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Amerikan yhdysvallat Congress
Amerikan yhdysvallat Kongressi
Congress of the United States
Congress United States
États-Unis Congrès
États-Unis Congress
États-Unis Parlement
Förenta staterna Kongressen
Förenta staternas kongress
Kongres Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki
Stany Zjednoczone Congress
Stany Zjednoczone Kongres
United States Congress
United States Kongres
United States Kukhoe
United States Kūnjris
United States Kuo hui
United States of America Congress
Yhdysvallat Congress (Other to be defined)
Yhdysvallat Kongressi
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États-Unis House of representatives (see also from)
United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.) (see also from)
United States Continental Congress (see also from)
American state papers.
Annals of the Congress of the United States
Appropriations, budget estimates, etc.
Bicentennial of the United States of America, The : a final report to the people
bill to establish an uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United States., A
Civil service classification and salary laws.
Committee on rules : June 8, 1984 : to accompany H.Res. 519, Providing for Consideration of H.R. "Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1983"
committee to whom was referred "An act for the relief of the refugees from the British provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia" report that the said act pass with the following amendments ..., The
Congr. rec. (Dly ed.)
Congr. rec. (Perm. ed.)
Congress and foreign policy-making : a study in legislative influence and initiative.
Congressional and administrative news
Congressional documents
Congressional globe (Permanent ed.)
congressional globe, The
Congressional pictorial directory.
Congressional record (Daily ed.)
Congressional record (Permanent ed. : Washington, D.C.)
Congressional record : proceedings and debates of the Congress.
Constitution of the United States of America, with the amendments thereto: to which are added Jefferson's Manual of parliamentary practice and the standing rules and orders for conducting business in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States ...
Daily Congressional record
debates and proceedings in the Congress of the United States with an appendix containing important state papers and public documents, and all the laws of a public nature; with a copious index; compiled from authentic materials., The
distribution of state-administered federal education funds in FY ... annual report to Congress under section 406A of the General Education Provisions Act, The
Federal rules of criminal procedure : December 1, 1994
first federal congress, 1789-1791, The
Gales & Seaton's register of debates in Congress
Halbjahresbericht an den US-Kongreß über die Durchführung des Gesetzes zur Überwachung der gegenseitigen Verteidigungshilfe (Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act)
History of Congress
house rules committee, The : [an advanced study in political science]
Hyvästit, potkut vaiko lobbauksen hedelmä? : Yhdysvaltain suhtautuminen Filippiinien itsenäisyyskysymykseen ja sen ratkaisuun 1929-1934
Implementation of the final act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe : findings and recommendations five years after Helsinki : report submitted to the Congress of the United States
Indian on Capitol Hill, The : Indian legislation and the United States Congress, 1862-1907
kongres stanow zjednoczonych ameryki
Letters of delegates to Congress : 1774-1789
Letters of members of the Continental Congress
Major legislation of the Congress.
Memorial addresses delivered before the two houses of Congress on the life and character of Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley.
Memorial services held in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States, together with tributes presented in eulogy of Benjamin S. Rosenthal, late a representative from New York.
new American state papers: commerce and navigation., The
new American state papers: explorations and surveys., The
new American state papers: Indian affairs., The
new American state papers: labor and slavery., The
new American state papers: manufactures., The
New American state papers, military affairs, The
new American state papers: public finance., The
new American state papers: public lands., The
new American state papers: science and technology., The
new American state papers: social policy., The
new American state papers: transportation., The
New member pictorial directory
Numerical lists and schedule of volumes of the reports and documents of the ... Congress.
Official congressional directory
Official makers of public policy : congress and the president.
Parliamentary oversight of the exceptional situations in a presidential system : debating the reassertion of the constitutional powers of the US Congress
Pictorial directory
Reeside case., The
Register of debates in Congress comprising the leading debates and incidents of the ... session of the ... Congress.
register of debates, The : being a report of the speeches delivered in the two Houses of Congress, reported for the United States Telegraph : revised and corrected wherever errors have been suggested by the speakers.
Report to the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Secretary of Energy
Report to the United States Congress and the United States Secretary of Energy
Report to the US Congress and the US Secretary of Energy
second Federalist, A : Congress creates a government
Serial set
status of the nation's highways, conditions and performance, The : report of the Secretary of Transportation to the United States Congress, pursuant to section 3, Public Law 89-139.
Tariff proceedings and documents 1839-1857 accompanied by messages of the President, Treasury reports, and bills.
To the honorable, the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled
Transatlantic cooperation and perspectives on East-West relations, Copenhagen, 1980 : report of the seventeenth meeting of members of Congress and of the European Parliament, November 13-14, 1980, pursuant to H. Res. 98 ....
Transatlantic War Congress.
U.S. code congressional & administrative news
U.S. code congressional and administrative service
U.S. congressional serial set
United States code congressional and administrative news.
United States Code congressional and administrative service.
United States Congress new member pictorial directory
United States Congress on George Washington ..., The
United States Congressional Directories, 1789-1840., The
United States congressional serial set
United States legislation on foreign relations and international commerce : a chronological and subject index of public laws and joint resolutions of the Congress of the United States
US code congressional and administrative news
Warships associated with World War II in the Pacific : national historic landmark theme study
Water quality in New Mexico : a report prepared for submission to the Congress of the United States by the State of New Mexico, pursuant to section 305(b) of the Federal water pollution control act.
Weekly legislative compendium of the Transatlantic War Congress.