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Connally, Thomas Terry
Connally, Tom
Tom Connally (American politician)
Tom Connally (Amerikaans politicus (1877-1963))
Tom Connally (amerikai szenátor)
Tom Connally (amerikansk advokat och politiker)
Tom Connally (amerikansk advokat og politikar)
Tom Connally (amerikansk advokat og politiker)
Tom Connally (politicien américain)
Tom Connally (US-amerikanischer Politiker)
Конналли, Томас
טום קונלי
تان کانلی (سیاست‌مدار و وکیل آمریکایی)
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Nye, Gerald Prentice (1892-1971)
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United States. Congress. Conference committees, 1944. [from old catalog]
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
White, Wallace H. (1877-1952)
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Worley, Eugene (1908-)
Additional diversion of the water of the Niagara river...
Alien registration act of 1940...
Amending and Act to prevent pernicious political activities ... Report
Amending the Judicial code ...
America's town meeting of the air.
American claims for damages for expropriated lands in Mexico ... Report.
[Americans react to the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt]
Authorizing the execution of certain obligations under the treaties of 1903 and 1936 with Panama ... Report [and Minority views] To accompany H.J. Res. 14
Biog. dir. Amer. congress
Council of foreign ministers at Paris.
decade of American foreign policy, A : basic documents, 1941-49
Defense plants ...
Extension and completion of the United States Capitol ...
Extension of European recovery program.
Extension of Lend-lease act ... Report.
Housing in connection with national defense ... Report. To accompany H.R. 10412 ...
Modification of Neutrality act of 1939 ... Retort.
My name is Tom Connally
National gallery of art ...
Poll taxes ...
Prevention of subversive activities and registration of aliens ... Report. To accompany amendment (in the nature of a substitute) to H. R. 5138 ...
Prohibiting shipment of petroleum in violation of state law ... report.
Provinding for the appointment of representatives of the United States in the organs and agencies of the United nations, and to make other provision with respect to the participation of the United States in such organization ... Report.
Radio tributes to F.D.R.
Regulation of inter-American automotive traffic. Report to accompany Executive C. Seventy-eighth Congress, second session.
Reorganization of the foreign service ... Report. To accompany S. 2451
Report on Western Europe, 1954
Revenue bill of 1941 ... Report [and Individual views] To accompany H. R. 5417 ..., The
Reviewing American foreign policy since 1945 : statement
Senatorial campaign expenditures, 1932 (Louisiana) ... Report. Pursuant to S. Res. 174, 72d Congress
Settlement of Mexican claims act of 1942 ... Conference report. To accompany S. 2528
Treaty of general relations and protocol with the republic of the Philippines ...
United nations relief and rehabilitation ... Conference report.
Use and operation of war plants in prosecution of war ... Conference report.
War revenue act ... Report.
Wartime method of voting by members of the armed forces ... Conference report on the bill (S. 1285) to amend the Act of September 16, 1942, which provided a method of voting, in time of war, by members of the land and naval forces absent from the place of their residence, and for other purposes ...