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Larry Norman
Larry Norman (American musician)
Larry Norman (Amerikaans zanger)
Larry Norman (US-amerikanischer Sänger und Komponist)
Norman, Larry
Norman, Larry ((Composer))
Норман, Ларри
لری نورمن (خواننده و آهنگساز آمریکایی)
born 1947-04-08 deceased 2008-02-24
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Edwards, Rod
666 (The Anti-Christ)
Addressing the National Youth Workers Convention
All the Way Home
Am a Pilgrim, I
Am a Servant, I
Am Is, I
Am the Six O'clock News, I
Am Waiting, I
Am Your Friend, I
And We Sing the Tune
Are You Breathing
Baby Out of Wedlock
Baby's Got the Blues
'Bark' (soundtrack)
Baroquen Spirits (single version)
Barry McGuire Introduction
Be Careful What You Sign
Best of Larry Norman, The
Blue Shoes White
Born to Be Unlucky
Breathe in Breathe Out (disc 1)
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Broken Bonds, Fallen Friendship
Butterfly (Unreleased Studio Recording)
Camel in a Needle's Eye (live), A
Camel Through a Needle's Eye
Center of My Heart, The
Children of Nimrod, The
Children of Sorrow
Christmas Time
Christmastime (Shorter single edit)
Classical Mandolin
Come as a Child
Come Away
Come on In
Composing - Dos
Composing - Tres
Composing - Uno
Copper Wires
Cornerstone Blues (live)
Counterfeit King (Randy Stonehill)
Country Church, Country People (demo)
Dance Before the Lord, I
Dance Before the Throne
Danger in Loving You
Dangerous Place to Be, A
Dark Passage
Day That a Child Appeared (demo), The
Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn (demo)
Death Comes to Us All
Deep Blue (rough mix)
Deja Vu (If God Is My Father/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus)
Deju Vu: If God Is
Delta Day Jam
Demo (Jon Linn)
Diamonds / One Way (demo)
Don't Believe in Miracles (demo), I
Don't Believe in Miracles (single version), I
Don't Wanna Lose You, I
Don't Want to Lose You, I
Don't You Wanna Talk About It
Dove L'etude
Down the Line
Down Under (But Not Out)
Dream Come True, A
Dreamed That I Died, I
Dreams on a Grey Afternoon
Drum L'Etudes
Dutch Hospital Interview
Elvis Has Left the Building
Endless Life of Dreams
Essential Instigator, The
Eternal Struggle
Even If You Don't Believe
Everybody Work (live)
Excerpt From a Young Lions Session, 1985
Face the Wind
Faith and Love
Farther On
Father of All
Father Touch (disc 1)
Father Touch (disc 2)
Feed the Poor
Feel Like Dyin', I
Feel Like Dying (live), I
Feeling So Bad (single Euro edit)
Few Loaves and Smelly Fish, A
Finchian Etude / Stop This Flight
First Time That I Went to Church, The
Fly, Fly, Fly
Footprints in the Sand
Forever and a Day
Forget Your Hexagram
Found Love, I
Friendship's End
Future Is Here, The
Gathered Moments
Girl with the Golden Hair - 2001, The
God Part 3
God Part III
God Part Three
Godspell Interview
Gonna Write a Song About You for the Radio
Goodbye, Farewell
Gotta Travel On
Great American Novel, The
Ha Ha World (1969 mix)
Ha Ha World (demo)
Hard Luck, Bad News (single version)
Hasty Heart
He Gives Us All His Love
He Really Loves You
Heaven and Hell
Heaven Wants to Bless You
Here Comes the King
Hide His Heart
Higher Calling
Home at last
Hope I'll See You in Heaven, I
Hound of Heaven, The
Hymn to the Last Generation
I've Got to Learn to Live Without You
I've Got You on My Mind
I've Searched All Around the World
If God Is My Father (Rough mix)
If I Got My Ticket
If I Have To
If I Were a Singer
If the Bombs Fall
If You Don't Love the Lord, You'll Fall
In Another Land: The Missing Pieces
In the Garden
Introduction / Watch What You're Doing
Iron and Steel
Ironman Takes the 'A' Train
Is God Dead?
It Could've Been You
It's All Right
It's Alright
It's Only Today That Counts (rough mix)
Jesus and the Movies
Jesus Christ (Written by Woodie Guthrie)
Jesus Freak
Joyful Delta Day
Just Like a Woman
Koniec jest bliski
Kulderachna (Unreleased Studio Recording)
Labor of Love
Larry Norman's 97th Nightmare
Last Supper (1969 Mix, Orchestra and Vocal), The
Lay My Burden Down
Leave It Up to God to Handle
Leaving the Past Behind
Let It Be
Let It Go
Let That Tape Keep Rolling ('69 Bio version)
Let That Tape Keep Rolling (single version)
Let the Lions Come (Speech to Russia for Christ)
Let the Master Make It Right
Let the Rain Fall Down on Me
Letter from Kathy
Letter of the Law
Letters to the Church
Live at Flevo With Q-Stone
Living in the 20th Century (Neoprimitive Dance mix)
Lonely Boy
Lonely by Myself (single version)
Long Hard Road
Look Into Jesus
Looking for the Footprints
Looking up the Footprints
Love and Heaven
Love Is a Commitment
Love Is a Committment
Love Is the Reason
Love Like Yours, A
Love on Haight Street
Love You, I
Magnetc Real - The living room tapes vol. 1
Magnetic Real - The Living Room Tapes Vol. 2
Man From Galilee (Alternate Rock remix), The
Mansion on the Sand
Maximum Land
Medley (Everybody Work / Twist and Shout / Shout)
Medley (I Wish We'd All Been Ready / UFO)
Medley (Soon I Will Be Home / It's Only Today That Counts / I Am a Servant)
Miracles Redux
Moment in Time, A
More Than a Dream (live)
Moses: A Blues Recital and Meditation of 40 Years on the Road
Moses in the Wilderness
My Feet Are on the Rock (live)
My Sweet Lord
Need a Touch, I
New Doctor
Nightmare #49 (Part One)
Nightmare #71
No Change Can Attend
No More Lsd
Not Afraid to Die
Note From Mr. God (live), A
Nothing Really Changes (demo)
Nothing Really Changes (single edit)
Oh, How I Love You
Oh Little Sister
Oh Lydia
Oil in My Lamp
Omega Europa
One Foot Toward the Grave
One More Reason
One True Love (Randy Stonehill)
One Way
Only visiting this planet
Out of My System #1
Out of My System (live dance mix)
Outlaw (demo), The
Outlaw (L.A. acoustic remix), The
Pardon Me (single version)
Parson Brown
Peace Pollution Revolution
Peacepollutionrevolution (1971 single)
People Get Ready
People in My Past
Phydeaux at the Beach
Piano L'Etudes
Prelude (1969 mix)
Presence of the Lord
Price of Living, The
Prima dell'apocalisse 2 - Tribulation Force
Prince of Peace
Problems With Rock and Roll
Protect My Child
Put Your Hand
Put Your Life Into His Hands
Queen of the Rodeo
Radio Interview: Part 1
Radio Interview: Part 10
Radio Interview: Part 11
Radio Interview: Part 12
Radio Interview: Part 2
Radio Interview: Part 3
Radio Interview: Part 4
Radio Interview: Part 5
Radio Interview: Part 6
Radio Interview: Part 7
Radio Interview: Part 8
Radio Interview: Part 9
Radio Spot
Raindrops (live)
Reaching the Beat Generation
Reader's Digest (rock version)
Rebel Poet, Jubox Balladeer: The Anthology
Rehearsal 4 Reality
Remixing This Planet
Riding High
Right Here in America
Righteous Rocker #1
Righteous Rocker #2
Righteous Rocker #3
Righteous Rocker (rough mix)
Righteous Rocker - Slow
Road and the Sky, The
Rock That Doesn’t Roll (live), The
Rock the Flock
Rough Mix 2
Rough Street Love Letter (disc 1)
Same Old Story, The
Sandy Beaches
Shake Your Rattle and Crawl
She's a Dancer
Shine Your Light
Shining Light
Shot Down
Show Me the Shepherd
Sigrid Jane (Shorter version)
Singing at the White House
Sitting in My Kitchen
Six O'Clock News, The
Six, Sixty, Six
Slow Fast
Snacks and a Pointless Story
So long ago the garden, p1973:
Solid Rock, The
Something new under the Son
Somewhere Out There
Song for a Small Circle of Friends
Song for Adam
Song for Pamela (Fly, Fly, Fly)
Song of Salvation
Song Won't Stop the World, A
Soul on Fire (Alt Street Rock remix)
Soul on Fire (alternate Street Rock remix)
Soul on Fire (Mark Heard's Ghetto Dub remix)
Soul on Fire (Nite Lite mix)
Soul Survivor (alternate version)
Spirit in the Sky
Stairway L'Etudes
Standing at the Crossroads
Step Into the Madness
Sticks & Stones (disc 1)
Sticks & Stones (disc 2)
Stong Love, Strange Peace
Stop This Flight (first demo)
Story of the Tune, The
Stranded in Babylon: The American Remixes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Streams of White Light Into Darkened Corners
Street Level
Strong Love, Strange Peace
Sun Began to Rain (Dudly Moore version), The
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation (live)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Taking My Time
Talkin' 'bout Love
Talking to Hannah
Television Interview
Texas and Me / White Trash Stomp
That's What Love Is For (live)
That's When Jesus Knew
Think He's Hiding, I
Think I Love You, I
Top 40 Survey / Radio Airplay
Totally Unplugged
Toxic Tea and Toast
trilogy., The
Trinity (Intro)
Trinity (Outro)
Tune, The
Tuning Up
Turn It Up
Turn Turn Turn
Twelve Good Men (demo)
Twilight L'Etudes
UFO - Bare Bones Take
UFO (Be Afraid mix)
Under the Eye
Unlucky Blues
Up in Canada (1973 single)
Up in Canada ('73 single version)
Upon this rock.
Veja Du
Very Best of Larry Norman, Volume 1, The
Vineyard, The
Voices in the Night
Walking Backwards Down the Stairs
Watch What You're Doing (Ext Rock remix)
Watch What You're Doing (extended version)
We Three Twogether
Weight of the World
What Goes Through Your Mind
What Goes Thru Your Mind
What Has God
What's Wrong With This Body?
When All My Dreams Are Ending
When He Returns
When I First Met You
When the Son Comes Back
When You Sent Your Son
Whenever Sarah Cries
Where His Soul Touches Down
White Blossoms From Black Roots
White Trash Stomp
Why Can't You Be Good
Why Do You Do the Things You Do?
Why Don't you Look Into Jesus
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?
Why Should the Devil (punk)
Will Survive, I
Wish We’d All Been Ready, I
With a Love Like Yours
Without Love, You Ain't Nothing (Righteous Rocker)
Without Love You Are Nothing
Woman Not a Maid, A
Woman of God (Ext Rock & Reggae remix), A
World Full of Love
WZZD Interview
You Can Save Me
You Can't Take Away the Lord (demo)
You Did It to Me (live)
You Got the Blues
You'll Never Find No One / I Am a Servant
You'll Never Guess
You Shall Be Saved
Zimmy Finds His Father
Contributed to or performed: 
Ain't Gonna Sing the Blues No More, I
Alright Now
Blue Shoes White
Christmas Time
Cottage Tapes - Book One, The
Digital (Dutch) Masters
Don't Wanna Lose You, I
Goodbye Farewell
Goodbye Farewell (instrumental)
He's the One
History Makers: The Best Of Christian Pop Volume 1 (1970-1985)
History Makers: The Best of Christian Rock, Volume 1
I've Searched All Around
If The Bombs Fall
If The Bombs Fall (instrumental)
Jubilation, Too!
King Of The Contradanza (AKA Children of Nimrod)
Love You, I
Mother of All Tribute Albums, The
My Feet Are On The Rock
Norman's Kitchen
Oddities, Volume One: 1990–1996
One Foot Toward The Grave
Righteous Rocker
Rock On: Christian Vintage
Song for a Small Circle
Taking My Time
Thank You for the Music
Twelve Good Men
Up in Canada
What Goes Thru Your Mind
When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos
Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
WOW Gold
You Knew What You Were Doing