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Fil LaMarr
La Marr, Phil
Lamarr, Phil
LaMarr, Phillip
Phil LaMarr
Phil LaMarr (acteur américain)
Phil LaMarr (Actor, comedian voice actor)
Phil LaMarr (Amerikaans acteur)
Phil LaMarr (amerikansk skådespelare)
Phil LaMarr (amerikansk skodespelar)
Phil LaMarr (amerikansk skuespiller)
Phil LaMarr (attore e doppiatore statunitense)
Phil LaMarr (US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Komiker)
Φιλ Λαμάρ
Ламарр, Фил
Фил Ламар
فیل لامار (بازیگر آمریکایی)
필 라마
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Andre 3000, 1975-
Kawaye, Janice
Pandemic studios, LLC
Stanton, Stephen
Stormare, Peter (1953-...)
Tilton, Chris (1979-...)
Toys for Bob
Wandmacher, Michael (1967-...)
Wingert, Wally (1961-...)
Desert Ruin (North of Digsite) "Serious scientific workers are the only profoundly religious people." - Albert Einstein, 1930
End (Bottom Floor) - "Looked at on the astronomical time-scale, humanity is [...] a new-born babe." - James Jeans, 1928, The
End (By Exit Door) - "Sooner or later the pieces of the puzzle must begin to fit together." James Jeans, 1928, The
End (First Crossing) - "The relationship between the controllers and the controlled is reciprocal." - B.F. Skinner, 1971, The
End (First Overlook) - "This is the wall of paradise, and it is there in paradise that you reside." - Nicholas of Cusa, 1453, The
Entry Area, Walled Garden (In Outer Wall) - "Not one I would want to devote myself to, except for the society of true searchers." - Albert Einstein, 1924
Jungle (Near the Beam) - "If we did not have a doubt or recognize ignorance, we would not get any new ideas." Richard Feynman, 1963
Jungle (Southern Peninsula) - "You are absolute from all things that can fall within any concept." - Nicholas of Cusa, 1453
Justice League, 2004:
Keep (Atop parapet beyond the hedge mazes) - "Who is to construct the controlling environment, and to what end?" - B.F. Skinner, 1971
Quarry (In an alcove Inside) "Those who seek out for it alone will reach it together, and those who seek it in company will perish by themselves." - Hugh Kingsmill, 1944
Swamp (Underwater, near the beam) - "It is true that if we look at a glass of wine closely enough we see the entire universe." - Richard Feynman, 1963
Town (By Reflector Panel) - "The clock never strikes the hour, save when the concept biddeth." - Nicholas of Cusa, 1450
Town (Chapel - Left) - "The God of the church isn't Big Enough." - Richard Feynman, 1963
Contributed to or performed: 
Caves "Next thing I know you'll be taking over all the Cusa pieces." (Beneath the wooden town building)
Caves (Second level, past the wooden floor puzzles) "I'm recording this conversation right now"
Caves (Top level) - "No Sagan for us"
Final End - "...And a Dream", The
Secret End - Credits and Thanks, The
Witness (Unofficial Soundtrack), The