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Braarud, Trygve
Trygve Braarud (botanico norvegese)
Trygve Braarud (botaniste norvégien)
Trygve Braarud (Noors botanicus (1903-1985))
Trygve Braarud (Norwegian botanist)
Trygve Braarud (norwegischer Botaniker)
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Føyn, Birgithe
Føyn, Birgithe Ruud
Föyn, Björg
Grøntved, Jul (1899-)
Hasle, Grethe Berit Rytter (1920-)
Hasle, Grethe Rytter (1920-)
Klem, Alf
Klem, Alf (1903-1941))
Pappas, Irene
Ruud, Johan T.
Sørensen, N. A.
Sorensen, N.A.
Stewart, Robert W.
University of Oslo
Beiträge zur Kenntnis des Stoffwechsels im Meere
Biologische Untersuchungen in einigen Seen des östlichen Norwegens, August-September 1927
coccolithophoride in laboratory culture, A : Syracosphaera Carterae n. sp.
Experimental studies on marine plankton diatoms
Experimental studies on the dinoflagellate Peridinium triquetrum (Ehrb.) Lebour
Hvalrådets skrifter ; scientific results of marine biological research
hydrographic conditions and aeration of the Oslo Fjord, 1933-1934, The
Hydrographical and chemical investigations in the coastal waters off Møre and in the Romsdalsfjord
marine and fresh-water phytoplankton of the Dramsfjord and the adjacent part of the Oslofjord, March-December 1951, The
Nitrite in polluted sea-water : observations from the Oslo Fjord, 1946-1948
Observations on the marine dinoflaggellate Prorocentrum micans Ehrenb. in culture
"Øst" expedition to the Denmark Strait 1929, The
Phytoplankton in the Oslo Fjord during a "Coccolithus Huxleyi-Summer"
phytoplankton survey of the polluted waters of inner Oslo Fjord, A : With 19 figures in text
Progress in oceanography
quantitative study of the phytoplankton in the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine (including observations on hydrography, chemistry and turbidity), A
Second international seaweed symposium held in Trondheim, July 1955
Thesis (doctoral)--University of Oslo, 1935