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Blac Sabat
Black Sabath
Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath Musical group (Musical group or band)
Black Sabbath (Musical group or band)
Black Sabbath yhtye (Musical group or band)
began 1969 until 2017-02-04
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Appice, Vinny (hasMember)
Bevan, Bev (hasMember)
Bordin, Mike (hasMember)
Burt, Jo (hasMember)
Butler, Geezer
Butler, Geezer (hasMember)
Chimes, Terry (hasMember)
Daisley, Bob (hasMember)
Dio, Ronnie James (hasMember)
Donato, David (hasMember)
Gillan, Ian (hasMember)
Gillen, Ray (hasMember)
Hughes, Glenn (hasMember)
Iommi, Tony
Iommi, Tony (hasMember)
Keel, Ron (hasMember)
Martin, Tony (hasMember)
Moore, Gary (fl. 1952-)
Murray, Neil (hasMember)
Nicholls, Geoff (hasMember)
Osbourne, Ozzy (hasMember)
Powell, Cozy (hasMember)
Rondinelli, Bob (hasMember)
Singer, Eric (hasMember)
Spitz, David (hasMember)
Uriah Heep
Van Halen (Musical group)
Walker, Dave (hasMember)
Ward, Bill (hasMember)
1. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
1970-06-26: Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany
1970-12-20: War Pigs: Olympia, Paris, France
1971-07-18: Wicked Sabbath: Toronto, ON, Canada
1973-07-01: Going Through Changes: Ngaruawahia Music Festival, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand
1974-02-11: Love in Chicago: International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL, USA
1974-04-06: Bagdad: California Jam, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA, USA
1975-08-05: Lucifer Rising: Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USA
1976-01-13: Hole in the Sky: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
1977-04-21: Killing Yourself to Die: Olympen, Lund, Sweden
1978-06-19: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
1978-09-02: Civic Arena: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1978-09-22: One for the Nose: Selland Arena, Fresno, CA, USA
1980-05-02: Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
1980-08-10: Children of the Black: Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA
1980-08-10: Heaven and Hell in Hartford: Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA
1980-08-12: Death Riders Tour: Providence, RI, USA
1980-11-27: Burning the Cross: The Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia
1982-05-17: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA
1983-08-27: Smoke on the Water: Reading Festival, Reading, UK
1983-11-04: Born in Hell: The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA
1987-11-25: Eternity's Wings: Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany
1989-09-24: Headless in Vienna: Summer Arena, Vienna, Austria
1989-11-25: Headless in Russia: Olympski Hall, Moscow, Russia
1992-08-09: Black Bloody Black: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA
1994-03-03: Iron Men: Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1994-04-19: Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
1998-06-03: Ozzy Rules Budapest: Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary
1999-07-22: Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ, USA
2. A National Acrobat
2001-06-30: Diamonds in Devore: Glen Helen Blockbuster Amphitheater, Devore, CA, USA
2004-08-26: Camden, NJ, USA
2005-06-25: Rockwave Festival, Athens, Greece
2012-05-19: O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK
2013-04-25: Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Queensland, Australia
2013-12-22: The NIA, Birmingham, UK
3. Fluff
4. Sabbra Cadabra
5. Killing Yourself To Live
6. Who Are You
7. Looking For Today
8. Spiral Architect
After All (The Dead)
After Forever (studio outtake – instrumental)
Age of Reason (live)
Air Dance
All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
All Moving Parts Stands Still
Am I Going Insane (Radio)
Ancient Warrior (Backing Track & Guitar Solo)
Ancient Warrior (Guide Vocal & Guitar Solo)
Anno Mundi (The Vision)
Announcement by Frank Zappa
Archangel Rides Again
Back Street Kids
Back to Eden
Bad Blood
Band Introductions
Band Intros
Bassically / N.I.B.
Battle of Tyr, The
Behind the Wall of Sleep (studio outtake)
Behind the Wall of Sleep / За Стеной Сна
best of Black Sabbath - Between heaven & [and] hell, The
Best of Black Sabbath (disc 2), The
best of metal hammer - The ballads, The
Best of Ozzy Osbourne Years, The
Best of rock
Between Heaven And Hell 1970 - 1983
Between Heaven And Hell (In Memories Of Ronnie James Dio)
Between Heaven & Hell: The Best of Black Sabbath
Bible According to Black Sabbath, The
[Bill Ward solo]
Bit of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning, A
Black box the complete original Black Sabbath, 1970-1978.
Black Ice
Black Mass
Black Moon (Backing Track)
Black Night in San Francisco
Black Sabbath 1970–1973
Black Sabbath (2014 Remaster)
Black Sabbath anthology
Black Sabbath : greatest hits
Black Sabbath (instrumental)
black sabbath ozzy osbourne
Black Sabbath Radio Radio Documentary
Black Sabbath story, The
Black Sabbath (studio outtake)
Black Sabbath : the Dio years
Black Sabbath the masters of heavy metal ; 20th anniversary ed.
Black Sabbath Vol[ume] 4
Black Sabbath / Черная Суббота
Black Streets Kids
Blackest Sabbath
Blow on a Jug (hidden)
Blue Suede Shoes
Blues Jam
Born Again Demos
Born To Lose (Alternate Lyrics)
Born To Lose (Backing Track)
Breaking Into Heaven
Buried Alive
Call of the wild
Can't Get Close Enough
Cannabis Confusion
Cardinal Sin
Chance on Love (Danger Zone)
Changes (2013 Remaster)
Children of the Grave (2014 Remaster)
Children of the Grave (Live 1973)
Children of the Grave (studio outtake featuring alternative lyrics)
Children of the Grave (studio outtake – instrumental)
Children of the Sea (bonus track)
Children of the Sea (live)
Classic rock - 1969 - 1970
Cloak & Dagger
[Closing Credits]
Collection, The
Complete 70’s Replica CD Collection: 1970–1978, The
Complete Dehumanizer Sessions, The
Complete original Black Sabbath, 1970-1978
Complete Studio Albums 1970–1978
Computer God (instrumental) #1
Computer God (instrumental) #2
Computer God (instrumental) #3
Computer God (instrumental) #4
Computer God (instrumental) #5
Computer God (with vocals) #1
Cornucopia (Live 1973)
Country Girl
Cozy And Ronnie Talking
Cross Box
Cross of Thorns
Cross purposes -- live
[crowd interaction]
[crowd noise]
Cry All Night
Damaged Soul
Danger Zone
Dark / Zero the Hero, The
Dazed and confused the film soundtrack everyone will be toking about
Dear Father
Detroit Rock City music from the motion picture.
Devil and Daughter
Devil Cried (radio edit), The
Diamond Collection
Digital Bitch
Dio years, The
Dirty Women (2014 Remaster)
Dirty Women / [drum solo]
Disturbing the Priest
DJ Intro
Don’t Start (Too Late)
Drum Solo
Dying for Love
E5150 (intro)
Ear in the Wall
Elecric Funeral
Electric Funeral (instrumental)
Electric Funeral / Электрические Похороны
Embryo / Children of the Grave
End (4 February 2017 - Birmingham), The
End Credits
End of the Beginning (live)
end, The : 4 february 2017 Birmingham
end, The : Birmingham 4 February 2017
Eternal Idol (Backing Track)
Eternal Idol Demos, The
Eternal Idol Working Tracks, The
Eternal Stars
Europe 93
Evil Eye
Evil Woman (alternative version)
Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me / Wicked World
Eye of the Storm (Turn to Stone) #1
Eye of the Storm (Turn to Stone) #2
Fairies Wear Boots (instrumental)
Fairies Wear Boots / Красотки Носят Ботинки
Fallen (previously unreleased studio outtake), The
Falling Off the Edge of the World
Feels good to me (edit)
finest of hard-rock [hard rock], The
Follow The Tears
Forbidden Rough Mix
Frank Laufenbergs Rock- und Pop-Lexikon
Gates of Hell (intro), The
Get a Grip
Gillan Tapes
Glory Ride (Backing Track)
Glory Ride (Guide Vocal)
God Is Dead? (live)
Greatest Hits 1970 - 1978 (2014 Remaster)
Greatest hits of rock 54 original hits by the original artists
Guilty as Hell
Guitar Solo Incl. Don't Start (Too Late)
Guitar Solo / Snowblind
Hail to Sabbath
Hand of Doom (instrumental)
Hand of Doom / Rat Salad
Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The
Hard Life To Love (Alternate Lyrics)
Hard Road, A
Haunting, The
Headless Cross (7" version)
Headless Cross (Edit)
Heart Like a Wheel
Heaven and Hell / [improvisation] / [guitar solo]
Heaven and Hell (live)
Heaven and Hell (reprise)
Heaven in Black
heavy metal collection, The
Heavy metal music from the motion picture
heavy way, The
Hole in the Sky (2014 Remaster)
Hot Line
Hot rock
Illusion of Power, The
Immaculate Deception
In Concert
In for the Kill
Interview with Dante of Raw Magazine with Black Sabbath
Into the Void “Spanish Sid” (studio outtake – alternative version)
Intro / War Pigs
Iron Man (2014 Remaster)
Iron Man / Electric Funeral
Iron Man (instrumental)
Iron Man / [jam III]
Iron Man (live)
Iron man : muistelmat
Iron Man: The Best of Black Sabbath
Iron Man / Железный Человек
Isolated Man
It's Allright
It’s Alright
Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots
John Peel's Sunday Show Radio Session
Johnny Blade
Junior’s Eyes
Keep It Warm
Kill In The Spirit World
Killing Yourself To Die
Killing Yourself to Live (Live 1973)
Kiss of Death
Lady Evil (7″ mono edit)
Laguna Sunrise (outro)
Lagune Sunrise
Last Sacrament, The
Last Supper, The
Law Maker, The
Letters From Earth #1
Letters From Earth #2
Letters From Earth (alternative version)
Live at Hammersmith Odeon
Live at last
Live evil
Live Forever
Live... : Gathered in their masses
Live USA
Lonely Is the Word
Lonely Is The World
Looking for Today
Lord of This World (studio outtake featuring piano & slide guitar)
Loser Gets It All
Lost Forever (Alternate Lyrics)
Love on the Line (Heart Like a Wheel)
many faces of Black Sabbath, The
Master of Insanity (single edit)
Master Of Reality / Black Sabbath Vol.4
Master of Reality Radio Documentary
Masters Of Reality 1970-75 The Legendary Broadcasts
Medley: Master of Insanity / After All (The Dead)
Metal attack the cream of hard rock
Metal Hammer presents - Metal masters
Metal Mess
Minä, Ozzy
Mob Finals
Mob Rules (Heavy Metal soundtrack version), The
Mob Rules (live), The
Montreux 1970
Music from the motion picture Detroit Rock City
Musical Intro
N.I.B. (alternative version)
N.I.B. (instrumental)
N.I.B. / Эн.Ай.Би.
Naïveté in Black
National Acrobat, A
Nativity in black. a tribute to Black Sabbath.
Neon Knights (live at Hammersmith)
Neon Nights
Never Say Die (2014 Remaster)
Next Time #1 (continued), The
Next Time #2, The
Next Time #3, The
Next Time #4, The
Nightmare (Alternate Demo)
No Stranger to Love
Odin’s Court
Orchid / Lord of This World
Orchid / Rock 'n' Roll Doctor (jam version) / [guitar solo III] / Don't Start (Too Late)
Orchid (studio outtake – with Tony count-in)
Original Black Sabbath, 1970-1978
original Black Sabbath, The
originals - Black Sabbath, The
Over and Over
Over to You
Ozzfest 2001 the second millennium.
Ozzy & Bill Ward Talking to the Audience
Ozzy Meets the Priest
Ozzy Osbourne: Best Tracks
Ozzy Osbourne years, The
Ozzy Years: Complete Albums Box Set, The
Paranoid (2016 Remaster)
Paranoid (alternative lyrics version)
Paranoid - Begleitung
Paranoid / Black Sabbath
Paranoid / Electric Funeral / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Paranoid / Heaven and Hell (reprise]
Paranoid (Kozilek remix)
Paranoid (Live 1973)
Paranoid (Live Evil album version)
Paranoid Radio Documentary
Paranoid ("Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" intro)
Paranoid (stereo version)
Paranoid / Параноид
Parisian Bitch
Past Lives
Peace of Mind
Planet Caravan (alternative lyrics version)
Planet Caravan / Караван Планет
power of Metal Hammer, The
[Program start]
Psycho Man (Danny Saber remix edit)
Psycho Man (radio edit)
Purple Sabbath
Rat Salad (alternate mix)
Rat Salad / Drum Solo
Ray Gillen Years, The
Rebel, The
Reunion of the Century, The
Rock Champions
Rock Giants
Rock monsters
Rock 'N' Roll Doctor (2014 Remaster)
Rock- und Pop-Lexikon
Rockin seitsemän elämää.
rules of hell, The
Rusty Angels Can't Fly
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (2014 Remaster)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (intro) / Paranoid
Sabbath Collection, The
Sabbath Medley
Sabbath stones, The
Sabbra Cadabra / Improvisations
Sabbra Cadabra / [jam] / [guitar solo] / [jam II] / [guitar solo II] / Sometimes I'm Happy / [drum solo]
Sabbra Cadabra (reprise)
Sabra Cadabra (Reprise)
Scarlet Pimpernel
Scary Dreams
Season of the Dead
Selling My Soul (Danny Saber remix)
Seventh Sign
Seventh star
Shadow of the Wind
Shaking Off the Chains
She’s Gone
Shining (Alternate Lyrics & Guitar Solo), The
Shock Wave
Show Day
Sick and Tired
Sign of the Southern Cross / Heaven and Hell (continued), The
Sign of the Southern Cross (intro) / Heaven and Hell (reprise), The
Singles (1970–1978), The
Sins of the Father
Sir Price tolle CD-Überraschungen zum kleinen Preis ; zum Kennenlernen
Sleeping Village / Children of the Grave
Sleeping Village (intro)
Slipping Away
Smoke on the water rock aid Armenia ; [the video collection]
Snow Blind
Snowblind (2014 Remaster)
Snowblind (Live 1973)
Solitude (studio outtake – intro. with alternative guitar tuning)
Some Kind Of Woman (Backing Track & Guitar Solo)
Sometimes I'm Happy
Song for Jeffery
Song In B
Spiral Architect
St. Vitus’ Dance
Star of India #1 (Seventh Star)
Star of India #2 (Seventh Star)
Star of India (Seventh Star) #1
Star of India (Seventh Star) #2
Star of India (Seventh Star) #3
Step Up
Stonehenge (extended version)
Super Naut
Supernaut ~ Drums Solo
Supernaut (2014 Remaster)
Supernaut / [drum solo II]
Supernaut Pt.1
Supernaut Pt.2
Supernaut Pt.3
Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalomania
Supertzar / Symptom of the Universe
Sweet Leaf (2014 Remaster)
Sweet Leaf (incl. Drums Solo)
Sweet Leaf (Live 1973)
Sweet Leaf (studio outtake featuring alternative lyrics)
Swinging the Chain
Symptom of the Universe: 1970–1978
Symptom of the Universe (instrumental)
Take Me Home
Take My Heart #1 (No Stranger to Love)
Take My Heart #2 (No Stranger to Love)
Take My Heart (No Stranger to Love) #1
Take My Heart (No Stranger to Love) #2
[talking and tuning]
Tall Stories
Technical ecstasy
Ten Year War, The
Thrill of It All, The
Thе Bеst Of Blасk Sаbbаth 1970 - 1987
Time Machine (Wayne’s World version)
Tomorrow's Dream (Live 1973)
Tomorrows Dream
Tony Iommi Guitar Solo
[Tony Martin talks to the audience]
Too Late
[tune up / introduction]
Turn Up the Night
TV Crimes
Ü 30 party
ultimate collection, The
Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes
Under the Sun (live)
Under Wheels of Confusion: 1970–87
Unknown Song
Unknown TracK (instrumental) #1
Unknown Track (instrumental) #2
Unknown Track (instrumental) #3
Unknown Track (instrumental) #4
Unknown Track (with vocals) #1
Unreleased Instrumental #1
Unreleased Instrumental #2
Unreleased Instrumental #3
Unreleased Instrumental #4
Unreleased Instrumental #5
Unreleased Jam #1
Unreleased Jam #2
Unreleased Jam #3
Unreleased Jam #4
Unreleased Jam #5
Unreleased Jam #6
Very Best of Black Sabbath, The
Vinny Appice Drum Solo
Vinyl Collection 1970-1978, The
Virtual Death
Vol 4
Voodoo (live)
Walk Away
Walpurgis - The Peel Session 1970
Walpurgis (War Pigs)
War Pigs / [drum solo]
War Pigs (Live 1973)
War Pigs / Luke's Wall (2014 Remaster)
Warning, Part 1
Wasp / Behind the Wall / Basically / N.I.B.
Wasp / Behind the Wall of Sleep / Bassically / N.I.B. (2014 Remaster)
Wayne's world hits
We sold our soul for rock 'n' roll
We sold our souls for rock 'n' roll
Weevil Woman ’71
Welcome to the Electric Funeral
What's the Use?
Wheels of Confusion
When Death Calls
Whistle / Computer God #2
Who Are You?
Wicked Wichita
Wicked World (From 'Live at Last')
Wicked World (Live 1973)
Wishing Well
Witness, I
Wizard (2014 Remaster), The
Wizard (studio outtake), The
Won't Cry for You, I
Writ / Blow on a Jug, The
XIII Unloaded
You Won’t Change Me
Young (live), Die
Zero the Hero / Guitar Solo
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Reason to Love Hate Dubstep
100 Hits Blues Ballads
100 Hits El cóndor pasa
100 Hits Hard Rock
100 Hits Hard'n'Heavy
100 Hits Love Story
100 Hits Metal
100 Hits Paint It Black
100 Rock Hits
100% Prog Rock
100% Rock Classics, Part Four
100% Rock, Volume 2
100% Rock, Volume 4
18 Headbangers From the 80's
18 Rock Classics, Volume 4
18 Rock Hard Hits, Volume 2
18 Screamers From the 70’s
1985-07-13: Live Aid: The Global Jukebox: [various locations]
20 Heavy Fra Kassen
2001 Rock Odyssey, A
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll: 1970
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll: 1970, Volume 2
40 Greatest Metal Songs
70's Best Of: De Woodstock au Walkman
70's: 1970, The
70er Rock (Der Sound Einer Generation!)
Absolute Rock Anthems
Absolute Rock Classics
Absolute Rock Classics 2
Absolute Rock Classics 3
Absolute Rock Classics, Volume 2
Absolute Rock Deluxe
Air Guitar
All the Breaks: The 300 Most Essential Drum Breaks of All Time
All Time Greatest Rock Classics
All Time Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, Vol 2, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs, Volume 1, The
Alle 40 Goed - Driving Songs
American Chopper: The Series
Angry Heart
Axe Attack
Back in Time… The Sound of the Seventies
Back on the Road
Back to the Bus: Compiled by Funeral for a Friend
BBC Radio One Star Special
Best Air Guitar Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Album Tracks... Ever!, The
Best Beer Drinking Songs in the World... Ever! Volume 3, The
Best Heavy Metal Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best of 70’ Rock Edition, Volume 2, The
Best of British
Best of Metal Hammer: The Ballads, The
Best of Rock
Best of Rock Legends, The
Best of Rock, Volume 2: The Ultimate Collection
Best of the 70’s
Best of the 70s: Superstars und ihre größten Hits
Best of the Best Air Guitar Albums in the World… Ever!, The
Best of the Tapes
Best Pub Album, The
Best Pub Jukebox in the World… Ever!, The
Best Rock Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best…Rock Anthems…Ever!, The
beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 1, Het
Bild Rock Hits
Birthday Rock
Black - Doom - Death
Black Sabbath
Born To Be Wild
Born to Be Wild, Volume 4
Boys Are Back in Town, The
Britannia Infernus - A History of British Occult and Black Metal
Café Mambo Ibiza 2007
Californication - Music From the Series - Season 3 [extended]
Champions of Rock
Child in Time
Chronicles: 70’s Rock Classics
Classic Axe
Classic Cuts Presents: 70’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: A to B
Classic Metal Ballads
Classic Rock #105: Metal for the Masses
Classic Rock Anthems
Classic Rock: 1969–1970
Classic Rock: 1970-1974
Classic Rock: 1978-1979
Classic Rock: British Steel
Classic Rock: Guitar Legends
Classic Rock: The Metal Years
Classic School of Rock
Complete Classic Rock Collection, The
Countdown to Extinction / Nuestros nombres / The Hand That Rocks the Cradle / Fear of the Dark
Crusty Demons: Unleash Hell
Dad Rocks!
Danger Zone
Dark Side of the 80s
Dazed and Confused
Defected Presents Charles Webster
Detroit Rock City: Music From the Motion Picture
Disco de Ouro 70's
DMC Complete Rock
Document III, The
Doubleshot: Metal
Driving Anthems: The Ultimate Driving Album
Driving Rock Ballads
Earthquake Album, The
Earthquake Album: Rock Classics, The
Easy Livin' - Rock of the Seventies
Easy Livin’
Eighteen Rock Hard Hits Vol. 1
Electric Seventies
Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks
Essential Rock Anthems
Fetenhits: Rock Classics
Finest of Hard-Rock, Volume 1 (disc 1), The
Finest of Hard-Rock, Volume 1, The
Floor Fillers: Rock Classics
Full Metal Garage: The Songs That Drove Metallica
Generation Landslide ’73
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 1: 1980-81
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 2: 1982-83
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 5: 1988-89
Gods of Guitar
Gold Rock Ballads
Golden Memories, Volume 12
Good Morning Vietnam
Goth: 18 Classics From the Dark Side
Gothic Spirits
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty Rock Radio 97.8
Great Metal Covers, Volume 1
Greatest Guitar Anthems
Greatest Hits of Rock
Greatest Hits of the 70s
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: 70's, Volume 1
Greatest Rock Album, The
Guitar Hero III - Set 4 - European Invasion
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Guitar Rock: 1970-1971
Guitar Rock: 1972–1973
Guitar Rock: Monsters (disc 1)
Halvliter rock
Hard 'n' Heavy
Hard 'n' Heavy: Ballads
Hard Music, Volume 1
Hard Rock
Hard Rock Collection, The
Hard Rock Essentials
Harder the Better, The
Harley-Davidson: One for the Road
Headbanger’s Bible
Heart Like a Wheel
Heart Metal, I
Heavy 100
Heavy Hammer Hits
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal Box, The
Heavy Metal Masters
Heavy Metal Masters II
Heavy Metal Masters Live
Heavy Metal Vol. 1
Heavy Metal, Volume 1
Heavy Metal, Volume 2
Heavy Metal: 24 Electrifying Performances
Heavy Metal: Music From the Motion Picture
Heavy Metal: Superstars of the 70’s, Volume 2
Heavy Rock
Heavy Way, The
High Intensity Discharge
History of Pop - 1966 to 1973, The
History of Pop 1970-1972, The
Hit Box, The
Hit-Giganten: Rocksongs, Die
Hot Hits of the 70's, Volume Two
Hot Rock
Humo Presenteert: Luchtgitaar!
Impossible Concert, The
In for the Kill
In Memory…
In Tune With the World
It's Hardrock, Hallelujah!
Jackie: The Party Album
Jim Beam: 40 Shots of Rock
Kerrang! Hometaping, Volume 3: Come Out and Play
Kerrang! Metal Klassix
Kerrang! The Album
Kerrang! Welcome to Planet Rock
Kommissar, Der
L’Odyssée du Rock
LateNightTales: Air
Legendary Harley-Davidson Road Songs
Legendary Harley‐Davidson Road Songs
Let It Rock You
Life:Styles: Kenny Dope
Live & Loud
Live Aid (Live, 13th July 1985)
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
Lords of Chaos: The History of Occult Music
Lords of Dogtown
Lords of Dogtown: Music From the Motion Picture
Love Generation, The
Love Rock!, I
Love You Sweatleaf, I
Lulz: A Corruption of LOL #IV: /b/lackup
Lulz: A Corruption of LOL #X: Creepypasta
Manta Manta - Der Soundtrack zum Film
Marquee Metal
Mastermix Classic Cuts 19: Rock
Mastermix Classic Cuts Presents: The Rock Box
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 123: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs 06: Rock
Masters of Metal
Masters of Rock
Maximum Power
Metal Ballads 2: All Times
Metal Box, The
Metal CD, Volume 1
Metal Foundry
Metal Gods
Metal Gods, Volume 2
Metal Hammer: Golden Gods 2005
Metal Hearts
Metal Killers
Metal Killers Kollection
Metal Masters
Metal Museum - Metallised Hearts 3
Metal Museum, Volume 7: Heavy Metal, The
Metal Rock: Hard & Heavy
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Mightier Than the Sword: The Ronnie James Dio Story
Million Sellers 18: The Seventies
Mob Rules
Monsters of Rock
Monsters of the Millennium 3
Music from the Motion Picture Wayne’s World
Neon Knights
No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees
No Boundaries: Benefit for Kosovar Refugees
No Stranger to Love
No Stranger to Love (alternative version)
No. 1 Hits of the 70s
No.1 70's Rock Album, The
Now That’s What I Call Classic Rock
Old Skoöl of Rock
Oldie Parade, Volume 4
Oldies 2: Classic Rock
Original Heavy Metal Album, The
Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium
Ozzfest 2003 Summer Sampler
Ozzfest 2004 Summer Sampler
Ozzfest: 10th Anniversary
Ozzman Cometh, The
Party Alarm: Hits - heißer als die Polizei erlaubt
Permission to Rock
Planet 70’s
Pondus - Flat Fuzzpedal
Power Rock (Vol.2)
Pre Historie 1970, Volume 2, De
Promo Only: Hot Video, August 2013
Protect the Innocent
Pure Rock 1970
Pure Rock 1971
Pure Rock 1972
Pure Rock 1975
Pure Rock 1980
Pure Rock 1981
Pure Rock 1982
Pure Rock Moods
Pure… Guitar Heroes
Pure… Guitar Legends
Radio 1 Classics, Volume 1
Radio Active
Rage: The Songs Most Chosen by Rage Guest Programmers
RCD Classic Rock Collection, Vol. 2
Really Gonna Rock Tonight: 30 Great Rock Hits
Red Hot Metal
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1970
Rock Anthems
Rock Anthems, Volume 2
Rock Attack
Rock Ballads
Rock Ballads Forever
Rock Ballads, Volume 5
Rock Box
Rock Box, The
Rock Box: 54 Classic Rock Anthems, The
Rock Chronicles: The Seventies
Rock Classics
Rock Classics, Volume 5
Rock Collection, The
Rock Collection: Hard 'n' Heavy, The
Rock Collection: Rock Heroes, The
Rock Collection: Rock Inferno, The
Rock Collection: Rock Solid, The
Rock Der Rykker
Rock Festival
Rock Giants
Rock Gödz
Rock Guitar Legends
Rock Guitar Legends Vol2
Rock Hard: The History Compilation
Rock Hits
Rock Hits of the 70s
Rock Legends - Volume 2
Rock Legends II
Rock Line 3
Rock Line Volume 3
Rock Monsters
Rock Monsters: Unleash the Beast
Rock of Ages
Rock Resurrection
Rock Songs (disc 1)
Rock That Party
Rock the World
Rock Times plus, Volume 5: 1971-1974
Rock: The Greatest Rock Hits
Rock'n'Roll Racing
Route 66
School Boy Crush (Panned, Left) / Keep Your Distance / Behind the Wall of Sleep
Schule Für E-Gitarre
Scream for Rock
Sem fronteiras: Em benefício dos refugiados de Kosovo
Sensational 70’s, Volume 2
Seventh Star
Sex, Drugs + Rock'n Roll
Simply the Best Guitar Album
Sir Price
Skate 2
Skate to Hell: The Extreme Skaterock Collection
Smoke on the Water
Soft Side of Hard Rock
Songs for My Ute
Songs for the Aussie Bloke
Sounds of the 70’s
Sounds of the Seventies: Guitar Power
Sphinx (The Guardian)
Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology
Star of India
Stereoplay Special CD 48: Hard&Heavy
stereoplay, CD 37: Yesterday’s
Sunday Morning Collection
Super 70’s Rock
Super Hits of the 70's (disc 4)
Superhits of Rock 1965-79
Superstars of the 70s
Tales From the Crypt: Monsters of Metal
Teenage Rebels! - Silver Machine
Teenage Rebels! - Summer in the City
Testament van de Seventies
This Time Around: An Anthology 1970-2007
Thrill Is Gone, The
Tijdloze honderd, Volume 3
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Hard & Heavy
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Masterpieces
Time Life Music - The Ultimate 70s Compilation: Dance Party & Disco Edition
Time Machine: A Vertigo Retrospective
Top 100 Allertijden 1997
Top Gear Anthems
Top Gear: Anthems (disc 1)
Top Gear: The Best Driving Songs
Top of the Pops 2: 70s Rock
Tortellini Accident, The
Totally 70s
Totally Heavy Metal
Tour of Duty 6: The Strongest Popclassics From the 60’s and 70’s
Tour of Duty III
Tour of Duty: Top 100
Triple M Unleashed Again
Turn to Stone
Turtle Wax Rock Magic
Twogether Années 70
Ultimate Metal Classics, Volume 1
Ultimate Rock Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Collection: The Quieter Side, The
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rock-Classics aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rockstars aller Zeiten, Die
V8 Supercars: A Full Tank of Rock
Very Best of Drive Time: 40 Driving Classics and Feel Good Anthems, The
Very Best of School, The
VTM Holiday Party Hits 2
War Pigs
Wayne’s World
Wayne’s World Hits 2
Wayne’s World: Music From the Motion Picture
We Rock: Greatest Hits
We Will Rock You
Welcome to Hell
Who Cares
Wild Rock 2
Works, The
World Hits 1970
World Shut Your Mouth
You Will Be Rocked
Young, Die
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 11