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Bertrand, M.
Bertrand, Marianne
Marianne Bertrand
Marianne Bertrand (Belgian economist)
Marianne Bertrand (Belgisch econome)
Marianne Bertrand (belgische Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin)
born 1970-01-01
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Arnould, Richard
Banerjee, Abhijit
Barrera-Osorio, Felipe
Bertrand, M.
Bombardini, Matilde
Centre for Economic Policy Research London Affiliation (see also from)
Chugh, Dolly
Datta, Saugato
Djankov, Simeon
Duflo, Esther
Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit Affiliation (see also from)
Goldin, Claudia
Graduate School of Business Chicago, Ill. Affiliation (see also from)
Hallock, Kevin
Hallock, Kevin F.
Hanna, Rema
Johnson, Simon
Karlan, Dean
Karlan, Dean S.
Karlin, Dean
Katz, Lawrence F.
Kramarz, Francis
L. Linden, Leigh
Linden, Leigh L.
Luttmer, E.F.P.
Luttmer, Erzo
Luttmer, Erzo F. P.
Luttmer, Erzo F.P.
Mehta, Paras
Miller, Douglas
Mullainathan, S.
Mullainathan, Sendhil
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Pan, Jessica
Princeton University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Samphantharak, Krislert
Schanzenbach, Diane Whitmore
Schoar, Antoinette
Schoar, Antoinette S
Shafir, Eldar
Trebbi, Francesco
Université Libre de Bruxelles Affiliation (see also from)
University of Chicago / Booth School of Business
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Affiliation (see also from)
Affirmative action in education: evidence from engineering college admissions in India
Agents with and without Principals
Are Ceos Rewarded For Luck? The Ones Without Principals Are
Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination
Banking Deregulation and Industry Structure: Evidence from the French Banking Reforms of 1985
Behavioral-Economics View of Poverty, A
Conditional cash transfers in education : design features, peer and sibling effects evidence from a randomized experiment in Colombia
Credit and Product Market Effects of Banking Deregulation:Evidence from the French Experience
Do CEOs Set Their Own Pay? The Ones Without Principals Do
Do People Mean What They Say? Implications for Subjective Survey Data
Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers?
Does entry regulation hinder job creation? : evidence from the French retail industry
Does Managed Care Change the Mission of Nonprofit Hospitals? Evidence From the Managerial Labor Market
Dynamics of the Gender Gap for Young Professionals in the Corporate and Financial Sectors
Dynamics of the Gender Gap for Young Professionals in the Financial and Corporate Sectors
Enjoying the Quiet Life? Corporate Governance and Managerial Preferences
Executive Compensation and Incentives: the Impact of Takeover Legislation.
Ferreting Out Tunneling: An Application to Indian Business Groups
From the Invisible Handshake to the Invisible Hand? How Import Competition Changes the Employment Relationship
Gender gap in top corporate jobs., The
How Much Should We Trust Differences-in-Differences Estimates?
Implicit Discrimination
Improving the Design of Conditional Transfer Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Education Experiment in Colombia
Information Disclosure, Cognitive Biases, and Payday Borrowing
Is It Whom You Know or What You Know? An Empirical Assessment of the Lobbying Process
Is there Discretion in Wage Setting? A Test Using Takeover Legislation.
Is there discretion in wage setting?, c1998:
Labor market discrimination in Delhi: Evidence from a field experiment
Managing With Style: The Effect of Managers on Firm Policies
Mixing family with business: a study of Thai business groups and the families behind them
Network Effects and Welfare Cultures.
New Perspectives on Gender
Obtaining a Driver's License in India: An Experimental Approach to Studying Corruption
Pricing Psychology: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in a Consumer Credit Market
Profitable investments or dissipated cash? : evidence on the investment-cash flow relationship from oil and gas lease bidding
Public Policy and Extended Families: Evidence from Pensions in South Africa
Role of Family in Family Firms, The
Time Use and Food Consumption
Trouble with Boys: Social Influences and the Gender Gap in Disruptive Behavior, The
Trouble with Boys, The : Social Influences and the Gender Gap in Disruptive Behavior
What Do High-Interest Borrowers Do with Their Tax Rebate?
What's Advertising Content Worth? Evidence from a Consumer Credit Marketing Field Experiment
What's Psychology Worth? A Field Experiment in the Consumer Credit Market