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Gabaix, X.
Gabaix, Xavier
Xavier Gabaix (economista francese)
Xavier Gabaix (économiste français)
Xavier Gabaix (Frans econoom)
Xavier Gabaix (fransk ekonom)
Xavier Gabaix (fransk økonom)
Xavier Gabaix (französischer Ökonom und Hochschullehrer)
Xavier Gabaix (French economist)
born 1971-01-01
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Language material
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Agarwal, Sumit
Amaral, L.A.N.
Amaral, Luis. A. Nunes
Canals, Claudia
Carvalho, Vasco
Carvalho, Vasco M
Carvalho, Vasco M.
Driscoll, John C
Driscoll, John C.
Edmans, Alex
Farhi, Emmanuel
Fraiberg, Samuel
Fraiberger, Samuel P.
Fraiberger, Samuel Paul
France, Conseil d'analyse économique
France, Ministère délégué à l'économie sociale et solidaire et à la consommation
Gabaix, X.
Gopikrishnan, P
Gopikrishnan, P.
Gopikrishnan, Parameswaran
Harvard University
Ibragimov, Rustam
Ioannides, Yannis M.
Krishnamurthy, Arvind
Laibson, David
Laibson, David I.
Landier, Augustin
Leonard N. Stern School of Business (New York, NY) Affiliation (see also from)
Li, Deyuan
Li, Hongyi
Liu, Y
Maggiori, Matteo
Moloche, Guillermo
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research (Cambridge, Mass.) Affiliation (see also from)
New York University (NYU) / Stern School of Business / Finance Department
Nunes Amaral, Luis A.
Olivier Vigneron
Plerou, V
Plerou, V.
Plerou, Vasiliki
Ranciere, Romain
Rozenfeld, Hernán D.
Rybski, Diego
Sadzik, Tomasz
Sannikov, Yuliy
Sauvagnat, Julien
Stanley, H. Eugene
Stanley, H.E.
Stanley, H.Eugene
Thesmar, David
Vigneron, Olivier
Vilarrubia, Josep M.
6D Bias and the Equity Premium Puzzle, The
Age of Reason: Financial Decisions over the Life Cycle and Implications for Regulation, The
Age of Reason: Financial Decisions over the Life-Cycle with Implications for Regulation, The
age of reason: financial decisions over the lifecycle, The
Area and Population of Cities: New Insights from a Different Perspective on Cities, The
boundedly rational decision algorithm, A
Boundedly Rational Dynamic Programming : Some Preliminary Results
calibratable model of optimal ceo incentives in market equilibrium, A
CEO Pay and Firm Size : an Update after the Crisis
Competition and Consumer Confusion
Costly Information Acquisition: Experimental Analysis of a Boundedly Rational Model
Crash Risk in Currency Market
Crash Risk in Currency Markets
Disasterization : A Simple Way to Fix the Asset Pricing Properties of Macroeconomic Models
Dynamic CEO Compensation
Dynamic Incentive Accounts
Economic Fluctuations and Diffusion
Economic fluctuations and statistical physics: Quantifying extremely rare and less rare events in finance
Effect of Risk on the CEO Market, The
evolution of city size distributions, The
Extreme Value Theory and the Effects of Competition on Profits
granular origins of aggregate fluctuations, The
great diversification and its undoing, The
Impact of Competition on Prices with Numerous Firms, The
Information Acquisition: Experimental Analysis of a Boundedly Rational Model
Institutional investors and stock market volatility. -
Is CEO Pay Really Inefficient? A Survey of New Optimal Contracting Theories
Learning in the credit card market
Limits of arbitrage: theory and evidence from the mortgage-backed securities market
Linearity-generating processes: a modelling tool yielding closed forms for asset prices
Log(Rank-1/2): A Simple Way to Improve the OLS Estimation of Tail Exponents
Multiplicative Model of Optimal CEO Incentives in Market Equilibrium, A
On the Origin of Power-Law Fluctuations in Stock Prices
Power laws and the origins of aggregate fluctuations
Power laws in economics and finance
Price fluctuations and market activity
Price fluctuations, market activity and trading volume
protection du consommateur, rationalité limitée et régulation, La
Quantifying and understanding the economics of large financial movements
Quantifying economic fluctuations
Quantifying stock-price response to demand fluctuations.
Rank-1/2 a simple way to improve the ols estimation of tail exponents
Rank − 1 / 2: A Simple Way to Improve the OLS Estimation of Tail Exponents
Rare disasters and exchange rates
Risk and the CEO market Why do some large firms hire highly-paid, low-talent ceos?
Scaling and correlation in financial time series
Shrouded Attributes and the Curse of Educatoin
Shrouded attributes, consumer myopia, and information suppression in competitive markets
Similarities and differences between physics and economics
sparsity-based model of bounded rationality, A
statistical physics view of financial fluctuations: Evidence for scaling and universality, A
Statistical Properties of Share Volume Traded in Financial Markets
Theory of Limited Liquidity and Large Investors Causing Spikes in Stock Market Volatility and Trading Volume, A
theory of power-law distributions in financial market fluctuations., A
Three essays in economics
Tractability in incentive contracting
Trade patterns, trade balances and idiosyncratic shocks
Understanding the cubic and half-cubic laws of financial fluctuations
unified econophysics explanation for the power-law exponents of stock market activity, A
Variable Rare Disasters: A Tractable Theory of Ten Puzzles in Macro-finance
Variable rare disasters an exactly solved framework for ten puzzles in macro-finance
“Variable Rare Disasters: An Exactly Solved Model for Ten Puzzles in Macro-Finance”
What is the Age of Reason?
Why has CEO pay increased so much?
Zipf's Law and the Growth of Cities
Zipf's law for cities: An explanation
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Thesis (Ph. D., Department of Economics)--Harvard University, 1999