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Collins, Marjorie
Collins, Marjory
Collins, Marjory (American photographer, 1912-1985)
Marjory Collins
Marjory Collins (American photographer)
Marjory Collins (Amerikaans fotograaf (1912-))
Marjory Collins (amerikansk fotograf)
Marjory Collinsová
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Collier, John Jr., 1913-1992
Rous, John
Sherwood, Mark
Siegel, Arthur S.
United States. Farm Security Administration
United States. Office of Coordinator of Information
United States. Office of Coordinator of Information. Foreign Information Service
United States. Office of War Information
Vachon, John (1914-1975)
Wolcott, Marion Post (1910-1990)
Arlington, Virginia. April, 1942. Farm Security Administration trailer camp project for Negroes
Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information color slides and transparencies collection (Library of Congress)
Greenbelt, Maryland. 1940-1942. Federal Housing project in a planned community
Mary Anderson, head of Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor, at her desk, Washington, D.C.
Montgomery County, Olney, and Silver Spring, Maryland. November, 1942. Election day in suburbs of Washington, D.C.
New York, N.Y. 1943(?). U.S. Office of War Information broadcast from station WCBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)
New York, N.Y. Children's Colony, a school for refugee children administered by a Viennese. German refugee child, a devotee of Superman
News room of the New York Times newspaper Copy readers at the telegraph desk which handles all dispatches from the U.S., outside New York city. Man wears hat because of draught.
News room of the New York Times newspaper Right foreground, city editor. Two assistants, left foreground. City copy desk in middle ground, with foreign desk, to right; telegraph desk to left. Make-up desk in center back with spiral staircase leading to composing room. Copy readers go up there to check proofs.
Oswego, N.Y. June, 1943. Oswego River and Lake Ontario
Radio room of the New York Times newspaper Times news passed by naval censor (see stamps on paper) is sent out twice daily by the Times' own short wave radio transmitter in international Morse code, and received by ships.
Washington, D.C. April, 1942. Portraits of Colonel A.I. Ennis, Chief of U.S. Army Air Corps, Office of Public Relations, at his desk in the Munitions Building
Washington, D.C. April, 1942. William Hastie, adviser to Undersecretary of War Patterson
Washington, D.C. February, 1942. High school students visit the nation's capital under the auspices of the Bureau of University Travel and the National Capital School Visitor's Council
Washington, D.C. July, 1942. Lunch time in the wartime capital
Washington, D.C. June, 1942. Red Cross activities directly related to the war effort
Washington, D.C. June-July, 1942. Giant Food Store, a chain, self-service market handling all types and many varieties of food and household appliances
Washington, D.C. June-July, 1942. Tourist homes and boarding houses in Washington and just across the District line in Maryland
Washington, D.C. June-July, 1942. Various recreational activities of servicemen, negro and white citizens
Washington, D.C. March 1942. Activities in Negro elementary, junior high and technical high schools
Washington, D.C. March-July, 1942. U.S. legations of Australia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Iceland, Egypt, the Union of South Africa, Ireland, and Switzerland
Washington, D.C. May, 1942. Public and commercial reaction to automobile, gasoline, and tire shortage immediately before and after rationing initiated
Washington, D.C. May, 1942. Registration for wartime sugar rationing at a public school
Washington, D.C. May, 1942. Rubber, metal and paper salvage campaign