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Jørn Rattsø (Noors econoom)
Jørn Rattsø (norsk professor och ekonom)
Jørn Rattsø (norsk professor og økonom)
Jørn Rattsø (Norwegian politician)
Jørn Rattsø (personnalité politique norvègienne)
Rattsø, J.
Rattsø, Jørn
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Bonesronning, Hans
Borge, Lars-Erik
Borge, Lars-Erik (1964-)
Brueckner, Jan K.
Carlsen, Fredrik
Dahlberg, Matz
Davies, Rob
DIAO, Xinshen
Falch, Torberg
Fiva, Jon
Fiva, Jon H.
Fiva, Jon Hernes
Harding, Torfinn
Kalseth, Jorid
Langset, Bjørg
Mörk, Eva
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet (NTNU) / Institutt for Samfunnsøkonomi
Rattsø, Jørn
Rattso, J.Jorn
Rattso, John
Rattsø, Jørn
Rattsø, Torfinn Harding and Jørn
Soerensen, Joern Rattsoe and Rune J
Sorensen, Rune
Sørensen, Rune J.
Stokke, Hildegunn
Stokke, Hildegunn e
Stokke, Hildegunn E.
Stokke, Hildegunn Ekroll
Stokke, Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn E.
Torvik, Ragnar
Tovmo, Per
Wirtsch.wiss. Oslo
Accumulation of education and regional income growth: Limited human capital effects in Norway
Aggregate local public sector investment and shocks: Norway 1946 - 1990
barrier model of productivity growth: South Africa, The
Decentralization with Property Taxation to Improve Incentives: Evidence from Local Governments’ Discrete Choice
Demographic shift, relative costs and the allocation of local public consumption in Norway
Devaluation and monetary policy with import compression
Different macroclosures of the original Johansen model and their impact on policy evaluation
Economic Decline of Zimbabwe: Neither Growth nor Equity. Carolyn Jenkins and John Knight. Palgrave, 2002, The
Economic openness, trade restrictions and external shocks: modelling short run effects in Sub-Saharan Africa
Efficiency variation among the Norwegian High Schools: Consequences of equalization policy
Fiscal Adjustment under Centralized Federalism: Empirical Evaluation of the Response to Budgetary Shocks
Fiscal Discipline and Asymmetric Adjustment of Revenues and Expenditures: Local Government Responses to Shocks in Denmark
Fiscal federalism and state-local finance the scandinavian perspective
Grey power and public budgets: Family altruism helps children, but not the elderly
Growth, distribution and environment: Macroeconomic issues in Zimbabwe
Income distribution and tax structure: Empirical test of the Meltzer-Richard hypothesis
Income distribution and tax structure microeconomic test of the Meltzer-Richard hypothesis
Industrial labor productivities and tariffs in South Africa: Identification based on multilateral liberalization reform
Industrial labour productivities and tariffs in South Africa
Interactions between Agriculture and Industry: Theoretical Analysis of the Consequences of Discriminating Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
International spillovers, productivity growth and openness in Thailand: an intertemporal general equilibrium analysis
Jonathan Rodden, Hamilton's Paradox: The Promise and Peril of Fiscal Federalism , Cambridge University Press (2006).
Learning and Foreign Technology Spillover in Thailand: Empirical Evidence on Productivity Dynamics
Learning by Exporting and Productivity-investment Interaction: An Intertemporal General Equilibrium Analysis of the Growth Process in Thailand
Learning by exporting and structural change: A Ramsey growth model of Thailand
Local choice of property taxation: evidence from Norway
Local Government Grants and Income Tax Revenue: Redistributive Politics in Norway 1900-1990.
Local Government Service Production: The Politics of Allocative Sluggishness.
Local public choice of school spending: disaggregating the demand function for educational services
Looking Abroad, but Lagging Behind: How the World Technology Frontier Affects South Africa
Macrodynamic adjustment mechanisms in a dual semi-industrialized economy
Macrodynamic adjustment mechanisms in India ; a model analysis based on the 6th Five Year Plan
Macroeconomic Adjustments in a Dual Economy under Policy Controlled Domestic Terms of Trade
macroeconomics of India's 6th five year plan, The
Macroeconomics of Zimbabwe in the 1980s: A CGE-Model Analysis., The
Medium-run adjustment under import compression: Macroeconomic analysis relevant for sub-Saharan Africa
Migration and dynamic agglomeration economies: Regional income growth in Norway
note on social articulation, A
Partial fiscal decentralization and public-sector heterogeneity theory and evidence from Norway
Political Control of Administrative Spending: The Case of Local Governments in Norway
Political control of government enterprises: Who controls whom?
Political economic determinants of school spending in federal states: Theory and time-series evidence
Property taxation as incentive for cost control: Empirical evidence for utility services in Norway
Public Employees as Swing Voters: Empirical Evidence on Opposition to Public Reform
Ramsey model of barriers to growth and skill-biased income distribution in South Africa
Real wage rigidity in Norway, 1985:
relationship between firm mobility and tax level: Empirical evidence of fiscal competition between local governments, The
Relationships between Cost and User Charges: The Case of the Norwegian Utility Service, The
relationships between costs and user charges the case of a Norwegian utility service ; presented at 3rd Norwegian-German Seminar on Public Economics, June 2003
Relationships Between Costs and User Charges: The Case of a Norwegian Utility Service, The
School reforms and school spending growth
Short-Run Consequences of Trade Liberalization: A Computable General Equilibrium Model of Zimbabwe
Spending and overspending in local government administration: A minimum requirement approach applied to Norway
Spending Growth With Vertical Fiscal Imbalance: Decentralized Government Spending In Norway, 1880-1990
Trade barriers to growth in South Africa: Endogenous investment-productivity-trade interaction
Trade policy in a growth model with technology gap dynamics and simulations for South Africa
Trade, Skill Biased Technical Change and Wage Inequality in South Africa
Using a discontinuous grant rule to identify the effect of grants on local taxes and spending
Using survey data to study capitalization of local public services
Wage inequality, comparative advantage and skill biased technical change in South Africa
Welfare competition in Norway: Norms and expenditures
Young and old competing for public welfare services
Zimbabwe: Economic Adjustment, Income Distribution and Trade Liberalization
Zimbabwean Trade Liberalisation: Ex Post Evaluation.
Diss. Wirtsch.wiss. Oslo, 1988