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Allin, G. G.
Allin, GG
Allin, Jesus Christ
Allin, Kevin M.
Allin, Kevin Michael
G.G. Allin
G.G. Allin & the Murder Junkies
GG Allin
GG Allin (American singer-songwriter)
GG Allin (americký spevák)
GG Allin (americký zpěvák)
GG Allin (Amerikaans zanger (1956-1993))
GG Allin (amerikansk sångare)
GG Allin (amerikansk sanger)
GG Allin (amerikansk songar)
GG Allin (cantante statunitense)
GG Allin (chanteur de musique punk)
GG Allin (US-amerikanischer Rock- und Punkmusiker)
GG Allin (американский музыкант)
GG Allin (美國歌手/創作人)
Jesus Christ Allin
Kevin Michael Allin
ג'י ג'י אלין
จีจี แอลลิน (จีจี แอลลิน)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Allin, Merle (co-performer)
ANTiSEEN (isMemberOf)
Bulge (isMemberOf)
Cates, Bill (co-performer)
Clayton, Jeff (co-performer)
Connecticut Cocksuckers (isMemberOf)
Cord, Ripp (co-performer)
Cosloy, Gerard (co-performer)
Dansiger, Steve (co-performer)
Davis, Michael (co-performer)
Denied, Mike (co-performer)
Duvay, PP (co-performer)
Keeter, Brad (co-performer)
Kelsie, Killer (co-performer)
Kramer (co-performer)
Kramer, Wayne (co-performer)
Litte Sisters Date (isMemberOf)
Malpractice (isMemberOf)
Mascis, J (co-performer)
Murder Junkies (isMemberOf)
Phillips, Todd (co-author)
Ramone, Dee Dee (co-performer)
Sex, Dino (co-performer)
Southern Baptists (Musical group)
Teff, B. (co-performer)
The Aids Brigade (isMemberOf)
The Carolina Shitkickers (isMemberOf)
The Cedar City Sluts (isMemberOf)
The Criminal Quartet (isMemberOf)
The Disappointments (isMemberOf)
The Drugwhores (isMemberOf)
The Fuckin' Shit Biscuits (isMemberOf)
The Holy Men (isMemberOf)
The Jabbers (isMemberOf)
The Motorcity Badboys (isMemberOf)
The Murderers (isMemberOf)
The New York Superscum (isMemberOf)
The Primates (isMemberOf)
The Scumfucs (isMemberOf)
The Sewerscum (isMemberOf)
The Southern Baptists (isMemberOf)
The Stripsearch (isMemberOf)
The Swankfucs (isMemberOf)
The Texas Nazis (isMemberOf)
The Toilet Rockers (isMemberOf)
Thompson, Dennis (co-performer)
Weber, William (co-performer)
Williams, Joe (co-performer)
XYZ, Emily (co-performer)
Young, Joe (co-performer)
1980’s Rock + Roll (original version)
1980’s Rock'n'roll
99 Stab Wounds / Decapitation Ritual
Abuse Me (I Want to Die)
Abuse Myself (I Wanna Die)
Aloha From Dallas
Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be
Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Live!
Ass Fuckin', Butt Suckin', Cunt Lickin', Masturbation
Ass Fuckin Butt Sucking
Bad Habits
Beat, Beat, Beat
Beer Picnic
Best of Suicide Sessions - Antisocial Personality Disorder Live, The
Bite it You Scum
Blood for You (acoustic)
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Cunt
Board's Phone Machine
Bored to Death
Can't Afford the Bail
Can't Afford the Ball
Caroline and Sue
Castration Crucifixion
Cheri Love Affair (original version)
Clit Licker
Cock on the Loose
Conversation Number 1
Conversation Number 2
Conversation Number 3
Cornhole Lust
Dagger in My Heart (alternate version)
Darkness and a Bottle to Hold
Dead Fuck
Dead or Alive
Death Before Life / Bloody Cunt Slider
Devil's Prayer
Devil’s Triangle
Diahrrea Blues
Diarrhea Blues
Dirty love songs
Doctrine of Mayhem
Don't Give A Shit, I
Don’t Talk to Me
Dope Money
Drink, Fight and Fuck
Drink From the Pissing Snake's Mouth
Drug Whore
Eat My Diahrrea
Eat My Drippy Diarrhea
Eat My Fuck
Expose Yourself to Kids
Feces and Blood, Bacteria of the Soul
Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies
Fuck Authority
Fuck the Dead, I
Fuck Up, A
Fuck Woman I've Never Had
Fuck Women I've Never Had
Fucking the Dog
Fuckup, A
Garbage Dump (Refrain)
GG's Phone Machine / Blood for You / Hard Candy Cock / Eat My Shit / Scum Fuck Tradition
GG's Xmas Song
GG Talk
Gimme Some Head / Dead or Alive
Gimmie Some Head
God of Fire in Hell
Guns and Revolution
Guns, Bitches, Brawls and Bottles
Gypsy Motherfucker
Hangin’ Out With Jim
Hanging Out With Jim
Hard Candy Cock
Hate My Audience Interview, I
Hate People, I
Hated GG Allin and the murder junkies
Hated in the Nation
I'm a Gypsy Motherfucker
I’m a Rapist
I'm Dying, I'm Dying, I'm Dead
I'm Dying Im Dying Im Dead
I'm Going to Rape You
I'm Gonna Rape You
Immortal Pieces of Me
In This Room (acoustic)
Insult & Injury: Volume 1 - 1977 - 1982: Banned In Boston
Interview, Part 1
Interview, Part 2
Interview, Part 3
Interview, Part 4
Interview, Part 5
Intro / Gypsy Motherfucker
Intro (M. Board) / Stimulation / I Wanna Fuck Myself / Bite It You Scum
Jesus and Mothers Cunt
Jesus Over New York
Kill, Kill, Kill
Kill the Children, Save the Food
Kill the Police / Destroy the System
Kiss Me in the Gutter
Kissing the Flames
Legalize Murder
Lillian Phone Fucker
Liquid Slicked Highway
Liquor Slicked Highway
Live Boston
Live Fast Die Fast
Live to Be Hated, I
Livin' Like an Animal
Look into my eyes and hate me
Love Nothing, I
Love to Be Hated, I
Love Tunnel
Master Daddy
Murder for the Mission / Terrorist Anarchy
Murder junkies
My Bloody Mutilation
My Prison Walls / 206045
Need Adventure (1980 version), I
Needle Up My Cock
No Limits No Laws
No Room
No Rules
NYC Tonight
NYC Tonite
One Man Army
Out for Blood
Outlaw Scumbag
Outlaw Scumfuc
Outlaw Scumfuck
Outskirts of Life
Pain and Suffering
Piss Drinkin Jew
Public Animal #1
Pussy Summit Meeting
Radio Ad for GG's 1st Record
Rape, Torture, Terminate and Fuck
Res-erected live with the Holymen at the Lismar lounge
Rock'n'roll terrorist
Rowdy Beer Drinkin' Night
Savage Blood Bath
Scumfuc Tradition
Self Absorbed
Shit on My Prick
Sidewalk Walking
Singles Collection 1977–1991: Expose Yourself, The
Sister Sodomy / Death and Declaration
Sitting in This Room
Slaughterhouse Deathcamp
Sluts in the City
Snake Man, The
Snakeman’s Dance
Son Of Evil
Spoken Word Number 1
Spoken Word Number 2
Spread Your Legs, Part Your Lips
Stick a Cross Up a Nun's Cunt
Stick a Cross Up a Nuns Cunt
Suicidal Motherfucker (1987-1988)
Suicide sessions, p1991
Swank Fuckin’
Teacher's Pet
Teenage Twats
Ten Year Old Fuck
Torture You
Tough Fuckin’ Shit
Tough Fucking Shit
Troubled Troubador of Tomorrow
Troubled Troubadour, The
Up Against the Wall
Violence Now / Assassinate the President
Violent Beatings
Wanna Die, I
Wanna Fuck Myself, I
Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out, I
Wanna Kill You, I
Wanna Piss on You, I
Wanna Rape You, I
Wanna Suck Your Cunt, I
Want to Burn, I
Want to Fuck Myself, I
War in My Head / I'm Your Enemy
Watch Me Kill the Boston Girl
When I Die
Wild Riding
Will Not Act Civilized, I
Women I've Never Had
You Hate Me and I Hate You
You Hate Me & I Hate You (Public Animal No. 1)
You'll Never Tame Me
You're Gonna Die
Young Little Meat
Contributed to or performed: 
"You'll Hate This Record" Record, The
10 Allumés du Rock
99 Stab Wounds
Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die
Abuse Myslef, I Wanna Die
Acme Records Sampler
Anal Cunt
Anti-Social Masturbator
Ass Fucking, Butt Sucking, Cunt Licking, Masturbation
Bastard Son of a Loaded Gun
Be My Fuckin Whore
Be My Fuckin' Whore
Beer Picnic
Bite It
Bite It You Scum
Bloody Mary's Bloody Cunt
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Cunt
Blow Jobs
Borrowed Time
Brutality & Bloodshed for All
Brutality and Bloodshed for All
Californication - Music From the Series - Season 3 [extended]
Canciones que nos enseñaron... Shock Treatment
Carnival of Excess
Caroline & Sue
Caroline and Sue
Castration Crucifixtion
Clit Licker
Cock on the Loose
Commit Suicide
Cops Make Good Targets
Crash & Burn
Cunt Suckin' Cannibal
Cunt Suckin' Cannibal (version 2)
Cunt Sucking Cannibal
Dead Flowers
Dog Shit
Don't Give a Shit, I
Don’t Give a Shit, I
Dope Money
Drink, Fight and Fuck
Eat My Diarrhea
Eat My Fuc
Expose Yourself to Kids
Faster & Louder: Hardcore Punk, Volume 2
Feces and Blood
Fuck Authority
Fuck Authority (acoustic)
Fuck Off, We Murder
Fuck Up, The
Fuckin' the Dog
Fuckin’ the Dog
Garbage Dump
Garbage Sandwich
GG + Tiny Tim on COE
GG Allin and The Scumfucs / Artless
GG Speaks About COE
GG's Vision
Girlie Sex Malibu Style
God of Fire in Hell
Guns Bitches Brawls and Bottles
Guns, Bitches, Brawls and Bottles
Gypsy Motherfucker
Gypsy Motherfucker (version 2)
Hanging Out With Jim
Hard Candy Cock
Hardy Candy Cock
Hate People, I
Hate You Motherfuckers, I
Highest Power
Highest Power (version 2)
I'm a Gypsy Motherfucker
I'm a Rapist
I'm Gonna Rape You
I’m a Rapest
Interior Depths of G.G. Allin / Beautiful Afterbirth Fucked & Framed
Interview From Prison
Jesus and Mother's Cunt
Kill Everything I Fuck, I
Kill the Police
Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother
Last in Line for the Gang Bang
Layin' Up With Linda
Layin’ Up With Linda
Legalize Murder
Live at A7 Club in NYC
Live to Be Hated, I
Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me
Love Nothing, I
Master Daddy
Murder for the Mission
Murder Junkies
My Bloody Mutilation
My Prison Walls
My Revenge
My Sadistic Killing Spree
Needle Up My Cock
No Rights
No Rules
Out for Blood
Outlaw Scumbag
Outlaw Scumfuc
Outlaw Scumfuc (acoustic)
Outlaw Scumfuc (version 2)
Outskirts of Life
Pick Me Up (On Your Way Down)
Pissing on Cosloy
Punk Story
Quest for the Corn Girl
Rape, Torture, Terminate & Fuck
Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody
Scars on My Body / Scabs on My Dick
Scars on My Body/Scabs on My Dick
Scum Fuck Tradition
Scumfuc Tradition
Season 3: Music From the Showtime Series Californication
Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify
Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass
Sister Sodomy
Slaughterhouse Deathcamp
Sleeping in My Piss
Slice Yer Fucking Throat
Snake (Cold and Hard), A
Snake Man, The
Snakeman's Dance
Snakeman’s Dance
Snakemans Dance
Son Of Evil
Southfork Rats
Stink Finger Clit
Suck Dog
Suck My Ass It Smells
Swank Fuckin'
Swank Fuckin’
Take Aim & Fire
Teacher's Pet
Teenage Twats
Terror in America
Terror in America (instrumental)
Tough Fuckin' Shit
Tough Fuckin’ Shit
Up Against the Wall
Violence Now
Violence Now (single version)
Wanna Eat You Out, I
Wanna Fuck Myself, I
Wanna Fuck the Shit Out of You, I
Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out, I
Wanna Kill You, I
War Between the States: North
War in My Head
Watch Me Kill
Watch Me Kill the Boston Girl
Wendy & Tilla (acoustic)
When I Die
When You Die, Die
You Give Love a Bad Name
You Hate Me & I Hate You
You Hate Me and I Hate You / No Rules (Live at A7, NYC)
You'll Never Tame Me
Young Little Meat