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Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Georg Ludwig von
Deòrsa I Bhreatainn is Èireann
Đuro I, kralj Velike Britanije i Irske
Džordž I
Džordžs I
Georg 1. af Storbritannien
Georg I av Storbritannia
Georg I av Storbritannien (kung av Storbritannien)
Georg (I.; England, König)
Georg (I.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georg (I.; Irland, König)
Georg I (König von Großbritannien und Irland, Kurfürst von Braunschweig-Lüneburg)
Georg I, Köönig vo Groossbritannie
Georg I vun Grootbritannien
Georg Ludewig (Braunschweig und Lüneburg, Hertzog)
Georg Ludewig (Braunschweig und Lüneburg, Herzog)
Georg Ludewig (Gross-Britannien, König)
Georg Ludowig (Gross-Britannien, König)
Georg Ludwig (Braunschweig, Herzog)
Georg Ludwig (Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog)
Georg Ludwig (électeur de Hanovre)
Georg Ludwig (Hannover, Kurfürst)
Georg Ludwig (I.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georg Ludwig (I.; Irland, König)
Georg Ludwig (Lüneburg, Herzog)
George 1ma di Granda Britania
George (1sei; Igirisu Kokuo)
George (1セイ; イギリス コクオウ)
George (1世; イギリス国王)
George (I.)
George I al Marii Britanii
George I của Anh
George I dari Britania Raya
George (I.; Grande Bretagne, Roi)
George (I.; Grande Bretagne, Roy)
George (I.; Great Britain, King)
George (I.; Groot-Britanje, Koning)
George (I.; Groot-Brittannië, Koning)
George (I; King of Great Britain)
George (I; koning van Engeland)
George I, kralj Velike Britanije
George I o Great Breetain
George I od Velike Britanije
George I of Great Britain (king of Great Britain)
George (I; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
George (I; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
George I van Groot-Brittanje
George I van Groot-Brittannië (Brits peterschap (1660-1727))
George Ier de Grande-Bretagne
George-Lewis (Great Britain, King)
George Louis (Hannover, Elector)
George Louis (I.; Great Britain, King)
George Louis (of Brunswick-Lüneburg)
George Ludewich (Braunschweig und Lüneburg, Hertzog)
Georges (I; électeur de Hanovre)
Georges (I; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
Georgius I
Georgius (I.; England, König)
Georgius (I.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georgius (I.; Magna Britannia, Rex)
Georgius Ludovicus
Georgius Ludovicus (Brunsvicus-Luneburgicus, Heros)
Georgius Ludovicus (Brunsvigia et Luneburgia, Dux)
Georgius Ludovicus (Dux Brunsvicensium et Luneburgensium)
Georgius Ludovicus (I.; Magna Britannia, Rex)
Georgo la 1-a
Giorgio (Gran Brettagna, Re)
Giorgio I di Gran Bretagna
Giorgio (I.; Gran-Bretagna, Re)
I. George
I. György brit király
I Георг
Jerzy (I.)
Jerzy I Hanowerski (król Wielkiej Brytanii)
Jerzy (I; (król Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii ;)
Jiří I
Jordi (duc de Lüneburg)
Jordi I de la Gran Bretanya
Jordi (I; elector de Hannover)
Jordi (I; Rei d'Anglaterra)
Jordi (I; rei de Gran Bretanya)
Jordi (I; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
Jordi (I; rei de la Gran Bretanya i d'Irlanda)
Jorge I da Grã-Bretanha
Jorge I de Gran Bretaña
Jorge (I; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
Jorj Iañ Breizh-Veur
Juraj I
Jurgi I.a Erresuma Batukoa
Jurgis I
Khiâu-chhṳ Yit-sṳ
Seoirse I na Breataine Móire
Siôr I, brenin Prydain Fawr
Xurxo I de Gran Bretaña
Yrjö I
Γεώργιος Α΄ της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας
Георг I, кароль брытанскі
Георг I (король Великобритании и Ирландии, курфюрст Брауншвейг-Люнебурга)
Джордж I
Џорџ I
ჯორჯ I
Գեորգ I
ג'ורג' הראשון (מלך בריטניה)
جارج اول، برطانیہ عظمی
جرج اول
جرج اول بریتانیای کبیر
جورج الأول ملك بريطانيا العظمى
जॉर्ज़ १
पहिला जॉर्ज, ग्रेट ब्रिटन
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Buckley, Samuel (ca. 1674-1741)
Ernst August (I.; Hannover, Kurfürst; 1629-1698; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Georg (II.; Grossbritannien, König; 1683-1760; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Gran Bretanya
Gran Bretanya Monarca (1714-1727 : Jordi I) (see also from)
Great Britain
Great Britain Sovereign (1714-1727 : George I) (see also from)
Norris, Thomas
Overton, Henry (16..-1764)
Rapin de Thoyras, Paul (1661-1725))
Renard, Louis (1678?-1746)
Riegel, Christoph (fl. 1678-1714))
Rogissart, Alexandre de (16..-1706))
Sophie (Hannover, Kurfürstin; 1630-1714; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Sophie Dorothea (Hannover, Kurprinzessin; 1666-1726; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Sophie Dorothea (Preussen, Königin; 1687-1757; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Townshend, Charles Townshend Viscount, 1674-1738
Van der Stell, Adrien
Wake, William (1657-1737)
Werner (1735))
Wood, Thomas (168.-175.))
Act for further application of the rents and profits of the lands and tenements formely given by Erasmus Smith esq; deceased, to charitable uses., An
act to impower justices of the peace to determine disputes about servants, artificers, day-labourer's wages, and other small demands, and to oblige masters to pay the same, and to punish idle and disorderly servants., An
act to make the militia of this kingdom more useful., An
Acts and statutes made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the twelfth day of November, Anno Dom. 1715. In the Second Year of the Reign of Our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King George, Before His Grace Charles Duke of Grafton, and His Excellency Henry Earl of Gallway, Lords Justices General and General Governors of Ireland. And continued under His Grace Charles Duke of Bolton, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several Prorogations to the Twenty Seventh of August, 1717. And continued under His Grace Charles Duke of Bolton, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several Prorogations to the First Day of July, 1719. And further continued under His Grace Charles Duke of Grafton, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several Prorogations until the Twelfth Day of September, 1721. And further continued under His Grace Charles Duke of Grafton, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several Prorogations until the Twenty Ninth Day of August, 1723. And further continued under His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several Prorogations until the twenty first day of September, 1725. Being the sixth session of this present Parliament
[Albuminscriptie van Georg Ludwig Churfurst zu Brau. und Lunbr [=Georg Ludwig Kurfürst von Braunschweig-Luneburg, en vanaf 1714 George I, koning van Engeland (1660-1727)], voor Petrus Schenk (1660-1711), graveur en kartograaf]
Anno regni Georgii regis ... duodecimo ... : [An act to prevent unlawful combinations of workmen imployed in the woollen manufactures, and for better payment of their wages]
Brieven van George I (1660-1727) aan Friedrich August I (1670-1733)
By the King, a proclamation, for apprehending James Butler, late Duke of Ormond, and other persons attainted of high treason on account of the late rebellion.
Chur-Fürstl. Braunschweig-Lüneburgische Ober-Appellations-Gerichts-Ordnung. - s. a.
Demüthigster Zuruff ... bey Sr Königl. Maj. Georgii M. Königs von *
Des Allerdurchlauchtigsten Großmächtigsten Fürsten und Herrn, Herrn Georgen, Königs von*. -
dissertation upon the eighth canon of the council of Nice, A : proving, that Novatian the Heretick was never allowed to be a true bishop in any part of the catholick Church. With some remarks upon Mr. L---'s way of handling the controversy about lay-baptism.
felicissimo a Rheno reditv ... Georgii Lvdovici dvcis Brvnsvicens*. -, De
French Church's apology for the Church of England, The : or, the objections of dissenters against the articles, homilies, liturgy, and canons of the English Church, considered, and answered upon the principles of the Reformed Church of France. A work chiefly extracted out of the authentick acts and decrees of the French national synods, and the most approved writers of that Church.
George I : elector and king
Gierusalemme liberata, La
Harangue de sa majesté Britannique à son Parlement le 20. fevrier, 3. mars. 1717
Harangue du Roy de la Grande Bretagne aux deux chambres du Parlement : prononcée mardy le 11/22 novembre 1718 : avec l'adresse de la Chambre des seigneurs au Roy : presentées le jeudy 12/23 novembre 1718
His Majesties most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament
His Majesties order in council, March 30th. 1717
Histoire d'Angleterre, par Mr de Rapin Thoyras. Tome premier [-dixième].
Histoire naturelle des plus rares curiositez de la mer des Indes
humble address of the arch-bishop, president of the convocation of the Province of Canterbury; and of the bishops and clergy of the same Province, in convocation assembled; presented to His Majesty at St. James's on Monday the sixteenth day of April, 1716. Together with his Majesties most gracious answer., The
Ireland corrected from the latest Observations Divided into its Provinces Counties & Baronies, Shewing the Principal Roads and the Distances of Places in Common reputed Miles by Inspection, Where Barracks are Erected, &c.
Literæ Sacræ Regiæ Majestatis Sveciæ Ad Imperatorem Romanorum nec non Reges Galliæ et Magnæ Britanniæ De laniena Thoruniensi
Lleis, etc..
Mémoires du règne de George 1 Roi de la Grande Bretagne ...
Message from the late King to the Pr. of Wales, with the answers
Monumenta Paderbornensia : Ex Historia Romana Francica, Saxonica eruta [...]. Accedunt Caroli M. Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniæ, ex antiquissimo MS. Palatino Bibliothecæ Vaticanæ, & Panegyricus Paderbornensis, nec non Manes Ferdinandei [...].
paraphrase and commentary on the New Testament. Volume II. Containing all the Epistles with a discourse on the Millenium. To which is added, a chronology of the New Testament, a map, and alphabetical table of the places mentioned in the Gospels, Acts, or the Epistles. With tables of the matters contain'd, and of the words and phrases explain'd throughout the whole work., A
Poissons, écrevisses et crabes de diverses couleurs et figures extraordinaires que l'on trouve autour des îles Moluques et sur les côtes des terres australes [...] [estampes]
Proclamations. 1719-03-15
Public General Acts. 1715-1716. 2 Geo.I.c.9
Réponse de la reine de Hongrie aux plaintes de Georges II. Roi d'Angleterre, électeur d'Hanovre contenant sa justification prouvée par les faits.
scholastical history of the practice of the Church in reference to the administration of baptism by lay-men. Wherein an account is given of the practice of the primitive Church, the practice of the modern Greek Church, and the practice of the churches of the Reformation. With an appendix containing some remarks on the historical part of Mr. Lawrence's writings touching the invalidity of lay-baptism, his preliminary discourse of the various opinions of the Fathers concerning rebaptization, and invalid baptisms, and his discourse of sacerdotal powers., A
State papers domestic. index to lists, parts I to IV, 1714-1727.
treatise of the true Millenium, A : shewing that it is not a reign of persons raised from the dead, but of the Church flourishing gloriously for a thousand years after the conversion of the Jews and the flowing-in of all nations to them thus converted to the christian faith.
Treaty of alliance for settling the publick peace, signed at London July 22/August 2 1718
Treaty of mutual defence between the most serene and most potent Prince Charles VI Emperor of Germany, &c. and the most serene and most potent Prince George, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. concluded at Westminster on the 25th of May, 1716
Verordnung, die Rechnungsführende Bediente betr.
Whereas we are informed, that divers seamen and seafaring men are gotten into the inland counties
works of the learned Joseph Bingham, M.A. late rector of Havant, and sometime fellow of university-college in Oxford. Containing, I. Origines ecclesiasticae, The : or, the antiquities of the christian Church. In twenty three books. II. A scholastical history of lay-baptism. In two parts. III. The French churches apology for the Church of England. IV. A discourse concerning the mercy of God to penitent sinners. In two volumes [The second volume]..