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Ellison, Harlan
Ellison, Harlan Jay
Harlan Ellison
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
author of introduction, etc.
writer of accompanying material
Related identities: 
Beldone, Cheech (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Beldone, Phil (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Merchant, Paul (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Asimov, Isaac (1920-1992)
Blanco, Francisco
Blanco, traductor
Blish, James (1921-1975)
Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Delap, Richard
Dowling, Terry
Lamont, Gil
Santos, Domingo (1941-)
Simmons, Dan (1948-...)
Stewart, Roger
Williamson, Jack (1908-2006)
2006 SFWA Grand Master Award: Neil Gaiman Introduction
Again, dangerous visions; 46 original stories.
Again With The Quickies
Ain't Rude, I've Just Got a Low Bullshit Threshold, I
Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been Rabbi Rosenthal, I
And How Was Your Year? A Wandering Baedeker
Angry candy
Approaching oblivion : road signs on the treadmill toward tomorrow : eleven uncollected stories
Average Ellison Day?, An
Babylon Jive, or, In Straczynski We Trust
Babysat Peter David's 9 Year Old Daughter, Caroline Helen Helen, I
Back of Your Underwear Drawer, The
Baggies of Blood
beast that shouted love at the heart of the world, The
Bogart, Books & Bargains
Broadly Speaking, Most People Are Just Awful
Bugfuck Is A Way Of Life
Carl Sagan Is A Nifty Guy
Cautionary Prologue: Slippery, Also Gross, When Wet, A
Chanuka lights 1995
Charnel House, the Rotting Swamp, and the Abattoir, The
City on the edge of forever
Collective Amnesia
Consequences of Tactlessness, The
Cosmic Nuhdjes
Cultural Amnesia Nightmare, A
Dangereuses visions
Dangerous visions : 33 original stories
deadly streets, The
Deathbird stories
Deep Philosophy About The Middle East
Did You Really Mail A Dead Gopher To An Editor
Disney Drive-Thru With Pink Slip
Down The Escalator W/Camera In Arizona
Dream corridor
dybbuk, The
Edge In My Voice: Installment #54 (19 December 1982), An
Edge in My Voice: Installment #54 - How to Make Life Interesting, An
Egg & I, The
Ellison wonderland
essential Ellison, The : a 35-year retrospective
essential Ellison, The : a 50-year retrospective
Fanged Businessman, The
fantasies of Harlan Ellison, The
Finest Man Who Ever Lived, Anywhere, Anytime, The
From the land of fear
Gee, Gang, Kids Say The Darndest Things
Gentleman junkie and other stories of the hung-up generation
Get Outta Town Now, Gringo Muthuhfugguh!
Giger screen saver
glass teat; essays of opinion on the subject of television., The
Harlan Chandelier Evening, A
Harlan Ellison hornbook., The
Harlan Ellison's dream corridor
Harlan Ellison's Run for the stars
Harlan Ellison's watching.
Harlan! Harlan Ellison Reads Harlan Ellison
Harlan's Grand Master Acceptance Speech
Him: About Her
Hour With Harlan Ellison: Loving Reminiscences of the Dying Gasp of the Pulp Era (part 1), An
Hour With Harlan Ellison: Loving Reminiscences of the Dying Gasp of the Pulp Era (part 2), An
How I Came to Be a Pistolero for the Weirdest Guy in the World
Human operators, The
I, robot : the illustrated screenplay
III guerre mondiale n'aura pas lieuun choix d'alternatives, La
In Memoriam: Octavia E. Butler
Introduction: Caveat Ellison
Jeffty is five
Junge und sein Hund und andere Nebula-Preis-Stories, Ein
Krajní meze
Leprechaun None?, A
Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled
Loving reminiscences of the dying gasp of the pulp era
Mad About Jew
Magellan and I Take Tea at the Roxy
Mate Expectations
Me and Judge Judy
Medea, Harlan's world
Memos from purgatory; two journeys of our times.
Mephisto in Onyx Roman
Midnight in the sunken cathedral
Mind fields : the art of Jacek Yerka, the fiction of Harlan Ellison.
Moment With Bill Maher, Or, It Broke Off in a Stiff Wind, The
Nebezpečné vize : 33 povídek, které vybral a předmluvami opatřil Harlan Ellison
Neither Harry S. Truman nor David O. Selznik Had a Middle Name
New directions in science fiction.
Night and the enemy
No doors, no windows
Notes on My Flirtation With Higher Education, Or, Taken to the Shedd
Observations On The Abyss
Oh, Oh, Oblivion!
On the Road With Ellison, Volume 4
On the Road With Ellison, Volume 6: The Grand Master Edition
On the Road with Ellison, Volume Five
On the Road With Ellison Volume One
On the Road with Ellison Volume Three
On the Road with Harlan Ellison, Volume Seven
One for the Masters: Not a "Rant" - Just Passion Unleashed
Opening Gambits
Opening Shots
Opérateurs humains[nouvelles], Les
Origins: Bleeding Stones
Origins: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
other glass teat, The : further essays of opinion on television
outer limits, The : Armageddon dreams
Over the edge : stories from somewhere else
Paingod and other delusions
Paladin of the lost hour
Partners in wonder
Philistinism Makes Lucid Copy for Dolts
Puppe Maggie Moneyeyes Erzählungen, Die
Quickies: Moments Minus Any Context
QVC Ya On The Couch
Reading Voltaire to a Cage of Baboons
"Repent, Harlequin!" said the Ticktockman : the classic story
Run for the stars
Selected Quickies
Serial Killers Are Just Doughnuts
Shadows of death : terrifying tales
Sleepless nights in the Procrustean bed : essays
Slip page
Slippage : precariously poised, previously uncollected stories
Spider kiss
Stalking the nightmare
Star trek.
Straight Outta Schenectady
Strange wine : fifteen new stories from the nightside of the world
Styx coule à l'envers, Le
Styx coule à l'enversnouvelles, Le
Tales of the Green Monkey
Troublemakers : stories
Vic and blood : the chronicles of a boy and his dog
Vic and Blood : the continuing adventures of a boy and his dog
Visiones peligrosas : (antología de Harlan Ellison)
Voice from the edge
voice of the edge, The
Watching Me, Myself & Four Ellisons
Web of the city
What Decade Is This?
Who Needs the Quickie Smart?
Why I Didn't Go to Israel
You're Short
Contributed to or performed: 
Ender’s Game