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Lopez, Omar A. Rodriguez-
Lopez, Omar Alfredo Rodriguez
López, Omar Rodríguez
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez
Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Omar Rodríguez-López (American musician and actor)
Omar Rodríguez-López (chitarrista, produttore discografico e regista portoricano)
Omar Rodríguez-López (componist uit Puerto Rico)
Omar Rodríguez-López (portorický hudebník)
Omar Rodriguez Lopez (US-amerikanischer Gitarrist, Komponist und Musikproduzent)
Rodríguez López, Omar
Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar A.
Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar Alfredo
Rodríguez, Omar
Амар Радрыгес-Лопес
Амар Радрыгес-Лопэс
Родригес-Лопес, Омар Альфредо
عمر رودريغز لوبيز
Electronic - Synthesizer
Keyboard - Piano
Strings, plucked - Guitar
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Alderete, Juan (co-performer)
Arriaga, Guillermo (1958-)
At the Drive‐In (isMemberOf)
Basinger, Kim (1953-)
Bixler-Zavala, Cedric (co-performer)
Cruz Bravo, Aaron (co-performer)
De Facto (isMemberOf)
El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez (isMemberOf)
El Trío de Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez (isMemberOf)
Elswit, Robert (1950-)
Fleming, Blake (co-performer)
Frusciante, John (co-performer)
Hajjar, Tony (co-performer)
Hinojos, Paul (co-performer)
Lawrence, Jennifer (1990-)
MacDonald, Laurie
Mars Volta
Mars Volta Affiliation (see also from)
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group (isMemberOf)
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Trio (isMemberOf)
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet (isMemberOf)
Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez Quartet (isMemberOf)
Owens, Isaiah "Ikey" (co-performer)
Parkes, Walter F. (1951-)
Parks, Deantoni (co-performer)
Pridgen, Thomas (co-performer)
Rodriguez‐Lopez, Marcel (co-performer)
Sariñana, Ximena (co-performer)
Startled Calf (isMemberOf)
Terrazas, Adrian (co-performer)
The Mars Volta (isMemberOf)
The Mars volta (see also from)
Theodore, Jon (co-performer)
Theron, Charlize (1975-)
Totó La Momposina (1940-...)
Tunney, Robin (1972-....))
Ward, Jim (co-performer)
Zimmer, Hans (1957-)
A. A manual dexterity [SR] p2004:
Ancient Shrewdness in the Veins, An
Auf brennender Erde
Baile de los Pobres (3 min 27 s)
bala (4 min 27 s)
bedlam in Goliath
bufalo della notte, Il
Burning Plain, The
Calma Pueblo (4 min 09 s)
City Dreams Inside a Truck
Digo lo que pienso (5 min 06 s)
Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound
Entren los que quieran [Enregistrement sonore]
Frances the mute
Hands Tied to the Roots of a Hemorrhage
hormiguero (4 min 51 s)
In Absentia
Inter - En Annunakilandia (1 min 04 s)
Intro (3 min 17 s)
Latinoamérica (4 min 57 s)
Lluny de la terra cremada
Loin de la terre brûlée
Magnetic collection
Malkin Jewel, The
Mood Swings
Muerte en Hawaii (12 s)
Of Ankles to Stone
Outro (1 min 11 s)
Prepárame la cena (5 min 19 s)
Seeth of Cloudless Hymstone
Sex, Consolation for Misery
Story Teeth Rotted For, A
Terre brûlée [Images animées] ; Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, comp. Wild side vidéo, [2009]
Tied Prom Digs on the Docks
Todo se mueve (3 min 22 s)
Trinkets Pale of Moon
Vamo' a Portarnos Mal (6 min 07 s)
vuelta al mundo (3 min 54 s)
Whip Hand, The
Zed and Two Naughts
Пылающая равнина
دشت سوزان
욕망의 대지
Contributed to or performed: 
¡Megaton Shotblast!
1999 Tour Promo
1999-08-11: Louisville, KY, USA
1999-08-22: Rock Candy, Seattle, WA, USA
2000-03-16: Flamingo's Lounge, Austin, TX, USA
2000-05-03: Emo's, Austin, TX, USA
2000-07-12: Electric Ballroom, London, UK
2000-11-14: The Showbox, Seattle, WA, USA
2000-12-07: The Electric Ballroom, London, UK
2001-01-18: On Air East, Tokyo, Japan
2001-02-04: The Trabendo, Paris, France
2001-10-31: The Door, Dallas, TX, USA
2003-07-01: Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2003-07-21: The Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada
2003-09-09: Maida Vale, London, UK
2004-05-12: The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2004-05-13: The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2004-11-04: Sue II Festival, San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, Santiago, Chile
2005-03-01: Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany
2005-04-22: RIMAC Arena, San Diego, CA, USA
2005-06-04: Hollywood, CA, USA
2006-01-27: Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia
2006-08-07: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
2006-09-25: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada
2006-10-02: TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA, USA
2008-01-09: Higher Ground Ballroom, South Burlington, VT, USA
2008-01-30: Bren Center UC, Irvine, CA, USA
2009-06-18: ICA, London, UK
2010-01-20: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus
Acrobatic Tenement
Alfaro Vive, Carajo!
Apocalypse Inside of an Orange, The
At the Drive-In
At the Drive‐In & Sunshine
Bedlam in Goliath, The
Calibration (Is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far)
Candy and a Currant Bun
Ciencia de los inútiles
Cizaña de los amores
Corazón De Nadie, Un
De‐Loused in the Comatorium
escorpión perfumado, Un
Frances the Mute
Gran Orgo, El
Hell Paso
How Do You Dub? You Fight For Dub. You Plug Dub In.
Inertiatic ESP - Mars Volta Demos EP
Invalid Litter Dept.
Invalid Litter Dept. (disc 1)
Invalid Litter Dept. (disc 2)
L’Via L’Viaquez
Légende du scorpion à quatre queues
Live in Cologne 2005
Live in Vienna 2005
Love Being Trendy, I
Malkin Jewel, The
Mantra Hiroshima
Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One, A
Minor Cuts and Scrapes in the Bushes Ahead
Missing Chromosome, A
Octopus Kool Aid
Old Money
Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Jeremy Michael Ward
One Armed Scissor
Please Heat This Eventually
Relationship of Command
Rolodex Propaganda
Saber, querer, osar y callar
Se dice bisonte, no búfalo
Sepulcros de miel
Solar Gambling
sueños de un hígado, Los
Summer Demo Sessions 2002
Summer Demos 2002
This Station Is Non‐Operational
Tremulant EP
Viscera Eyes
Wax Simulacra
Widow, The
Zed and Two Naughts