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John II Williamson
John Williamson
John Williamson (britischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
John Williamson (britisk økonom)
John Williamson (Brits econoom)
John Williamson (brittisk ekonom)
John Williamson (economista britannico)
John Williamson (English economist (1937))
John Williamson (profesor y economista británico, reconocido por acuñar el término "Consenso de Washington")
John Williamson (Scottish-American painter (1826-1885))
Williamson, J.
Williamson, J. H.
Williamson, John
Williamson, John (American painter, 1826-1885)
Williamson, John H.
Williamson, John Harold
Williamson, John II
Wilyāmsūn, Ǧūn
Джон Уильямсон
جان ویلیامسون (اقتصاددان بریتانیایی)
جون وليامسون،
وليامسون، جون،
ウィリアムソン, J
ウィリアムソン, ジョン
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Musical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Aghion, B.A.
Ahearne, Alan
Balassa, Bela A.
Bazdresch Parada, Carlos
Bergsten, C. Fred
Bergsten, C. Fred (1941-...)
Birdsall, Nancy
Black, Stanley W.
Bottrill, Anthony
Buira, Ariel
Calvo, Guillermo
Cline, William R.
Deese, Brian
Drabek, Z.
ebrary, Inc
Edison, Hali J.
Henderson, Dale
Institute for International Economics (Estats Units d'Amèrica)
Institute for International Economics (U.S.)
Institute for International Economics (Washington, DC) Affiliation (see also from)
Jeanne, Olivier
Khan, Mohsin S.
Lee, Kyung Tae
Lessard, Donald R.
Miller, Marcus
Miller, Marcus H.
Milner, Chris
Paling, Richard
Park, Yung Chul
Peterson Institute for International Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Pisani-Ferry, Jean
Reisen, Helmut
Sibbald, Helen
Subramanian, Arvind
Waite, David
Whiteford, Frank
Williamson, J.
Williamson, John
Wood, Geoffrey E
صندوق النقد العربى
ندوة "متطلبات التكامل الاقتصادي العربي في المجال النقدي" (١٩٨٠ : أبو ظبي)
須田, 美矢子 (1948-)
2009 Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates
Acerca de la liberalización de la cuenta de capitales
Adjusting to success balance of payments policy in the East Asian NICs
Advice on the Choice of an Exchange-Rate Policy.
African debt and financing
After the Washington consensus : restarting growth and reform in Latin America
Análisis comparado sobre la crisis y los rescates financieros de México (1995) y los Estados Unidos (2008)
Another case of profitable destabilising speculation
Assessing Agglomeration Impacts in Auckland: Phase 1
Bank lending to developing countries : the policy alternatives
Born on the Fourth of July : Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Britain's role in EMU : a positive approach
British Inflation: Indigenous or Imported?, The
Capital flight and Third World debt
Capital flight: the problem and policy responses
Case for a Basket, Band and Crawl (BBC) Regime for East Asia, The
Case for Roughly Stabilizing the Real Value of the Dollar., The
choice of a pivot for parities., The
Choosing Monetary Arrangements for the 21st Century: Problems of a Small Economy
Comment on McKinnons's Monetary Rule.
Contribution by John Williamson
Crawling Band as an Exchange Rate Regime: Lessons from Chile, Colombia and Israel, The
crawling band as an exchange-rate regime, The : lessons from Chile, Colombia, and Israel
Crawling Bands or Monitoring Bands: How to Manage Exchange Rates in a World of Capital Mobility.
Curbing the Boom-Bust Cycle: Stabilizing Capital Flows to Emerging Markets
Currency Basket for East Asia, Not Just China, A
Currency convertibility in Eastern Europe
Currency Wars?
Current Currency Situation, The
Debt Relief for Egypt?
Delivering on debt relief : from IMF gold to a new aid architecture
Democracy and the "Washington consensus"
Do Development Considerations Matter for Exchange Rate Policy?
Dollar adjustment how far ? against what ?
Dollar/Euro Exchange Rate, The
Dollar overvaluation and the world economy
Eastern transition to a market economy: a global perspective., The
Economic consequences of Soviet disintegration
economic opening of Eastern Europe, The
Economic theory and international monetary fund policies
EMS, the emerging European monetary system
Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, May 2010
Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, May 2011
Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, May 2012
Estimating Equilibrium Exchange Rates
Estudos sobre desenvolvimento econômico
Euro: only for the agile, The
Exchange Rate Economics
Exchange-Rate Flexibility and Reserve Use.
Exchange rate flexibility, target zones, and policy coordination
Exchange Rate Management: The Role of Target Zones.
Exchange Rate Policy and Development Strategy.
Exchange Rate Policy in Brazil
Exchange rate regimes for emerging markets : reviving the intermediate option
Exchange rate rules : the theory, performance, and prospects of the crawling peg
Exchange rate system, The
Failure of world monetary reform, 1971-74, The
FEERs and the ERM
Financial Implications of Reserve Supply Arrangements (Implications financières des dispositifs de reconstitution en réserves) (Las consecuencias financieras de los arreglos relativos a la oferta de reservas), The
Financial intermediation beyond the debt crisis
financing procedures of British foreign trade, The
Floating exchange rates and national economic policy : S.W. Black. (Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1977) pp. xvii + 204, $12.95
From Soviet disunion to Eastern economic community ?
future of the global financial system, The
Future of the Reserve System, The
G-7's joint-and-several blunder, The
Getting Surplus Countries to Adjust
Global economics in extraordinary times : essays in honor of John Williamson
Global imbalances: time for action
Higher education using teleconferencing, available resources & access
IMF conditionality
Impact of Customs Unions on Trade in Manufactures., The
Implications of the East Asian Crisis for Debt Management
In Memoriam : Fred Hirsch 1931-1978
In Memoriam sermons and addresses by the late Rèv. ---,M.A.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade : Original motion picture soundtrack
Inflation and indexation : Argentina, Brazil, and Israel
Inflation and stabilisation in Latin America : Rosemary Thorp and Laurence Whitehead, eds., (Macmillan, London, 1979) pp. xi+285, [UK pound]20.
Inflation, exchange rates, and the world economy : W.M. Corden, (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1977) pp. 160.
Interactive multimedia : practise and promise
International Monetary Fund 1972-1978: Cooperation on trial, The : Margaret Garritsen de Vries, (International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, 1985) Vols. I and II, Narrative and Analysis, pp. xxxiii+ 1152, Vol. III, Documents, pp xii + 657, $60
International monetary issues and the developing countries: a comment
International monetary reform : a specific set of proposals
International Monetary System: An Analysis of Alternative Regimes, The
international monetary system, The : An analysis of alternative regimes
Introduction: Is the Era of the Dollar Over?
Is Brazil Next?
John Williamson on Carol Graham: iHappiness Around the World/i
Kawase rēto to kokusai kyōchō
Kiki kanri handobukku.
Kokusai tsūka seido no sentaku : Higashiajia tsūkaken no kanōsei
Latin American adjustment how much has happened?
Letter: The Spence Commission and the Washington Consensus
Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data. Geert Molenberghs and Geert Verbeke
National monetary policies and international monetary cooperation : D.R. Hodgman (Little, Brown, Boston, 1974) ix + 266 pp., $12.95.
New Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates
New Facility for the IMFA New Facility for the IMF, A
New SDR allocation ?, A
Notes on Equilibrium Exchange Rates: January 2010
Oak king, the holly king and the unicorn, The : the myths and symbolism of the unicorn tapestries
On estimating the income effects of British entry to the EEC.
On evaluating and extending the target zone proposal
On Seeking to Improve the IMF Conditionality.
On the characterization of good economic policy: Is there a consensus?
On the optimal currency peg for developing countries : Reply
On the System in Bretton Woods.
organization and economics of distribution, The
Outlook for Debt Relief or Repudiation in Latin America., The
Pakistan and the World Economy
Payments Objectives and Economic Welfare (Objectifs de balance des paiements et bien-être économique) (Objetivos de pagos y el bienestar econoómico)
Pedro Aspe, Economic Transformation the Mexican Way
Pension funds, capital controls and macroeconomic stability
Philosophy, love and life
Phonics plus, level D
Political economy and international money : selected essays of John Williamson
Political economy of policy reform, The
Proposals for curbing the boom-bust cycle in the supply of capital to emerging markets
Prospects for adjustment in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico : responding to the debt crisis
Prospects for avoiding crises with liberalized capital flows
Proto-EMU as an alternative to Maastricht
Reference rates and the International Monetary System
Réussites du Sud-Est asiatique dans le commerce mondial, Les : Corée, Hong Kong, Singapour, Taïwan
Role of the IMF: A Guide to the Reports, The
Roundtable on Exchange Rate Policy
Rules for Correcting External Imbalances
Sekai keizai to makuro riron
Shock Therapy and the Washington Consensus: A Comment
Simple Neo-Keynesian Growth Model., A
South Asian experience with growth, The
strange history of the Washington consensus, The
survey of financial liberalization
survey of the literature on the optimal peg, A
Surveys in Applied Economics: International Liquidity.
Target Zones and the Management of the Dollar
Targets and indicators : a blueprint for the international coordination of economic policy
Trade and payments after Soviet disintegration
Two conventions of labor.
Understanding Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)
United States and Canada, the quest for free trade an examination of selected issues
Voluntary approaches to debt relief
What role for currency boards?
What Role of Currency Boards?
What Should the World Bank Think about the Washington Consensus?
Whether and When to Liberalize Capital Account and Financial Services.
Who needs to open the capital account
Why SDRs Could Rival the Dollar
World economic problems
World economy : A textbook in international economics
worldwide system of reference rates, A
Years of Emerging Market Crises: A Review of Feldstein, The
التكامل النقدي العربي : (المبررات، المشاكل، الوسائل)
国際通貨制度の選択 : 東アジア通貨圈の可能性
為替レートと国際協調 : 目標相場圈とマクロ経済政策
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