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Kjetil Storesletten
Kjetil Storesletten (Noors professor)
Kjetil Storesletten (Norwegian economist)
Storesletten, K.
Storesletten, Kjetil
born 1967-02-01
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Backus, David
Bai, Yan
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Hassler, J.
Hassler, John
Heathcote, Jonathan
Henriksen, Espen
Krusell, Per
Mora, J.V.R.
Mora, José
Mora, José V Rodríguez
Mora, José V. Rodríguez
Mora, José Vicente Rodríguez
National Bureau of Economic Research
Rodríguez Mora, José Vicente
Rull, Jose-Victor Rios
Song, Zheng
Song, Zheng Michael
Storesletten, K.
Storesletten, Kjetil
Telmer, Chris
Telmer, Chris I.
Telmer, Christopher I.
Universitetet i Oslo / Økonomisk institutt
Violante, Gianluca
Violante, Giovanni L
Violante, Giovanni L.
Wang, Yikai
Yaron, Amir
Zilibotti, Fabrizio
Asset pricing with idiosyncratic risk and overlapping generations. -
Comments on: "Hong and Rios-Rull's `Social security, life insurance and annuities for families'"
Consumption and labor supply with partial insurance: an analytical framework
Consumption and Labour Supply with Partial Insurance: An Analytical Framework
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Cross-Sectional Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States, The
Cyclical Dynamics in Idiosyncratic Labor Market Risk
Demand Shocks that Look Like Productivity Shocks
Democratic public good provision. -
Dynamic Political Choice In Macroeconomics
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From wages to welfare : decomposing gains and losses from rising inequality
Growing like China
How important are idiosyncratic shocks? Evidence from labor supply
Immigration Policy and the Aggregate Savings Rate
Inequality and Aggregate Fluctuations
Insurance and opportunities a welfare analysis of labor market risk
Insurance and Opportunities: The Welfare Implications of Rising Wage Dispersion
macroeconomic implications of rising wage inequality in the united states, The
On the optimal timing of capital taxes
Optimal Tax Progressivity An Analytical Framework
Persistent Idiosyncratic Income Shocks and Incomplete Markets
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positive theory of geographical mobility and social insurance, A
Quantitative macroeconomics with heterogeneous households
Redistributive Taxation in a Partial-Insurance Economy
Research Agenda: Kjetil Storesletten on Inequality in Macroeconomics, The
risk sharing implications of alternative social security arrangements, The
Rotten parents and disciplined children : a politico-economic theory of public expenditure and debt
Sharing high growth across generations:pensions and demographic transition in China
survival of the welfare state, The
Sustaining Financial Policy through Immigration.
Sustaining fiscal policy through immigration
Taxes and the global allocation of capital
Tractable Framework for Understanding Dispersion in Labor Supply and Consumption, A
Two views of inequality over the life-cycle
welfare cost of business cycles revisited finite lives and cyclical variation in idiosyncratic risk, The
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