & Transformation 3
Most Definitely Not Köln
Mother and who?
mur, Le
Myths in Translation
Nagoya 1
Nagoya 2
Nagoya 3
Nature of That Thing Which Should Be Transfigured Has Begun to Fall in Line in Front of Me Most Decorously Part 1, The
Nature of That Thing Which Should Be Transfigured Has Begun to Fall in Line in Front of Me Most Decorously Part 2, The
Neuro Eco Media
Neuro Geometry
Neuro Politics
New Kind of Water
New Radiance Springing Forth From Inside the Light, A
New Thought Life
Nickelsdorf 1
Nickelsdorf 2
NME: Might Club
No Apples Fell
North Six
Not Alone
Not for the Season
Nothing Was Revealed
Now All Seen Heard Then Forgotten
Now While It’s Still Warm Let Us Pour in All the Mystery
Now Who Are These Guys?
Ocean of Truth, The
On a Slow Mend
Once Again I Hear the Beautiful Vertigo…Luring Us to “Do Something, Somehow”
Once Again You Are Reading It Wrong What Is Written Is to Live
One Bird
One Bird Two Bird
One Fine Day
Only the Winding “Why” Expresses Anything Clearly
Only Wanting to Melt Beautifully Away Is It a Lack of Contentment That Stirs Affection for Those Things Said to Be as of Yet Unseen
Only Wanting to Melt... Part 1 (excerpt)
Only Wanting to Melt... Part 2 (excerpt)
Operation DNA
Or 4 People (excerpt)
Or Possibly Köln
Or Some Computer Music 2
Over in Out
Paging Cyndi
Palace of Memory, The
Particular, Local and Plastic Wrapped
Passe Muraille
Patience Soup
Patience Soup Part 1
Patience Soup Part 1 (excerpt)
Patience Soup Part 2
Perfect Partner
Pictures of Adolf Again
Pictures of Adolph Again / アドルフが再び現れる
Plastic Palace People, Volume 1
Plastic Palace People, Volume 2
Protest Records, Volume 2
Rabid Chords 002: VU Tribute
Ready and Waiting Ready and Tired of Waiting This Happiness Hovers for a While Opaque Proffered Waiting It Will Not Be Something for Just One Person
Reason for Eyelids
Revenging Agent
Robots Love, The
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 28
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 13: Helter Skelter: Musik für die Stunden danach
Rough Cuts (Music For Films)
Ruling Class, The
Septic Moon
Setting Out / 出発
Shinjuku Baby Pt. 1
Shinjuku Baby Pt. 2
Shinjuku Growl
Shoe Chocolate
Side A
Side A / Side B
Side B
Sky Music: A Tribute to Terje Rypdal
Slitted Tit
Slow Motion
Smiling Pets
Smoke Signalling Polly Jean
Sock Shaver
Sonically Speaking, Volume 6, April 2002
Stations of the Tide
Stay Alive
Steam Powered Oscillation
Still Going...
Still Unable to Throw Off That Teaching a Heart Left Abandoned Unable to Get Inside That Empty Space Nerves Freezing That Unconcealed Sadness I Am Still Unable to Fully Embrace
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 2001: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Swinging Reflective, The
Synth Destruction Two
Table Chair and Hatstand
Tape Monkey Mooch
Tape Monkey Mooch 1
Tape Monkey Mooch 2
Tea Time for Those Determined to Completely Exhaust Every Bit of This Body They've Been Given
Telexing Jun
Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain (excerpt)
That “?” Squatting Proudly at the Edge of Surface Tension Is It Perhaps a Mystery..?
Third Straight Day Made Public
This Dazzling, Genuine “Difference” Now Where Shall It Go?
This Dazzling, Genuine “Difference” Now Where Shall It Go? Part 1
This Dazzling, Genuine “Difference” Now Where Shall It Go? Part 2
Tima Formosa
Tima Formosa1
Tima Formosa2
Tima Formosa3
Time I Was Given and the Time You Were Given and Their Differences, The
Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1 Darfur
Tokyo Pt. 4
Tokyo Pt. 5
Tokyo Pt. 6
Tokyo Pt. 7
Tokyo Pt. 8
Tomorrow Knows Where You Live
Toyama / 遠山
Train Wreck
Transgression Is Only Fleeting
Tribute to Masayuki Takayanagi
Triumph of Death
Turning Night, The
Two Bird
Two City Blues 1
Two City Blues 2
Two Nice Catholic Boys
Two's Company
Unconditionally Guaranteed, April 1999: Volume 3
Uncut, 2001.12
Under / Over
Under Behind
Unidentified Again
Universe Is Tired Please for Just One Second Stop Thinking, The
Vast Beings
vessel on a foggy night, A
Victoriaville Concert May 1997
Viva Negativa! A Tribute to the New Blockaders
Viva Negativa! A Tribute to the New Blockaders, Volume III: USA
Voloptulist, The
Wakes On Cerulean
Wakes on Cerulean A
Wakes on Cerulean B
water pipes burst in the cold weather, The
Weerzin / Oscillators and Guitars
Who Is So Cleverly Manipulating the Word “Everything”
Who Would Have Thought This Callous History Would Become My Skin
Wonder If You Noticed ”I’m Sorry” Is Such A Lovely Sound It Keeps Things From Getting Worse, I
Worlds of Possibility
Wouldn’t Wanna Be Swept Away
X-X Section
Xylophonen Virtuosen
You Can Stay If You Want, But I'm Going Home
You Gotta Move! 15 Tracks of the Best New Music
ここに 与えられた この身体 全部 使い切てやる という者の お茶の 時間
ただ美しく溶けてしまいたいのに まだまだ満ち足りていないから まだ見えてないはずの ほうが愛おしく 思えてしまう
まだ 温かい内の この今に 全ての謎を 注ぎ込んでしまおう
君は気がついたかな 「すみません」 という響きがとても美しいことに それ以上悪くしないように
実録・連合赤軍 あさま山荘への道程 Original Sound Track
燦燦と輝く 誠の「異なること」さて 何処へ行く
細野晴臣トリビュート・アルバム - Tribute to Haruomi Hosono