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Allen, J.
Bustelo, Jack
Hansen, Joe
Hansen, Joseph
Hansen, Joseph (homme politique, journaliste, éditeur)
Hansen, Joseph Leroy
Joe Hansen (politico statunitense)
Joseph Hansen (American marxist journalist)
Joseph Hansen (Amerikaans politicus (1910-1979))
Joseph Hansen (amerikansk politikar)
Joseph Hansen (amerikansk politiker)
Joseph Hansen (politicien américain)
Хансен, Джозеф
جوزف هانسن (سیاست‌مدار آمریکایی)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Finkel, Richard
Franeta, Sonja
Novack, George Edward
Opposition Group in the Communist Party of America
Reed, Evelyn
Sedova-Trotskaia, Nataliia Ivanovna (1882-1962)
Stanton, Fred
Trotsky, Leon (1879-1940)
Waters, Mary-Alice (1942-....))
Workers Party of the United States
Abern clique., The
assassinat de Léon Trotsky
Bustelo incident, c1987:, The
Comment s'est arrivé ?
Cosmeticos, las modas y la explotacion de la mujer
Cosmetics, fashions, and the exploitation of women
Dynamics of the Cuban revolution a Marxist appreciation
In defense of Marxism (against the petty-bourgeois opposition)
Leninist strategy of party building, c1979:, The
Leon Trotsky: the man and his work. Reminiscences and appraisals
Maoism vs. Bolshevism : the 1965 catastrophe in Indonesia, China's "Cultural Revolution," and the disintegration of world Stalinism
Militant (New York, N.Y. : 1928)
New militant : weekly organ of the Workers Party of the U.S.
Nixon's summitry and the bombing of Vietnam by....
Portugal, l'alternative...
Socialism on trial the official court records of James P. Cannon's testimony in the famoius Minneapolis "sedition" trial
Stalin's frame up system and the Moscow trials
Staline veut ma mort
Too many babies? the myth of the population explosion
transitional program for socialist revolution including The death agony of capitalism and the tasks of the Fourth International, The
truth about Cuba., The
Workers and farmers government., The