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Cierco, Josep Font i
Font Cierco, José
Font Cierco, Josep
Font, Font i Cierco
Font i Cierco, Josep
Font, Josep
Josep Font i Cierco (Catalan chemist)
Josep Font i Cierco (químic català)
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Bourdelande, J. L.
Bourdelande, José Luis
Castells i Guardiola, Josep
Figueredo Galimany, Marta
March, P. de
Ortuño Mingarro, Rosa María
Ortuño, R. M.
Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona
Sánchez-Ferrando, Francisco
Serratosa, Fèlix (1925-1995)
Virgili, Albert
[2+2] Photocycloaddition of homochiral 2(5H)-furanones to alkenes : first step for an efficient and diastereoselective synthesis of (+)-and (-)-grandisol
Highly efficient, enantioselective synthesis of (+)-grandisol from a C2-symmetric bis(a,B-butenolide)
Highly stereo and regiocontrolled synthesis of both recemic and optically active (-)-Blastmycinone
Impact of chemistry in Catalonia's industrial development during the 20th century, The
Inclosion complex of calix [8] arene-C60: photophysical properties and its behaviour as singlet molecular oxygen senditiser in the solid state
Interpretation of conjugated oxiranes behavior toward nucleophiles
Intramolecular cyclization of tris-a-diazoketones : a new stepwise synthesis of Bullvalene
Investigación y universidad
Investigations of the formation of cyclic acetal and ketal derivatives of D-ribono-1,4-lactone and 2-deoxy-D-ribono-1,4-lactone
Kinetics and mechanism of 1,3-Dioxolane formation from substituted benzaldehydes with ethylene oxide in the presence of tetrabutylammonium halides
Mechanism and site selectivity in the Diels-Alder reaction between protoanemonin and butadiene. A theoretical study
Metoxi- y nitro-metoxinaftalenos : alquilación y silación del 2,3-dihidroxinaftaleno
New, highly efficient syntheses of rac-, (R)- and (S)-4-hydroxy-2-cyclohexenone
New synthetic entries to g-heteromethyl-substituted a, B-Butenolides
Novel phosphine sulphide functionalized polymer for the selective separation of Pd(II) and Au(III) from base metals, A
On the easy oxidation of (R)-2-[N-(1-phenylethyl)amino]-1- cyclopentenedithiocarboxylic acid to its disulfide dimer
On the regioselectivity in nitrone cycloadditions to g-oxo a,B-unsaturated esters
Organic syntheses with functionalized polymers : II. Witting reaction with polystyryl-p-diphenylphosphoranes
paper que els productes naturals i la seva síntesi juguen en el descobriment de nous fàrmacs, El
Photo-oxidation of 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrachloro-9, 10-dihydro-9, 10-dimethoxyetheno-anthracene
Photocycloaddition of cyclohexene and maleic anhydride sensitizaded by insoluble benzoylated poluystyrene
Photophysical studies on solid C60 using diffuse reflectance laser flash photolysis (DRLFP)
Photosensitizers covalently bound to insoluble polymers, chemical, photochemical and photophysical properties
Polyenic a, w-difunctional compounds W-Bromopolyenic esters : preparation and reactions
Preparation of g-heterosubstituted a,B-hexenolides and their 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition to 2,3,4,5-tetrahydropyridine 1-oxide
Química de los estados excitados
Química en fase sólida
Ranunculina en la clematis flammula, L. y los derivados de su aglucón, La
Reaction between proline and g-oxo a, B-unsaturated esters : new access to polysubstituted pyrrolizidines
Reaction of dialdehydes with conventional and polymer-supported witting reagents
Reaction of methyl 2,3-pentadienoate with bromine: preparation of 4-bromo-5-methyl-5H-furan-2-one
Reactions of cyclic nitrones with (E)-g-hydroxy- and (E)-g-alkoxy-a,B-unsatured esters
Recherche et université
Reconeixement molecular de superfícies proteiques
Reconeixement químic, El : dels complexos de Werner a la química supramolecular : memòria llegida per l'acadèmic electe Dr. Jaume Casabó i Gispert en l'acte de la seva recepció el dia 29 d'abril de 2004
Reduction of piperidinoisoxazolidines : competitive cyclisation to indolozidines or epoxides
Regioselectivity of the intramolecular photocycloaddition of a,B-butenolides to a terminal alkene
Research and University
Síntesi de productes naturals amb constitució gamma-Lactònica. Ús d'hidrats de carboni com a precursors quirals : (Resum de Tesi Doctoral)
Síntesis estereoselectives en química orgànica i l'origen de l'homoquiralitat
Stereochemical assignments to cis-and trans-disubstituted g-and d-lactones by unequivocal synthesis from chiral natural products
Stereochemical study of a new heterocyclic system : decahydro-1H-oxepino[3',4':4,5]isoxazolo [2,3-a]pyridin-1-one
Stereochemical study on the cycloaddition of a cyclic nitrone to 5-methyl-2(5H)-furanone
Stereocontrolled introduction of nitrogen functionalization in D-ribonolactone chiral templates : synthesis of non-protein amino acids
Stereodivergent synthesis of polyoxygenated cyclohexanes
Studies on structurally simple [alfa], β-butenolides. X. Synthetic photochemical methods
Studies on structurally simple butenolides. VI. The polycyclic 3:1 adducts of protoanemonin with C-Nucleophiles
Studies on the formation of anemonin : attemps of resolution of this C2-symmetry molecule
Substituted g-lactones with vicinal hydrogen atoms : conformational study by MM2 calculation and coupling constant analysis
Synthesis of (+)-methyl (R,E)-6-benzyloxy-4-hydroxy-2-hexenoate and its mesylate derivative
Synthesis of 2H, 4H, 9bH -furo[3,2-c ][1]benzopyrans by a new intramolecular cycloaddition of a carbonyl ylide to an acetylene
Synthesis of 3-(1-hydroxyalkyl)-5H-furan-2-ones : study of their reaction with halogens
Synthesis of 5-alkyl-4-bromo-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanones and 5-alkylidene-4-bromo-2(5h)-furanones
Synthesis of new enantiomerically pure monoketals of p-benzoquinone with C2-symmetry
Synthesis of new polyfunctional 1-oxaspiro[4,4]nonanes and 1-oxaspiro[4.5]decanes : a general methodology
Synthesis of Ru(bipy)3 Cl2 anchores to insoluble poly mers and its possible use in the photodecomposition of water, The
Synthesis of (S)-3,4-dihydro-2-pivaloyloxymethyl-2-H-pyrrole 1-oxide
Synthesis of some new highly functionalizaed C6-synthons
Synthesis of the enentiomers of umbelactone. Configurational assignment of the natural product
Synthesis of unsymmetrical phosphonated or sulfonated 2,2'-bipyridine derivatives and their ruthenium complexes
Synthetic approaches to eiter homochiral or achiral derivatives of 3-hyfdroxy-2(5H)-furanone (Isotetronic acid)
Total synthesis of (+)-eldanolide from D-ribonolactone
Total synthesis of four Pandanus alkaloids : pandamarilactonine-A and -B and their chemical precursors norpandamarilactonine-A and -B
Transient behaviour and luminescence quenching of Ru(bpy)3 2+ bound to an insoluble polymeric phase
Tris(bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) complex covalently bound to an insoluble hydrophilic polymer : reductive and oxidative quenching
Ús de molècules quirals amb simetria C2 en síntesi orgànica memòria llegida per l'Acadèmic numerari Excm. Sr. Dr. Josep Font i Cierco
Use of chiral Ti(IV) complexes in the cycloaddition of C,N-diphenylnitrone to tert-butyl vinyl ether
use of insoluble benzoylated polystyrene beads (polymeric benzophenone) in photochemical reactions, The
Wolff rearrangement of a-diazoketones, The : the role of oxirene and its isomers