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Rich of Warwick, Robert
Rich, Robert
Rich, Robert (Earl of Warwick)
Rich, Robert (Lord)
Robert (Earl of Warwick)
Robert Rich, 2. Earl of Warwick (englischer Kolonialverwalter, Admiral und Puritaner)
Robert Rich, 2. hrabia Warwick
Robert Rich, 2. jarl av Warwick
Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick (Royal Navy admiral)
Robert Rich, II conte di Warwick (militare e ammiraglio inglese)
Robert Richard of Warwick
Warwick, Robert Rich (Earl of)
Warwick, Robert Rich of
Warwick, Robert Richard of
Warwicke, Robert Rich (Earl of)
Роберт Рич, 2-й граф Уорик
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Burgine, Darby
Catholic Church. Pope (1623-1644 : Urban VIII)
Essex, Robert Devereux Earl of, 1591-1646
Holles, Gervase (1606-1675)
Inchiquin, Murrough O'Brien Earl of, 1614-1674
Pembroke, Philip Herbert Earl of, 1584-1650
Shirley, Evelyn Philip (1812-1882)
Vane, Henry Sir, 1612?-1662
declaration of Robert Rich, earl of Warwick. - [1643 - 1644], A
England and Wales The Parliaments desires to the Earl of Warwick, 1642:
letter. -, A
Lord Willoughby of Parham, his letter to an Honorable Member of the House of Parliament., The : His Majesties letter to the Lord Willoughby of Parham. The Lord Willoughby of Parham his letter, in answer, to His Maiesties. With the message of the Lords to the House of Commons upon the said letters. As also the Lord of Warwicks letter to his brother the Earle of Holland. And the declaration or resolution of the officers in the county of Essex, to the Earle of Warwick, lord lievtenant of that county. With the approbation of both Houses concerning the same.
most worthy speech. -, A
Popes brief
Romes inquiry after the death of their Catholiques here in England, during these times of warre
Six speeches spoken in the Guild-Hall, London : upon Tuesday in the afternoon, Aprill 9 1644 printed in the same order they were spoken one after the other. By the Earle of Warwick, Sir Henry Vane, the Earle of Essex, the Earl of Pembroke, Collonell Hollis, and Master Recorder.
Warwick and Holland : being the lives of Robert and Henry Rich