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Appleton and Company
Appleton & Co. New York, NY
Appleton (D.) and Company
D. Appleton and Company
D. Appleton & Co
D. Appleton & Co. New York, NY
D. Appleton & Co. of New York
D. Appleton & Company
Daniel Appleton & Co
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Caswell, Edward C.
D. Appleton-Century Company (see also from)
Frederick, Edmund
Gibbs, George
Lincoln, Natalie Sumner
Phillips, David Graham
Post, Melville Davisson
Richards, Amy
Sterrett, Frances R.
Sterrett, Frances Roberta
Taffs, C. H.
Wrenn, C. L.
Wrenn, Charles Leslie
Appletons' railway and steam navigation guide
depot master, The
drift, The
emotionalist, The : the romance of an awakening to temperament
Flaming Cross of Santa Marta, The
fortieth door, The
game and the candle, The
ghost girl, The
giants, The
gilded chair, The : a novel
girl at central, The ; illustrated by Arthur William Brown.
girl in the other seat, The
girl Philippa, The
great demonstration, The
green tree mystery, The
ground swell, The
hosts of the air, The : the story of a quest in the Great War
house of the Falcon, The
hungry heart, The : a novel
immortals, The
jam girl, The
journal of Arthur Stirling, The : ("the valley of the shadow") : revised and condensed with an introductory sketch.
junior officer of the watch, The
lady without jewels, The
land of content, The
laughing rider, The
little missioner, The
little nightcap letters, The
look of eagles, The
lost despatch, The
lucky seven, The
man from home, The : a novel
man inside, The
man with an honest face, The : being the personal experiences of a gentleman who signs the name of Howard Dana, at a critical time in his career
man without a shadow, The
Marne, The
Medusa emerald, The
Meredith mystery, The
misfit crown, The
missing initial, The
mother of Pauline, The
mountain school-teacher, The
moving finger, The
mysterious story-book, or, The good stepmother, The
mystery at the Blue Villa, The
mystery of the second shot, The
mystery of the singing walls, The
nameless man, The
nameless thing, The
official chaperon, The
outlaws, The : a story of the building of the West
palace of darkened windows, The
poplar grove, or, Little Harry and his Uncle Benjamin, The : a tale for youth
price she paid, The : a novel
prince goes fishing, The
private war, The : being the truth about Gordon Traill : his personal statement
radical, The
reef, The : a novel
rim of the prairie, The
river trail, The : romance of the Royal Mounted
sagebrusher, The : a story of the West
secret of Toni, The
shadow of Rosalie Byrnes, The
ship of souls, The
silent battle, The
simple case of Susan, The
sleuth of St. James's Square, The
staircase of surprise, The
stirrup cup, The
teller, The : a story
tents of wickedness, The
These young rebels
thinking machine on the case, The
toll of the road, The
toll of the sea, The
Tony's wife
torch bearer, The
torch bearers, The : a tale of cavalier days
tracer of lost persons, The
trap, The
Treasure and trouble therewith : a tale of California
Trevor case, The
Truthful Jane
Uncle Abner : master of mysteries
Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings : the folk-lore of the old plantation
Uncle Sam's children : a story of life in the Philippines
unseen ear, The
unwelcome Mrs. Hatch, The
Up the road with Sallie
victory, The
wake of the setting sun, The
Walker of the secret service
Walter of Tiverton
Where the heart is : showing that Christmas is what you make it
whistling man, The
White magic : a novel
Wild harvest : a novel of transition days in Oklahoma
winning of Lucia, The : a love story
Yoland of Idle Isle