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Ioanna Yellen
Janet Yellen (American economist and professor)
Janet Yellen (Amerikaans econome)
Janet Yellen (amerikansk ekonom)
Janet Yellen (amerikansk økonom)
Janet Yellen (az amerikai jegybank elnöke 2014. február 1-től)
Janet Yellen (economista e politica statunitense)
Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Bank President)
Janet Yellen (US-amerikanische Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin, Präsidentin des Federal Reserve System)
Janet Yellenová
Yellen, Janet
Yellen, Janet L.
Yellen, Janet Louise
Τζάνετ Γιέλεν (Αμερικανή οικονομολόγος)
Джанет Єлен
Джанет Йелън
Йеллен, Джанет
Џенет Јелен (американски економист и професор)
ჯანეტ იელენი
Ջանեթ Ելեն
ג'נט ילן
جانيت يلين
جنت یلن (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
जेनेट एलन
जैनेट येलेन
재닛 옐런
イェレン, ジャネット・L
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Adams, William James
Adams, William James (1947-)
Akerlof, George A
Akerlof, George A.
Akerlof, George A. (1940-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Akerlof, George Arthur (1940-...)
Blinder, Alan S.
Cambridge University Press
Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco, Calif. Affiliation (see also from)
Federal Reserve Board (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
Feldstein, Martin
Graduate School of Business Administration Berkeley, Calif. Affiliation (see also from)
Harvard institute of economic research, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass
Katz, Michael L
King, Mervyn
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
McCulloch, Rachel
Rose, Andrew K.
University of California-Berkeley / Department of Economics
University of California-Berkeley / Walter A. Haas School of Business / Economic Analysis & Policy Group (EAP)
USA Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Affiliation (see also from)
USA Council of Economic Advisers Affiliation (see also from)
Walter A. Haas School of Business Affiliation (see also from)
Yale University
Yamaoka, Yōichi (1949-2011)
Yellen, Janet
Yellen, Janet L
Yellen, Janet L.
山岡, 洋一 (1949-2011)
2006: a year of transition at the Federal Reserve
Aggregate demand and the global economic recovery: a speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, Nov. 29, 2011
Analysis of Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing in the United States., An
Asian financial crisis ten years later: assessing the past and looking to the future, The
Can capital movements eliminate the need for technology transfer?
Can Small Deviations from Rationality Make Significant Differences to Economic Equilibria?
Challenges for policymaking in a changing global economy
Closing panel presentation
Comments on "The Revival of Fiscal Policy"
Commodity Bundling and the Burden of Monopoly.
Community development: opportunities in low-income and minority communities
Consequences of a tax on the brain drain for unemployment and income inequality in less developed countries
Credit, housing, commodities, and the economy
Discussion of “Oil and the Macroeconomy: Lessons for Monetary Policy”
Discussion of William R. White's “Globalisation and the determinants of domestic inflation”
East Germany in from the Cold: The Economic Aftermath of Currency Union
Economic conditions in Korea and Japan: a monetary policymaker's report
Economic conditions in Singapore and Vietnam: a monetary policymaker's report
Economic inequality in the United States
economic outlook for 2009 and community banks, The
Economic policy for the information economy : overview
economy: where are we and what will happen next?, The
Efficiency wage models of the labor market
Efficiency Wage Models of Unemployment.
Employment, output and capital accumulation in an open economy ; a disequalibrium approach
Enhancing Fed credibility
Exploring the Valley's unbanked opportunity
fabulous decade, The : macroeconomic lessons from the 1990s
Factor market monopsony and the allocation of resources
Factor Mobility, Regional Development, and the Distribution of Income.
Fair Wage-Effort Hypothesis and Unemployment., The
Fairness and Unemployment.
Federal Reserve's asset purchase program: a speech at the The Brimmer Policy Forum, Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, January 8, 2011, The
financial markets, housing, and the economy, The
financial system and the economy, The
Fiscal responsibility and global rebalancing: a speech at the Committee for Economic Development 2010 International Counterparts Conference, New York, New York, December 1, 2010
Hong Kong and China and the global recession
Housing bubbles and monetary policy
Implications of behavioral economics for monetary policy
Improving the international monetary and financial system: a speech at the Banque de France International Symposium, Paris, France, March 4, 2011
Is free trade still optimal in the 21st Century?
Is there a J-curve?
Issues raised by the credit crunch and global recession
Job Switching and Job Satisfaction in the U.S. Labor Market
John Taylor’s contributions to monetary theory and policy
Linkages between monetary and regulatory policy: lessons from the crisis
Macroprudential supervision and monetary policy in the post-crisis world: a speech at the Annual Meeting of the National Association for Business Economics, Denver, Colorado, October 11, 2010
Minsky meltdown: lessons for central bankers, A
Monetary policy and uncertainty : adapting to a changing economy -a symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 28-30, 2003
Monetary policy and uncertainty : adapting to a changing economy : overview panel
Monetary policy in a global environment
monetary policymaker's passage to India, A
mortgage meltdown, financial markets, and the economy, The
Near-rational Model of the Business Cycle, with Wage and Price Intertia., A
On Keynesian Economics and the Economics of the Post-Keynesians.
Opening remarks to the 2008 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference
outlook for 2009: economic turmoil and policy responses, The
outlook for recovery in the U.S. economy, The
outlook for the economy and inflation, and the case for Federal Reserve independence, The
outlook for the economy and monetary policy, The
outlook for the economy and real estate, The
Outlook for the U.S. economy and community banks
outlook for the U.S. economy and economic policy: a speech> at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Financial Management Association International, Denver, Colorado, Oct. 21, 2011>, The
Panel Discussion
Perspectives on the national economy and monetary policy
Policymaking on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC): transparency and continuity
Productivity and inflation
Prospects for the economy in 2008
Prospects for the U. S. economy
Pursuing financial stability at the Federal Reserve: a speech at the Fourteenth Annual International Banking Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 11, 2011
Rational Models of Irrational Behavior.
Reaping the full benefits of financial openness: a speech at the the Bank of Finland 200th Anniversary Conference, Helsinki, Finland, May 6, 2011
Recent financial developments and the U.S. economic outlook
Reflections on China's economy
Remarks on the U.S. economy and monetary policy
Risks and prospects for the U.S. economy
Stabilization policy: a reconsideration
Stabilizing communities - addressing the negative impacts of foreclosure
Statement to Congress, July 24, 1996(trends in consumer spending)
Statement to Congress, May 1, 1996(small business financing and the role of banks in providing credit)
Statement to Congress, October 17, 1995(issues related to mergers among U.S. banking organizations)
Symposium on the Budget Deficit.
Technology transfer and the national interest. -
Thoughts on the economy and the banking sector
U.S. economic outlook: a monetary policymaker’s perspective, The
U.S. economic situation and the challenges for monetary policy, The
U.S. economy: 2005 in review and prospects for 2006, The
U.S. economy and monetary policy, The
U.S. economy in 2007: prospects and puzzles, The
U.S. economy: prospects and a puzzle revisited, The
U.S. monetary policy objectives in the short and long run
uncertain economic outlook and the policy responses, The
Unemployment through the Filter of Memory.
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Nomination of Janet L. Yellen, 2014
Update on China: a monetary policymaker's report
Update on the U.S. economy
view of the economic crisis and the Federal Reserve’s response, A
Views on the economy and implications for monetary policy
Waiting for work
Welcoming remarks to the 2006 National Community Reinvestment Conference
What makes advertising profitable?
Yoi seisaku warui seisaku : 1990nendai amerika no kyōkun
良い政策悪い政策 : 1990年代アメリカの教訓
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Yale University, 1971