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Bear McCreary
Bear McCreary (ABD'li müzisyen ve besteci)
Bear McCreary (American composer and musician)
Bear McCreary (Amerikaans componist)
Bear McCreary (amerikansk komponist)
Bear McCreary (amerikansk kompositör)
Bear McCreary (auteur et compositeur américain)
Bear McCreary (US-amerikanischer Komponist und Musiker)
Ber Makriri
Mac Creary, Bear
MacCreary, Bear
Mc Creary, Bear
McCreary, Bear
Бер Макрири
Бэр Маккрири (американский композитор)
آبشار مک‌کرری (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Adler, Duane
Andelson, Amy
Bt4 (isMemberOf)
Chu, Jon (1979-...)
Malambri, Rick (1982-...)
Marinca, Anamaria (1978-....))
McCreary, Brendan (co-performer)
Meyer, Emily
Sevani, Adam G. (1992-...)
Spence, Sebastian (1969-...)
Taylor, Michael (19..-.... scénariste)
The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Vinson, Sharni (1983-...)
Voxhaul Broadcast (Musical group)
Yarbrough, Raya (1979-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
10 Cloverfield Lane
125 Yards
Aardvark to Zymurgy
Abominog Battle
Above the Canopy
Adama Falls
Adama in the Memorial Hallway
Adama Name, The
Admiral and Commander
Afraid in Alaska
Aftermath of the Uprising
agents du SHIELD
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Overture
Airborne and Lethal
Airlock 6
Alex Meets Zhen Zhen
Alien DNA
Alkenny People, The
All Along the Watchtower
All Debts Paid
All Saints
All That Remains
Alliance, The
Allison's Theme
Allyson's Past
Alone in the Cave
Altar Sacrifice
Am Still Here, I
Amanda Graystone
Amanda's Epiphany
Amanda's Forgiveness
American Dream, An
Among the Ruins
Amy Resurrects
Andromache, The
Andromeda’s Eye
Andy at Bat
Andy Goode's Turk
Angel Island
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie
Animation Schizophrenia
Anime Christmas Battle
Antidote, The
Apocalypse: Blood & Chrome
Apocalypse, Part I
Apocalypse, Part II
Apocalypse (Theme From “The Plan”) (live)
Apothecary, The
Ark Corporation Theme Song
Arriving at Pegasus
Arrow Through Two Heads
Art of Seduction, The
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper
Assassination in Milan
Assault on the Colony
Astrolabe, The
Asylum Fight
At the Door
Atlanta Belongs to the Dead Now
Atomic Al's Merry Melody
Attack at Marin
Attack of the Bumblebee
Attack of the Vatos Ostinato
Attack on the Scorpion Shipyards
Attic, The
Automated Cylon Transmission Relay
Ava and Michael
Ava and Tesla Return
Ava and the Rocket
Ava's Sacrifice
Awesome American Car, An
Baba Unleashed
Baby Splooge Lives
Back to Live Action
Back to the Hospital
Bad Influence
Badge, The
Bag of Guns
Bakra, The
Baltar Panics
Baltar's Dream
Baltar's Sermon
Baltar Speaks With Adama
Banner of Captain Flint, The
Baroque Chess Match
Battle for Control
Battle in Boston
Battle of Otranto, The
Battle of San Francisco, The
Battle of the Volge
Battle on the Asteroid
Battlestar galactica blood & chrome
Battlestar Galactica I
Battlestar Galactica II
Battlestar Galactica: Season 2: Original Soundtrack From the Sci Fi Channel Television Series
Battlestar Galactica: Season 3: Original Soundtrack From the Sci Fi Channel Television Series
Battlestar Galactica: Season 4: Original Soundtrack From the SyFy Television Series
Battlestar Galactica: Season One: Original Soundtrack From the Sci Fi Channel Television Series
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and Razor: Original Soundtrack From the SyFy Special Events
Battlestar Muzaktica
Battlestar Operatica
Battlestar Sonatica
Becca's Past
Before the Votans
Bell Tower, The
Ben Venga Maggio
Beside the Dying Fire
Big Bang, The
Birds Before Nerds
Birth Of Baby Splooge
Birth of Chucky
Birth of the Monster
Birthday Candles
Black Market
Black Room, The
Black Sails Main Title
Black Sails Theme and Variations
Blood Brothers
Blood Lust
Blood on the Moor
Blood on the Scales
Bloody Amy
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind
Bogey Threat
Bold and Fearless
Boomer Flees
Boomer Takes Hera
Boss Battle and Game Over
Bottle of Japanese Whiskey, A
Boy Main Title, The
Boy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Brazen Head, The
Brazil Nuts
Break My Heart
Brianna and Roger Theme
Brianna in the Snow
Bright Red Flash, A
Broadmoor Asylum
Bryan and Cassie
Bullet Train
Burn, The
Burning Distrust
Bye, Baby Bunting
Cabin, The
Cally Descends
Camera Obscura
Campside Massacre
Can’t Save Everyone
Cape Keeps Watch, The
Cape Main Title, The
Caprica Abides (Instrumental Version)
Caprica Buccaneers Theme
Caprica City, Before the Fall
Caprica End Credits
Caprica Main Title
Caprica: Original Soundtrack From the Sci fi Channel Television Pilot Episode
Caprica - Theme for Solo (piano)
Caprica Theme (sketch)
Captain Kidd
Car Accident, A
Car Attack
Car Skis
Card Game, The
Carnival of Crime, The
Casino Attack
Castithan Bath
Castle Leoch
Catherine Weaver
Cavil Kills and Cavil Spares
CDC, Part I, The
CDC, Part II, The
Cecil and Orson
Celebration at the Stork Club
Cello Concerto
Cello Lead Line
Central America
Cerberus Dance (demo)
Chance's Old Boss
Chance's Theme (Sketch Version 1)
Chance's Theme (Sketch Version 2)
Chance Takes the Job
Chaos in the Cockpit
Charge of the Highland Cattle
Cheval Toutes Homes a Cheval, A
Child's Play Theme (1988)
Children of Caprica
Children of Jerlamarel, The
Chillerama Main Title / Floyd’s Bean Bag
Chucky's Trap
City of Ghosts, The
City of Worms
City Without the City
Civilian Standoff on the Scylla
Clans of the Space Pirates
Clarice Willow
Clawhammer's Betrayal
Claymation Allison
Claymation World
Clean Pease Strae
Cleansing the Sinner
Cloverfield Paradox, The
Cluster Bombard
Cobblestone and Fog
Coker and Kirby
Coker's (interlude)
Coker's Photo
Collaboration and Friendship, A
Collector, The
Colonial Anthem
Colossal Finale, Part 1, The
Colossal Finale, Part 2, The
Colossal Prologue
Come Play Pretty Greta
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye
Coming Home
Commercial Jingles
Concerto for Insects
Concerto for Tuba and Goggles
Concrete Cell, The
Confronting Baptiste
Confronting Chess
Confronting Oscar
Coniglio Alla Cacciatora
Control and Power
Convergence at Zed Mart
Converging Overload
Conversion Disorder
Cosmically Astounding
Courthouse Brawl
Crash Site
Creepy Gas Station
Cromartie in the Hospital
Cronhite Bunker
Crying Doll, The
Crypt, The
Cult of Baltar, The
Cupcake, The
Curse of the Yurei
Cybernetic Life Form Node
Cylon Prisoner, The
Cylon Spy, A
Cylon Whisperer, The
Da Vinci's Demons - Collector's Edition
Da Vinci's Demons End Credits
Da Vinci’s Demons Main Title (Season Three)
Da Vinci's Demons Main Title Theme
Da Vinci's Demons: Season 2
Da Vinci's Demons: Season 3
Dale For Dinner
Dale To The Rescue
Dale Vigilante
Dance Beneath the Ice
Dangerous Diversion
Daniel Captures the Code (Expanded Version)
Danny's Killer
Dariush the Great
Dark Matter
Dark Unions
Dark Void End Credits
Dark Void Zero Cinematic
Dark Woods
Darkness Falls
Day Four
Day One
Day Three
Day Two
Day Will Come, The
Deactivating Chucky
Dead Man
Dead Will Rise, The
Dear Dad
Death Beneath the Horns
Death in the Tunnels
Death Mwauthzyx Rises
Death of the Guatrau
Death of Vince Faraday, The
Deathbed and Maelstrom
Deathication (Movement Number Two)
Debutante, The
Deep Vision, A
Defending the Ark
Defiance Main Title
Defiance (Original Television Soundtrack)
Defiance (Original Video Game Soundtrack)
Delivering the Message
Demon Apes
Depth Perception
Derek Reese
Derek's Mission
Descending Into the Dark
Destiny on Culloden Moor
Destroying the Evidence
Détour mortel 2
Devil's Mark, The
Devil's Mouth, The
Diaspora Oratorio
Differently Sentient, The
Dinner Party, The
Dirty Hands
Distant Sadness, A
District Activities
Dive Bar, The
Do No Harm
Down Home Salvation
Dragon Capsule, The
Dreilide Thrace Sonata no. 1
Drifting in the Dark
Drill, The
Driver Closes In
Driver Gets Marilyn, The
Driving Away
Duel, The
Dweller, The
Early Writing
Earn Our Valor
Easter Mass
Easterly View, An
Echoes of an Old Life
Electric Guitar and Benjo
Electrical Substation
Eli on the Run
Eli Reborn
Eliza Merrett
Ellison Spared
Emergency Landing
Emma Barnes
Emma's Bra
End Credits (Theme From "Wrong Turn 2")
Enlightened, The
Epic Battle of Evermore, The
Escape From Atlanta
Escape From the Farm
Eureka on My Mind
Eureka: Original Soundtrack From the Sci-Fi Channel Television Series
Europa Report (for solo piano)
Europa Report: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Everly End Credits
Everyone's Dumb
Evie Frye
Explosions In the Atmosphere
Eye Need a Needle
Eye of the Storm
Failed Rescue
Falcon, The
Fallen Through Time
Familiar Blacksmith, The
Family Photos
Far From Over
Faraday Family, The
Faradays Are Fighters
Farewell Apollo
Fargo's Theme
Farm Invasion
Father Voss
Fernando Phagabeefy
Festival, The
Fever Dream Jim
Fiendish Test, The
Fight Night
Fighting Kendrick Taylor
Fighting to Survive
Final Boss Battle
Final Confrontation, The
Final Procedure, The
Final Reel, The
Finding the Pamphlet
Firing Excalibur
First Gods, The
Flesh and Bone
Flesh of the Abyssinian
Flight Attendant Wilson
Flight of the Columbina
Flipping the Plane
Flooded Fields, The
Florence Under Siege
Fluid Dynamics
Fog Over Fenway
Follow the Leader
Follow the Rope
Following the Rules
For Andrew
Forest Main Title, The
Forest: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Forgive Me
Fort William Rescue
Fortress, The
Four Heroes
Fraser Family Reunion
Fraser Officer Survived, A
Fraser's Ridge
Friends Until the End
Fugue in Z Minor
Funeral at Sea
Funeral Pyre
Fuse, The
Future of the Sons of Mithras, The
Gabriel's New Family
Gaeta's Lament (instrumental)
Galactica, The
Game Master, The
General Dark Onward
Gentle Execution
Ghidorah Theme
Ghost Fish
Ghost Fleet, The
Ghosts of Palm City
Giant's Prayer, A
Giant Snow Ninja
Gift from Taiko, A
Gina Escapes
Giving the Time
Glenn’s Wheels
Glider, The
God of War E3 2016 Overture (live)
Godzilla: King of the Monsters: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Godzilla Main Title
Gold Team
Good Lighter, A
Goodbye Old Friend
Goodbye Sam
Goodnight Brahms
Gorman's Orders
Government Armada
Governor, The
Grand Old Lady
Gravely Mistaken Identity
Graystone Family, The
Graystone Plays Nomion Variations
Greatest Circus Act That Ever Lived, The
Gregor Molotov
Gregor the Great's Carnival of Fear
Grieving (Alternate Version)
Guerro and Sergei
Gwen’s Theme
Hail Hydra
Hand of God, The
Hand Surgery
Handfasting Ceremony, The
Happy Death Day 2U End Credits
Happy Family, A
Have a Beer
Hazmat Suit
He Was Writing
Healing, The
Healing Wounds
Heart of the Sun, The
Heathers, The
Heeding the Call
Heist, The
Helicopter Rescue
Hell Lord Abominog, The
Helo Chase
Helo in the Warehouse
Helo Rescued
Henry and Beverly
Henry's Theme
Herd on the Highway
Here Be Dragons
Hidden Map, The
Hieroglyphs and Betrayal
High Scores
Highway Battle
Highwire Training
Holding the Trigger
Holiday Heroes
Hollow Earth, The
Holly and the Ivy, The
Homeless Blues
Honey Pot
Horned God, The
Horse, The
Hospital Pursuit
House of Medici, The
Howard Scott Warshaw
Human Target (Season 1)
Humvee Chase
Hunting Dale
Husker in Combat
Hybrid Awaits, The
Ice Breaker
Ice Cave, The
Ice Cubes
Ice Skating
Ima Kama
Imaginary Kingdom
Impending War
Imperator, The
Impossible Planet
In the Basement
In the Wall
In This Waking Life
Inner Sanctum
Innocence (Theme from Rebel in the Rye)
Inspiration at War
Into Paris
Into the Forest
Into The Mill
Into the Wasteland
Into the West
Invasion of Otranto
Irrecoverable Error
Jack and Callie
Jack the Ripper
Jennifer and Omar
Jesus, He Forgives You Too
Jingle Bells
John and Riley
John Grey
Join This Fight
Joseph and Daniel
Journey to Aokigahara
Joyful Tears
Justice Takes Time
Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri
Kara Remembers
Kara's Coordinates
Karen and Andy
Kaslan Car
Kaslan Theme
Kat's Sacrifice
Katherine's Killer
Katherine's Theme (Solo Piano Version)
Katherine Walters File, The
Kendra and the Hybrid
Kendra's Memories
Key to Coexistence, The
Key to Lallybroch, The
Kids and the Truth, The
Kill All Others
Killer in the Park, A
Killer Robots
King of the Monsters
Kingdom of Eliphaz, The
Kiss, The
Kitchen Battle
Knights of Badassdom
Kobol's Last Gleaming
Lacey and the Cylon
Lacey and Zoe-A
Lacey and Zoe (Expanded Version)
Lacey's Test
Landfill, The
Landing on Europa
Larva, The
Laser Cannon, The
Last Battle of the Osiris, The
Last Stand, The
Launch Sequence
Laura Runs
Laura's Baptism
Leave the Past Behind
Let's Just Pretend
Liberta Populi
Liberty Song, The
Lich, The
Life in America
Life You Deserve, The
Lift Off
Lights Out
Line, The
Little Big Bang
Living in the Past
Living the Dream
Lonely Woman
Looney World
Lord of the Vatos
Lords of Kobol
Losing Side of History, The
Love You, I
Lovers, The
Lucrezia and Leonardo
Lucrezia Donati
Lullaby of the Giants
Machu Picchu
Madera Combat
Maghra’s Fable
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Magni and Modi
Main Title Theme Song (UNKLE remix)
Main Title (US version)
Major Kendra Shaw
Man of Worth
Mandala in the Clouds
Maria and Chance
Maria Gallego
Marilyn’s Blues
Marin Exploration
Marriage Contract, The
Martial Law
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Original Soundtrack Album
Mask of Fargo, The
Mask Room, The
Mass Awakening, A
Massacre at Valinore
Maverick Regeneration
Mayhem on the Colonies
Means to an End
Meat Grinder, The
Mechanical Fish and the Scorpion, The
Meeting Brahms
Memories of Jesse
Memories of Mother
Memories of San Francisco
Men In Masks
Mercy of the Living, The
Merle Rants
Message for Ava, A
Message from Megan
Message to Morgan
Messages From Mother
MexUSCan National Anthem
Miles Dyson's Grave
Military Camp Rescue
Military Evacuation
Minor Begins
Minor Meets Murray
Miserius Omnium
Mission Begins, The
Mistake, A
Modus Operandi
Monastery in the Mountains
Monday the 18th Again
Monotheism at the Athena Academy
Monster Hypothesis, A
Moon Breakers
Most Irresponsible Thing, The
Mothra’s Song
Motorcycle Escape
Motorcycle Robot Chase
Mount Tam
Mr. and Mrs. Randall
Mrs. Fitz
Murder of George Merrett, The
Murray Family, The
Must Get out of Here
Mutant Cannibal Incest
Mutant Space Worms
Mutants of Delta Bunker
Mysterious Green Stuff
Mysterious Jungle, A
Naga Formation
Nassau Shores
Nation of Thieves, A
Nerd Nightmares
Nerdy Hero, The
New Cap City Theme (demo)
New Champion, The
New Christopher Chance, The
New Day Ahead, A
New Doll, The
New Friend, A
New Memories
New Michelle, The
New Pope, A
New York City Arrival
Nicole Fights Back
Nicole’s Ghost
Nicole's Private Demon
Night at Global Dynamics, A
Nina's Theme
Ninth Realm, The
No Journey Too Far
No Thoughts No Words
No Threats
Noche De Sueños
Nolan and Irisa Reunite
Not a Pacifist
Nuke for Fargo, A
O Little Town of Eureka
Obelisk, The
Officer's Story, An
Old Chance
Old Life, An
Old Rivals
Olympic Carrier, The
On the Beach
On the Bus
On the Road
One Hell of a Show
One Last Measure
One Who Is Many, The
One Year Later
Onslaught At the Bridge
Oonlight Serenade
Opposite Sides
Orwell's Dream
Orwell's Recovery
Ottoman Empire, The
Out of Game
Out of the Mirror
Out the Window
Outlander: The Series: Original Television Soundtrack, Season 2
Outlander: The Series: Original Television Soundtrack, Season 3
Outlander: The Series: Original Television Soundtrack, Season 4
Outlander: The Series: Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Outlander: The Series: Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition)
Outlander, Volume 1
Outlander, Volume 2
Outpost 32
Outside the Hospital
Outsmarting the Assassins
Pact of Brothers
Painful Memories
Paint a Bullseye
Palle! Palle! Palle!
Palm Reading
Parson's Farewell, The
Passage of Time, The
Passing the Mantle
Patience Ren Gill
Peaks Pass
Pegasus Aftermath
People Disappear All the Time
People of Accomplishment
Perfect Creatures
Phone Call and the Letter, The
Phosphorous Batshit Bombs
Photographer’s Wish, The
Pieces of Eight
Piero da Vinci
Plan Main Title, The
Plea for Death
Port Yard Deaths
Portrait in Courage
Prehistoric Love Spores
"Prelude to War" for Accordion Orchestra - Single
Pretty Brave After All
Princes of the Universe
Prisoner, The
Prisoners of War
Professor And The Madman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Prologue and Main Title
Promise of John Grey, The
Promise to Return, A
Prophesized One, The
Pursuit of Vengeance / Theme from SOCOM 4 (8-bit edition), The
Quarry Fishing
Queen Kane
Queen of the Monsters
Rat Blood
Rattlesnake on the Highway
Razad's Tarocco
Razor Main Title
Reach of Your Godhood, The
Reason to Stay, A
Rebel in the Rye End Credits
Red in the River
Reese Boys, The
Refugees Return
Removing Cameron's Chip
Rendezvous in the Mountains
Request from Whit, A
Rescuing Nina
Rescuing Orwell
Rest Stop: Dead Ahead
Rest Stop: Don't Look Back
Resurrection Hub
Return to Brianna
Return to Compassion, A
Reuniting the Fleet
Revelation and Transference
Reversing River, The
Revolt (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Riario Confesses
Rick and Glenn on the Run
Rick and Glenn Rescued
Rick’s Despair
Ride to Atlanta
Ridgecrest Mine
Riding Bikes
Righting Wrongs
Rim of the World (Original Music From The Netflix Film)
Rise of Ghidorah
Rising Tide, The
Rites of Passage
River Run
Road Rage
Roadside Assistance
Rock Wall Battle
Rocket Launch
Rosebud Motherfu**er
Rosemary’s Picnic Table
Roslin and Adama Reunited
Roslin Confesses
Roslin Escapes
Round One
Rube Goldberg Death Machine
Runaway Train
Running Out of Time
Rupert is Next
Russian Embassy, The
Ryan to the Rescue
S.A.R.A.H. Mobile, The
Sadist, The
San Francisco Shadows
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Sarah Connor's Theme
Sarah’s Last Night
Satellite Symbol
Save the Fans
Scales Goes Rogue
Scales in the Cage
Scar Stories
Science Project, The
Scientific Complex
Searching for Merle
Searing Heat
Secret Archives, The
Seducing Ryan
See: Season 1 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack)
Separate Ways
Setting Sail
Severed Zombie Head
Sewing the Mask
Sexy dance 3
Shape of Things to Come, The
She Must Rule
Sheriff Carter's Theme
Showdown at Union Station
Sigillum Dei Aemaeth, The
Signal, The
Silver Overboard
Simply Grand
Ski Lodge Battle
Skyhook Rescue
Slightly Badass
Sninjas Attack
Snowball Adventure
Snowball Fight
So Many Lost
So Much Life
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs
Solving Equations
Someone to Trust
Something Dark Is Coming
Sons of Mithras, The
Source Music (medley)
Sparing Guerrero
Stable Beam, A
Stalker at the Gym
Standing in the Mud
Starbuck Disappears
Starbuck on the Red Moon
Starbuck's Destiny
Starbuck Takes on All Eight
Stealing the Orca
Step up 3D
Stephanie's Ring
Stephen Bonnet Theme
Still See You, I
Stone Mason
Stop Running
Storming New Caprica
Story 2
Story of Death Mwauthzyx, The
Story of the Shield, The
Streets of Nassau
Summit, The
Summoning, The
Super Photon Generator
Surprise for Andy, A
Survivor Camp Combat
Switching Sides
Taggart Claus
Taggart's Theme
Tainted Popcorn
Taking Down the Lights
Taking Flight
Tale of the Tusks
Tales of Brianna
Tamacti Jun
Tamara Kills
Tamara's Heartbeat
Tango Fight
Tank Yard, The
Tauron Ceremony Song (piano sketch)
Tauron Sacrifice (Expanded Version), A
Tears of the Demon
Technical Difficulties
Telepath Strikes, The
Temple of Five, The
Temporal Distortion
Ten Years Later
Tent, The
"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" End Credits
"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Opening Title
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Original Television Soundtrack
Terrigen Crystals
Terrorism on the Lev
Tesla's Laboratory
Test of Worthiness, The
That Brings Us to Now
Theme From Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie
Theme from Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper
Theme From Black Sails
Theme From Da Vinci’s Demons (extended version)
Theme from Dark Void (Mega version)
Theme from "Dark Void Zero" (Short)
Theme from Defiance (Extended Version)
Theme From Europa Report
Theme from Hell Fest
Theme from Human Target (alternate short version)
Theme from Human Target (long version)
Theme from I Still See You
Theme From Moon Breakers (extended version)
Theme From Revolt
Theme from SOCOM 4
Theme From “The Forest”
Theme from The Walking Dead
Theme from Welcome Home
There's a Storm Coming
This is Awkward
Thousand Times, A
Thousandth Landing, The
Threat of Nuclear Cleaning
Three Questions
Through the Keyhole
Through the Paces
Through the Vortex
Tickle Time
To the Begging I Will Go
To Wentworth
Tom and Marilyn
Tom to the Rescue
Town Called Eureka, A
Tracking Device
Tracking Jamie
Tracy Kress
Trail of Blood
Train Fight
Treasures of the Vatican
Tree Takes Control
Trolley Park Amusements
True Writer, A
Truth From Dariush, The
Turning Point
Two Boomers
Two Funerals
Two Stories
Two Truths One Lie
Two Tuesdays
Two Weddings
Tying Off Losse Ends
Typewriter Drums
Under the Ice
Under the Tank
Under the Wing
Undiscovered Land, The
Unidentified Flying Nerd
Uninvited Guest
Unnatural Things
Up Above
Uprising Begins, The
Urca de Lima, L'
Valley of Doom
Vane's Visions
Vault of Heaven, The
Veil of Time, The
Vengeance at Your Feet
Vergis' Dream
Very Eureka Christmas, A
Vicious Cycle
Victor's Getaway
View, The
Vilana Che Sa Tu Far
Village Attack
Violence and Variations
Violin Textures
Visions and Demons
Vlad the Third
Voice in the Vault, The
Void Requiem
Volge, The
Votan Romance
Walk in the Park, A
Walking Dead (Original Television Soundtrack), The
Walking Dead: Season 1, The
Waltz for Raia
Waltz for Zoe
Wander My Friends
Wandering Madera
Wartime Anxiety
Watch Her Die
Watcher Airship, The
Watcher Prison
Watermelon Man, The
Wayward Soldier
Wedding, The
Wee Wee Man, The
Welcome Home
Welcome to Defiance
Welcome to Hell
Welcome to Monarch
Welcome To the Camp
Welcome to the Tombs
Welcome to the Tribe
When I Am Dead (Film Version)
When You Wish Upon Falling Debris
White Board, The
White Roses of Scotland
White Tiger
Wider Than the Sky
Will and Ava
Will at the River
Willing to Sacrifice
Wind and Rain
Winter Wonderland
Witch Finders
Witch of the Woods
Wondrous Love
Wool Waulking Songs
World of Steam: The Clockwork Heart, The
World Other Than Our Own, A
Worth Dying For
Worthy of Survival
Wrath of the Comte
Wrecks, The
Writing Catcher
Wrong Turn 2 Dead End
You Lied to Me
You Will Regret This
Young Tracy
Zandor's Tale
Zane on the Lam
Zed Mart Massacre
Zhen Zhen and Alex
Zoe Awakens
Zoe's Avatar
Zom-B-Movie Suite
Zombie Walk
І мертві підуть
Лес призраков
Поворот не туда 2: Тупик
Терминатор: Битва за будущее
Терминатор: Хрониките на Сара Конър
მოსიარულე მკვდრები
Քայլող մեռյալները
המתים המהלכים
הסודות של דה וינצ'י
סטפ אפ 3 תלת מימד
الأشرعة السوداء
الغابة (فيلم 2016)
المبيد: سجلات سارا كونورز
الموتى السائرون
بادبان‌های سیاه
تقرير أوروبا
ستيب أب ثري دي
شياطين دا فينشي
شیاطین داوینچی
عملاء شيلد
مأموران شیلد
مردگان متحرک
مردووی ڕۆیشتوو
نابودگر: ماجراهای سارا کانر
ناوبر فضایی گالاکتیکا (مجموعه تلویزیونی ۲۰۰۹)
टर्मिनेटर: द सराह कॉनर क्रॉनिकल्स
द वॉकिंग डेड
बैटलस्टार गैलेक्टिका
ব্ল্যাক সেইলস
ஏஜென்ட்ஸ் ஒப் எஸ்.ஏச்.ஐ.ஈ.எல்.டீ.
เทอร์มิเนเตอร์ กำเนิดสงครามคนเหล็ก
다빈치 디몬스
배틀스타 갈락티카
블랙 세일즈
스텝업 3D
앵그리 비디오 게임 너드
에이전트 오브 S.H.I.E.L.D.
워킹 데드
터미네이터: 사라 코너 연대기
クライモリ デッド・エンド
ターミネーター サラ・コナー・クロニクルズ
外乡人 (2014年美国电视剧)
Contributed to or performed: 
And After All
At the Gates
Battle of Otranto, The
Bear Killer
Bell Tower, The
Buddi Song, The
Castithan Wedding Song
Celebration at the Stork Club
Coming Through the Rye
Crocodile's Fire, The
Da Vinci’s Demons Main Title (Season Three)
Dance Beneath the Ice
Dance of the Druids
Death Beneath the Horns
Eastbound & Down: Music From Season 2
Enlightened, The
Epic Soundtrack and Gaming Music
Fhìdeag Airgid, An
Forever, I
Ghost Fish
Giving the Time
Golden Vanity, The
Gone Again
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Hell Fest
Hospital Pursuit
Invasion of Otranto
Je Suis Prest
Joe’s Power Ballad
Living the Dream
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
Lost to the River
Main Title (US version)
Messages From Mother
Moch Sa Mhadainn
Modus Operandi
Music of Battlestar Galactica for Solo Piano, The
New Pope, A
Ooh Child
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (After Culloden)
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Appalachian Version)
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Caribbean Version)
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Castle Leoch version)
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (extended)
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Jacobite version)
Outlander — The Skye Boat Song (French version)
People of Accomplishment
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: An Anthology Series (Original Soundtrack)
Piero da Vinci
Prayer to Saint Michael
Righting Wrongs
Ritual of Perpetual Motion, The
Samson & Delilah (acapella)
Science Fiction's Finest - Volume One
Setting Sail
Sounds of Heaven: Drama I
Summoning, The
Tale of Otter Tooth, The
Tank Yard, The
Terraform My Heart
Theme from Child's Play
Theme From Da Vinci’s Demons (extended version)
Time After Time
Tree Takes Control
Visions of Lucrezia
Walking Dead: AMC Original Soundtrack, Volume 1, The
Watch Her Die
When I Am Dead
Woman of Balnain, The
You Are My Home
Your Heart Sucks My Soul
Your Heart Sucks My Soul (Garage version)