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Baker Eddy, Mary
Baker Eddy, Mary (married name)
Baker, Mary Eddy
Eddy, Mary
Eddy, Mary B.
Eddy, Mary Baker
Eddy, Mary M. (Frueherer Name)
Mary Baker Eddy
Mary Baker Eddy A
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Related identities: 
Baker, Mary Morse (Frueherer Name; other identity, same person)
Èddi, Mèri Bèker (married name; other identity, same person)
Eddy, Mary Morse Baker Glover (other identity, same person)
Glover, Mary B. (other identity, same person)
Glover, Mary Baker (married name; other identity, same person)
Patterson, Mary Baker (married name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Baker, Joseph (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Baker, Mark (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Brown, Allanson G. Y. (1902-1982)
Cahn, Alfredo
Cameron, Penelope
Doorly, John Williams
Eglise du Christ, scientiste 1
First Church of Christ, Scientist (Boston, Mass.)
Kappeler, Max
Lee, Kathleen
Stetson, Augusta E. (1842?-1928)
Stetson, Augusta Emma (1842?-1928)
toller ernst
Trustees under the will of mary baker G. Eddy Boston
Trustees under the will of Mary Baker G. Eddy Boston, U.S.A.
Wahrenberger, Alice
Warren, B.
Warren, B. (1923-)
Warren, Betty (1923-)
Zweig, Stefan
23rd Psalm, The
Animal Magnetism - unmasked : an analysis of the chapter 'Animal magnetism unmasked' in the textbook of Christian Science 'Science and health with key to the Scriptures' by Mary Baker Eddy
avec La clef des Écritures
Christ and Christmas, a poem.
Christ, my refuge, one of seven hymns
Christian healing
Christian Science Bible lesson for George Washington Bicentennial Service : February 22, 1932.
Christian science hymnal
Christian Science journal., The
Christian science: no and yes
Christian Science sentinel.
Christmas morn
Ciencia y salud : con clave de las escrituras
Communion hymn
Comparative and rational Christian science
curación, por el espíritu, La
’Epistī́mī kaì hygeía
Erste Kirche Christi, wissenschafter, und Verschiedenes, Die
Feed my sheep
First church of Christ, Scientist, and miscellany, The
first church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts Manual of the Mother Church, The
Freedom in forgiveness : quotations from Mary Baker Eddy+
Handbuch der mutter-kirche, der Ersten kirche Christi, der Scientisten in Boston, Massachusetts
Handling malicious animal magnetism : a collection of timeless articles on detecting and overcoming evil through prayer in Christian Science.
incongruities of man and matter, The : a study of the science of being
Inspiração para os relacionamentos da vida
Inspiration for life's relationships : quotations of Mary Baker Eddy.
Letters of Mary Baker Eddy to Augusta E. Stetson, C.S.D., 1889-1909.
Manual of the Mother Church The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts
Manuel de L'Église Mère, La Première Église Scientiste : a Boston, Massachusetts
Mary Baker Eddy correspondence and invitation
Mary Baker Eddy, her communications from beyond the grave to Harold Horwood through the mediumship of Ursula Roberts.
Mary Baker Eddy's Six days of revelation
mè Kleidì tō̂n Grafō̂n
Miscellaneous writings 1883-1896 : (Vermischte Schriften 1883-1896).
Miscellaneous writings chronology
mit Schlüssel zur heiligen Schrift
Moments of gratitude : quotations from Mary Baker Eddy
Mother's evening prayer[à 1 voix et piano]
Nauka i zdrowie z kluczem do l'isma świętego.
Nauka i zdrowie z kluczem do Pisma Świętego
[No and yes]
No y sí
Non et oui
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Painting a poem : Mary Baker Eddy and James F. Gilman illustrate Christ and Christmas.
people's idea of God, The : its effect on health and Christianity
Poems by Mary Baker Eddy : for solo voice and organ or piano
Prose works other than Science and health.
Pulpit and press
quatre messages a leglise mere four messages to the mother church
[Questions and answers, 1867-1870].
Retrospection and introspection, Christian healing, Rudimental divine science.
Retrospection and introspection. - Överblick. : Det förgångna och mitt inre.
Revelation of St. John an open book, The
Rudimental divine science : No and yes.
Rudiments and rules of divine science
Rudiments de la science divine
s Klûčom k svâŝennomu Pisaniû
Satisfiedlow voice, in G major...
Saw ye my Saviour? Heard ye the glad sound?
Science and health, with key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy,... - "Videnskab og hrese" med nøgle til skriften...
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (disc 18)
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (disc 18B)
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (disc 18C)
Science et santé, avec la clef des Écritures
Sermons which spiritually interpret the Scriptures and other writings on Christian science; a history of pioneer steps in Christian science, which led to building "on a wholly spiritual foundation", in obedience to the message from Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian science, to her "dear brethren in New York", dated January 16, 1909;
Shepherd, Show Me How to Go
Student's reference dictionary, The
Twenty-third Psalm
Unity of good and unreality of evil
Unity of good : (Christian healing. - The people's idea of God
Unity of good, Rudimental divine science, No and yes, Retrospection and introspection.
Věda a zdraví s klíčem k Písmu
Vital issues in Christian Science : a record of unsettled questions which arose in the year 1909, between the directors of the mother church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts and First Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City, eight of its nine trustees and sixteen of its practioners
Vorträge von John Williams Doorly über Praxis der Christlichen Wissenschaft : Wortgetreue Wiedergabe von Vorträgen, gehalten im Januar 1950, über das Kapitel "Die Betätigung der Christlichen Wissenschaft" in: "Wissenschaft und Gesundheit mit Schlüssel zur Heiligen Schrift", von Mary Baker Eddy. (Aus dem Engl. übers. von Alice Wahrenberger).
Weide meine Schafehigh voice, in A...
What Christmas means to me, and other Christmas messages.
Wissenschaft und Gesundheit mit Schlüssel zur Heiligen Schrift [deutsche Übersetzung der autorisierten englischen Ausgabe]
with Key to the Scriptures