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Institut historique juif
Institut scientifique juif Yivo
IVO-Institut evreĭskikh issledovaniĭ (Nʹi︠u︡-Ĭork)
Jiddischers wissenschaftliches institut
Jiddisches Wissenschaftliches Institut
Jidišer visnšaftlecher institut
Yiddish Scientific Institute
Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut
Yivo Institute for Jewish Research
Yivo institute for Jewish research Vilnius, Pologne
Żydowski instytut naukowy
ИВО Институт Еврейских Исследований
Нью-Йорк ИВО институт еврейских исследований
ײדישער װיסנשאַפטלעכער אינסטיטו
ייִדישער װיסנשאַפטלעכער אינסטיטוט
יידישער וויסנשאפטלעכער אינסטיטוט ־ ייווא
יידישער וויסענשאפטליכער אינסטיטוט
ייווא אינסטיטוט פאר יידישער וויסענשאפט
ייווא - יידישער וויסנשאפטלעכער אינסטיטוט
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
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Abramowicz, Dina
Fisher, Krystyna
Project Judaica
Ravitch, Melech
Shandler, Jeffrey
Web, Marek
Weinreich, Uriel
Yad ṿa-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Shoʼah ṿela-gevurah
Yad Washem
Yidisher ṿisnshafṭlekher insṭiṭuṭ
Yidisher ṿisnshafṭlekher insṭiṭuṭ (see also from)
Yivo Institute for Jewish Research
battle of the Warsaw ghetto., The
Bibliography of articles on the catastrophe and heroism in Yiddish perodicals
century of ambivalence, A : the Jews of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1881 to the present
classification of Jewish immigrants and its implications, a survey of opinion; 140 replies to a questionnaire and papers, The
College Yiddish : an introduction to the Yiddish language and to Jewish life and culture
diary of Anne Kahan, The : Siedlce, Poland, 1914-1916
Dokumenty po istorii i kul'ture evreev v arkhivakh Belarusi
Dokumenty po istorii i kul'ture jevrejev v archivach Moskvy : putevoditel' : a guide
field of Yiddish; studies in language, folklore, and literature. Third collection, The
Going home : how American Jews invent the Old World : exhibited at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, June 13, 1989-February 16 1990
Guide to Jewish history under Nazi impact
Hebrew book in the Middle Ages : codicological, palaeographical and bibliographical aspects
Holocaust, The : the Nuremburg evidence : digest, index, and chronological tables
Ida Kaminska (1899-1980) : Grande Dame of the Yiddish theater.
Idishe bihne (New York, N.Y. : 1897)
Image before my eyes : a photographic history of Jewish life in Poland, 1864-1939
Jewish documentary in Moscow archives
Legacy of Jewish migration, The : 1881 and its impact
life and work of S.M. Dubnov, The : diaspora nationalism and Jewish history
Modern English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English dictionary.
My future is in America : autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish immigrants
Naye tsayṭ (Detroit, Mich.)
News of the Yivo.
Old demons, new debates : anti-Semitism in the West
Ot Avraama do sovremennosti : lekt︠s︡ii po evreĭskoĭ istorii i literature
Our hometown Vilna : permanent exhibition, inaugurated February 2002 at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.
Oyfḳum (New York, N.Y.)
Plakat żydowski w II Rzeczypospolitej
power of persuasion, The : Jewish posters from pre-war Poland : exhibition catalogue : Warsaw, January 1999
Profiles of a lost world : memoirs of East European Jewish life before World War II
Project Judaica : a joint project of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, the Russian State Humanities University: Newsletter.
Publications of the Yiddish Scientific Institute
Radi︠a︡nsʹka osvita
Raṭnbildung organ fun Folḳombild U.S.S.R.
Resistance : Jewish ghetto fighters and partisans in central Eastern Europe.
Revolutions in print : Jewish publishing under the tsars and the Soviets
Sefer ha-ʻivri bime ha-benayim
Sholem Aleichem in America : the story of a culture hero : di geshikhṭe fun a ḳulṭurheld
Society for the Protection of Jewish Health, The : fighting for a healthy new generation.
Spinoza in the Yiddish mind : an exhibition on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the excommunication of Benedicus de Spinoza, 1656-2006
story of the Jewish Labor Bund, 1897-1997, The : a centennial exhibition
Studies in modern Jewish social history
Studies on Polish Jewry, 1919-1939 : the interplay of social, economic, and political factors in the struggle of a minority for its existence
Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland : a portrait based on Jewish community records, 1944-1947
Tory szkolne
Undzer haymshṭaṭ Ṿilne
Vi azoy lebn Poylishe Yidn in di getos.
Yedie's fun Yivo
Yid. shprakh
Yiddish children's literature from the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research : guide to the microfiche collection
Yiddish folksongs from the Ruth Rubin Archive
Yiddish folktales
Yiddish for Russian speakers
Yiddish language
Yiddish linguistics : a classified bilingual index to Yiddish serials and collections, 1913-1958
Yiddish literature in English translation; books published 1945-1967.
Yiddish literature in English translation : list of books in print
Yiddish Scientific Institute: its aims and achievements., The
Yidishe shprakh.
Yidishes folḳs-blaṭ a poliṭish-liṭerarishe tsayṭung
Yidn in Frankraykh : shtudyes un materialn
Yivo annu. Jew. soc. sci.
Yivo annu. rep.
Yivo annual of Jewish social science.
Yivo annual report.
YIVO at 75 : milestones and treasures : an anniversary exhibition
Yiṿo bleṭer : ḥoydesh-shrifṭ fun Yidishn ṿisnshafṭlekhn insṭiṭuṭ.
YIVO encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, The
Yivo news
Yudishe ṿokhenshrifṭ
Zhiznʹ i tvorchestvo S.M. Dubnova.
Введение в Пятикнижие
Документы по истории и культуре евреев в архивах Беларуси : путеводитель
Документы по истории и культуре евреев в архивах Москвы : путеводитель
Еврейская средневековая книга : кодикологические, палеографические, и книговедческие аспекты
От Авраама до современности : лекции по еврейской истории и литературе
ידיעות פון ייווא
ײװא בלעטער : חדש שריפט פון ײשדישן װיסנשאפטלעכן אינסטיטוט.
מאדערן ענגליש-יידיש, יידיש-ענגליש ווערטערבוך
ספר העברי בימי־הביניים.