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Kivelson, M. G.
Kivelson, Margaret
Kivelson, Margaret G.
Kivelson, Margaret Galland
Margaret G. Kivelson (American geophysicist, planetary scientist)
Margaret Kivelson
Margaret Kivelson (Amerikaans astrofysica)
Margaret Kivelson (US-amerikanische Astrophysikerin)
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Radcliffe College
Russell, C. T.
Russell, Christopher T.
Absence of an internal magnetic field at Callisto
Accurate determination of magnetic field gradients from four-point vector measurements - II: use of natural constraints on vector data obtained from four spinning spacecraft
Accurate determination of magnetic field gradients from four point vector measurements - Part I: use of natural constraints on vector data obtained from a single spinning spacecraft
Active experiments, magnetospheric modification, and a naturally occurring analogue
approximate analytic description of plasma bulk parameters and pitch angle anisotropy under adiabatic flow in a dipolar magnetospheric field, An
Approximations for the study of drift boundaries in the magnetosphere
Are Io's Alfven wings filamented? Galileo observations
Aspects in common of high latitude ionospheric vortex motions
Bifurcated current sheets: Statistics from Cluster magnetometer measurements
Bremsstrahlung of high energy electrons
Bursty bulk flows in the inner central plasma sheet
Charged Particle Behavior in Low-Frequency Geomagnetic Pulsations 2. Graphical Approach.
Clues to the Origin of Saturn Kilometric Radiation: Why Morning? Why Responsive to the Solar Wind?
Cluster electric current density measurements within a magnetic flux rope in the plasma sheet.
Cluster observations of quasi-periodic impulsive signatures in the dayside northern lobe: High-latitude flux transfer events?.
Comparison of field-aligned currents at ionospheric and magnetospheric altitudes
Contributions of the low-latitude boundary layer to the finite width magnetotail convection model
COSPAR. Plenary Meeting (24th : 1982 : Ottawa, Ont.) The giant planets and their satellites, 1983 (a.e.)
Coupling of global magnetospheric MHD eigenmodes to field line resonances
Current Systems of the Jovian Magnetosphere and Ionosphere and Predictions for Saturn, The
Currents and flows in distant magnetospheres.
Damping standing Alfven waves in the magnetosphere
Dawn-dusk electric field asymmetry of the Io plasma torus
Dependence of the polar cusp on the north-south component of the interplanetary magnetic field
Depleted magnetic flux tubes as probes of the Io torus plasma
Detection of SO in Io's exosphere.
Discovery of Ganymede's magnetic field by the Galileo spacecraft
Discovery Of Water On The Galilean Satellites By The Galileo Magnetometer
Does Enceladus Govern Magnetospheric Dynamics at Saturn?
dusk flank of Jupiter's magnetosphere., The
Dynamic Harris current sheet thickness from Cluster current density and plasma measurements.
Dynamical consequences of two modes of centrifugal instability in Jupiter's outer magnetosphere
Dynamical polar cap: a unifying approach
effect of parallel inhomogeneity on magnetospheric hydromagnetic wave coupling, The
Effects of the secular magnetic variation on the distribution function of inner-zone protons
Energization of electrons at synchronous orbit by substorm-associated cross-magnetosphere electric fields
Europa and Callisto - Induced or intrinsic fields in a periodically varying plasma environment
Europa's Alfven wing: shrinkage and displacement influenced by an induced magnetic field
Europa's magnetic signature: report from Galileo's pass on 19 December 1996.
Evidence for Corotating Convection in Saturns Magnetosphere
Evidence for sulfur dioxide, sulfur monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide in the Io exosphere
Evidence for the control of Pc 3,4 magnetic pulsations by the solar wind velocity
Evidence of a Global Magma Ocean in Io's Interior
Evolution of ion cyclotron instability in the plasma convection system of the magnetosphere
Explanation of the inward displacement of Io's hot plasma torus and consequences for sputtering sources
Field-aligned currents in the Jovian magnetosphere: Pioneer-10 and -11
Field line resonances in discretized magnetospheric models: an artifact study
fine structure of Langmuir waves observed upstream of the bow shock at Venus, The
First evidence of IMF control of Jovian magnetospheric boundary locations: Cassini and Galileo magnetic field measurements compared
Flow bursts, braking, and Pi2 pulsations
Galileo at Jupiter - Changing states of the magnetosphere and first looks at Io and Ganymede
Galileo Earth encounter - Magnetometer and allied measurements, The
Galileo flybys of Earth - The nature of the distant shock
Galileo magnetometer measurements: a stronger case for a subsurface ocean at Europa.
Galileo observations of ion cyclotron waves in the Io torus
Galileo observations of the motions of ion and electron plasmas in the magnetotail
Ganymede's magnetosphere - Magnetometer overview
giant planets and their satellites - Report on the Cospar Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, May 18-21, 1982, The
Global compressional oscillations of the terrestrial magnetosphere: the evidence and a model
Global mode ULF pulsations in a magnetosphere with a nonmonotonic Alfven velocity profile
High beta plasma in the dynamic Jovian current sheet
Identification of sulfur compounds in Io's exosphere
Implications of depleted flux tubes in the jovian magnetosphere
In situ evidence for the structure of the magnetic null in a 3D reconnection event in the Earth's magnetotail
Induced magnetic fields as evidence for subsurface oceans in Europa and Callisto
Instability phenomena in detached plasma regions
interaction of flowing plasmas with planetary ionospheres - A Titan-Venus comparison, The
Interplanetary magnetic field control of mantle precipitation and associated field-aligned currents
Interplanetary Magnetic Taylor Microscale and Implications for Plasma Dissipation
Introduction - The sun, the solar nebula, and the planetary system
Introduction to space physics
Io-Jupiter interaction: waves generated by pickup ions
Io's interaction with the plasma torus: Galileo magnetometer report
Io's volcanic and sublimation atmospheres
Ion cyclotron waves at Io: implications for the temporal variation of Io's atmosphere
Ion cyclotron waves in Io's wake region
Ion velocity distributions in the vicinity of the current sheet in Earth's distant magnetotail
ISEE-1, -2 and -3 observation of the interaction between an interplanetary shock and the earth's magnetosphere - A rapid traversal of the magnetopause
ISEE-1/2 spacecraft study of an unusual flux transfer event, An
July 29, 1977, magnetospheric studies - Impulsive waves, global dynamics and geomagnetic indices
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and MHD surface waves on Saturn's magnetopause
Large scale changes in the highly energetic charged particles in the region of the Io torus
latitudinal structure of Pc 5 waves in space - Magnetic and electric field observations, The
Limits on an intrinsic dipole moment in Europa
Local time variations of particle flux produced by an electrostatic field in the magnetosphere
Localized Reconnection in the Near Jovian Magnetotail
Locations and Shapes of Jupiter's Bow Shock and Magnetopause, The
Lower-hybrid-drift instability and its associated anomalous resistivity in the neutral sheet of earth's magnetotail
magnetic field and internal structure of Ganymede, The
Magnetic field change across the earth's bow shock Comparison between observations and theory
Magnetic field changes in the inner magnetosphere of Jupiter
Magnetic field studies of the solar wind interaction with venus from the galileo flyby.
Magnetic fields and charged particles around major planets and their satellites
magnetic fields of the Galilean moons of Jupiter - The Galileo spacecraft magnetometer results, The
Magnetic Fields of the Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn
Magnetic islands in the near geomagnetic tail and its implications for the mechanism of 1054 UT CDAW 6 substorm
magnetic signature at Io: Initial report from the Galileo magnetometer, A
Magnetized or unmagnetized: Ambiguity persists following galileo's encounters with io in 1999 and 2000.
magnetohydrodynamic response of the magnetospheric cavity to changes in solar wind pressure, The
Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the effects of the solar wind on the Jovian magnetosphere.
Magnetospheric electric fields and their variation with geomagnetic activity
Magnetospheric waves and the atmosphere-ionosphere layer
Medicean Moons Sailing Through Plasma Seas: Challenges in Establishing Magnetic Properties
MHD Rankine-Hugoniot jump conditions and the terrestrial bow shock - A statistical comparison, The
MHD simulations of Io's interaction with the plasma torus
Mirror-mode structures at the Galileo-Io flyby: observations
Mirror mode structures in the Jovian magnetosheath
model of the Earth's distant bow shock, A
Moon-magnetosphere interactions : a tutorial
multi-instrument study of a Jovian magnetospheric disturbance, A
Multi-point measurements of ULF wave phases using a multi-channel energetic ion detector
Multiple-satellite studies of magnetospheric substorms - Plasma sheet recovery and the poleward leap of auroral zone activity
Multiple-satellite studies of magnetospheric substorms - Radial dynamics of the plasma sheet
Multiply reflected standing Alfven waves in the Io torus - Pioneer 10 observations
Multipoint observations of global magnetospheric compressions
Natural precedents to active magnetospheric experiments
New evidence for the origin of giant pulsations
new perspective concerning the influence of the solar wind on the Jovian magnetosphere, A
Non-self-similar scaling of plasma sheet and solar wind probability distribution functions of magnetic field fluctuations
Observation and modeling of energetic particles at synchronous orbit on July 29, 1977
Observation of a current-driven plasma instability at the outer zone-plasma sheet boundary
Observations at the inner edge of the Jovian current sheet: evidence for a dynamic magnetosphere
Observations of nonadiabatic acceleration of ions in Earth's magnetotail
Observations of Pc 1-2 waves in the outer magnetosphere
OGO 5 observations of Pc 5 waves - Particle flux modulations
OGO-5 observations of the physical processes occurring in the disturbed polar cusp and the cusp-magnetosheath interface
On the configuration of the magnetotail near midnight during quiet and weakly disturbed periods: state of the magnetosphere
On the possibility of quasi-static convection in the quiet magnetotail
permanent and inductive magnetic moments of Ganymede., The
Phase space densities in the Uranian plasma sheet
Plasma conductivity ... 1964.
Plasma sheet turbulence observed by cluster II.
Probabilistic models of the Jovian magnetopause and bow shock locations
Probing Ganymede's magnetosphere with field line resonances
Properties of the magnetic field in the Jovian magnetotail
Reconnection and flows in the Jovian magnetotail as inferred from magnetometer observations
Relations between polarization and the structure of ULF waves in the magnetosphere
Relationships between phase structure and energy flux in magnetohydrodynamic waves in the magnetosphere
Relative timing of substorm onset phenomena
Relativistic electrons in the outer radiation belt - Differentiating between acceleration mechanisms
Resonant ULF waves - A new interpretation
response of the near earth magnetotail to substorm activity., The
Rest of the Solar System, The
Satellite observations of separator-line geometry of three-dimensional magnetic reconnection
Satellite observations of the spatial extent and structure of Pc 3, 4, 5 pulsations near the magnetospheric equator
Saturation of the Polar Cap Potential: Inference from Alfven Wing Arguments.
Searching for liquid water in Europa by using surface observatories.
Sheared magnetic field structure in Jupiter's dusk magnetosphere - Implications for return currents
Solar system, The : observations and interpretations
Solar wind control of auroral zone geomagnetic activity
Spatial correlation of solar-wind turbulence from two-point measurements.
Statistics of depleted flux tubes in the jovian magnetosphere
Structure of the Jovian magnetodisk current sheet: initial Galileo observations
Substorms at Jupiter - Galileo observations of transient reconnection in the near tail
Substorms in space - The correlation between ground and satellite observations of the magnetic field
tale of two theories - How the adiabatic response and ULF waves affect relativistic electrons, A
Temporal monitoring of Jupiter's auroral activity with IUE during the Galileo mission - Implications for magnetospheric processes
three-dimensional MHD simulation of plasma flow past Io, A
Time delays in the solar wind flow past Venus - Galileo-Pioneer Venus correlations
time dependent model of the Jovian current sheet, A
Transport and acceleration of plasma in the magnetospheres of Earth and Jupiter and expectations for Saturn
Trapped energetic electrons in the magnetosphere of Ganymede.
unambiguous determination of the propagation of a compressional Pc 5 wave, An
Understanding the Magnetospheric Interactions of Icy Moons: A Challenge to Theory and Simulation
variation of the plasma sheet polytropic index along the midnight meridian in a finite width magnetotail, The
Voids in Jovian magnetosphere revisited - Evidence of spacecraft charging
Whistler mode auroral hiss emissions observed near Jupiter's moon Io
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Radcliffe College, 1957