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Chase, Samuel
Samuel Chase (American judge)
Samuel Chase (Brits rechter (1741-1811))
Samuel Chase (polityk amerykański)
Samuel Chase (Richter und Unterzeichner der Unabhängigkeitserklärung der Vereinigten Staaten)
Чейс, Сэмюэль
ساموئل چیس
صامويل تشايس
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Evans, Charles active (1805)
Jefferson Exhibit Collection (Library of Congress)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Smith, Samuel Harrison (1772-1845)
Strange, John (1696-1754)
Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
William Duane Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Wood, Conveyancer
Wood, Edward
account of the ancient division of the English nation into hundreds and tithings, An : the happy effects of that excellent : that it woudl be equally beneficial to all other nations and countries, as well under monarchical as republican establishments : and that, to the English nation in particular, it would afford an effectual means of reforming the corruption of parliaments by rending the representation of the people perfectly equal, in exact numerical propostion, to the total number of householders throughout the whole realm : intended as an appendix to several tracts on national defence, &c.
[Citation book to British case law].
collection of select cases relating to evidence, A
Considerations on criminal law
Coroner's guide, or, The office and duty of a coroner
discourse concerning inheritances in fee simple, with a kalendar of all the persons who are inheritable, A : wherein the order of descent is laid down according to the law of England : and also the degrees, and rights, and claims of consanguinity are clearly and fully proved : agreeably to the civil and canon laws, in a plain and easy method with proper remarks
federalist: a collection of essays, written in favour of the new Constitution, as agreed upon by the Federal convention, September 17, 1787, in two volumes., The
Grand Inquests, The Historic Impeachments of Justice Samuel Chase and President Andrew Johnson
History of the English law : from the time of the Saxons to the end of the reign of Philip and Mary
history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V, The : with a view of the progress of society in Europe, from the subversion of the Roman Empire, to the beginning of the sixteenth century : in three volumes
introduction to the law relative to trials at nisi prius, An
law of common assurances, The : touching deeds in general, viz. feoffments, gifts, grants, leases : with two alphabetical tables
law of errors and writs of errors, The : being a treatise wherein is contained the nature and end of the writ of error, the several sorts of writs of error, wherein and when a writ of error is a supersedeas or not, errors in law and errors in fact, how and when errors are to be assigned and by whom, and what things are assignable for error ...
law of executors and administrators, The
letter of "Caution"., A
new abridgement of the law, A
Officium vicecomitum : the office and authority of sheriffs
pleader's assistant, The : containing a select collection of precedents of modern pleadings in the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, &c. : viz. declarations, avowries, pleas, replications, rejoinders, demurrers, &c. in a variety of actions : including the most usual as well as more special matters : with forms of writs in several cases : interspersed with cursory observations and instructions : the whole drawn and settled by the most eminent counsel of the time, viz. Serjeant Agar, Bootle, Belfield, Sir W. Chapple, Serjeant Draper, Sir J. Darnell, Serjeant Eyre, Hawkins, Hussey, Mr. Hardcastle, Mr. L. Robinson, Sir M. Wright, the late Mr. Warren, and others.
Practice common-placed
present practice of the Court of King's Bench, The : containing ample and complete instructions for commencing and defending the various kinds of suits and actions, entering up judgement, suing out execution, proceeding in error from the King's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer Chamber, and Parliament, &c., and calculated not only to guide the attorney in the course of his practice in cases already settled, but also by pointing out the rise and ground of the various proceedings, and the several cases in each already adjudged, to enable him by analogy to conduct any new matters that may occur : containing rules of court down to Michaelmas Term, 1784, and enriched with a number of very curious and special precedents of the various writs, pleadings, entries, &c. in use in the Court of King's Bench : and particularly of declarations, a great number of which are very special, and settled by the most eminent pleaders : to which is added a complete index
Samuel Chase papers
Three learned readings made upon three very usefull statutes
treatise concerning trespasses vi et armis, A : wherein the nature of trespass is clearly explicated and the gist of the action stated and by whom such actions may be brought and against whom and how to be laid ...
treatise of distresses, replevins, and avowries, in the courts at Westminster, county-courts, hundred-courts, &c., A : containing the common and statute law for securing the payment of rents, and preventing frauds by tenants, with plain and easy directions how to distrain for rent, form of the notice to the tenant, inventory, appraiser's oath, &c. : also divers statutes touching the office of the sheriffs, and passing their patents and accounts, and instructions to sheriffs concerning Parliamentary elections.
Trial of Samuel Chase, an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, impeached by the House of representatives, for high crimes and misdemeanors, before the Senate of the United States
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