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ʻOngkān ʻAnāmailōk Phākphư̄n khēt Pāsific Tawœ̄n Tok
Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Regional Office for the Western Pacific of the World Health Organization
Światowa Organizacja Zdrowia Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Światowa Organizacja Zdrowia Western Pacific Region
W.H.O. Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Western Pacific Regional Office
WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
WHO/Western Pacific Regional Office
World Health Organization Bureau régional du Pacifique occidental
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific
World Health Organization Western Pacific Region
World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office
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World Health Organization (see also from)
Clinical guidelines for withdrawal management and treatment of drug dependence in closed settings
Foundational module on poverty
Guidance on testing and counselling for HIV in settings attended by people who inject drugs improving access to treatment, care, and prevention.
health aspects of food and nutrition, The : a manual for developing countries in the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization.
Health research methodology a guide for training in research methods.
Integrating poverty and gender into health programmes a sourcebook for health professionals : module on mental health
Intercountry Workshop on the Role of the Broadcast Media in the Prevention and Control of HIV Infection and AIDS, Sydney, Australia 26-30 March 1990 : report
Joint meeting of the Western Pacific Advisory Committee on Health Research and Directors of Health Research Councils of Analogous Bodies, Manila, Philippines, 10-14 August 1992
kansongsoem sukhaphap nai honghian
Management information systems in the context of district health systems
migration of skilled health personnel in the Pacific Region, The
Module on curricular integration
Module on HIV/AIDS
Module on sexual and reproductive health
Orientation on harm reduction three-hour training course.
Promoting health and equity from policy to action : cases from the Western Pacific Region.
Regional meeting of the national fellowship officers : report
Regional Training Course on Health Library Operations and Management
Regional Working Group on Child Mental Health, convened by the Regional Office for the Western Pacific of the World Health Organization, Singapore, 13-16 November, 1985.
Regional Workshop on Innovative Approaches to Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning
Regional Workshop on National Planning of Rehabilitation and Disability Prevention Programmes
Report : meeting of the subcommittees of the WPACHR on environmental health, health promotion, and health systems research
Report of the regional director to the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific
Report : WHO/Japan Joint Conference on Integrated Strategy for the Control of AIDS and Other Human Retroviral Infections and Hepatitis B, Tokyo, Japan, 5-9 October 1987
Report : Working Group on the Safety and Efficacy of Herbal Medicine, Philippines, 5-9 October 1992
Report : Workshop on Healthy Cities: Preparing for the 21st Century, Malacca, Malaysia, 11-14 October 1999
rept on the intercountry workshop
Surveillance report
Training workbook on water safety plans for urban systems
Tuberculosis control in the South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions.
Western Pacific country health information profiles
Western Pacific reports and studies
Western Pacific series
Western Pacific surveillance and response journal : WPSAR.
WHO in action : the newsletter of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office.
WHO regional publications.
WHO/SPC Intercountry Workshop on Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control in the South Pacific
WHO/SPC Refresher Course on Tuberculosis and Leprosy : Report
who western pacific regional office supported research projects
Women's health : Western Pacific Region
work of WHO in the Western Pacific region, The : annual report of the regional director to the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific.
Working Group on Future Directions in Nutrition
Working Group on Regional Information Network on Antimicrobial Resistance
Working Group on Seroepidemiological Tools for Control Programmes in Tropical Diseases : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9-13 November 1987.
Workshop on Alcohol and Drug-Related Problems in Micronesia : report
Workshop on Children's Oral Health
Workshop on healthy cities
Workshop on Management and Maintenance of Biomedical Equipment in the South Pacific : report
Workshop on the Regional Biomedical Information Programme
Workshops on the Assessment and Development of National Health Information Systems (NHIS) and Epidemiological Surveillance, convened by the Regional Office for the Western Pacific of the World Health Organization, Manila, Philippines, 23-27 September 1985 and Suva, Fiji, 21-25 October 1985.
World Health Organization regional publications. Western Pacific series