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Morris, ..
Morris, Clever Trevor
Morris, Trevor
Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris (Canadees componist)
Trevor Morris (Canadian orchestral composer, music producer, and creator of electronic music)
Trevor Morris (compositeur de musique de film)
Trevor Morris (kanadischer Filmkomponist)
Trevor Morris (kanadský hudební skladatel)
Тревор Моррис
Թրևոր Մորիս
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blue, Callum (1977-...)
Cavill, Henry (1983-....))
Dormer, Natalie (1982-....))
Hirst, Michael (1952-...)
Naxos Digital Services
Neill, Sam (1947-...)
Parry, Ben
Reiné, Roel (1969-)
Rhys-Meyers, Jonathan (1977-...)
Stelmaszyńska, Agnieszka
Vargas, Jacob (1971-)
Weisz, Martin (1966-)
Willis, Bruce (1955- ))
Young, Lee Thompson (1984-2013)
3 agujas
3 needleslPolíglota
Abandoned Academy
Act On Instinct in Game
Adamant Fortress
Adamas Stone, The
Aethelwulf Attacks
Aethelwulf Meets with Kwenthrith
Afterglow (no choir) (30 second version)
Afterglow (no drums, no choir)
Agnes Dies
Aldertree Questions Izzy
Aldrich Theme / The Hunted
Alexander's Nightmare
Alfred Attacks
Alien Substance
All Due Respect, Just Keep Leading
Alley Fight
Alucard Rises
Am Alexander Sixtus, I
Am the Weapon, I
And So It Begins
Android Dream
Angel of Death, The
Angels Feel Pain
Anne Askew Burned
Anne Askew Examined More Closely
Anne Begs Henry
Anne Dreams of Her Childhood
Anne Is Arrested
Anne Made Marquess
Anne Miscarries Her Baby
Anne's Coronation
Anne's Final Walk
Anne's Premonition
Any Regrets
Aren't You the King of England?
Army of Two
Arrival at Orsini's Palace
Arriving In Oz
Ash Tree, The
Aslaug Gives Birth
Aslaug in Pain
Aslaug Is With Child
Ass and an Idiot, An
Athelstan Asks for Freedom
Athelstan is Reborn
Athelstan Translates Scrolls
Athelwulf Is Ambushed
Attack Begins, The
Attack of Lucca
Back In Kansas
Bad Tea
Balance of Human Creation, The
Banning Gathers Intelligence
Banning Steps into Action
Bargain Between Beggars, A
Battle Field
Battle for Kattegat
Battle for the Hill of the Ash
Battle in the Sky
Battle In The Tunnel
Battle Is Won, The
Battle of Brothers
Battle on the Beach
Beast Forever Approaches, The
Beast Forever Rises from the Abject, The
Becoming a Werewolf
Behind Enemy Lines
Behold the Great King of England
Bit of Dried Goat
Bjorn Fights to Save Rollo
Bjorn's Choice
Blast Signature
Blasted Away
Bloody Greist
Bloody Gresit
Blow Up
Blue Control
Borgias la première famille du crime
Borgias, The
Boulogne Falls
Bourbon and Poor Choices
Brandon Loves Bridgette
Brandon Sees Ghosts
Brass Knuckles
Breaking Madame Secretary
Brother vs. Brother
Buckingham Plots for Murder
Building the Wall
Call His Wrath
Calling the Inquisition
Canals, The
Canons of War
Canyon Race 1: Drift Itsumo
Canyon Race 2: Control Onegaishimasu
Canyon Race 3: Suckers, Ogenki Desuka?
Canyon Race 4: Konbawa
Cappuccino Clouds
Capuccino Clouds
Cardinal Fisher Is Executed
Cardinal Fisher's Discovery
Cardinal Wolsey's Secrets
Caribbean Down
Caribbean Up
Castlevania: Music from the Netflix Original Series
Cesare and Lucrezia's Theme
Cesare and Ursula Make Love
Cesare Angry With Micheletto
Cesare Fights the Baron
Champions of the Just
Chill 1
Chill 10
Chill 2
Chill 3
Chill 4
Chill 5
Chill 6
Chill 7
Chill 8
Chill 9
Christmas Tide
Circle, The
Circus Bribe
Circus Caravan on the Yellow Brick Road
Circus Was in Town
City in a Box
City of Bones
Civic Duty
Cloaked Figure Arrives in Kattegat, A
Collateral Damage (30 second version)
colline a des yeux 2
Combat Zone
Command and Conquer 3 (Tiberium Wars)
Commitment to Change, A
Confessions & Arrests
Cornered Wolf
Country at Death's Door, A
Cowardly Lion, The
Crew Race 1: Urban Assault
Crew Race 2: Bending Light
Crew Race 3: Sounding Streets
Cromwell Dispatches the Letter
Cromwell Is Arrested
Cromwell Is Led to His Death
Cromwell's Shifting Sands
Cromwell Visits Anne of Cleves
Culpepper's Secret Rendezvous
Dancing in the Rain
Darius' Ultimatum
Dawn Will Come, The
Day Break / We Will Rise / End Credits
Day-Night Cycle
Days Gone By
Dead or Alive
Deadly Force
Death of Evil
Death of Robert Aske, The
Death on the Bridge
Death race 3
Death race : inferno
Defense Line
Della Rovere Plots
Dereham Tortured
Descent - Aftermath
Descent - Edge of the Abyss
Descent - Legion of the Dead
Descent - Main Theme
Descent - Titan
Desert Winds
Desolate Land, The
Did We Just Start a War?
Dive, Dive, Dive
Do Not Forsake Mankind
Dojo Intruders
Don't Breathe
Don't Get Caught
Don't Jinx Me
Doom 1
Doom 10
Doom 11
Doom 12
Doom 13
Doom 14
Doom 15
Doom 16
Doom 17
Doom 18
Doom 19
Doom 2
Doom 3
Doom 4
Doom 5
Doom 6
Doom 7
Doom 8
Doom 9
Doom Upon All the World
Dorothy and Toto Escape the Castle
Dorothy and Toto Meet Lucas
Dorothy Crucifies Lucas
Dorothy Enters the Tornado
Dorothy in the Nexus
Dorothy’s Path
Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Descent / Trespasser
Dragon Age Inquisition Theme
Dread 1
Dread 2
Dread 3
Dread 4
Dread 5
Dread 6
Dread 7
Dread 8
Dread 9
Dreaming of Killing Anne Boleyn
Drop Attack
Dynastia Tudorów
Earl Accepts the Challenge
Ecbert Sends Athelwulf on a Journey
Elder One Theme, The
Elizabeth Arrives at Court
Ellen's Cave
Ellen Tells Her Story
Emerald City
Emotionally Detached King, An
End of the Line
End Titles / Credits
Enemy Territory
England Reborn
Enter Andropov
Enter The Oracles
Erlendur Shown Sword of Kings
Escape From the Fade
Essence of Thought, The
Execution Ballet, The
Exercise My Ass
Eye of Odin, The
Fall, The
Fantasy Down
Fantasy Up
Farewell to a Queen / Katherine Dies
Fear 1
Fear 10
Fear 11
Fear 12
Fear 2
Fear 3
Fear 4
Fear 5
Fear 6
Fear 7
Fear 8
Fear 9
Feeding Rollo Poison Mushrooms
Fight for Myself, I
Fight in Court, A
Fight So Your Name Survives
Fighting Man
Final Battle (Part 3) (alternate)
Final Chapter / The Legacy of Achievement, The
Final Countdown
Finding Jace
Finish Line
Fire with fire
Fish in a Barrel
Five-O, The
Floki Appears to Kill Athelstan
Floki Curses the Gods
Floki Melt Down
Floki's Fire
Floki's Siege Towers Revealed
Following a Monkey
Fool Criticizes Henry, The
For Thine Is the Kingdom, Power and the Glory
Forest Cathedral
France and Rome Meet on the Battlefield
French Army Enters Rome
French Counter - Attack, The
From Their Bellies Like Two Sparrows
Fuego cruzado
Full Package / Snowy Car Talk, The
Fun and Games
Gathering Intel
Generating Map
Generic Tune
Ghosts of the Past
Giancarlo to Spy on Rovere
Gift of Anger, The
Giulia Farnese
Giulia Teaches Lucrezia to Kiss
Glass Addresses Crew
Glass Meets Beaman
Glass Prepares
Glass Sits with Andropov (Brotherhood Theme)
Glass to the Arkansas
Gods Chose Well, The
Good Hiding Place, A
Grand Movements
Gravity of Choice, The
Great Wizard of Oz, The
Guardians of the Past
Guilty Pleasure (30 seconds)
Guilty Pleasure (full version)
Guinevere Leads Arthur to Merlin
Gun Battle
Hallway Vampires
Hand Fight and Hand Grenade
Happy Travels
Hard Target 2 Theme
Hate Funerals, I
He's in the Walls
Helga Tells Floki of Harbard
Helicopter Boat Chase
Helps Arrives
Henry & Anne Conceive a Son
Henry Arrives in for War
Henry Ask Parliament for Uniy
Henry Dreams of Death
Henry Eats the Swan
Henry Gets Drunk With Women
Henry in Solitude
Henry Injured
Henry Kills Ustus
Henry Marries Jane Seymour
Henry Meets Anne Boelyn
Henry Meets Jane Seymour
Henry's Changing Emotions
Henry Says Goodbye to His Family
Henry Suffers Another Incident
Henry Talks to His Fool
Her Name Is Maia
Herendale, A
hills have eyes II, The
Historic Love, An
Hordes Descend on Targoviste
Horik Asks Floki to Kill
Horik Propositions Floki
Horik's Forces Attack
Horik Watches Game
How Bad Is It?
How Do You Know Kang's Name?
Howling Wilderness / The Death of Jane Seymour, A
Hunt Begins, The
Hunted Hill (30 second version)
Hunter Killer
Hunter, Scholar, Soldier
Hunting Banning
Hunting the Enemy
Hyperion's Siren
I'm Not Going to Die on Youtube
I'm Trevor Belmont
I’ve Come To Take You Home
I’ve Got My Eye on You
Ice Break
Immortal City
Immortal Combat
Immortaland Divine
immortels Metropolitan édition collector
In a Foreign Land
In Hushed Whispers
In the Factory
In War Fathers Burry Their Sons
In Your Heart Shall Burn
Industrialist II
Inquisition Marches, The
Institute, The
Investigation of Anne Boleyn, The
Iris Rouse & Madzie
Iron Fist Main Titles
Iron Fist, The
Iron Sisters, The
Is She Down?
It Is Well Done / The End of a Dynasty
Jace at the Hospital
Jace Saves Victor
Jack and Aliana Make Love
Jack's Arson
Jack Sparrow
Jacobs' Death
Jane Seymour's Theme (Composer's Sketch)
Jane Washes Her Hair
Jarl Borg and Ragnar Make Peace
Jarl Borg Attacks Kattegat
Journey to Kattegat
Journey to Skyhold
Juan and Sancia Have Sex
Jungle Down
Jungle Up
Kalf and Lagertha Make a Pact
Katherine and Culpepper Have Sex
Katherine Stripped of Her Jewels
Killing Horik - King Ragnar
King Dies, The
King Is Dead, The
King Reborn, A
King's Procession, A
Kittens, Cake and Cotton Candy
Kwenthrith's Story
Lady Mary's Decision
Lagertha Oversees Dispute
Lagertha's Stealth Assault on the Bridge
Land of the Free
Launch the Mystic
légende reprend vie, La
Let Go of My Horse
Let Me Kiss You
Let's Get Outta Here
Let the Skies Boil
Lie in Which You Linger, The
Light Infantry
Lighting the Fuse
Lineage of the Family
Lion Knees for Queen Tip, The
Lisa of Lupu
Lock N' Load
Locust Attack
London Attacked
London Goes Dark
London Has Fallen (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lord Seeker
lost angel
Lost Temple, The
Love Theme (original Theme demo)
Lucas Fights Lucas
Lucrezia and Paulo Kiss
Lucrezia Arrives at New Home
Lucrezia Tends the Wound
Lucrezia to the Nunnery
Lunch Pails and Coattails
M&M Delivery
Madness Takes Hold
Main Title FMX
Main Titles
Making a Deal
Mano e Mano
March of the Obedient
Marine 2, The
Marine One Crash
Mary Told of Chapuys Death
Medication Time
Meet Prince Edward
Meeting Darius
Meeting Floki
Messenger of War (original Theme demo)
Micheletto and Juan Both Murder
Micheletto Stalks Rovere
Miss Sofia
Mixed Messages From Anne
Monkey Drone Projector
More Is Jailed
More Prays
More Refuses to Take the Oath
More's Love of a King
Motorcade / Marine One Lands
Mr. Maduka
Murdenu Tavern
Murder in Urbino
My Own Heart
Myanmar Chase
Mystery (original Theme demo)
N1 1m03-04 v2 FMX
N1 1m04-B v2 FMX
N1 1m04-C v2 FMX
N1 1m05 v2 FMX
N1 1m08 v2 FMX
N1 1m09 v2 FMX
N1 1m10 v3 FMX
N1 1m11 v2 FMX
N1 1m12 v2 FMX
N1 1m13 v2 FMX
N1 1m14 v2 FMX
N1 1m15 v3 FMX
N1 1m17-A v3 FMX
N1 1m17-B v3 FMX
N1 1m20 v2 FMX
N1 1m21 v2 FMX
N1 1m22 v1 FMX
N1 1m23 FMX
N1 1m25-A FMX
N1 1m25-B v2 FMX
N1 1m27-A v2 FMX
N1 1m27-B v2 FMX
N1 1m28 v2 FMX
N1 1m30 v2 FMX
N1 1m31 v1 FMX
N1 1m32 v1 FMX
N1 1m33 v1 FMX
N1 1m34 v3 FMX
N1 1m35-A v1 FMX
N1 1m35-B v1 FMX
N1 1m35-C v1 FMX
N1 1m35-D v1 FMX
N1 1m36 v1 FMX
N1 2m37 v1 FMX
N1 2m38 A-B v2 FMX
N1 2m41-A v1 FMX
N1 2m41-B v1 FMX
N1 2m42 v1 FMX
N1 2m43 v1 FMX
N1 2m44 v1 FMX
N1 2m46 v1 FMX
N1 2m47 v1 FMX
N1 2m48 v6 FMX
N1 2m49 v1 FMX
N1 2m50 v1 FMX
N1 2m51 v1 FMX
N1 2m52 v1 FMX
N1 2m53 v1 FMX
N1 2m54 v1 FMX
N1 2m55 v1 FMX
N1 2m57-A v1 FMX
N1 2m57-B v1 FMX
N1 2m58-A v1 FMX
N1 2m58-B v1 FMX
N1 2m59 v6 FMX
N1 2m60 v1 FMX
N2 1m09 v1 FMX
N2 1m11-12 v2 FMX
N2 1m13 v2 FMX
N2 1m14 v2 FMX
N2 1m15 v1 FMX
N2 1m16 v2 FMX
N2 1m17 v1 FMX
N2 1m19 v1 FMX
N2 1m21 v2 FMX
N2 1m23 v2 FMX
N2 1m24 v1 FMX
N2 1m25 v2 FMX
N2 1m27 v2 FMX
N2 1m28 v1 FMX
N2 1m34 v1 FMX
N2 1m35 v1 FMX
N2 1m36 v2 FMX
N2 1m37 v2 FMX
N2 1m38 v1 FMX
N2 1m39 v1 FMX
N2 1m40 v2 FMX
N2 1m7-8 v1 FMX
N2 2m41 v3 FMX
N2 2m42 v1 FMX
N2 2m43 v1 FMX
N2 2m44 v1 FMX
N2 2m45 v2 FMX
N2 2m46 v2 FMX
N2 2m47 v2 FMX
N2 2m50 v2 FMX
N2 2m52 v1 FMX
N2 2m53 v2 FMX
N2 2m54 v2 FMX
N2 2m55 v2 FMX
N2 2m56 v2 FMX
N2 2m58 v2 FMX
N2 2m59 v1 FMX
N2 2m60 v2 FMX
N2 2m61 v2 FMX
N2 2m63 v2 FMX
N2 2m64 v2 FMX
N2 2m65 v1 FMX
N2 2m66 v2 FMX
N2 End Credits FMX
N3 1m04 v2 FMX
N3 1m05-06 v1 FMX
N3 1m07 v2 FMX
N3 1m08 v1 FMX
N3 1m09 v1 FMX
N3 1m10 v2 FMX
N3 1m11 v2 FMX
N3 1m14 v2 FMX
N3 1m15 v2 FMX
N3 1m16-17 v2 FMX
N3 1m18 v2 FMX
N3 1m19 v1 FMX
N3 1m20 v1 FMX
N3 1m23-A v1 FMX
N3 1m23-B v1 FMX
N3 1m24 v3 FMX
N3 1m25 v2 FMX
N3 1m26 v2 FMX
N3 1m27 v2 FMX
N3 1m28 v2 FMX
N3 1m29 v1 FMX
N3 1m31 v1 FMX
N3 1m33 v2 FMX
N3 1m34-B v3 FMX
N3 1m34-C v2 FMX
N3 1m35-A v1 FMX
N3 1m35-B v2 FMX
N3 1m38 v1 FMX
N3 2m36 v1 FMX
N3 2m37 v1 FMX
N3 2m39 v1 FMX
N3 2m40 v2 FMX
N3 2m41 v2 FMX
N3 2m42 v2 FMX
N3 2m43 v2 FMX
N3 2m44 v2 FMX
N3 2m45 v2 FMX
N3 2m46 v1 FMX
N3 2m47 v1 FMX
N3 2m48 v2 FMX
N3 2m49 v1 FMX
N3 2m50 v1 FMX
N3 2m51 v1 FMX
N3 2m52 v2 FMX
N3 2m53 v1 FMX
N3 2m54 v2 FMX
N3 2m55 v1 FMX
N3 2m56 v1 FMX
N3 2m57 v1 FMX
N3 2m58 v1 FMX
N3 2m60 v1 FMX
N3 2m61 v2 FMX
N3 2m62 v1 FMX
N3 2m63 v1 FMX
N3 2m64 v2 FMX
N4 1m00 intro Cards v1 FMX
N4 1m04 v1 FMX
N4 1m05 v1 FMX
N4 1m06 v1 FMX
N4 1m07 v1 FMX
N4 1m08 v3 FMX
N4 1m09B v1 FMX
N4 1m11 v1 FMX
N4 1m22 v1 FMX
N4 1m23 v1 FMX
N4 1m24 v1 FMX
N4 1m26A v1 FMX
N4 1m26B v2 FMX
N4 1m26C v1 FMX
N4 1m27 v1 FMX
N4 1m28 v1 FMX
N4 1m29 v2 FMX
N4 1m30 v1 FMX
N4 1m31 v1 FMX
N4 2m32 v1 FMX
N4 2m33 v1 FMX
N4 2m34 v2 FMX
N4 2m35 v1 FMX
N4 2m36 v1 FMX
N4 2m37 v2 FMX
N4 2m38 v1 FMX
N4 2m39 v1 FMX
N4 2m40A v1 FMX
N4 2m40B v1 FMX
N4 2m42 v2 FMX
N4 2m43 v1 FMX
N4 2m44 v1 FMX
N4 2m45 v1 FMX
N4 2m46 v2 FMX
N4 2m47 v1 FMX
N4 2m49 v1 FMX
N4 2m50 v2 FMX
N4 2m51 v1 FMX
N4 2m52A v1 FMX
N4 2m52B v1 FMX
N4 2m52C v1 FMX
N4 2m52D v1 FMX
N4 2m53A v2 FMX
N4 2m53B v2 FMX
N4 2m53C v2 FMX
N4 2m53D v2 FMX
N4 2m54-56 v2 FMX
N4 End Credits FMX
Need for Speed: Carbon [Original EA™ Score]
New Digs
New Duty
New Family
New Hope (original Theme demo), A
New Parliament in York, A
New Temptation, A
Night Hordes Besiege Gresit
Nightmare's End
No More Do I Travel as a Man
No Surrender
North Sea Storm
Northern Lights / Entry to Kattegat
Not an Angel
Not Much of a Talker
Nothing on Earth Shall Spoil This Day
Oceans Bottom
oeil des dieux l'oeil des dieux, L'
Of Fathers and Sons
Ogień zwalczaj ogniem
Ojo and Nahara / The Beast Forever Rises
Olympus Has Fallen
On the Move
Only Coin I Carry (Glass' Theme)
Open the Hatch / Cpt. Andropov
Opportunity for Loyalty, An
Orb of Destruction
Ordained by God / Welcome to Kingsbridge
Ordered to Polyarny
Orlais Theme
Our Future
Our Purpose (original Theme demo)
Out of Site
P.E.O.C. Incarceration
Passion of King Henry, The
Pathetic Fallacy
Percy Invades, Part I
Percy Invades, Part II
Philip Is Damned
Pilgrimage of Grace, The
piliers de la terre
pillars of the earth, The
Pintel & Ragetti In Rowboat
Place of All Fears, The
Planner's Promise, The
Please Stay
Pleasured Distractions
Plotting to Kill Anne Boleyn
Poisoned Pheasant
Poisoning the Soup
Porunn's Metaphorical Swim
Poseidon's Leap
Praying for the Prince's Life
President Arrives in the UK
Presidential Meeting
Prison of the Abject
Pulling the Fleet
Pursuit, The
Quails Eggs
Quarry Face Off
Queen's Loneliness, A
Ragnar, Bjorn Sneak Into Kattegat
Ragnar Challenges the Earl
Ragnar Describes the Blood Eagle
Ragnar Fights the Earl
Ragnar Hallucinates, Sees Gods
Ragnar Honors Athelstan's Death
Ragnar Kills the Messenger
Ragnar Knows Floki Killed Athelstan
Ragnar Meets Ingstad
Ragnar Meets the Naked Woman
Ragnar Recruits
Ragnar Reunites With Family
Ragnar's Sail
Ragnar Says Goodbye to Gyda
Ragnar Sets Sail for Home
Ragnar Takes the Throne
Railroad Chase
Raining Dreams
Ready for Battle
Rebel Forces
Rebellion Stands Down, The
Red Ashes
Red Haired Cat, The
Red Life
Release the Angel
Remains of Tampa Bay
Renegade Attack
Rescuing Asher
Research Initiative
Resignation Letter
Return to Skyhold
Returning to Base
Ride To The Gates
Right Under Our Noses
Rites & Wrongs (30s)
River Falls Road
Rocky Road Ice Cream
roi Scorpion. 828 783-0 (EDV 764)
Rollo Is Baptised
Rollo Learns of Siggy's Sacrifice
Rollo Left Behind
Rollo's Trial
Rollo Tries to Regain Ragnar's Trust
Rome 1492
Rovere Finds a Body in His Bed
Rush Fire (30 second version)
S.E.A.L. Helicopter Incursion
Sacrifice for the Crops
Saving Spark Plug
Scar, The
Scare 1
Scare 2
Scare 3
Scare 4
Scare 5
Scare 6
Scare 7
Scare 8
Scare 9
Scorpion king 3
Scotland Yard
SEAL Incursion 1
SEAL Incursion 2
SEALs Engage
SEALs Ice Storm Parachute
SEALs in Flight
SEALs on the Move
Season 3 Recap
Secret Mission
Seelie Queen, The
Seer Gives Lagertha a Prophecy, The
Seer Laughs at Rollo's Misery, The
Sending the Earl to Valhalla
Sforza Rapes Lucrezia
Sforza Whips Paulo
Shadowhunters End Titles
Shadows and Light
Shape of Things to Come, The
Shock 1
Shock 10
Shock 11
Shock 12
Shock 13
Shock 14
Shock 15
Shock 16
Shock 17
Shock 18
Shock 19
Shock 2
Shock 20
Shock 21
Shock 22
Shock 23
Shock 24
Shock 25
Shock 26
Shock 27
Shock 28
Shock 3
Shock 4
Shock 5
Shock 6
Shock 7
Shock 8
Shock 9
Show Down
Siege of Adamant
Siggy Sacrifices Herself to Save Ragnar's Sons
Sim City Societies
SimCity Societies
Simoleon Beat
Simon and Maia
Simon's Past
Six Months Later
Sky Fight / End Credits
Slash 1
Slash 10
Slash 11
Slash 12
Slash 2
Slash 3
Slash 4
Slash 5
Slash 6
Slash 7
Slash 8
Slash 9
Small Town
Smeaton Is Tortured
Smeaton's Sad Violin
Snatch and Grab (30 second version)
Snowing Inside
Somalia Imminent
Soul Sword, The
Spirits Walk
Spotting Barkawi
Stage Coach Crashes / Death of the First Lady
Stopping Cerberus
Storm, The
Storming the Compound
Strange Land
Strategy, The
Street Performer 2
Street Performer 3
Street Performer 4
Sub Internal
Submerge the Ship (USS Arkansas Theme)
Sulphur Bath Assassination
Summoning Camille
Sunstone, The
Surrey Found Guilty
Surrey Plots for the Prince
Suspicions Arising / Boiled Alive
Sweating Sickness Arrives, The
Sword of Calais, The
Take a Deep Breath
Take 'Em Down
Tavern Brawl
Temple of the Witches
Tensions Rising
Terror Tools
Tha and Wes
That’s a War Ship
the Eighth Henry / Brandon Lux Aeterna, I
Thedas Love Theme
There Are No Innocents
There's an Army of Us
These Bloody Days
Theseus And Phaedra
Theseus Fight The Minotaur
Theseus Fires The Bow
Things Changed
This Is Your Calling
Thomas More Is Executed
Three needles
Throne Fit for a Fool, A
Time Is Up, Danny
Time of Witch We Have No Knowledge
Tip Escapes Mambi
Tip Learns Magic With West
Tip Throws Jack
To Emerald City
To Love a Country
To Mt. Olympus
Tom Builders Inspiration
Tom Enters / Maybe
Tom Fights William / Tom Dies
Tooth and Scale
Torstein Loses an Arm
Traffic at Night
Trespasser - Dark Solas Theme
Trespasser - Lost Elf Theme
Trespasser - Qunari Atmosphere
Trespasser: Qunari Battle (full theme)
Trespasser - Qunari Mission
Trevor and Sypha in the Catacombs
Trevor Fights Alucard
Trevor Fights the Cyclops
Trevor Fights the Mob
True Science, The
Trust Has Already Been Earned
Trusted Steeds
Tudors End Credits, The
Tudors Main Title Theme, The
Tudors Main Titles, The
Tudors music from the original television series
Tudors: Season 2, The
Tudors: Season 3, The
Tudors: Season 4, The
Tudors, The : Season 1
Twilight Descends
Uncertain World, An
Under the Ice
Undercover Operation
Underwater Mine Field
Unexpected Guests
Unknown, The
Urban Development
US Army Rangers
USS Arkansas
Val Royeaux
Vampire Den
Vanozza Flees Vatican City
Vengeance par le feu
Victor Tortures Raphael
Victory / I'm Looking at Him
Victory Is the Only Option
Video Introduction
Vigil for Our Sick King, A
Vikings are Told of Ragnar's Death, The
Vikings Attack Paris
Vikings Attack Village
Vikings Attacked
Vikings Attempt to Rip Open Gates
Vikings Battle Brihtwulf's Army
Vikings in Hexham
Vikings Mourn Their Dead
Vikings: Music From the Season Two
Vikings Reach Land
Vikings Reach Paris
Vikings Retreat
Vikings Return Home
Vikings Sail for Wessex, The
Vikings Sail Home
Vikings: Season 2
Vikings: Season 3
Vikings Set Sail
Village Siege
Village, The
Visions of a Great Ruler
Vlad Searches for Lisa
Waldburg's True Story
Walking the Plank
Wallachia 1455
Walleran Runs and Dies
Walls are Breached; The French Lose Hope, The
War for the Soul of Our People
War In The Heavens
War Is Coming
War Machine
War of Succession, The
War Room, The
War Zone
We Can't Turn Away
We Got You, Danny
We Have a Demon to Hunt
Welcome Home
Well of Sorrows, The
Wes and Tha Escape
Wes Makes a Plan
Wes vs Aldrich
Western Approach, The
What I'm Fighting For
What Would You Have Me Do?
Where the Hell Is She?
Whispers & Confessions
White House: Air Attack
White House: Ground Attack
Who Rah Arkansas
Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
William Approaches
William Kills Regan
Wind Machine Starts Up
Wing of a Messenger Dove
Witches Aftermath
Witches Hung in Square
Witches Join Tip
Witness Hell
Wolf town
Wolsey Arrested for Treason
Wolsey Commits Suicide / Finale
World Torn Asunder (Gameplay Trailer), A
Wrath of Heaven, The
Yellow Brick Road, The
Yellow Dawn
Yellow Explore
Yellow Planet
Yellow Temple
Yin Fen
You Are a Borgia Spy
You Did Good Kid
You Knew the Rules
You Shall Not Enter Valhalla
Your Chart Is Wrong
Yours as Long as Life Endures
Zenith, The
Zeus' Punishment
Кирпичный особняк
Падение Лондона
Падение Олимпа
Падіння Олімпу
Смертельная гонка 3: Ад
Столпы Земли
У холмов есть глаза 2
Царь скорпионов 3: Восстание мертвецов
Цегляний особняк
ღმერთების ომი: უკვდავები
Աղյուսե առանձնատներ
Սիրուն տղա
Օլիմպոսի անկումը
שושלת טיודור
آرمي أوف تو
أعمدة الأرض
التلال لها عيون 2
تفنگدار دریایی ۲ (فیلم)
جنون سرعت: کربن
ذا سكوربيان كينغ 3 : باتل فور ردمبشن
سقوط لندن
قرميد القصور (فيلم)
দ্য টিউডরস
เดอะ มารีน 2 คนคลั่งล่าทะลุสุดขีดนรก
백악관 최후의 날
브릭 맨션
신들의 전쟁
アーミー オブ ツー
ボルジア家 愛と欲望の教皇一族
Contributed to or performed: 
After the Capture
Aldrich Theme / The Hunted
Alien Substance
Arrival, The
Ascension (demo version)
Betrayal and Consequences
Captain Jack Sparrow
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Music Collection
Control Node, The
Crossing the Rubicon
Cry for Help, A
Death of Evil
Death of G.D.S.S. Philadelphia
Delay at All Costs
Dice Game, The
Epic Themes 2
Fighting Back
Fighting Man
Final Battle (Part 3)
Final Battle (Part 3) (alternate)
Finding the Chest
Finding the Chest (Alternate)
Fire From the Sky
Fish in a Barrel
Flying Mayhem
Good Hiding Place, A
Guinevere Leads Arthur to Merlin
Hard Target 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Hard Target 2 Theme
Haunted Dress, The
Heading for Hell
Helicopter Boat Chase
Hot Hot Heat
Hunt Begins, The
I’ve Got My Eye on You
In for the Kill
Industrial Metal 2
Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box (Alternate)
Jack Vexed / Will Brought to Beckett
Key to the Future (demo version), The
Key to the Future, The
King Arthur (Complete Score)
Let Me Shoot You
Lightning Strikes
Loading Problems
Lured Into a Trap
Miss Sofia
More Than We Bargained For
Mr. Maduka
Myanmar Chase
Nameless Classified, A
New Enemy, A
Norrington Overlay
Novum Initium
Old Habits
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Complete Score)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Fluch der Karibik 2
Push the Button
Railroad Chase
Recovery Mission
Rocktagon, The
Romantic Comedy 2
Scoregasm 1
Seeds of Doubt
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Six Months Later
Terrifying Discovery, A
Tha and Wes
Time to Take Out the Trash
Towers Must Fall, The
Trusted Steeds
Turning the Tide
Unearthing the Chest
Uneasy Alliance, An
Varèse Sarabande: A 35th Anniversary Celebration
Wedding / Beckett's Arrival, The
Wes and Tha Escape
Wes Makes a Plan
Wes vs Aldrich
What I'm Fighting For
Will Arrives
Winds of War, The
Witness to a Catastrophe
Witness to a Catastrophe (demo version)
パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン: デッドマンズ・チェスト