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Musical sound recording
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Reid, Clarence (real name)
Related names: 
DJ Sets Multimedia AG
Reid (Clarence; 1945-2016; see also from)
Wagram music
10 Commandments of Sex
2001: A Sex Odyssey
All Fucked Up
All You Ho's Chorus
Another One Lerns To Fuck
Aquarius - Butterfly's Outro
Aries - If Eating You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby Let Me Do It to You
Bad Fuck
Bad Motherfucker
Bat-Man #2
Beggin' for Pussy (medley)
Best Of Blowfly: 'The Analthology', The
Best Thing Is Pussy, The
Big Dick Brown
Black in the Sack
Blowfly At The Movies
Blowfly Does XXX-Mas
Blowfly for President
Blowfly in Africa
Blowfly in America
Blowfly in Outer Space
Blowfly in the Army
Blowfly Meets Roxanne
Blowfly on Campus
Blowfly Rides Again
Blowfly's ABC's
Blowfly's Freak Party
Blowfly's Punk Rock Party
Blowfly's Rapp (instrumental)
Blowfly's Zodiac Party
Blowflys ABCs
Blue Balls
Blue Monday
Booty Bus, The
Business Deal
Butt You
Butterfly's Intro
Butterfly Theme
Buzzard Luck
Can I Come in Your Mouth
Cancer - If She Don't Want It
Capricorn - Katey Pearl
Child's Dick, A
Cross 110 Street
Cum for Me
Cum of a Life Time
Cum of a Lifetime
Cum Test, The
Deck the Halls (Dick the Hoes)
Destructo Cock
Dick Stabbath
Dirty Chicken
Don't Want No Woman to Give Me Nothing, I
Drenched in Cum
Eater, The
Eating Song (Yum-Yum), The
Ed Sullivan Show
Electronic Banana
Electronic Pussy Sucker (original mix)
Electronic Pussy Sucker, The
Evergreen Lakes
Explosion (In the Temple of Doom)
Faggot Affair
Feliz Navidad
First Black President (Nasty remix, Part I), The
First Black President (Nasty remix, Part Ii), The
First Black President, Part 2, The
Fonky Party
Freak Out
Freak, The
Freddy's Dick Is Dead
Fresh Juice
Frosty the Snowman
Fuck in Her Behind
Fuck Is Love
Fuck Like a Zombie
Fuck Me
Fuck & Suck Train
Fuck the Devil
Fuck the Fat Off
Fuck the Pain
Fuck Wars
Fucked With a Dildo
Funky Party
Funky Spermy Days
Gemini - I Know a Place
Get a Blow Job
Ghetto, The
Gimme That Old '69 (The Number Song)
Girl Let Me Cum in Your Mouth
Girl Wants to Fuck, The
Girlies in the Morning
Godfather, The
Gonna Fuck Her
Gotta Keep Her Penetrated
Hold on It's Running
Hole Man / Clean Up Woman
Hung Prick
Hustler-DJ-Groupie [Enregistrement sonore]
I'm Your Pussy Man
I've Got to Be Free
In the Still
International Pricks
It's a Faggot's World
It Takes a Freak
Jingle Bell Rock (Jingle Bell Cock)
Jingle Bells (Jingle Balls)
Jingle Fuckin' Bells
Kiss It All Around
Latin Pussy Slam
Leo - Sophisticated Sissy
Libra - Let's Suck Together
Lip Smackin Love
Little Drummer Boy
Mammy Told Me
More Than One Pussy
My Baby Keeps Farting in My Face
My Daddy Got The Biggest Dick
My Dick First Got Hard
My Sex Life Was Through
No Business Like Fuck Business
Nobody's Butt but Yours, Babe
Odd Balls
Oh, Ben
Oldies But Goodies
One Less Dick
Only Gets Hard for You
Panty Lines
Pisces - My Bitch
Planet Twat
Playing With Myself (All Ages radio edit)
Please Don't Blow
Pop the Cherry
Porno Freak (instrumental)
Prick Ryder
Punk Cock Is Rock
Punk Rock Party
Queer for the New Year
R. Kelly in Cambodia (All Ages radio edit)
Rap Dirty, Part 2
Rap 'n' Blow
Rapp Dirty / Blowfly's Rapp
Rapp Nasty '84
Refuse To Eat Cock, I
Rotten Fish
Sagittarius - Everyday I Have to Suck Some
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Santa Claus Is Cumin')
Saw Mommmy Kissing Santa Claus (I Saw Daddy Suckin' Santa Claus), I
Scorpio - Clean-Up Woman
Scream On
Scumbag Fucker
Sesame Street
Shake Your Ass!
She'd Make a Hell of a Man
She's Bad
She Sucks On My Dick
Shitting on the Dock of the Bay
Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho?
Should I Lay This Big Fat Ho (All Ages radio edit)
Show Me a Man Who Don't Like to Fuck
Signed and Sealed
Silly Bitch
Silver Bells (Silver Balls)
Smell You, I
So Funky
Soul Sonic Blowfly
Sound, The
Sperm Is Gone, The
Spermy Night in Georgia
Spermy Night (Slight Return)
Spread Your Cheeks
Stick It Down Your Throat Bitch
Suck and Fuck Train
Suck Around the Clock
Suck It
Suck My Dick
Super Macho Fucker
Taurus - The First Time Ever You Sucked My Dick
That's What Your Pussy's Made For
To Fuck the Boss
To-To-To-To-To (The Fart Song)
Tom Jones Show
Too Fat to Fuck
Trouble Man
'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Twats the Night Before Xxx-Mas)
Twelve Days of Christmas (The 12 Lays of Christmas)
Twisted World of Blowfly, The
V.D. Party (All Ages radio edit)
Vampire That Ate Miami, The
Virgo - Ain't No Head Like My Woman's Head
Wanna Be a Sex Toy, I
Wanna Be Fellated (All Ages radio edit), I
Wanna Fuck Your Dog, I
We Will Fuck You
Weird World of Blowfly, The
What A Difference
When Doves Cum
White Christmas (Black Christmas)
Who Did I Eat Last Night?
Whole Lotta Fuckin' Goin' On
Winter Wonderland
Without Your Pussy I Can't Live
X Rated Pussy
Y.M.C.A. (G.) A. (Y.)
You Could Fuck
You're a Skinny Bitch
Zodiac Blowfly
Contributed to or performed: 
20 Jahre U4
All Star Funk, Volume 1
Business Deal
Florida Funk: Funk 45s From the Alligator State
Freestyle, Volume 19
Jimmy Wants to Dance
Jimmy Wants to Dance (Patchwork remix)
Magic Hip Hop: The Real Classics
Munich City Nights, Volume 21
R. Kelly in Cambodia
R. Kelly in Cambodia (Not Guilty, Slight Return)
R. Kelly in Cambodia (Not Guilty, Slight Return) (All Ages radio edit)
Sonic Terror Surge 2007: An Alternative Tentacles Compilation
Stay Sick in '06
Ultimate Breaks & Beats
Ultimate Breaks & Beats, Volume 8
When I Met You
Wild in the Sheets
XXX Party