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el-shabazz, el-Hajj Malik
Hajj Malik el-Shabazz
Hajj Malik el-Shabbaz
Iks, Mālkūm
Little, Malcolm
Malcolm Little
Malcolm (X)
Malcolm X - Pacifica Radio Archives
Malcolm X, Pseud
Malcolm X (pseudonym)
Malcom X
Malik el-Shabazz
Shabāz, Mālik
Shabazz, El-Hajj Malik
Shabazz, Hajj Malik el
X, Malcolm
X, Malcom
ايكس، مالكم
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Projected medium
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Little, Malcolm (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
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Breitman, George
Carle, Guillaume
Endrias, Yonas
Guérin, Anne
Haley, Alex (1921-1992)
Handler, M. S.
Jacob, Günther
King, Martin Luther (1929-1968)
Nixon, Richard M. (1913-1994)
Nixon, Richard Milhous (1913-1994)
Reagan, Ronald
1 The Prospects for Freedom (Part 2)
2 The Prospects for Freedom (Part 2)
80 years of political oratory
Acqua di fuoco
Am Questioning Your Tactics, I
American Civil War
American Courts
American Nightmare, The
arbat muathirat sudaniyah fi fikr malkulim iks wa masiratuhu al daawiyah
Assassination of Malcolm X
Audio materials, 1956-1977
Autobiografia di Malcolm X
autobiographie de Malcolm X, L'
Autobiographie, Die : [die authentische Vorlage zu dem grossen Kinofilm mit Denzel Washington]
Autobiography of Malcolm X, The : with the assistance of Alex Haley
autobiography of Malcom X, The
Ballot or the Bullet, The
Ballots or bullets
black book, The : the true political philosophy of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz)
Black handbook, The : 100 and more quotes by Garvey, Lumumba, and Malcolm X
Black Muslim Beliefs on War
Black Muslim Woman and the White Man
Black power - svart makt : den svarta nationalismen i USA
Black revolution
Black Root
Black United Front
Black Women and White Men
Black Women in Prisions
Blacks in Africa
Brother Minister--the assassination of Malcolm X
By any means necessary (14 min)
By any means necessary; speeches, interviews, and a letter
Chicken And The Duck Egg, The
Civil Rights Legislation
Contro il potere bianco
Crime by Blacks
Crime in Harlem
Derniers discours
Dreams and realities
Earl Sixteen (Version)
Eighty years of political oratory
end of white world supremacy, The : four speeches
Epilogue: I'm The Man That You Think You Are
F.B.I. and Black Muslims
February 1965 : the final speeches
Field Negro, The
Ghosts in our blood : with Malcolm X in Africa, England, and the Caribbean
Government & Integration
Great American speeches 80 years of political oratory
Great American Speeches--eighty years of political oratory
Great speeches of the 20th century.
Great speeches of the twentieth century
Guerilla Warfare
House Negro, The
Housing Conditions in Black Communities
Hustler, Prison Conversion
I'm a field negro (8 min 34 s)
Jobs and the Black People
Jour où j'étais perdul'autobiographie de Malcolm X, Le
Keep that white man's claws off our women (5 min 23 s)
King, Malcolm, Baldwin : three interviews
King, Malcolm, Baldwinthree interviews
Last speeches, The
Lettre à Maurice Thorez
Malcolm X and the Negro revolution: the speeches of Malcolm X;
[Malcolm X audio compilation]
Malcolm X - die Autobiographie
Malcolm X : el poder negre
Malcolm X : El poder negro
malcolm x malcolm x sjalvbiografi
Malcolm X on Afro-American history.
Malcolm X: P.C.
Malcolm X, révolutionnaire noir
Malcolm X speaks : selected speeches and statements
Malcolm X : speeches at Harvard
Malcolm X talar : ett urval anföranden och uttalanden
Malcolm X talks to young people : speeches in the U.S., Britain, and Africa.
Malcolm X talks to young people : speeches in the United States, Britain, and Africa.
Malcolm X talks to young peoplespeeches in the U.S., Britain, and Africa
Malcolm X : the last speeches
Malcolm X : vida y voz de un hombre negro : autobiografía y selección de discursos
Malcolm X.X.X.
message to the grass rootsexcerpts from an adress delivered at King Solomon's Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan, November 10, 1963, to the Northern Grass Roots Leadership Conference, A
Messenger magazine., The
Nation Within Nation
new Black consciousness, A
new columbia encyklopedia, the
No sell out (5 min 35 s et 3 min 57s)vocal
No sell out (6 min 49 s et 3min 40 s)instrumental
No Sell Out (single version)
No Taxation Without Representation
On Black Power
Our African Identity
Pensez par vous-mêmes : un discours
poder negro, El
Police Brutality and Mob Violence
pouvoir noir, Le
pouvoir noirtextes politiques, Le
Prospects for Freedom (Part 2), The
Race War In America
Redlining - Jews & Blacks
Root of Civilization, The
Root of Savagery, The
Schwarze Gewalt Reden
schwarze Tribun Eine Autobiographie, Der
speeches of Malcolm X at Harvard., The
Standing & Fighting
Stop singin' and start swingin' (7 min 40 s)
Stop Singing and Start Swinging
Sur l'histoire afro-américaine
There's No Such Thing as a Non-Violent Revolution
This Is The Era Of Revolution
true Malcolm X speaks., The
Truth Is On The Side Of The Oppressed Today
Two speeches by Malcolm X.
Ultimes discours
Unwed Mothers
vote ou le fusildiscours de Malcolm X prononcé à Cleveland (Ohio), 3 avril 1964, Le
Wahl oder Waffe Rede am 3. April 1964 in der Cory Methodist Church, Cleveland
We want complete separation (13 min 30 s)
We Want To Collect For Our Investment
White Liberals
White Man's Law
White News Media
Who Taught You to Hate Yourself?
wisdom of Malcolm X, The
Words From the Frontlines: Excerpts From the Great Speeches of Malcolm X
Words from the frontlinesexcerpts from the great speeches of Malcolm X
You can't hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree (5 min 52 s)
You'd Be Within Your Rights
You got what's known as "white's disease" (12 min 18 s)
You're a Nigger, Malcolm
You're Dealing With A Silly Man
You're Gonna Catch Hell Just Like I Am
Young Negroes Coming Up, The
Contributed to or performed: 
Arezzo Wave 1990
Black History in Music Sampler 1999
Black Power: Music of a Revolution
Electro: The Definitive Electro & Hip Hop Collection
Great Speeches of the 20th Century
Hip-Hop History: The Collection
Hip-Hop: The Collection
Malcolm X (Music and Dialogue From the Original Soundtrack of the Motion Picture)
Norton Anthology of African American Literature Audio Companion, The
Out Come the Freaks! An Island Post Punk Anthology
Rise Up Mixtape
Sounds & Pressure, Volume 4
Tommy Boy Greatest Beats