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Bellare, M.
Bellare, Mihir,
Mihir Bellare
Mihir Bellare (Amerikaans cryptograaf)
Mihir Bellare (cryptographer)
Mihir Bellare (Kryptograph)
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Language material
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CRYPTO (Conference) (2000 : Santa Barbara, Calif.)
CRYPTO 20 2000
International Association for Cryptologic Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Springer-Verlag (Berlin)
Advances in cryptology-CRYPTO 2000 : 20th Annual International Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, California, USA, August 20-24, 2000 : proceedings
Asymmetric key pair having a kiosk mode
Authenticated encryption in SSH:provably fixing the SSH binary packet protocol
Block cipher mode of operation for secure, length-preserving encryption
Breaking and provably repairing the SSH authenticated Encryption scheme: A case study of the Encode-then-Encrypt-and-MAC Paradigm.
Concrete security treatment of symmetric encryption
Design, implementation, and deployment of the iKP secure electronic payment system
Distributed pseudo-random bit generators-a new way to speed-up shared coin tossing
Does parallel repetition lower the error in computationally sound protocols?
Free bits, PCPs and non-approximability - towards tight results
From Identification to Signatures Via the Fiat-Shamir Transform: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Security and Forward-Security
How to sign given any trapdoor function
How to Sign Given Any Trapdoor Permutation
Incremental cryptography and application to virus protection
Knowledge on the average-perfect, statistical and logarithmic
Linearity testing in characteristic two
Making zero-knowledge provers efficient.
Method and apparatus for data authentication in a data communication environment
Method and apparatus for three-party entity authentication and key distribution using message authentication codes
Method for electronic payment system with issuer control
Multi-signatures in the plain public-Key model and a general forking lemma
Multifactor split asymmetric crypto-key with persistent key security
Multiple factor private portion of an asymmetric key
Multirecipient Encryption Schemes: How to Save on Bandwidth and Computation Without Sacrificing Security
Perfect zero-knowledge in constant rounds
Provably secure session key distribution:the three party case
Pseudorandom functions revisited: The cascade construction and its concrete security
Random oracles are practical:a paradigm for designing efficient protocols
Randomness in interactive proofs
Secure login using a multifactor split asymmetric crypto-key with persistent key security
Security of the cipher block chaining message authentication code
signature scheme based on trapdoor permutations, A
Stateful public-key cryptosystems:how to encrypt with one 160-bit exponentiation
Technique for asymmetric crypto-key generation
technique for upper bounding the spectral norm with applications to learning, A
Time delayed key escrow
Transitive Signatures: New Schemes and Proofs
(true) complexity of statistical zero knowledge, The
Verifiable partial key escrow
Supervised by Silvio Micali
Thesis (M.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1988