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Redfield, W. C.
Redfield, William C.
Redfield, William Charles
Redfield, Wm. C.
William Charles Redfield
William Charles Redfield (American meteorlogist)
William Charles Redfield (Amerikaans meteoroloog (1789-1857))
William Charles Redfield (Amerikansk meteorolog)
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Blunt, G. W. (1802-1878)
Blunt, George William (1802-1878)
Young, J. H.
Young, James Hamilton
Cape Verde and Hatteras hurricane, of Aug.-Sept., 1853, with a hurricane chart, and notices of various storms in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, north of the equator
Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, on the history and causes of steamboat explosions, and the means of prevention
Memoir of the dangers and ice of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Observations on the hurricanes and storms of the West Indies, and the coast of the United States : to which are added summary statements of some of the leading facts in meteorology.
On three several hurricanes of the Atlantic, and their relations to the northers of Mexico and Central America, with notices of other storms.
On whirlwind storms: with replies to the objections and strictures of Dr. Hare.
Remarks on tides and the prevailing currents of the ocean and atmosphere.
Replies to the circular of the United States Board of Navy Commissioners asking for information relative to steam navigation, 1846:
Sketch of the geographical rout of a great railway, by which it is proposed to connect the canals and navigable waters, of New-York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and the adjacent states and territories; opening thereby a free communication, at all seasons of the year, between the Atlantic states and the great valley of the Mississippi.
Whirlwinds excited by fire, with further notice of the tyfoons of the China Sea.