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Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Corner, Chris (real name)
I am x (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Cinema bizarre
Corner, Chris (other; 1974-...; see also from)
Heap, Imogen
Adrenalin Room, The
adrenaline room, The
After Every Party I Die (instrumental)
Alive in New Light
Alternative (acoustic), The
Alternative (BitRayker remix), The
Alternative (instrumental), The
Alternative (radio edit), The
Alternative (Sidney Looper remix), The
Am Terrified (Alec Empire remix), I
Am X, I
Animal impulses
Avalanches (instrumental)
Background Noise, The
Bernadette (Headfuck Collage)
Bernadette (Post Romanian Storm instrumental)
Bernadette (radio edit Deutsch)
Big Man
Body Politics
Break the Chain
Bring Me Back a Dog (instrumental)
Cat’s Cradle
Church of England
Cold Red Light (Black Light Odyssey remix)
Cold Red Light (instrumental)
Come home
Come With Knifes (video version)
come with knives, I
Commanded by Voices (instrumental)
Dance With Me (instrumental)
Dead in This House
Disease to Please, The
Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)
Fire and Whispers (instrumental)
Ghosts of Utopia (instrumental)
Ghosts of Utopia (Noblesse Oblige remix)
Ghosts of Utopia (radio edit 1)
Ghosts of Utopia (radio edit 2)
Great Shipwreck of Life (Pull Out Kings remix), The
Great Shipwreck of Life (radio edit), The
great wreckship of life, The
Happiness (Gary Numan remix)
Happiness (single mix)
Heatwave (instrumental)
I for an I (Unfall X-Mess remix), An
iamx http
Interview with Chris Corner
Into Asylum (instrumental)
Kingdom of Welcome Addiction (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
kiss + swallow enregistrement sonore
Kiss + Swallow (instrumental)
Kiss + Swallow (Recall version)
Kiss and Swallow (Free Radicals remix)
Kiss and swallow [Graf Zahl mix]
Kiss and Swallow (instrumental)
Kiss and Swallow (Manix remix)
Kiss and Swallow (Moonbootica remix)
Kiss and Swallow (radio edit)
Kiss & Swallow (Graf Zahl remix)
Kiss & Swallow (Moonbotica dub remix)
Land of broken promises
Life? Question?
Like Pretending (instrumental), I
Little Deaths
Live in Warsaw
Look Outside (Marat Sad remix)
Lovesongs (3 min 46 s)they kill mealbum version
Lovesongs (4 min 25 s)IAMX remix
Lovesongs (6 min 19 s)hot like me, freak like meclub mix
Lovesongs (6 min 43 s)extended remix
Lulled by Numbers (instrumental)
Mein geheimer Freund (Klavier Akustikversion)
Mercy (instrumental)
Mile Deep Hollow (acoustic version)
Mile Deep Hollow (HAEZER remix)
Mile Deep Hollow (IDIOTAPE remix)
Mile Deep Hollow (Mr.Kitty remix)
Mile Deep Hollow (PS22 Chorus Child Deep Hollow live version)
Mile Deep Hollow (single rework)
Mile Deep Hollow (UNFALL Isness mix)
Missile (instrumental)
Missile (radio edit)
Music People (instrumental)
My Secret Friend (The UNFALL Broken Waltz rework)
Naked but Safe (instrumental)
Nature of Inviting (Black Light Odyssey remix)
Nature of Inviting (Terence Fixmer remix)
Negative Sex (I Will Shank You for a Penny remix), The
Negative Sex (instrumental), The
Nightlife (Crème Prulée remix)
Nightlife (instrumental)
Nightlife (People Theatre's Trip to Berlin mix)
Nightlife (single mix)
No Maker Made Me
Noise Cabinet, The
North Star (Addendum mix)
North Star (Addendum remix)
North Star (Future Funk Squad remix)
North Star (Mr.Kitty remix)
North Star (single mix)
North Star (X edit)
Oh Beautiful Town (instrumental)
Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me (SlikNik_CE remix)
Oh Cruel Darkness Embrance Me (single mix)
Polar I.
Power and the Glory, The
President (acoustic)
President (Andrew Friendly mix)
President (IAMX Accident mix)
President (instrumental)
President (radio edit)
President / Spit It Out
Quiet the Mind (radio edit)
Running (Cook/Kirby) / Church of England / The Great Shipwreck of Life (Omega Man 1950 remix) / My Secret Friend (by Larry Driscoll)
Running Point
Sailor (instrumental)
Salute You Christopher (instrumental), I
Salute You Christopher (Ode to Christopher Hitchens), I
Say Hello Melancholia
Simple Girl (instrumental)
Skin Vision (instrumental)
Song of Imaginary Beings (instrumental)
Spit It Out (Alexander Kowalski remix)
Spit It Out (Dirk Technic's Sandstorm remix)
Spit it out [dirktechnic sandstorm mix]
Spit It Out (Gary Numan/Ade Fenton remix)
Spit It Out (Imogen Heap remix)
Spit It Out (instrumental)
Spit It Out (single mix)
Spit It Out (string version)
Stardust (Ekhe Remix)
Stardust (Single Mix)
Stardust (Unfall Remix)
Stardust (Video Mix)
Stupid, the Proud (Vive la Fête remix), The
Tear Garden (instrumental)
Tear Garden (radio edit)
Tear Garden (UNFALL Art Deco rework)
Tear Garden (UNFALL FurChocolateWine rework)
Tear Garden (without drums)
Think of England (UNFALL rework)
This Will Make You Love Again (instrumental)
Trust the Machine
Turning Crimson
Under atomic skies
Unified Field (Faux Tales club mix), The
Unified Field / Quiet the Mind, The
Unified Field (radio edit), The
Unified Field (We Love Machines remix), The
Void, The
Volatile Times (Clayton Worbeck mix)
Volatile Times (Glen STRANGERS Trip Wave remix)
Volatile Times (IAMseX Unfall rework instrumental)
Volatile Times (Noblesse Oblige remix)
Volatile Times Remix EP
Walk with the noise
White Suburb Impressionism (instrumental)
White Suburb Impressionism (Recall version)
Wildest Wind
You Can Be Happy (Combichrist remix)
You Stick It in Me (instrumental)
Your Joy Is My Low (instrumental)
Your Joy Is My Low (Mr. Jack remix)
Your Joy Is My Low: remixes
Your Joy Is My Low ("Rockmixed" by Mister Torpedo)
Your Joy Is My Low (Soldout remix)
Your Joy Is My Low ("You Are X remix" by Thomas Sari)
Contributed to or performed: 
Abby: The Compilation, Part 4.2
Advanced Electronics, Volume 5
Advanced Electronics, Volume 6
Best of Dark Visions
Castle Party 2007
D-Side 23
Disco Boys, Volume 10, The
Elektrisch! 2
Elektrisch! 3
Extended Electronics, Volume 2
Extreme Clubhits XI
Extreme Clubhits XII
Extreme Traumfänger 11
Festival Summer 2007
FluxFM - Popkultur kompakt
FM4 Soundselection: 11
FM4 Soundselection: 28
G Mode 2
Gothic Compilation, Part LVIII
Gothic File 04
Gothic File 13 | 1
How to Get Away with Murder (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 30
M'era Luna Festival 2013
Metropolis: ReBirth 2.0
Moonbootique Records Presents SOUND
My Secret Friend
My Secret Friend (improvisation)
My Secret Friend (Omega Man remix)
My Secret Friend (radio edit)
Orbit Electro
Pop Rock Station by Zegut Volume 3
Pretty Little Angel (Tomas Barfod's "Everybodylikesalittletrance" remix)
Schattenreich Vol.4
Schattenreich, Volume 4
Schattenreich, Volume 6
Schwarze Nacht, Tanz 5
Septic VII
Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 117
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 59
SXSW 2007 Showcasing Artists
Wahrschauer CD zum Heft 60
Wir sind die Nacht
Zillo CD 06/09
Zillo CD-04/2011
Zillo Dark Summer 2007, Volume 2