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Marquis de Tren, The
Mick Turner
The Marquis de Tren
Tren, the Marquis de (pseudonym)
Turner, Mick
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Becker, Jim (co-performer)
Bonnevill (isMemberOf)
Boxhead Ensemble (isMemberOf)
Colligan, Mike (co-performer)
Dirty Three
Dirty Three (isMemberOf)
Dirty three (see also from)
Domino recording Co Ltd
Ellis, Warren
Ellis, Warren (co-performer)
Frost, Edith (co-performer)
Graney, Dave (co-performer)
Grubbs, David (co-performer)
Hembrey, Ryan (co-performer)
Kotche, Glenn (co-performer)
Lonberg-Holm, Fred (co-performer)
McCombs, Douglas (co-performer)
Miller, Steve (co-performer)
Moore, Clare (co-performer)
O'Rourke, Jim
Oldham, Will (1969-...)
Oldham, Will (co-performer)
Parker, Jeff (co-performer)
Pomerleau, Julie (co-performer)
Rizzo, Rick (co-performer)
Rutili, Tim (co-performer)
Secher-Jensen, Alan
Sick Things (isMemberOf)
Stinger, Venom P.
The Moodists (isMemberOf)
Tren Brothers
Tren Brothers (isMemberOf)
Tweedy, Jeff (co-performer)
Vandermark, Ken (co-performer)
Venom P. Stinger (isMemberOf)
Virgin France
Virgin records international
Walsh, Chris (co-performer)
White, Jim
White, Jim (co-performer)
All Gone
Angel # 1
Angel # 2
Angel # 3
Angel # 5
Angel # 6
Arana I
Arana II
Arana III
Arbol, El
Beach That Leads to Your Shore, The
Beautiful Hairy Cow
Bird Catcher, The
Blue trees
Borracho Sol I
Borracho Sol II
Borracho Sol III
Carny's Dance
Chicago 2018 ... it's gonna change the real sources of the advanced Chicago sound
Don’t Tell the Driver
Enough Legs to Live On
Floating Kate
Get on jolly
Gone Dreaming
Here’s a Way
Horse stories
In the Morning You Can Hear the Birds Singing
Last Song, The
Leave the Light On
Long Way Home
Marlan I
Marlan II
Marlan III
Marlan IV
Marlan Rosa
Martha’s Dream
Mel to Adders
Morning of the Earth
Moth, p2002:
Moth, Part 1
Moth, Part 10
Moth, Part 11
Moth, Part 12
Moth, Part 13
Moth, Part 14
Moth, Part 15
Moth, Part 16
Moth, Part 17
Moth, Part 18
Moth, Part 19
Moth, Part 2
Moth, Part 3
Moth, Part 4
Moth, Part 5
Moth, Part 6
Moth, Part 7
Moth, Part 8
Moth, Part 9
Navigator, The
Over the Oceans
Over Waves
Queenie’s Suite
Rosa I
Rosa II
Sailor's Lament
Secret Reprise
Seven Angels
Sinking Fish
Sunny Xmas Day
There's a Great Burning Red Moon Rising on the Lake
Tren phantasma
We’re Not Going Home
What's yours is mine
Whatever you love, you are
Contributed to or performed: 
Blue Trees
Chicago 2018... It's Gonna Change
Loving Takes This Course: A Tribute to the Songs of Kath Bloom
Morning of the Earth Reimagined
Nature of Systems, The
Paste Sampler 117
Spunk Records 2000
We Are Now Flying @ 10,000 Feet